You Had To Know This Would Show!

So dVerse is talking about preparation and Brian already stole the H cremation. So the cat will go ahead a bit to prepare for the rantings of some BIG twit.

The groceries are half gone,
With the approaching dawn.
The water is low,
No generator at my show.

The gas tank is almost bare,
The tp I continue to tear.
Still no idea how to do this or that,
Have not even stocked up on rat.

Not even tons of books to view.
Or even a game or two,
Like Clue,
Which many seriously need to come due.

But I did a ton,
To prepare for such acts under the sun.
I bought some things,
And differed the payment rings.

I forwent the wrapping,
It could come a tapping.
I got caught up on some TV,
Have to know how it ends at my sea.

I wrote another couple posts,
Giving me into March boasts.
Pat keeps going to work,
Now that has to annoy such a senile jerk.

Because oopsy, what is the point?
They say with their nose out of joint.
Stocked up to the brim,
For a day when things will get grim.

Laughing like Y2K,
Which faded away.
For oh my,
Down will come the sky.

Poor Chicken Little was right,
A cartoon on paper that took flight.
Wow, what a dead tree can do.
It can predict much for me and you.

Just like some moron in this day in age,
Who wrote up some conspiracy page,
After fail and fail again,
Because of an end to the writing of dead men.

So prepared for it, I surely am at my sea.
I'm prepared to get up and have a pee.
Then eat a snack,
And go once again to my work shack.

For when the 21st comes, it will shut up all those idiots with their world ending hums. Until they find some other mythical crap that will be believed by each chap. The cat will just smile for a whole mile. They have less brain cells than a bass and surely nowhere near the amount of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I will be so glad when the 21st comes Pat although I do feel ever so slightly nerved on the run up to it all, hopefully all of us will be having a good laugh by the 22nd haha.

    1. Yeah the cat will sit back and enjoy
      For nothing will happen and those idiots can no longer annoy

  2. Posts, so many for as far as March? Are you kidding? Bloggers do that, or just you, Mr. Pat?

    1. LOL think it is just me
      I have to keep up at my sea
      Into march now
      Almost 100 ahead with a meow

  3. oh smiles...that brought back some memories...friends of ours who we lived with at that time were so well prepared...they had filled their bath tub with water, had tons and tons of food cans stored and even a gas burner....i think they have still some of those canned food left..maybe for another catastrophe...

    1. LMAO wow they really went all out
      Guess Y2K must have made them pout
      When it came by
      And nothing fell from the sky

  4. you are written through march...haha...guess if the mayans were right you are not in a lurch...some zombies might read it after the apocalypse, but def dont run out of TP, then you's be hurtings and i dont mean when you peepee...always good to be prepped to keep up your rep

    1. haha yep all the way through march
      I guess my diet doesn't need any starch
      As off I go
      With the rhyming low
      And yeah need that tp
      That will be one thing bought just in case by me haha

  5. When power's out
    and food in doubt
    rat is quick
    and best on a stick

    At Mormon stocking we may laugh
    but someday we may need a raft
    and our neighbors who prepare
    may be our only prayer!

    1. Oh yeah some day
      I'm sure there will be such a display
      But no way in hell
      One can ring the bell
      And say poof this or that date
      Just nuts at any rate

  6. Wow, Pat, you are the most prepared blogger there is
    preparing posts through march is quite the bizz
    you really must find it easy to find things to say
    I work at my postings from day to day
    perhaps I should hire you to work at my bay.
    Thanks for writing on preparation.
    Your post fulfilled expectation
    with a hearty exclamation!

    1. Going all tion at my sea
      That is always enjoyed by me
      And yeah a lot of nonsense can come out
      And a rant or two of note
      They just keep on piling up
      Not even coffee in my cup
      Will be a year ahead at some point
      Then I could take a good long break at my joint haha

  7. it always sucks to be low on the important things

    especially when there's no time to get them minus the bling

    1. Yeah that is true
      And they are all sold out when you go to view

  8. I wouldn't mind having a little chicken little!

  9. Haven't really heard anything about the 21st
    except when you give it a burst.
    Must not be listening to the proper news channels
    as they scare everyone into stocking up on flannel.
    Probably would be more wise to buy a gun and ammo
    than to fill your pantry with spaghetti-os. hahaha.

    1. haha that would be true
      As many would try and rob you
      But still you need the tp
      Or it may get kind of rough at your sea

    2. that is so true
      no tp would make one blue.
      a gun and tp is all I need.
      try to steal it and I'll make you bleed.
      LMAO.'re bring out my violent side
      or is it the smog as in Ohio I reside?

