Thrown For A Loop With The Bloop!

So what is the bloop?
Something from Goof Troop?
Nope, it was a sound,
That was rather profound.

In the summer of 1997,
The NOAA which I won't leaven,
Recorded a frequency form the deep,
Of the Pacific Ocean keep.

All man made objects were ruled out,
And supposedly did not create this shout.
Even geological sounds were crossed off,
And it certaintly wasn't a cat cough.

It was a sound,
That was so profound.
That is was several times louder,
Coming off more prouder,
Than the loudest known biological sound ever.
Which makes it for quite the interesting endeavor.
Many have said it was a giant sea monsters noise,
Who knows if it was sobbing or calling out joys.

But to go along with that,
Is the spot where it was heard in the Pacific mat.
It is roughly the same place,
Where H.P. Lovecraft said R'lyeh was the case.

And another little fact,
Is both R'lyen and this sound act,
Are at the Pacific pole of inaccessibility in the ocean.
So it would be hard for anyone to find the commotion.

And the perfect spot for a creature to hide,
Where it and the land mass of R'lyen were said to collide.
The beast was said to be caged down there.
But who knows if it was kept at bay in such a lair.

So there is another little tidbit for today.
A sea creature very well could live far far away.
One louder than any known to man,
And one who would surely make you kick the can.

Avoid such a mass,
Whether lad or lass,
Or you could be through,
Making you giant sea creature stew.

The cat found this bloop the other day and had to give it a go at his bay. Sounds much meaner than Nessie too. I would not want this near my zoo. Now another lesson has come due class and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I'm not going to pussyfoot around this Cat, I'm going to do whatever it takes to avoid the Bloop because it looks way too fearsome for my liking, like you say it sounds and looks much worse than that Loch Ness monster fellow who scares me as it is. I'm impressed that the cat has seen him although was it in person? If it was his fortunes may worsen!

    1. Nope, he was not seen
      In person at my scene
      But yeah avoid him at all costs too
      Or he may actually eat you

  2. huh wonder if the mayans awakened him and that was just a yawn...pretty soon he could be traipsing across your lawn....godzilla-like, and we;d have to start talking in subtitle---psyche...bloop is frozen yogurt isnt it, persoanlly i like the flavors but i mix it, but if this guy shows up i will be hitting the exit...

    1. haha not sure on the yogurt one bit
      Not eaten at my pit
      But yeah I will run away too
      If it comes into view
      Maybe those stinkin Mayans are at fault
      Letting him out of his vault

  3. My goodness cat...just how old are you???

    1. That cat as been reborn time and time again
      You can't get rid of me at any den

    2. You are a God after all and the Eternal King of Canada.

    3. See, has the cat down
      Old one eye is just stuck in crazy town

  4. I want to see this creature, maybe make him a feature. Missed your ryhmes!

    I've heard of this sound before. Very intriguing.

    1. As long as it was saw from far away
      Otherwise might not end up being a very nice day

  5. Okay, that's it! I'm not going into the water anymore. As if Jaws wasn't enough to worry about. :)

    1. haha Jaws has nothing on this
      And yeah the water you may want to miss

  6. His stories
    in Weird Tales
    large they
    loom in
    myth and religion.

    Cthulu though
    he cried
    has never
    really died
    as long he
    lives in
    minds of men
    he walks
    in modern fiction.

    In Dance Macabre
    homage due
    is paid by
    of this
    he's written.

    So plumb
    the depths
    of oceans
    deep and
    never were
    places to
    a legend

    I think Cthulu, upon hearing of the existence of man asked the ultimate existential question "Oh really?" This is a question shared by the species known as Caticus Reticus when humans claim ownership of one their kind.

    Very clever piece here Cat, very clever. Hey I posted the backside of that Pirate Babe for you today. Just a teaser as you'll see the front side next week.

    1. Yeah a lot of myth and legend weaved through
      It was a fun piece to due
      Learned some from yours as well
      A lesson learned, bloody hell haha
      And nice arse indeed
      There at your feed

    2. It's too bad that Lovecraft wasn't appreciated in his time, but his work has influenced so many writers since then and his work is now considered classic literature. He was brilliant and quite a bit of knowledge of the philosophy and science.

