The Cat Has A Clue So Screw You Scooby Doo!

The cat was subjected to watching that mutt over and over again a while back at our den. Not that there is anything wrong with once or twice but over and over again is too high of a price. Yet the bad guys are so well named in it. That the cat just has to try it for a bit.

The Miner Fortyniner,
Doesn't make me a whiner.
For at least it rhymed,
The Phantom though isn't so well timed.

Yet this is about me,
So away we go at my sea.
The Spiking Viking,
Is to my liking.

The Snoring Boring,
Hides in the flooring.
And he sure can snore,
But is such a bore.

The Lurker Worker,
Is quite the smirker.
With his little gleam,
He puts you in a dream.

The Dish Fish is a delight,
And such a fright.
He steals those Scooby Snacks.
That must give the mutt heart attacks.

The Banner Planner,
Is one big tanner.
If you touch him you'll fry,
That means you die.

The Meow Cow,
He is just wow.
Can meow and eat at the same time.
Too bad he can't rhyme.

The Grime Mime,
Is surely a crime.
Dirt and a glass house?
Someone needs to call Mighty Mouse.

The Wagon Dragon can roar,
But that wagon is such a chore.
Not to mention it's his rump,
No wonder he is such a grump.

The Blooming Doom Groom,
Will beat you with a broom.
He cackles like a witch.
I also hear he can make you itch.

Now don't these beat,
The Black Knight who suffered defeat?
The Ghost Witchdoctor as well,
I suppose he could be swell.

Charlie the Robot though?
I mean really? What a show.
Of course if the cat didn't like it some,
He would have ignored it with his little rhyming bum.

I bet you never thought this would come to pass? Scooby Doo on that cat's grass. I'll give you all a pringle can snack if having a mutt here caused you too much flack. Plus I had to give him some sass as those bad guys can't stand up to the ones made by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. the grime mime, ha, bet that set off your OCD, all that dirt can get freaky....his bad guys had such interesting names, but each time those meddling kids put them to shame, watched quite a bit myself growing up, pretty popular pup

    1. Yeah that sure would
      I'd chase him from my hood
      Yep, the meddling kids and the mutt
      Send them to the jailhouse hut

  2. omg did i really
    beat waffles and hank to your sea?

  3. Such good memories of the stuff
    but not the later fluff
    scrappy doo my arse
    an incredible farce!

    1. haha yeah the longer it goes
      The more it causes woes

  4. The Meow Cow is my choice
    I bet it has a nice voice
    cool it can meow and eat
    what a truly marvelous feat!

    1. Yeah that is true
      Could do that on que
      Not sure I would marvel at such a feat
      But in it, the meow cow will never suffer defeat

  5. I think I got tired of Scooby Doo because after you watch about 2 or 3 of them in a row they just all seem to blend together. They all jump in the mystery van, get stranded in a haunted house, and ghosts chase them around for 20 minutes. That's pretty much every episode they ever made.

    1. Yeah that is very very true
      After an episode or two
      Same old thing different day
      Or episode on display

  6. My Spencer loves Scooby Doo
    and the theme song sticks in your head, too.
    My favorite part are those big sandwiches they attack
    I'm sure you'd love them, too, with a trout in the stack.

    1. haha yeah the song can surely get stuck
      Whether hearing it in the house or truck
      The cat would take the fish
      Be a tasty dish
      Oh and fixed the delete and such now
      Spent a few hours at it and I think I got all of the glitches out of my sea some how
      Had to fiddle with it a bit
      But at least now with a mistake you can delete and not say oh shit haha

  7. WOW.... Scooby Doo over and over.
    Could even prove a lot for Rover.
    But that could be a big fat plum
    Cause I'm just stuck with Scooby-Dum

    1. Maybe give him some rum
      Might not be so dumb
      Or at least glum
      Scrappy doo could be his chum

  8. I was laughing at the Snoring Boring and Meow Cow ~

    Wishing you a Happy Monday pat ~

    1. Glad I got a laugh from it
      Always fun to do at my pit

  9. I love to watch Scooby Doo
    And listen to ol' Shaggy too
    I love him because he gives out a big bark
    and doesn't meow and howl in the dark
    He solves crimes with the greatest of ease
    and he isn't infested with any fleas
    Seems to me the cat has puppy love
    And Scooby Doo fits him like a glove

    1. Pfft I knew that would come from you
      With your dog loving one eyed view
      But while he needs a snack
      I can attack
      And give him a can
      Of which he won't be a fan

  10. I think the Cat's more often than Scooby himself for the cat is cunning and full of stealth. I can understand your annoyance at having to watch the same show all weekend especially once you recognise the plot and get used to it. Cats are better than dogs though that may cause some smogs.

