A Crapulous Of Rhyme On dVerse's Dime!

NEWS FLASH Make another dash, interviewed once more, HERE at the dVerse shore!

The cat will throw so many words at you that you will think they are untrue. But none are made up by me. It is so fun to confuse and it causes me glee. Don't blame the cat. It is dVerse that brought the weirdo words to my mat.

Searching high and low,
I found cerumen can glow.
Nasty as can be, I know.
They doddle and let that grow.

Eructation can be so rude.
And sound rather crude.
But a footle you,
Really has no clue.

That liripipe is quite the sight.
I mean it causes a fright.
Glad no monomania exists here.
The cat will kick anything into gear.

I don't want to see that oxter of yours.
Save it for Walmart stores.
If you pilpul me,
I may nail you to a tree.

Wow, that is sure a puckeroo.
You may need some super glue.
Spanghew-ing can be fun.
The cat has to give that a run.

Are you miffed?
Why don't you go get squiffed?
That would be so twee.
But not really to me.

Ululate sure applies to old one eye.
She can let the whining fly.
Whinge applies too.
Wow, that is two that came due.

Thankfully no meldrop in sight.
That would force one into the dark of night.
I have such an izzat ass.
It rhymes and provides much sass.

Did you stub your hallux today?
That would cause a swear to display.
Beats a gormless foe,
With the brians of a crow.

What is that frowzy smell?
Brian, did you ring such a bell?
Sure can't say it is floccinaucinihilipilification one bit.
Say that three times fast and you'll be a hit.

So before I draggle myself,
Across the sand at my shelf.
I will just say hold the bumf please.
I'd rather leave that up to the breeze.

Now was that not fun? Have you learned a new word under your sun? Or has your head exploded yet? Do not curse this pet. I was just trying to help you out some. Remember the holidays are near so don't be glum. Eat, be merry and pass gas. That should be coined by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Back in my rightful place
    Mary is the ace
    Words smurds turds
    I decided to give chase.

    Two interviews yesterday
    Wow is what I say!
    Now have a good day.

    1. First once again
      Here at my den
      Putting poor one eye to shame
      If only sooner she came haha
      And yeah twice in one day
      Just ended up that way

  2. Damn it, Mary, I was trying to be number one this morning since I was up so early!

    1. hahahaha oh a fight
      Such a fun sight

    2. Im sure bMary get up really early LOL ir maybe doesnt sleep to be the first in the cat yard!

    3. Who knows
      But she was first today at many shows

    4. really? so get up really early!:)

    5. Yeah really early
      Must be squirrely

  3. Mary beat me to your sea today
    I guess that's all I have to say

    Nah, you know me better than that!
    I have to bitch and moan at the cat!

    I guess the whining is slam at cute lil me
    but you'll have to do better at your mean sea

    I'm in a much better mood these days
    even went to Walmart in a happy haze

    Left so happy I tipped the ringing belling a buck
    instead of yelling "really? Happy Holidays? What the F$$$?"

    As you can tell, I've been up since before the sun hit shore
    and I'll be back to visit you for even more

    Oh and Mary, no ill will, I was just try to get here first
    but you beat me fair and square which makes me worst

    1. Pfft you say a ton
      Under your sun
      And now with this run
      A ton has surely been done

      Geez you are too cheery
      It is a bit eerie
      Sniff some glue?
      Or some mighty fine dog poo?

      Maybe the season has taken hold
      And you left the bah humbug fold
      Either way walmart is still scary
      Maybe you're tip will make the ringing belling less hairy

      Could go get a wax
      After they paid the tax
      Which prob leave them with half a buck
      I guess they are once more out of luck

    2. I went to Walmart and it was empty
      don't know how it happened at my sea
      but it left me leaving in such glee
      I almost would have pet thee
      but then I would have come to thy senses
      and slung you into my wooden fences
      and still have had a big smile on my face
      because I would have won our little race
      does not matter what the season
      I'm still mean to you without a reason
      only nice to dear old Pat
      always mean to the wicked cat!

    3. Oh, bring it on about my dual personalities or whatever - I'm ready, cat!

    4. Pfft you will never win
      You can't even make up your mind at your bin
      First a stolen eye
      Then the beach I spy
      And now some dirt
      Is what you spurt
      But you have to know
      The cat loves such a show
      Because now when he really has to go
      He can dig on in and simply do so
      And the writer you say
      Doesn't that apply when you write at your bay?
      Redundent you are
      Blame the one eye near and far hahahaha

    5. I need to find out your birthday, cat. Then I will put all my avatars back to the stolen eye just to drive you NUTS!!!

