Some dVerse Turkey Or Maybe Beef Jerky!

So with Thanksgiving coming up down south and all the Americans stuffing their mouth. Even if they are a day late and a dollar short. For we already have been there done that at each Canadian port. Still the cat will give a dVerse thrill. One that may make one want to pop a pill.

Been there done the turkey.
But things don't look murky.
For Canadians can have fun too.
And we don't act like we have no clue.

Stomping people over Black Friday crap.
Like some stupid brainless sap.
But we won't go there,
Might offend people of walmart at my lair.

Wouldn't want such scary sights tracking me down.
Just one look would make the cat frown.
Now as the cat was saying,
Before the crazies came displaying.

Since we already did the turkey.
Canadians could celebrate with beef jerky.
Or better yet,
It is a safe bet,

That rat burgers should be made.
That will be a meal that will never fade.
Maybe some cow intestines?
That doesn't appeal to felines.

But some spider legs would.
Try them at least once all should.
Along with some pigeon wings.
They are tasty things.

A pig tongue would add some spice.
Goes well with toes of mice.
And beak of crow.
I sound all witchy today at my show.

Borewors is a real thing,
Too barf worthy to give a ring.
Squirrel brain is another one.
They are tiny so you might need more than one.

Could try some scrapple.
I'd rather eat an apple.
In Hong Kong they eat cat.
Now we can't have any of that.

Jelled blood from a pig of duck.
I mean really, what the cluck?
Comes off like jello too.
That is just so ewww.

And something that will do the trick,
Making you long for some spotted dick.
Bull penis on your plate.
Now there is something I would hate.

So now things aren't so murky,
If you are sick of turkey.
Good luck with your dinner,
I am sure bull penis will be a winner.

The cat is glad he does not eat such crap when taking a food lap. I guess mutts are not so bad when they eat piles of dung at their pad. Then again that may be stretching it a bit. Just remember when eating not to spit. I wouldn't want such food near me. I would rather go fish in the sea. The cat would get some bass and that would satisfy my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Nice to be around
    Gained lost grounds
    It's a good round


    1. Ruined Brian's streak
      Sending him up the creek

  2. One can be nutty
    Choice aplenty
    Food galore
    Of any flavor
    Go to the East
    Have a feast
    Not just dog meat
    Or chicken feet
    But maggots,snakes
    These are no fakes
    But for Thanksgiving
    It's more pleasing
    Not to be nutty!
    To stick with turkey


    1. Blah to the maggots and snakes
      I'll take my steaks
      Maggots are just nasty by a ton
      I'll never give those a run

  3. ha i have tried a lot of these, and quite a few do please--tongue and brain & most these things as well come with surprises like chunks of skull so eating it is never dull sometimes even life threatening.

    1. whaaaaaat?
      who said we were twins?
      that is just a sin.
      you live too far south
      that's what that is all about.
      move out of those hills
      and those rodent thrills
      come to Ohio and refine your tastes
      where cow and chicken rule our plates.

    2. but not ALL part of the cow...a-hem!

    3. Blah to that
      Nasty to the cat
      But I knew you would be the one
      To try them by the ton

      LMAO guess your twin struck out on his own
      At least when it comes to the food tone
      And good not all parts
      Like you know or hearts haha

    4. yeah, yeah...the heart is what I was talking about. ha.

    5. haha see I knew
      Maybe the tongue is yummy to you

    6. I will never know
      a cow tongue in my mouth will never show.

      off rhyme here...
      my brother in law does a lot of international business. he was in a country where goat head is a fancy dish you serve to company. Well, they served one..the whole head on a platter in the center of the table. It's common practice to spoon out the eyes and serve them to the guest, since they are considered the best part. Yep...they served them to him. He couldn't offend...he wanted them to sign his contract!
      Ugh. Double ugh. I couldn't do it. lol....

    7. LMAO oh that is blah in every way
      But I suppose at the end of the day
      He must bring home the dough
      So down the eyeballs go
      I'd try and hide them some way
      Would much rather eat hay

  4. I grew up Pennsylvania Dutch and we ate something called "hog maw" which is a stuffed pig's stomach full of sausage, potatoes and cabbage. Actually it was one of my favorite meals!!!

    1. Blah that cat needs to go to the loo
      That does not sound appetizing at all at my zoo haha

  5. I have had a lot
    in the pot
    including frogs legs
    snails it begs
    horrible the lot!

    1. Frog legs I could withstand
      But the rest across the land
      Not so much
      Glad to know it is horrible and such

  6. apparently pumpkin pie was only introduced at the second thanksgiving in america, thankfully i don't think they had cow intestines or duck blood

    1. That is good
      Nasty to have that stuff in their hood haha

  7. After reading that post
    there will be no complaining of leftovers by this host.
    Turkey sounds better for 5 days straight!
    better than a bull penis on my plate!

    1. hahaha see I helped out
      Now you won't pout or shout
      When you have to eat the same thing over and over again
      Could be faaaar worse at your den
      Just send those parts to your twin
      He'd consider it a win

  8. I sure hope my turkey ain't murkey!

  9. As a vegetarian I'm never excited about turkey day

    I'd rather have a holiday about clay.

  10. oh yeah. sounds all witchy.
    jelled blood? eeks.
    the chinese have some dishes which use pig blood. i rather have my steak rare.