      Suzie is put together quite well I think.

    3. Yeah it seems many of those we think are great now
      Back then would not even take a bow
      As they'd get stoned to death or some other crap
      For preaching things like we don't live on a flat map haha

    4. This could be your fate Cat. After your dead and nothing more than worm food, your books will be worth millions. With that in mind can you have a couple bound and signed so I can leave them to my grandchildren. If nothing else my descendants can profit from your death!

    5. hahaha but the cat will rise again
      Here at his den
      Still suck if that were my fate
      It would be one I hate
      It would figure though
      Need to be dead to make some dough
      Hell I can fake my death
      Pretending to be out of breath

  7. Don't ever feel broken hearted...
    it was simply the earth moving enough
    to let us know... she'd farted. LOL

    Great piece Pat..or was it the cat.. I'm intrigued as can be and will now look up R'lyen, 'cause, I'm nosy like that, you see. ;)

    1. LMAO had to be one big fart
      She sure took it to heart
      haha made you nosey too
      My what the cat and Pat can do

  8. Goof troop? You are talking about our neighbors again!

    1. You guys have some weird neighbors I'd say
      Time to move to a new bay

  9. Yikes, never heard of this!!
    Eerie stuff!

  10. Sounds like a scary beast! I send Schultz over right away to take care of it. LOL!

    1. Schultz might have met his match
      He may have to bring your zoo batch

  11. I think I painted something like this once!

    1. Maybe a sign of things to come
      From my little rhyming bum

  12. I was hoping more goof troop/disney afternoon references would pop in later. alas. haha

    1. haha what Gummi Bears and Ducktales too?
      I could have dropped them in for you

  13. Hmmm I thought it was a Leviathan with a good case of gas... :) That would send any human to the next realm no?

    1. haha yeah that surely would
      Smell pretty damn bad in ones hood

  14. A sea creature that cries Bloop?
    you almost made me spit out my soup
    laughing here as I eat some dinner
    your post here was surely a winner.
    And what a smart creature it must be
    to hide where it's spooky in the sea!

    1. haha hopefully not food went everywhere
      Then again no one would stare
      For the cats would come and chow it down
      That is why you have the crown
      And yeah it must be
      Blooping along with glee

    2. Whiskers jumped up to my desk
      and in one leap got her paw a mess.
      It went straight into my bowl
      and even though she didn't howl
      I had to wash her paw
      cheesy broccoli soup is all I saw.

    3. LMAO she needs to watch that landing
      Then she would not be standing
      With such a messy paw
      At least now some broccoli she has to gnaw

  15. This monster you describe sounds like quite the fright
    I wouldnt want to run into him in an alley at night.
    But it relieves me to hear he is thousands of miles away,
    Hidden from eye sight in some hard to get to bay.

    But why does his sound get a special name
    why cant my noises be showered with fame?
    I can squeal really high, or fart loud and low,
    but nobody would care, nobody would know. :/

    1. Yeah that is grand
      That he can't take to the land
      And crush us all
      Like some little doll
      Not sure why
      I guess he is just a rare guy
      Fart loud and low
      hahaha not sure many would want to know

  16. This one gives me the shivers.
    Sounds worse than the Loch Ness or Joan Rivers.

    PS Thanks so much for your support.


    1. haha the later is scariest of all
      I would run if she came near my hall

  17. I remember that day they found it

    now people want that big foot...crap

  18. Monsters from the deep
    Oughtn't to utter a peep.

    1. That with I agree
      Or at least stay far away from me

  19. The scoop on the loop of the bloop almost made us poop.

    1. Did not mean to make your troop droop
      And then almost have a poop haha

  20. scary sounds..
    thank god they are not around near India :P

    1. Yeah you are safe from harm
      Unless you hear such an alarm

  21. Everything is better when it's a little scary,
    I always enjoy plot twists that are a little hairy :)

    I'm a horrible rhymer I know, but I did enjoy this!

    1. haha glad you enjoyed it
      And you rhymed a bit
      Oh so swell
      Scary, hmmm sometimes unless it's hell


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