With A Thanks We Bring Out The Tanks!

It's thanksgiving day for those slow pokeys below my Canadian bay. There they will sit and be thankful for a bit. Then off they will go and stomp on people the next day at some Walmart show. Wow, impressive you humans are. No wonder I hear cats want to turn you to tar.

First cats are giving up their favorites toys,
Those that brought them joys.
To ship through the mail,
And pop out with fists of hail.

See, what did I tell you?
Humans are through.
With such a stance,
You stand no chance.

Cats will even rule space.
Those aliens will be a dead race.
No more probing by vets,
Are also safe bets.

Yoga is being used.
So you will be amused
Then with a twist,
You'll get batted with a fist.

Also nothing is off limits at all.
The computer at your hall,
Will be taken apart.
And sold for cat food at Walmart.

Weapons will be packed away.
And sent to your bay.
There they will go boom.
Spelling your doom.

And if you get too close.
You will be hunted like a mouse.
Then shot with laser eyes.
That will be such a surprise.

Even contracting out.
To make the humans pout.
Except for the trout.
They are eaten and have no clout.

Your water will be drained too.
Making you all dehydrated at your zoo.
Then you will be easy pickings,
Ready for some cat lickings.

And to show the seriousness of the cause.
Out come the claws.
For practice on the mutt,
Has advantages as down go each human nut!

Aren't you thankful for the cat? Now you have been warned at your mat. I have no opinion on the cause. I just provide them something other than claws. It comes in a can and will give you a different colored tan. Maybe the war will pass? If not, it will surely amuse my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Three days in a row
      You sure have the timing down pat at my show

  2. I am not sure what it is but I enjoy watching the cat Maru try to squeeze it's butt into way too small boxes!

    1. hahaha yeah and somehow cats fit
      I guess they can suck it in a bit

  3. The acknowledged winner
    Cats in all situations
    Pared off as a sinner
    Humans ought to learn
    The world ruled by Cats
    Humans better realize
    Led by a guy called Pat
    Cats are all civilized


    1. That they are
      Near and far
      Or at least they pretend
      To not go around the bend

  4. hahaha i am afraid of the feline raid, my sides already hurt from your laughter inducing bursts, the twist to suck the water, cut that on and watch the cat get fatter, the laser eyes will make you fries (if it hits a potato) happy thanksgiving to all at your show

    1. Yeah the water is a great way
      To rule the humans I say
      The feline raid will come due
      I just have to distract all of you
      And happy thansgiving down below
      Where you all are a just a tad slow haha

  5. Sigh--can't wait until cats rule the universe and no more Black Friday worshippers start lining up in the cold parking lots at 6 PM tonight. Ugh. Thanks for the laughter, Pat.

    1. haha yeah that would be grand
      No more crazy people across the land
      Some have been lined up for a whole week
      With the so called deals they seek

  6. Those were all purrfect! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us Pat!

  7. That laser cat on the right has terrible aim

    to miss at close range is a shame.

    1. Yeah it does seem to
      Or maybe it is just confusing you

  8. That going to the moon photo is incredible, love when the cat critiques his other kind and all the fun things that he tends to find. A real life friend of mine genuinely can't get enough of what you write over here, he loves your stuff!

    1. A fan who is a lurker
      That makes the cat a smirker
      And yeah fun to find the cat's kind
      And let them unwind

  9. hahaha...oh, those were funny!
    But not all of us are so looney
    that we shop on Black Friday with the crazies
    maybe I'm smart and lazy?
    I stay home and relax
    and eat leftovers at my mat.
    Don't they look so greedy
    tromping over their neighbors so seedy?
    I never did get that tradition
    and Walmart is picketing this weekend!

    That cat with the static packing peanuts looks a little distressed
    I think 'help!' is his request!

    1. LMAO yeah help would prob be his cry
      As he wants those things to fry
      Yeah they look really really greedy
      And a bit needy
      Better to stay home and laze about
      And then shop online so no need to shout
      Easy as can be
      Agreed by me

  10. Those are absolutely hilarious. The kids were laughing with me as we read this :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Glad is was fun
      As you and the kiddos gave it a run
      Hope you have a great thanksgiving down below
      Even if been there done that at our show haha

  11. That Astronaut Cat is the coolest cat ever. I wonder where he'll be going in his C.A.T 1 rocket... I'm thankful my own two cat's have not pooped on my floor. You know what I'm referring to.

    1. Yes that I know
      And on mine it does not show
      Thanful for that too
      And look at the grammar of you haha

  12. ha..i knew it was the cat that stole my computer drive...smiles...happy thanksgiving sir..

    1. Yeah stole it and ran away
      Now you have a fuzzy screen on display

  13. That cat maybe fighting back in the last pic but, by the look of that dogs teeth he is in for a big punch up. Yikes. Hope the cat got out alive.
    Cats do do the funniest of things, especially at your bay...A ;)

    1. Yeah I'm sure he got out alive
      As cats do survive
      And at my bay
      They always have a say

  14. I've got
    they can
    rule with

    My home
    a haven
    for three
    no cat
    army will
    strike me.

    Cat, I feel like something the cat dragged in, ate, then sicked up again. But I'm home and otherwise fine. It could be worse, I could be with my MIL choking down overcooked turkey and listening to political rhetoric. I'm better off in pain!

    1. I guess the cat will have to take you down
      If they leave alone your town haha
      But with a pringle can of poo
      I will make it come due

      Blah to that
      A hairball at your mat
      But if you say so
      I guess it is better than your MIL's show

    2. My kitty Fang will break out a can of whoop ass on you Cat. She's a really good hunter-she brings down squirrels and birds with ease. She does bring her kills up onto the porch to eat. She'll leave behind feathers and squirrel tails, but even the bones are gone. She must be eating them bones and all. I walked outside once and she had just brought a baby squirrel onto the porch. She growled at me, hunched over it and commenced to tearing at it's flesh. It was a sight to behold. So bring on your Pringles cans Cat.

    3. Damn eats the bones and all?
      Really have quite the killer at your hall
      The cat will just bring her a snack
      And then she won't attack

  15. Biggest smiles... I do have to say I am a cat person! Loved this ode to cats, and all the wonderful images!

    1. haha yeah was fun to do
      As the cat found many to put in view

  16. I am late at your shore today
    lots of turkey at my bay
    if ever cats do rule space
    we'll disappear without a trace--
    So much for the human race!

    1. Planet might be better off
      But then mother nature could scoff
      With all that gets buried in the dirt
      Under her skirt haha


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