    1. I agree with the steak
      Except well done at my lake
      The blood is just blah all over
      Give that to rover

  11. btw this new font size is good. i can see better :D

    1. Glad you like
      I fixed things up and made the glitches take a hike

  12. I am going for the black friday shopping ~ Smiles ~

    I have tried some of those exotic asian stuff but not really the gross yucky ones, my stomach will churn ~

    Glad we had that turkey eating out of the way ~

    1. Yeah glad it is out of the way too
      I hope you don't get trampled at your zoo
      Safer online
      Then all will be fine

  13. I really don't like the concept of Black Friday ever Pat, it sounds very commercial and like it's taking away from the whole thanking part of Thanksgiving. Great and humorous ode to the holiday although I do think it has some bonuses, Canadian Thanksgiving sounds fun too, I'd love some time for thanks... so I would do...?

    1. Ours is easier up here
      For no christmas is near
      So just comes with ease
      Not black friday nuts scurrying about like fleas

  14. orlin N cassie...we will bee eatin R own litter bee fore ya see uz feastin on burd.....

    1. haha the litter might not be the best
      But then those birds are a pest

  15. I sure did pop my pill
    but that's because I'm ill
    but not from from reading this
    just from life as it is.
    I'll be cooking and eating lots of food
    and be in a cheerful mood
    on our Turkey day
    don't be sad here at your bay
    when you don't see me at your shore
    I'll be back in a day or two
    and then you'll fling your poo
    until then take care
    enjoy your fleas at your lair

    Did you change your page again, or I am just now noticing a new font?

    1. Sick at your shore
      With migraines forever more
      I've popped my fair share
      Here at my lair
      And have fun chowing down
      Off in one eye town
      And yeah there were glitches
      That were bitches
      So I fooled with it a bit
      Now everything works and no longer causes shit

    2. LOL - so glad I wasn't late to the game just noticing things were changed!

    3. Nope right on the ball
      At least for once at my hall

  16. Ha ha you ruined my appetite
    your meals would make quite a sight
    innards of any animal are not for me
    I wouldn't eat them even if they were free
    turkey breast will be my fare
    white meat only at my lair!

    1. haha yep nasty indeed
      Agree with your feed
      Eat the white meat
      And that is mostly my meat treat
      Any of that
      Would be scoffed at by the cat

  17. Aww gawd... thank goodness I am mostly veggie... Good grief some of these things you mentioned, I'd starve to death if there was no other choice... Now, excuse me for being rude, think I need to use the loo..(maybe to throw up) I tried to rhyme, what a crime, got to dash... Blurghhhhh...haha

    1. hahaha I'd be with you
      And prob starve to death too
      Never had to run to the loo
      I guess that cat has one up on you haha

  18. Hmmm. Spider legs and pigeon wings. I wonder how my in-laws would like that? I'll have to try it. LOL!

    1. haha good luck
      I'm sure Schultz may give you a buck

  19. Wow! Thats a lot of food I never want to eat!! And I love to eat!!

  20. rat burger for me but i may try the spider legs...crazy with the black friday, isn't it...ha

    1. Well that cat chows down on those
      He likes biting off their toes
      And yeah crazy indeed
      Those at the american feed

  21. Definitely food for thought,
    and "thought" is where it stays..
    others may choose to eat this rot
    I'll take my turkey any day!!

    And those shoppers; yes, a crazy lot, indeed--
    trampling each other until they bleed.
    Not a pretty sight, I say
    but I'll be workin' anyway!!

    Thanks for the gourmet trip around the world,Pat. I'll be sticking with the usual (and safe) holiday fare. Enjoyed your interview on Blog Talk the other day!

    1. Yeah quite the trip
      None of that will pass my lip
      Glad you liked the interview too
      Was fun to do
      And yeah I'd rather work
      Then get run over by some shopper jerk

  22. I am forever indebted to you for giving me a new appreciation for turkey on Thanksgiving!

    1. haha forever to the feline
      Glad I could shine the light on things people dine

  23. Ha ha ... No rat burger for me but I have eaten brains and kidney and it was quite good :)

    1. Yuck is all I can say
      To such food on display

  24. I am not an adventuresome eater
    I like my plate to stay much neater
    But in your words there is always a smile
    Even if they make me cringe for a while.

    1. haha yeah I cringe too
      As I wrote these at my zoo
      Because blah to such food
      It is far too crude

  25. I'm not happy you're my first stop before dinner so I am leaving you a link" Many ideas beyond the mere rat burger :).

    1. haha oh the cat would find that grand
      Of course Pat wants to throw up now at our land

  26. I have a feeling I'll be looking at the turkey this year in a new light. I might have to stick with the lasagna (traditional Italian Thanksgiving Day side in my family).

    1. Well both are better than any of the above
      Here Pat gives them no love


  27. is that a flat fish on a fat dish?
    i burped outta my asshole - it must be the Dover sole,
    or the Sting Ray, oh! my ringsting Ray!

    Pat this is finger lickin gud!
    a real nugget in a beach bucket!

    1. Damn you luck such stuff?
      You and Brian are rather gruff

  28. Eeww... just eeww.. sorry mister... i had never eaten any of the, i think, nasty dishes you've offered here nor seen any bein' eaten in my front coz i'd definitely vomit... lol.. i love cats and it's so harsh to read 'em being eaten in Hong Kong though i heard they'd been used as ingredients of siopao... aww...

    1. That is harsh I will say
      Need to whack some of those Hong Kong people upside the head for such a display
      And yeah I would prob hurl too
      If any dishes were in my view

  29. haha…can't wait for the cat to open the restaurant up….may have to watch what I order, but I'm sure it will be grand, most unique eatery in any land. Do love beef jerky though, turkey or Salmon jerky too. But Venison Jerky is the best, and yes, I did put it to the test.

    1. haha the cat would charge a ton
      He is a greedy son of a gun
      Damn you are a jerky fiend at your scene
      Knowing the best to be seen


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