    6. Yeah Glory Dear
      She is the same old one eye of fear
      And pfft to you
      Something I will hide at my zoo

    7. You leave my Gloria Dear, alone you wretched, cat. I hit you hard early in the morn!!

    8. Pfft go ahead and try
      On your dirt road you will fry

  4. i try to keep the super glue away from my puckerloo, just saying, dont know bout you...i cant say that three times, its too big for how my mind chimes....thanks for the interview at the dverse mat, getting a dog has still blown my mind about pat.

    1. Yeah that is the best case
      And keep it away from your face
      Can't say it three time and make sense
      I just sound rather dense haha
      And fun it was at your shore
      Yeah a dog will come, what's one more

  5. Well my head was churning at all these words
    Please don't nail me at the tree with a sword
    Now I am fourth, oh dear, now I have to dash to work ~

    Great interview at D'verse Pat ~

    1. I'll just poke you with a stick
      That won't be as ick
      Have fun at work
      Sure that is not a perk

  6. I had
    a bevvie
    with a
    blaggarding fool
    whilst on holliers
    this year

    So flah'ed out
    I could have
    cried when
    invited to a

    When I got there
    approached I was
    by a
    parylitic plonker.

    I was up to ninety
    when he asked me
    to dance
    so slap his
    face I did.

    I fled
    the manky wanker
    and went
    to bed
    to have
    a kip
    in just me

    Now that was some good craic Cat. Boggled me brain good you did with that bit of rhyme, so I boggled you back.

    Another great interview Cat. And I did the review for Fractured Fairy Tales. That's a helluva good book Cat. First rate stuff.

    1. LOL the cat knew
      Such words would come from you
      I only know one or two
      The rest are new to my zoo
      But always works for me
      Then I can spin them with glee
      And a boggling came due
      Back and forth from me to you
      Thanks for the review as well
      And glad the interview was swell

    2. I only knew four or five of yours and there was no way I could fake knowing them so I threw this shite together.

      It's looking like I'm getting the Pirate Cat done right this time. So you're going into the story. I'm tossing the flying monkey in there too. This is going to be one mixed up story. Wait till you see my zombie-he's a fecked up mess!

    3. haha yeah best to fake it
      If the words you don't know that one gives a spit
      And sounds like a plan
      Sure the cat will be a fan

  7. One for the vocab
    This is no trap
    It's a bit of fun
    New words on the run
    Consult the dictionary
    For if one is wary
    of getting stumped
    One needn't be glum
    For one is not alone
    in an experimenting zone!


    1. Yeah experiment away
      At each bay
      Have ones say
      Cause others dismay
      Fun to do
      Here at my zoo

  8. I remember funny sounds from an oxter in school

    fart sounds makes one a fool.

    1. That is does indeed
      Unless you are really really in need

  9. How exciting, gotta go interview reading...

  10. Some of those words are not even in my podunk dictionary.

    1. haha damn the cat is good
      Shouting out words you never understood

  11. i have my own little story with super glue and a broke down car but..ha...smiles
    great interview at dverse pat...read yesterday already but couldn't comment cause i was on a business trip..was cool to get to know you a bit better

    1. haha sounds like a story to be told
      And glad you enjoyed the interview at your dVerse fold

  12. Replies
    1. Use it far and wide
      Might get a rubber room ride

  13. Eructation definitely does sound like a rude word but it's better than flipping somebody the bird. Great post man, I honestly feel that this has improved my vocabulary tenfold, was that the plan?

    1. Glad I could improve
      With my weird rhyming word groove

  14. conga rats two yur dad orlin N cassie; another grate interview !!! how manee beerz...uh, how manee pretzels did him have !!!

    1. Thanks for the read
      At the other feed
      And the cheers
      I'll send you some beers

  15. Thank goodness for copy/paste...now way was I going to type out
    floccinaucinihilipilification in my haste.
    I wouldn't mind a pukeroo
    as long as it wasn't with super glue.

