Taking The Title To Heart And Making It Art!

So the cat has done movies by the ton but I have not given the future ones a run. The ones that will come years down the road. But now I will spoil them for you and give you them by the bucket load.

There will be Godzilla Vs. Eggman
Followed by Attack of the Deranged Fan.
Next will come Mommy I Saw Santa's Bum.
Leading to Super Cramps from a Plum.

Frankenstein Meets The Fockers,
What Girls Keep In Their Lockers.
Scooby Doo and the Killer Butterfly.
How To Make Babies Cry.

Stupid and Stupider will show.
Who Stole My Ding Dong? will hit a new low.
I Saw Saw will be scene.
Writing With Body Parts will be obscene.

Drowning Monkeys For Fun.
Attack of the Aliens from the Sun.
Why Playdoh Made Me Kill.
How Sally Got Her Thrill.

Waking Up will put you to sleep.
Just as much as Slippery Heroes of the Deep.
Gust of the Wind will inspire.
As will Singed By Fire.

This Film Isn't About Money.
99 Things To Do With Honey.
It Was The One Eared Man.
The Second Attack From A Deranged Fan.

Clobber The Vendor will rise.
Unlike Nature's Weirdest Cries.
Lying will take place in I Tell No Lies.
But all will boo hoo watching the Death of French Fries.

Clapping Makes Your Hands Sore.
Bigfoot's Deadly Gore.
The Hinge Popped Off.
Triakporlakotusisus: The Deadly Cough.

I guess I failed at I'll Never Tell.
Not as much as Underwear to Take to Hell.
Gypsies Cursed My Neighbor will fail.
Along with Zeus Struck Me Down with Hail.

Swinging With Mr. Grubber.
I Should Have Wore a Rubber.
Lethal Dimes That Curse.
Purple Nurples Are Diverse.

Clearly You Get The Point.
The Man With One Joint.
Are We Having Fun Yet?
Fluffy The Talking Pet.

Do You Like My Powers?
Revenge of the Flowers.
Knowledge in Full Bloom.
Brings forth Doom and Gloom.

Now don't you just want to hyperventilate into a bag? Or burn down Hollywood with a rag? Either way I suppose such a view would really bother you. Funny part is I bet half will come and you'll curse my little rhyming bum. But the retread is something they can't help but do. For they have no balls to bring us something new. I guess they are snip snip as well. I hope it hurt like hell. Now I have shown you the future movie world in mass. So you can prepare thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Frankenstein versus the Fockers sounds like a future film which I might like to see, the death of those Fockers would give them no glee! Love this in general man, awesome concept, I never get tired of the Cat talking about films

    1. Yeah the cat has plenty so say
      About films at his bay
      Whether made up of not
      Finally those Fockers could rot

  2. I'm a Scooby Doo fan so I bet the gang will capture that killer butterfly. Oh, and How Sally got her Thrill has got to be an awesome porn flick!!!!

    1. haha that they may
      And but the killer on display
      And yeah the porn would fly
      In such a sting to the eye

  3. 99 things to do with honey, i seem to be missing about 3 so i will shell out the money, the man with one joint, doesnt get around much, unless of course its smoking and such, the death of french fries might make me cry out my eyes...

    1. death of french fries...oh, me too! What will we drag through our ketchup/hot sauce mix? :(

    2. haha only missing three
      You know more than me
      And yeah stuck in one spot
      Mind make ones brain rot

      Poor french fries
      Leave me with no cries
      Let them die
      And well umm fry

    3. Surely you would like fries
      as they go so well with your Heinz!
      Maybe if they were crispy
      you would think they were tasty?

    4. Not a chance
      Blah is my stance
      Gluten crap can go fly a kite
      Already fecked up enough at my site haha

    5. fries are gluten free
      you silly. :)

    6. Pfft yeah right
      They can take flight

  4. I'll see Purple Nurples are Diverse any day! Wait... are those female nipples or male nipples? That may sway me.

    Also, Frankenstein Meets the Fockers probably isn't very far off from happening. As we speak, Ben Stiller is scouring the Internet, about to land on this page, and steal your idea. Copyright it... NOW!

    1. haha could be both
      Some may even have a growth
      And yeah I will have to copyright that soon
      Or it will be stolen by that Stiller loon

  5. They already did I Should Have Wore a Rubber, it's a reality show called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. You better redneckognize, cat or that lady, June is gonna come get you and take you home with her and feed you to their pet pig! I hear they are going to adopt it again....

    1. And you know all of this how?
      Your one eye needs to take a bow
      You are up on the redneck crap
      And reality tv on tap
      Wow what a thrill
      That cat is now ill haha

    2. I am not ashamed, cat! I am a confessed reality TV show junkie and I was addicted to that show like it was crack hahaha - an no - not plumber's crack!

