With This Song And Dance They Stand No Chance!

I had to fit that song and dance saying in, as it just worked for the win. For Irish Air and old one eye like to give a certain cry. They say they will make the cat pay, each and every day. Unless a migraine comes to one and the other is out drunk in the sun. Or old one eye just wants to whine when really all is fine. Anyway, they think they can enter my bay. Pfft the cat is king here at his wing.

She thought she could build a town,
That would win her the crown.
Pffft the cat showed her,
As he stretched his fur.

Now the cat has a great wall.
That will protect his hall.
It will never fall,
Bouncing any attack back like a ball.

Even shops protect the cat.
Such loyal followers at my mat.
They have weapons that will squash you flat.
And they are worse than a bat.

See it is so threatening I have it twice.
You will surely pay the price.
All will fall like mice,
Or may be given some lice.

You can see it stretches right around.
So not even a butt sniffing hound,
Could penetrate my sea.
Going to the gutter there is rather nasty.

But at least I invite you in.
Even though you will never win.
I added those stairs below,
For old one eye as her steps grow.

See, you can never get me.
I even have camels at my sea.
They will stop all with glee.
Even give you a flea on your knee.

And that mountain in the back,
Holds an army waiting to attack.
They have kitchenware,
And some tangled up hair.

I hear they swing it round and round.
They also yell making an awful sound.
Then they let you have it upside the head.
A frying pan can cause dread.

Those camels will water me forever.
Damn, I am clever.
You can't starve me out.
No matter your war shout.

So the cat is once more,
Once step ahead at his shore.
Having built this big shrine,
To this rhyming feline.

So give it up old one eye and Irish Air with your cry. My camels like turtle soup. They will eat that while I raid the chicken coup. What are you talking about? Don't go letting my secret out. I really made this at my sea. Pffft it is not in the museum of natural history. Don't believe that voice telling you such crap. The cat did this all after his nap. For all this hard work I deserve a nice tasty bass, they to are abundant in the land of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. wow on the radio you are, that's wunderbar ....

    1. A wonder to behold
      Maybe I'll get lots of gold

  2. A big radio personality now huh? That ROCKS!!!!

    1. haha not sure how big
      But probably bigger than a twig

  3. Your voice is nice! You are famous! I really like hearing you, is that you? But you sound so wise.

    Pat, please don't miss Oh I Miss You video, two posts behind. Thanks Pat.

    1. Yeah it's me with the crappy mic
      This old computer needs to take a hike haha

  4. you have camels at your sea? what a sight to see, be careful the walls though, what you hope to keep out is usually not all that ends up the other side when you put a fence up...an army with kitchenware, now thats quite an affair as well....smiles...

    1. True, the walls can screw you
      And from within the zoo
      Strikes you down
      But kitchware weapons will make them frown

  5. Omg! The cat on the radio? Will save that treat for later. Just wanted to let you know you are featured on my blog today as part of a blogfest I'm on. I'll be back later ...

    1. I will surely have a look
      Over at your nook
      And yeah the cat was there
      But made Pat talk at our lair

  6. A new song for the kiddie books
    it was great and now stuck in my brain nook.
    So fun to hear your voice!
    Having you there was such a good choice!
    And Natasha, it was fun to hear you,
    and you chatted with Pat, and Roger, too!
    Or should I say Patrick~
    perfection, balance, leadership, intuition and expressiveness
    (I guess he doesn't know you like the rest of us.)

    1. haha stuck in your head
      So fun to cause such dread
      Will do a video of my own for it soon
      And yeah didn't sound too much like a loon
      Even with the crap mic
      That needs to take a hike
      LMAO yep lots to live up to with that
      But I'll defer all of that to the cat

  7. WOW! We know a celebrity!!!! Have a fun weekend!

    1. haha the cat can pretend
      His ego is now around the bend

  8. I had a lego great wall

    but then some kid made it fall

    1. haha the dog did it to mine
      It wasn't a feline

  9. I'm late today here at your bay, though it seems like also Hank was away. I love the rhymes in this Pat and find it a great post as usual. I love your city and think it sounds awesome, Irish Air will not even dare to try to penetrate your city. I'd love to visit the city some day even if it's just to see the camels that are strolling around haha, hopefully some day I'll be invited as a visitor or something.

    I'm listening to the podcast right now pretty excited for hearing your voice, I love the two hosts already and can't wait for you to make some... noise haha. I love the song too "Pat Hatt and the cat are reaching for the sky." I loved hearing your voice for the first time ever, your secret to your success is so simple but so true, love it.

    1. haha you might get through
      Although those camels are a mean crew
      Irish Air stands no chance
      Even if old one eye gives her one eyed glance
      The jingle is grand
      And will have a video soon in my land
      Just waiting on a few more pics for it
      And yeah even with the crap mic it was fun to shoot the shit

    2. Yes, Yeamie, am on the road.


    3. On the road again
      At your den

  10. A radio star now too?
    Is there nothing you and the cat don't do?
    Congrats! That is so cool. Woohoo!


    1. Seems much we can do
      Here at our zoo
      At least for now
      Just with a meow

  11. A radio show at your shore and one at mine. How do you like that? Except I listened to yours for 12 minutes, and still didn't hear you. Those people do some serious jibber jabbering! Maybe I'll come back when I have more time and give a listen.