    3. haha damn you would be scary indeed
      Would never come near your feed
      Shoot the cat in the rump
      And leave a big lump
      Must be the smog going to your head
      As you want to make all dead

  10. It'll be fun to see if the sun falls out of the sky when the 21st rolls by!

    1. Not sure that would be fun to see
      If it came down and hit thee haha

  11. I don't think there is a way to prepare for doomsday. Really, how do you know what to pack, or even if it necessary. And where do you go that isn't experiencing the same phenomenon? I'm stocking up on wine and ruffles chips. That will get me through anything, I hope.


    1. haha that will work
      And will be a perk
      When the world goes to hell
      Sure you can barter to get things oh so swell

  12. Bugger that
    they can
    all sod off
    stick their
    prophecy in
    a sock.

    The zombie apocalypse is more likely to happen that this rubbish. And I'm prepared for that. Look for it in an upcoming post. I've got enough posts to get me through December but that's not saying much as I try to post 8 times or less per month.

    1. haha I agree
      But chance of the zombie
      With the friggin germs and such
      Could happen through touch
      And pfft to only 8
      You need to do a month with a post every single day at your gate haha

    2. Geez lazy as can be
      There at your sea

  13. Good thing you have thought ahead post wise... you never know when you might sprain a paw getting out of the way of all the zombies. Hey by the way... I didn't hear you say you had stocked up on kitty litter, toys and treats.... what else are you going to do when you put up your feet?

    1. Well the kitty litter is all stocked up on
      Treats too at our lawn
      The toys we sorta eat
      So have to just stick with the treat
      And yeah if a paw gets busted like it already has at my sea
      Then at least I will still rhyme with glee

  14. Your brain must be supercharged to think of 100 future posts. You could make some serious bucks if you hired yourself out.

    1. Hmmm if I could go about that
      I would surely do it at my mat

  15. It's been going on
    For really that long
    Made the Mexicans happy
    They raked in the money
    Keeping the hype alive
    More than just to survive
    Good for the tourism $
    What a howler!


    1. I suppose it's all about the dough
      For it to show
      And a bunch of crap
      But have to keep the money on tap

  16. Such a braggart! Posts til March, listen to you, cat! Pfft!

    I have a show on my DVR about the Mayan's predictions. Maybe I'll wait until the 22nd to watch it?

    1. Pfft it's a load of crap
      Made up by some chap
      The Mayans did their own thing
      Much like the greeks and such with the gods at their wing
      No one believes Zeus is going to smite our head
      Stupid idiots just think this is true because oh no, it is full of dread

      And brag away
      As I have plenty of posts ready to go at my bay

  17. That pretty much sums up how I feel about it!

  18. Sounds like it should be Monday!

    1. Bah didn't want that
      Then off to work for Pat

  19. We scurried and worried about the 2000th year, but you have shown us, dear Pat, there was nothing to fear.

    1. Rhyming at my sea
      Look at thee
      And yeah nothing at all
      To fear from some scaring Mayan writing on the wall

  20. I want cat to smile all the way long :)
    world is too crooked to get such an easy end.. I m sure.. nothings gonna happen :P

    1. Yeah that is true too
      When we go it will be slower and more agonizing I bet for each zoo

  21. "I got caught up on some TV,
    Have to know how it ends at my sea."

    Loved these lines in your little rhyme
    Many have predicted the end of time

    And all those dates have come and gone
    And I am sure we will see Dec 22nd dawn

    1. Yeah that we will
      And I will still get my tv fill

  22. hahah, be prepared!!! :) Best motto. Sounds like you have it all ready to go!

  23. I wish I could be as prepared as you, all the way to March, wouldn't that just be great, then I could just set up the auto timer thing to post for me, Does blogger even have that feature, hmmm? But alas, poor me, probably distracted by a case of fleas, nope, probably not the case, but distractions I do seem to date. 21st done and done, one way or another, but if nothing comes due, which I'm sure it won't, then nothing should be spouted again, for what theory will be next to chime, perhaps some vision spoken to some yak as he stared into a dime, and some old yak farmer will then see the TRUTH in his flocks poop and spy a mushroom cloud with the number 14 inside, and then the conspirators will once again have their crime. lol Yeah, I thought of the Preparation H thing too that Brian first put to view, the first minute I read the theme, funny how minds think alike.

    1. Yeah it is grand
      Being so far ahead in my land
      Then I can be lazy here and there
      And still not fall behind at my lair
      And yeah blogger has that feature too
      I just set them up and they post on cue
      Yeah once it passes
      Hopefully that shuts up the whacko masses
      And no more of this crap
      Funny how preparation H came on tap


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