    3. haha geez oh the shame
      I now curse your name
      Watching such crap
      I will surely have pringle cans on tap
      And send them your way
      Could make a show called Pringle Can Poo Faces on display

  6. I think Godzilla will destroy Dr. Robotnik in battle

    he wouldn't even be able to crackle.

  7. Why DID Playdough make you kill? :D

    Great titles! LOL! <3

    1. Made one feel ill?
      Or the killer wanted a thrill?

  8. we adore your poems and the comments and responses. So entertaining. thanks for visiting us. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

    1. Always fun to entertain
      Here at my rhyming lane

  9. do you know , your work reminds me so much of dr. seuss ....you've got serious talent pat....

    1. Now if only I could make his kind of dough
      Then I would put on quite the show

  10. I thinkmthe Flockers will eat the killer butterflies!

    1. haha well tasty they can be
      And cause some glee

  11. Replies
    1. Always am at my sea
      As I post away and scratch a flea

  12. oh Pat Im sure you have a salad in your brain LOL

    I love playdoh .....still!:)

    1. well, maybe chicken salad. hahahahaha....

    2. haha well with all the chicken and rabbit food
      That may not be too far off but still rude haha

    3. you know, Gloria...because Pat only eats chicken! haha.

  13. Whenever I need a big smile or a giggle, I come to your page with a wiggle, I am curious about how you do what you do, do you pick up a pen with your paw, or is it your jaw? Is the keyboard engaged, when across the screen your words blaze?

    1. Glad it's fun
      Under my sun
      I simply find a word
      And then chow down on a bird
      After that off I go
      Doing a post or three at my show

  14. Mommy, I saw Santa's Bum. Now that sounds like a good one! LOL!

  15. orlin N cassie; godzilla ROCKS...him can cook uz like 80 bazillion flounder at one time...!!!!

    1. Yeah but he might hit us too
      Which would not be a fun thing to come due

  16. Oh, Play Doh makes me think of Mr. Bill - Oh no!

    1. haha forgot all about him
      The cat would make his siutation really grim

  17. I'm of the school of thought that if you can't find anything malicious to do with a chunk of play-doh, then you aren't trying hard enough!

    1. haha yeah surely need to try harder to use it
      To make it such a hit

  18. OMY.....This is so so hilarious Pat ~ I like the mix and matching though I don't recognize or haven't seen some of those movies ~

    Thanks for brightening up my night ~

    1. Glad I could brighten your day
      And yeah some hold no sway
      Others are rifts off of some
      But out they came from my little rhyming bum

  19. I think poor Justin Bieber had to deal with the Attack of the Deranged Fan(s) at the Grey Cup yesterday. *snort*

    1. LOL that is too bad
      Really feel for the poor lad

  20. One thing I'd pay to see
    Is Frankenstein squelching the Fockers
    They really irritate me.


    1. That would be grand
      Sure many feel the same across the land

  21. You've given lots in a nutshell
    An exhaustive range to tell
    Heard say The Lone Ranger
    To many he's no stranger
    A remake is due
    Early next year apparently true
    A good old Western
    Wonder what's the reception!


    1. Yeah he will come back
      On the attack
      Even though it looks a bit strange
      May be fun to go out on the range

  22. Ha ha ha! These was funny! How about

    Argo Meets Fargo
    When M*A*S*H has a Crash?

    1. haha that works too
      Would be fun to give a view

  23. Those are some deranged movies! But we bet they are fun!

    1. Yeah could be something to see
      Even if many are freaky

  24. yeah, the retread they love to do, unfortunately for me and you, but they keep on selling tickets so they keep on rehashing movies over and over again, and there not always great movies redone either, which is pretty bad. Then they redo films made five to ten years ago, which I just think is a joke, getting some famous director to take their creative poke, and then the only difference is HD or that dreaded 3D or some additional directors comments on the blu ray, so he can tell everyone he liked the first and had to be first in line to redesign, even though the alterations were minor if that.

    And I had the unfortunate opportunity to read the screenplay for 99 things to do with honey, and let me tell you, it was a very uncomfortable read, felt sticky the whole time, squirming about in my seat, praying pooh-bear doesn't come a knocking at my door.

    Great titles here. Very fun.

    1. hahaha yeah all a bunch of crap
      As they take a second lap
      Just to suck more dough
      From each at their show
      You actually read such a thing
      There at your wing
      Hmm that must have been sticky
      And rather icky haha

  25. Hey Cat, I'll stop by at a decent hour tomorrow and toss an insult or two at you. Right now, I'm off to try to sleep. Pain's keeping me awake nights and I'm sleeping days. Jaysus, but this bites ass!

    1. Yeah pain truly does suck
      Like being hit by a truck
      But oh well
      At least you can still ring the bell


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