    1. you can fast foward...Pat is about 63 minutes in, I think. :)

    2. Yeah it is way in
      As they chat away at their bin
      Interesting though
      As things sure flow

  12. Were you one of the bloopers he was talking about Cat? And the vampiric soul suckers, I think they meant you there too. While you were on, I could feel the life force leaving my body.

    Now you know that my airline can fly over your bay and bomb you. We'll be tossing empty scotch bottles down on your camels, drop them to their knees. I didn't know Canada had deserts. Global warming must really be happening! Bombs away Cat, bombs away!

    Having surgery on Tuesday. You can enjoy yourself imagining my pain!

    1. Hope the surgery goes well, Anne!!!

    2. Oh yeah, I suck your soul
      That is my goal
      Then you have to come back to my shack
      To get it back and I can cause more flack
      See, what a way to be
      Here at my sea haha
      Pfft my camels can take it all
      They have armor to stop your scotch squall
      There are deserts, sorta, out west
      And a tundra near that could pass the test haha
      Well since you sad it was on easy one
      I won't worry a little bit or a ton
      For you won't suffer to much
      As they shove the needle in and such
      Just make sure it isn't the one for the big sleep
      Then you may be there to keep

    3. Off topic, but when does your new kiddie book come out? If I missed it let me know pronto. If I'm feeling up to it, I'll pop in for a quickie on Thanksgiving. The place will be empty and we can run amok.

      I'll be completely out when they shove the needle in Cat. Unlike when you get probed by your aliens and your Viking womans sex toys.

    4. Not out yet
      Who knows when it will come from this pet
      Waiting on the last four pics for it
      And then soon after that is should hit
      Yeah it will be like a Saturday
      But then some do come around on a holiday
      Had way more than I thought last year
      That came to visit my rear
      Out you will be
      A pringle can will be sent by me haha
      Pat is wide awake when he gets the needles in his neck and arm
      Those alien cause way to much harm haha

  13. So now you are scaling the Wall of China? Any plans for destruction?

    1. Yep, scaling the wall and knocking it down
      Actually I'll blow it up to some other town

  14. I think I've been to that specific part of the Wall before. The surrounding buildings and landscape look familiar. ._.

    1. haha you've seen it too
      Were you trying to sneak up on my zoo?

  15. All that's missing are some manly unicorns ;-)

    1. haha they are hidden away
      And will be used when needed at my bay

  16. I will overlook the fact how mean the cat was to me for just a second....

    Wow, listen to you - that accent - I love it! Did she say "Blue Nosers"? What in the world is that?? ha ha ha! Congrats on the interview, you did great!

    Now, cat...Anne and I will destroy you! You can try to put up as many walls as you please, you can't stop us. We are indestructible and we will crush you!

    1. haha that one eye makes it easier to over look things
      I guess you do have perks with it at your wings haha
      Accent on me
      I suppose it is different then your sea
      And the is what they call NS around here
      Because of the Blue Nose was built near
      It is a boat
      And not a goat
      Just so you know
      And Pfffft you can never infiltrate my how

    2. Should be show,
      Stupid keyboard has got to go

    3. We'll infiltrate your how Cat. Oh how we'll infiltrate your how, you'll never know. I mean how could you know? What I'm saying is how we infiltrate your how is so top secret, we don't even know how we're going to do it. So how could you know how we're going to do it. But rest assured, your how will be infiltrated, we just don't know how yet.

    4. See I am already safe here at my sea
      As you infilitrate my how somehow trying to be sneaky
      I'll be at the who
      With who, will never been known by who or you

  17. A great wall huh ~ Reminds me of fortified walls in Quebec ~

    I enjoyed the radio interview by Natasha ~ I agree that engaging the readers and visiting other blogs are the key to your growing and steady blog ~ A pity that your voice is kind of blurred, but enjoyed this segment

    Hope you are well Pat ~

    1. They have fortified walls in Quebec you say?
      Never knew that at my bay
      Yeah it was fun to do
      Engaging is quite the thing, but some have no clue
      haha yeah crappy mic at my see
      But at least it didn't cost a penny

  18. Very nice interview, Pat. However, it took a while to get to hear it. Wished I could have fast-forwarded. Indeed I do think keeping people engaged in what you have to say is the key.

    1. Yeah took a while I suppose
      As other issues flows
      Engagment is the best
      And perception helps bring in the rest

  19. Oh mon dieu!
    Those chatty two!
    We give up, oh yes we do
    Where you begin we haven't a clue!!!

    1. haha yeah a cat can only take so much
      Before they lose touch

  20. Reaching for the sky! It's the only way.


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