    Yes, I learned some new words today
    Hope none were rude... because the cat can be
    so crude when he's let out to play. ;)

    1. haha I surely have to agree
      With thee at my sea
      For that is quite the word indeed
      I copy and pasted it at my feed
      Some may be rude
      But then it is so fun to be crude

  16. That "f" word is a real word? I need to grab my dictionary!

    1. It is one real long arse word
      But it is real no matter how absurd

  17. what happened to the simple rhyme
    like hat and cat, with that I'll chime
    but now I run for dictionary
    my brain is itching! Fleas? too scary
    I will admit I am befuddled
    and my brain between hands is cuddled
    twisted my head is what you did
    I think I'll just go bank to bed

    1. Well at least you will get some sleep
      Hopefully it is nice and deep
      And the big words don't keep you up
      May be better to add some coffee to your cup

  18. Eat, be merry and pass gas....:) good advice. Cool write, Pat.

  19. Though I felt a wee bit wary
    read this without a dictionary.
    You've left me dazed and confused
    with all those fancy words you've used.
    The King of Rhyme, not doubt about that
    Thanks for the share, Pat Hatt & the cat!

    1. Dazed and confused is fun
      To do to all under my sun
      And being king
      Is grand as I let the new words fling

  20. I better stay away from such words.
    I'm already thought to be absurd
    or at least a little crazy
    like some silly cat lady.

    1. haha the crazy cat lady has to have fun
      So let the words flow under your sun
      A little crazy is grand
      Across each and every land

    2. Well, in that case I must tell Brian
      that I can say puckerloo three times without cryin'

    3. haha one up on your twin
      That is surely a win

    4. he's over at my place eating bacon.
      Really! I'm not fakin'! haha.

    5. haha travelled that far
      By train, plane or car

    6. by cyber space
      no passport needed at any place!

    7. That works too
      And much quicker it's true

  21. I read your words
    I shook my head
    It started to hurt
    So I went to bed

    Couldn't sleep
    in my little nook
    Got the dictionary
    to take a look

    I'll never tell
    what I did find
    let others like me
    lose their mind!

    1. haha made you work
      Gives a smirk
      Kept you up too
      So fun to do

      As much can come
      From my rhyming bum
      As I give a hum
      And let others beat the crazy drum

  22. I'm comfoozled. How did you like the interview?

    1. Comfoozled is fine
      And the interview was grand to the feline

  23. Ululate is one of the est words ever. You made my head explode, a little.

    1. haha hopefully most of it stayed intact
      That would not be a fun act

  24. We love the word crapulous! Its like crabulated!

  25. We like a few new
    Words, we do.
    But the Human's old
    And I've been told
    A brand new trick
    Just doesn't stick.


    1. Well at least now because of it
      You can say I'm too old for this shit

  26. Pat
    you do not tease,
    you are a giver.
    on the ryhming front
    you do deliver.

    you do now how to please
    What is that frowzy smell?
    did you cut the chedder (cheese:)

    1. haha any day
      Here at by bay
      The chedder will rip
      The cat let that slip

  27. love the words..
    though they left me feeling 'gormless'
    (had to look up the dictionary)

  28. the cat has an amazing vocabulary! Enjoyed the post and the rhymes in the comments too. Thanks

    1. Yeah the comments are always grand
      Here in my land

  29. k- so I'm completely pleased that I learned a new word today!!! "Eructation"

    1. Glad I could please
      Without even the need to send fleas haha

  30. Pat, I hope you'll never
    have a reason to tether
    your tongue - what a blether!
    Of words, I've a few
    that to you may be new
    like glaikit and numpty and scunner,
    but please don't start a stooshie
    coz your poem's fair cushtie
    and the range of your rhymes is a wonder!

    1. That I shall try
      To never let the rhyme die
      And always make them fly
      With such a display under my sky

  31. OK, I actually looked up all the damn words
    Like milk gone bad with so many curds
    I'll bet others just skipped over the effort
    struggled for a comment rather than abort

    My favorites were the odorous Scottish"Oxter" and the Hebrew religious "pilpul".
    I must admit, all those new words made me feel rather dull
    The erudite tour through scrabble-land had a lot of umph
    But if it is alright with you, I will dismiss this as bumf

    1. haha that must have been a task
      May have need a shot from a flask
      But the words you did unmask
      More than anyone could ask

  32. ooops, the links don't show in your template --- sad

  33. Googling through the d'verse truth for words to uproot and implant upon your bush, quite the rhyme produced in such divining bliss, with a result twice as rich. But beware, the search engines will now have much more, many more, words for them to connect you for. Can't wait to read the next installment of the search engine crazies and how they ambled upon your grand stage. Fun write.

    1. haha well I already have the next two done
      So these will give the third a run
      But yeah plenty more will come due
      That have a loose screw

  34. Magical Pat. How you sustain your rhymes is truly amazing. Another triumph of verse making. Great fun too.

    1. Always go for fun
      Under my sun
      Nice to amaze
      As all come to gaze


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