Such A Human Plight But A Furry Sight!

So thanks to DWei the cat has caught on to something he never knew. This just makes you humans seem so much more weird between me and you. But I will join in the rage and create a new fashion statement on my page.

See how impressed I look,
With the new rage at my nook?
I bet you all want to be a baggy now,
Thanks to my little meow.

Or grab a pass.
Look quite crass.
Stand in a line.
Pretending to be, I think, a feline.

Hailing a taxi must be rough.
He doesn't seem to have the right stuff.
Backwards and turned around.
I guess the fox lost to the hound.

Tye dye and furry.
Even if your eyes are blurry,
You won't miss these ones.
The one on the left looks like it has a bad case of the runs.
Or really has to pee,
Either way it looks shifty.

Grab this bull by the horns,
You might get some thorns.
Or just hear something crass,
From a human lad or lass.

Look at that hairdo?
It is just so blue.
I think it is really taking the animal act to heart.
Or it could be trying to squeeze out a fart.

I big pink bunny.
Looking oh so sunny.
A childrens delight.
Unless the bunny and the horse go bump in the night.

That red guy is cool.
They sure think they rule.
Striking a pose,
My what big toes.

Going off to rabbit jail.
The look he sure did not fail.
Maybe he was too busy,
The other furries threw a tizzy.

See, I was right.
They had a rough night.
All in a bunch,
Doing the bunny hop from midnight to lunch.

Finally there is mixed race bonding.
Both sides seem to be responding.
The furries and the skins,
They almost look like twins.

So now you to know that furries reside at every show. My how you humans spend your days. I still think my baggies will be all the craze. But then who wouldn't want fur? I suppose you could fake purr. Just watch where you hawk up a hairball. They don't take too kindly to that at all. Did you know about the furry class? For better or worse, now you do because of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. By two minutes today
      Getting closer to your first display

  2. Haha I definitely want that baggy cat but I'm not sure if I'm so keen on the prospect of owning a furry suit. I've heard a lot about these "furries," and while I don't hate them or anything this piss take of them in rhyming form is incredible and has me really laughing, they're quite weird and this is just hilarious! I hope that none of the extreme kind see these rhymes and dare to mind. I've heard that they can be quite vicious although I could be being superstitious! Haha, I know that was bad but I tried. Any furries who are led astray shall be sent packing from Pat Hatt's bay! That's better rhymes right?

    1. haha yeah a better rhyme at the end
      I hope I don't drive any around the bend
      Although it would be a little fun
      They could use more sun
      As a furry suit it rather umm odd
      But at least not were dressed up as a cod
      And first the cat heard of them too
      I guess there are none around my zoo

    2. I'm glad there are none as they seem sort of weird. Though I doubt their online tactics are there to be feared.

    3. They are quite crazy though I hear
      They would sure argue away with my little rhyming rear

  3. eh wont catch me in a furry suit, be hard to wear my boots and those outfits might inflate with toots if air tight or zipper get stuck and then i am out of luck, i will keep my furries and let them have their fur i am close enough anyway with all my chest hair that is for sure...smiles.

    1. LMAO the chest hair will do
      And nothing to unzip for you
      Damn if one really had to go
      They would be sol with their flow

  4. furry do you clean them, but it could be quite nice in winter. Keeps you warm!

    1. That is true
      Would keep the cold and snow off of you

  5. The fact that you could find enough pictures to create all of these rhymes about frightens me. Also, the irony of all of this is that the fat kid is probably the only one who SHOULD be wearing one of these huge suits. Nobody wants to see that, guy!

    1. Oh there were a ton
      I could have gave a run
      Which scared me too
      And hahaha yeah he should join the furry zoo

  6. Furries are real nice and cuddly
    For a change one doesn't really mind
    Does make one look a little fuzzy
    But certainly a cute little feline
    Mixed race bonding as an alternative
    Will not impose unnecessary bother
    Skin or furries can still be assertive
    A feline looking pretty like no other


    1. Sounds like Hank has a furry attraction
      Has it gained any traction? hahaha
      But yeah to each their own
      Whether furry or dressing like an ice cream cone

    2. A furry feline
      Nice and clean
      Just admiring!


    3. haha alright to admire
      Just like a shiny new tire

  7. A furry suit... would be a great X-mas gift. To give, of course. So tell me Pat 'the cat' Hat... any preferences? :)

    1. Nope none for me
      That would be scary
      It would also itch
      Like a bitch
      I see blogger put you in spam
      Must have thought you were ham

  8. Just when you thought I was long gone, I'm pop back up at your shore cat!

    Good Lord, what is wrong with these people? Okay, I'll make an exception for the buff guy. That's it. Second thought, he's got way to much dangly crap hanging off his belt - they're all wack jobs!