    1. Yeah Scooby has nothing on me
      I will send him a killer flea
      Then he will run
      My work will be done

  11. Not a fan
    of Scooby I
    am for falling
    short of clever
    or cute
    it lies
    like a pile
    of poo
    on the floor.

    For me, this marked a real low in cartoons. The animation was crap, the voice acting was poor and it was just another attempt by Madison Avenue to market the youth culture to a mass audience. And the animators at Hanna Barberra were never as good as those at Warner Brothers. Looney Tunes had the master Chuck Jones in their stable and their stuff was originally made for theatre release. They maintained that quality on the small screen. The other low point came when those stinking Smurfs was bought by Hanna-Barberra. The Golden Age of cartoons was finally dead and buried in a stinky grave by then. Yeah, I'm a nerd and I'm serious about my toons.

    My kitty Fang is sitting here nodding her head in agreement as she's a cat wise beyond her years.

    1. Wow you take it seriously indeed
      I had to watch it while visiting my cousin until my eyes were ready to bleed
      Disney ones lik Gargoyles and then X-men TAS and such I always liked the best
      Had more depth than many of the rest

    2. I'm a real fan of the artwork and the style There's some stuff out today that match the best of the best. Like Invader Zim. Vasquez is a real talent. The Angry Beavers are in the tradition of Looney Tunes and Ren and Stimpy was done by a Canadian by the name of Kricfalusi and he was influenced by Clampitt from Warner Brothers. I love those toons, very old school animation.

    3. Yeah those are the ones that aren't lazy
      Or have some crap animation that makes your eyes hazy
      Like some mix and match crap
      Of 3d and clay taking a lap
      Plus the writing is good
      Unlike ooooh so many who are as dull as wood

    4. We still on for Thursday Cat? Unless things go tits up, I'll be in. I'll be giddy from pain meds and the fact that I don't have to put up with my MIL and her snarky family for Thanksgiving.

      The Spawn is dying her hair a vivid blue just to piss them off. The colour will wash out, but they won't know that!

    5. haha the cat will be here all day
      Ready to go on about whatever at his bay
      Or at least for 8 hours or so
      For work will surely be oh so slow
      LMAO sounds like you two enjoy ticking them off
      The blue hair will make them scoff

  12. scooby doo, they are pott heads! I don't think I knew the rest.

    1. haha that they surely were
      Even the one with fur

    2. especially the one with fur, also always sitting in the van and munching on something? highly suspicious

    3. haha scooby snacks were his vice
      I guess they went well with his grass slice

  13. Every bad guy is always some geek who the gang talked to earlier and thought he was a good guy. No wonder they solve all the mysteries! So predictable!

    1. haha that is about the same with every single cop show
      It is almost always the guy that says something for 30 seconds and then goes away that killed the poor crow

  14. Oh, I love the Spiking Viking! (Just keep a look out for those horns) on his helmet...!!!! ;)

    1. Yeah that would hurt
      As some blood could spurt

  15. The Banner Planner... :D

    Were you doing Mary's jousting tournament?

    Happy Thanksgiving! <3

    1. Not that I recall
      Happy thanksgiving to your hall

  16. I think the Grime Mime has made an appearance at my pad. There are nose prints all over my sliding glass French doors!

    1. haha I think your mime makes noise though
      As he eats everything at your show

  17. Love Meow cow, and pfft many times I dont see Scobby doo I dont watch so much TV the last times!!

    1. You have to cook
      At your nook
      So no tv
      For thee haha

  18. Well I don't think snoring is boring!!!!

  19. The viking??? Wait until I tell my dad!!! lol

    1. Look who decided to show
      Bad choice of words I know LMAO

  20. Poor Scooby. He won't know what hit him. lol

    1. haha nope he won't on bit
      The cat will beat that twit

  21. I bet that guy in the Edgar Allen Poe poem wished he hid boring in the flooring

    instead of a heart in the dark.

    1. He could have hit the mark
      If instead he used such a bark

  22. Forty-Niner? Did somebody say Forty-Niner?? Cause nothing could be finer ;-) Well, here in SF at least!

    1. haha all hail the king
      With his Forty Niner ring

  23. We never liked Scooby Doo.
    He's just dumb.
    What a pile of Poo.
    Maybe we should stay mum.

    That is REALLY bad! No rhythm at all!

    1. haha it worked well
      And yeah he can cause hell
      Especially for a cat
      Rather go eat a rat


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