Some Holiday Glee With Lots Free!

So the cat got another story on the go,
With his typical rhyming flow,
And it is published in the anthology above.
The cover even gives Elisa's legs some love.

And any profit for the next 20 days,
Will go to Primary Children's Hospital's bays,
In the form of gifts.
Spirits will get lifts.

I can ignore the germs for that,
Which are all over the hospital mat.
Right, let's not go there.
And it's free from Dec 2-4 at Amazon's lair.

But this is a book fair,
So the cat will have to add a pair.
Hell, let's go really out to lunch,
And add a whole bunch.

So give the above a spin.
For they are all free at my bin.
And now all can see,
What comes from Pat and me.

Time traveling in a cat.
Actually that idea gets squashed flat.
As the zombies and others come into play,
Actually that get squashed flat too on display.

But at least they go to Hell.
That too has a twist that is swell.
And of course gods come into play,
Which too have more to their godly way.

Then there is the cat,
And Cassie at our mat.
She has to put up with me,
As I gloat with glee.

Of course we can't neglect,
The final one you can detect.
For pirates come galore,
As One Shoe Kangaroo is in store.

And now you can have fun with lots free under my sun. One can go and download away and read on their Kindle or computer those on display. Of course you can be nice too and leave a review. But the cat will still cause you sass, as always from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Two days in a row
      On a roll once more at my show

  2. This sounds so good to me Pat, I love how many books that you're churning out and hope that many more come about. I feel privileged to know someone as awesome as you, being famous will soon come here at your zoo.

    1. Yeah let's hope so
      And then I can just play all day at my show
      And let the rhymes flow
      Forgeting the work and off I go

  3. Books for free
    It's fun to see
    Gifts to the children
    Noble act well earned
    Congrats Pat, certainly
    Christmas comes early!


    1. That is does
      With such a buzz
      I joined in for the cause
      The cat won't even show his claws

  4. free books, sign me up or uh, let me download! well done this sounds great!

    1. Hope you enjoy them all
      That are shown on my wall

  5. How generous of you and the cat
    I'd say you have Christmas spirit that
    makes you very generous
    to all the rest of us
    and children in hospitals too
    and for that I commend you!
    Ho ho ho Santa comes early
    but hope he is not surly.

    (By the way at my bay today
    you were one of the unnamed
    I gave a special shout out too!
    Thank you!)

    1. Yeah a bit of christmas cheer
      As it draws near
      And with a little yelp
      The cat can help
      Even if he is a big egotistical at times
      He's fine as long as there are no mimes haha

      I will have to see
      What is said by thee

  6. Cool! They won't work on my iPod Touch (unless I use a microscope), but if I can put them on my computer, yay.

    I love your idea to support your local Children's Hospital, Pat. :D

    1. Technically Wayman came up with the idea at their sea
      If was just joined by me haha
      Hopefully the computer will do
      For you to get one or two

  7. wow you are like santa claus, giving away them all, and that first for a good cause, well certainly sir you heart did grow, not one not two but three sizes at your show...ha, a nod to the seuss, a rhyming muse, i am like 7 might as well sit in the caboose...

    1. Damn, the heart will be as big as the cat's head
      That might cause him dread
      As he falls over from the weight
      And yeah Seuss gets no hate

  8. Well, look at you here
    with some holiday cheer!
    Making the kiddies happy while sick!
    Those gifts should do the trick!
    Best of luck with all of this,
    even the cat wouldn't make a hiss!

    1. Well he will bite his tongue
      Or his bell might get rung haha
      And yeah some cheer
      From his little rhyming rear

  9. Another book I see

    even more that are free

    1. Yeah tons there
      And another one will soon arrive at my lair

  10. Congratulations! Will check it out.

  11. That is so cool, I gotta go sneak a peek too!

    1. Thanks for the look
      Hope you enjoy at your nook

  12. Books for free at your sea?
    What has come over thee?
    Choked on a hairball I bet
    Making books free for all to get!

    I will get mine as soon as I get home!
    For at work is where I now roam
    I'm a sucker for all things free!
    But the only thanks you get from me is a cup full of pee!

    1. haha yeah a hairball came due
      It was rather eww
      It landed on some books as well
      So I will give them away for free from my cell

  13. orlin cassie N dad pat. this be way total lee awesum oh ewe all ta due this for da kids at de hospital !!!! we noe they iz gonna way total lee appreciates it two.... high paws N head bonks....ouch....this rocks......N haza grate week oh end az well :)

    1. Have a great weekend too
      Glad you liked what came due
      From all three
      Today at our sea

  14. A noble cause Pat! Congrats to you and the Cat! :)

    1. One which had to come due
      As we both let the free ensue

  15. Fairy tales
    fractured and
    slightly skewed
    sounds good
    to me.

    Does Cinderella
    not get the
    Is Beauty
    really the
    Will wolves
    feast on
    salted pork?

    The title Fractured Fairy Tales is a good one and that's quite an array of writers gathered in one place. And the cover art on that is really good. Now it's the end of the month and I'm flat broke, but I'll be glad to purchase it next week. Remind me though as I've got a head like a sieve these days.

    1. haha hopefully that sieve gets plugged soon
      Some sunny afternoon
      And yeah quite the array
      Mine is a troll one on display

    2. I will have to see what kind of a troll you've created. They are generally evil and the enemy of dwarf's and humans both.

    3. haha nothing like that
      I went for fun and flow from the cat

  16. You're right, that is a lot of free! Very cool!

  17. You're a hero in a half-shell! What a great thing to do. Kudo cat. :o)

    1. A ninja turtle I am you say
      That works well at my bay haha

  18. I loved the pitch. You gotta be able to spot creativity in someone flogging you something. I will definitely check those titles out.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yeah seems to be little of that
      With many around the blog mat

  19. You keep amazing me more and more -
    All the things you do at your shore.
    And in record time too.
    I'm inspired by you.


    1. Inspired by a cat
      How about that
      But yeah tons get done
      As I go on the rhyming run

  20. aah Pat/cat you have the Christmas spiriT!!LOL

  21. I will definitely check it out Pat ~

    Thanks for the post and donation as well ~

    I can finally concentrate on my writing again ~

    Keep warm ~

    1. Glad you are back
      Full time at your shack
      Thanks for the look too
      Of the books I have in view

  22. There's just no stopping you is there ...well look at that..another book published by that rhyming cat!
    WTG you!

  23. Zombies that go to Hell?? Did they find Nellie the Cat from Hell there? I wanna go see!! This sounds like my kind of book all right.

    1. Actually the zombies are in the Nide
      Until things collide
      But that would be a swell idea too
      It will be kept in mind at my zoo

  24. I'm excited about this launch. And I LOVE your new book :)

    P.S. Those chicken legs . . . we need another model next time! LOL!

    1. LOL thanks for the love of the book
      hahaha and those chicken legs all now can give a look


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