    1. I always know you have your one eye ready
      To come and annoy the cat steady
      hahahaha wack jobs some my be
      But don't you want them to join thee?
      Then you could get a suit with two eyes
      And all would think you were furry and wise haha

  9. The first picture is by far the best
    I recognized you right away with your bag fest.
    Just making sure Pat emptied the food?
    Wouldn't want to leave a morsel behind, that would be rude!
    Maybe next time he'll take you on the grocery trip
    and you can pick out a juicy steak if you don't give him any lip.

    1. Yeah I was looking for anything left in the bag
      Nothing would come out and play tag
      Pat puts it all away
      Before I can get at it at our bay
      If he took me for a trip
      I'd give him plenty of lip
      And still steal the steak
      Eat it nice and raw, no need to bake

    2. Something tells me you won't taste steak
      until 2-24 when your day special Pat makes

    3. Yeah I will get it then
      But I'll get it before if I can steal it at my den

  10. I knew about those guys for a long time

    I'm glad I never met one in person in line.

    1. Yeah me too
      I'd prob say something that would get me kicked back to my zoo haha

  11. I love the first pic too! I sure am glad my Dad doesn't have one of those suits!

    1. Yeah that I agree with as well
      If Pat had one I'd send it to hell

  12. oooh I know you are a crazy boy but are funny too LOL

    1. LOL crazy and fun
      Go together well under my sun

    2. haha sometimes way out there
      But that just proves I'm rare

  13. Almost laughed until I cried
    My stomach hurts inside!

    1. Sorry for the pain
      Hopefully your stomach didn't strain

  14. I'll stay with the cat in the bag. Cat's in the bag... seems like that should be a phrase of some variety. :D <3

    1. Yeah it seems it should
      Maybe we can coin it at my hood
      Or maybe not
      I tend to hear it a lot haha

  15. I'll keep
    my skin
    for it is

    A bum
    that bags
    no that
    would be

    My tush
    needs no
    extra teasing.

    Cat, you're so arrogant you think everyone wants to have a hairy bum like yours. I just rolled out of bed. Life is grand!!

    1. Well a hairy bum is grand
      You can lick it and use it in the litter sand
      But you humans are scary as those
      Furries makes me curl my toes

    2. Well Cat, Dan has me wearing your skin as a bikini. I don't know about you but it's The Crying Game time for me.

    3. So you are going to kidnap and torture Dan?
      Of that he may not be a fan

  16. Doug Winger furry art will show you the real weird!

  17. Popped over from Sherry's blog to say hi. Loving what I see so following now. Look forward to getting to know you better.

    1. Thats for the look
      Here at my nook
      Will give a go
      And come over to your show

  18. I've read that some furries
    can feel the need
    whenever they're in a hurry
    to spread their seed.
    Hey listen, bub!
    Don't get in a tizzy!
    Just rub and rub
    when you wanna get busy.
    But, that last shot
    of the shirtless Joe..?
    Makes me hot, DOES NOT...
    At least the furries are clothed.

    1. haha a good rub
      And a hop in the tub
      Maybe with a little whisky
      Things will get frisky
      The seed will be spread
      Let's hope no one ends up dead
      As some mates eat their partner too
      Out in the wilderness zoo

  19. I have lots of furries at my pad! (BTW, cat looks so cute in the bag! Don't let him out!)

    1. haha that would be a feat
      He's get out and make me retreat

  20. MY GAWD, you just posted one of my fantasies today. I honestly want to dress up in some sort of giant furry costume for a day. Thanks for showing me there are other wackos out there with the same inclination.

    1. Damn the cat is good
      Going all psychic in his hood
      And honing in on your great fantasy love
      For dressing up like some furry dove

  21. Oh, the nightmares I'm going to have tonight after seeing these pictures. But that's nothing compared to if I were at a convention with all those furry people. Eek!

    1. haha yeah after going to such a convention
      You would be in need of an intervention

  22. Bunny hop from midnight to lunch
    what a rowdy bunch --
    I bet the lunch had a lot of crunch
    at least that is my hunch.

    Have a good night
    fight the good fight!
    Keep rhymes in your sight
    throughout the long night.

    1. They always come due
      Here at my zoo
      More then a few
      Are there to view
      And yeah such a lunch
      Must have packed some punch

  23. Some of those are scary looking costumes! Then there's that half nekked guy. Oh my!

    1. I take it that's not a good oh my
      Over the half naked guy? haha

  24. Hahaha - that rabbit in the Hawaiian shirt was soooo not right. Yikes! Thanks for that furry lesson Pat.

    1. No prob at all
      Now you can avoid the furry call

  25. These Peeps
    Gimme the Creeps!

    HA HA HA!


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