A Habit At Play Is What I Say!

The cat has to admit one thing today at his wing. It may be tough to hear from my little rhyming rear. But I guess I will have to give it a go because all deserve to know. Half the time at my bay when I give my say, sadly I don't do it, no matter what I wrote with my rhyming fit.

That three headed cow,
With one big uni brow.
Is so funny I bet,
An LOL has to be given from this pet.

People of Walmart,
Show flab as they push their cart.
Scary in every way,
But I'll LOL with my display.

Zombie Foot is back once more.
Going to scare all at my shore.
I'll LOL twice at least,
For that is one scary footed beast.

A mutt sniffs a butt,
Been there so many times at my hut.
LOL is just a staple,
Maybe humans smell like maple?

That dude fell from a tree,
She got stung by a bee.
He had his foot ran over by a tire,
She set her hair on fire.

All kinds of LOL's there.
Of course to be fair,
Depends on who it was I suppose,
Be funny if it was zombie toes.

Caught on camera doing an act,
That the crazies it would attract.
That is so LOL to me,
I'll say it fifty times at my sea.

Scary hair pictures galore,
A love bug sore.
Fleas on knees,
Heart shaped trees.

Lingering eye sores,
Humpity humping boars.
Scary sights of love,
Shit sickles from above.

All good LOL times,
Even those dumb mimes.
An LOL will come,
From my little rhyming bum.

But sadly it is only typed up.
Hope that did not make you spill your cup.
The cat does not always laugh out loud.
I just felt I had to pull back that shroud.

Then again if numb tongues come along,
Or one eye's try to sing a song,
Or drunk Irish people send cat kids out an elephants rear,
Those are all real LOL's I fear.

Don't even get me started on the haha's the cat leaves each time. I guess to type it feels right for my chime. A habit is all they are at least half the time at my bar. I know many others do it too when instead of LOL a smile came due. Or some spit coffee on their screen. That is just obscene. Then again maybe LOL could stand for Lick Only Love, the viking woman floats like a dove then the cat gives her a good lick. That type of LOL may be sick. I'll still LOL in mass because it is such a habit from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Had to do some chores
    Was not around lurking
    Had just dropped by
    Lucky me, luck was in
    There for the asking
    No.#1 still no takers
    For close to an hour


    1. All must be lazy today
      As they go to play
      And have christmas cheer
      Luck was on your side as you came to peer

  2. I think that this was really good even if you didn't feel like divulging today. Great rhymes as usual, though these people of Walmart are not ones that I would like to add to my shopping cart.

    Foiled today by Hank at my day off at my Yeamiewaffles bay.

    1. Pre-Christmas chores
      Had them off their shores
      Ok if they're all happy
      Wishing my friend Yeamie

      Happy holidays and Christmas cheer
      It's been a wonderful year


    2. Yeah just fun to give a flow
      To the haha at my show
      As it is habit I will say
      But still fun to display
      And oh so close
      But sadly third at my house

  3. Laughing out Loud
    In with a few shouts
    Cat made a few meows
    Seeing a 3 headed cow
    It was a bit crowded
    Over at the WalMart
    The field is wide open
    Where have they gone!


    1. Hopefully gone far away
      From their walmart display
      And sure on the ball today
      Going right to town with comments on display haha

  4. humping boars and shit sickles from above, now there is Lots Of Love when push comes to shove the peace dove, Love Only Licorice
    will fix your breath in a cinch, make it smell like a weight bench, just ask the World Of Walmart, did i just WOW retort your snort, so LOL, you can guess what i mean when i ring that bell

    1. LOL hmmm all different things
      You could mean with your lol mood swings
      Although keep all guessing
      Is fun I am confesing
      And going all WOW
      That deserves a meow

  5. cat's rhyming ass
    and yours n mine smiling face.. :)

    happy holidays Pat !!!

    1. Happy holidays to you
      And with a little rhyming ass showing too

  6. Holy cow
    with a
    uni brow
    to that
    I'll give

    At Walmart
    I'll say
    LMFAO for
    fat it
    does hold

    The Cat
    out an
    elephants arse
    well that
    deserves a

    A hahaha
    I sometimes
    give to
    poke the
    Cat in
    his silly

    I've never typed LOL in a comment and I think that's because I don't own a mobile. Enjoy your time off Cat, just don't move the wrong way!

    1. Yeah hopefully I don't move the wrong way
      And throw out something else at my bay
      But not typing anything new
      Except responding at my zoo
      And that is that
      So hopefully the arm crap will be squashed flat
      And yeah mine came from the moblie stuff
      And now LOL comes out with many a puff

  7. I have heard of three headed cows at WalMart, but I thought it was a rumor!

    1. Nope it is 100% true
      Each head at the same time gives a moo

  8. So many things to laugh at
    ...more fun than doing combat
    ...or dining with a diplomat
    ...or dressing like an aristocrat
    ...or smelling a rat chased by a cat!
    Now, how's that, Pat?

    1. Yeah oh so much fun
      Those can be you gave a run
      Making fun of each
      Except I'd eat the rat for being a leech

  9. I hate seeing walmart flab

    I rather see target slab

  10. I just type 'ha'.
    instead of haha
    or if it's really funny,
    I type a lot, honey.
    like hahahahaha.
    And maybe I really did giggle
    but I don't have any fat that jiggles.
    Brian just types out the whole thing. Smiles.
    That must take a while.

    1. Yeah he goes right to town
      Wearing the smiley crown
      And the hahahahahaha's really flow
      Without a jiggle you just spot coffee at your show haha

  11. I'm never going to look at LOLs the same way!

    1. Now lol's will make you blink
      And maybe bring you to the brink

  12. I think LOLs are annoying at best
    But I use them lots, like most of the rest.


    1. Yeah that is about the same
      As I play the lol game

  13. I also thin LOL is crass but.. it's so much quicker than typing ..smiles... Although :) that is PDQ too
    Keep on keeping on and I'll LOL at your little rhyming ass, after all, it's so much better than hearing it passing gas.

    I tried... >> LOL <<

    1. LOL see I can do it too
      Quite often at my zoo
      But passing gas is much more fun
      And just has to be done

  14. I'll see you tomorrow!

    Nitey Nite Cat.

  15. funny indeed the lol and hahaha feeds. When i saw the title, I thought you were going with a religious twitch, perhaps some old nick at nite tv flicks, maybe tying in the Sally Field Flying Nun, in with this Habit that the truth needed to be spelled on.

    The zombie feet don't even need to show anymore, for their grotesque vision to haunt our shores. Simply stating the name, is enough to toss the tummy's game.

    All lol's and smiles, fun and hahaha's that go on for many the spilled milk's miles. Hope you have a great Christmas. Over here, I guess it just had to be done, the ground was faded green and brown until I awoke today, and now the white covers the cars and ground, guess the Snow had to overtake once more the Christmas show.

    1. Hope all is grand too at your shore
      Yeah as I look out to explore
      There is snow here as well
      Oh well it is okay once a year to ring the snow bell
      And no more zombie feet?
      I guess I'll have to have the hands give a meet and greet

  16. People of Walmart show more than flab... One more thing: hahaha. (It's different from Betsy's, for she prefers Ha!)

    1. That they do
      And I can make Betsy go hahaha at my zoo

    2. And I deserve an award for being the last one... again.

    3. Last
      But you still join the cast


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