For This Run It's Dumb Criminal 101!

The cat was searching through a site because he was bored one night, Canada's version of craiglist, nothing to do with the umm wrist. The cat is snip snip anyway. So into the gutter your mind needs not to stray. Now he saw an ad there that really proves criminals are dumber than a holy sock pair.

First there was the wanted,
Which the ad taunted.
Then there was the robbers.
Guess they needed some good jobbers?

That is right,
There in the cat's sight.
"Wanted Robbers" for all to view.
I thought it was a spelling error to.

Could have wanted rubbers,
For some wild hot tubers.
Could have wanted rodders too.
As they wanted a hot rodding crew.

Maybe jobbers were what they were seeking.
For a little tongue and cheeking.
Or coppers which is a stretch.
But they could have wanted those coin things to play fetch.

So I clicked on through,
And there in my view,
Was an ad saying how they wanted to be the Gotham crew,
And pull off things that would turn people blue.

Or at least put the world back in its place.
They even had that Bane mask face.
So they are going to commit crime,
And let all know including a mime.

That is the best idea ever.
Boy, criminals are so clever.
What next will they try?
Putting up a big billboard in the sky?

I guess it makes the cops job easier to do.
That is a plus for me and you.
Might fill the jail though,
With this big fail of a show.

Of course was probably a gag,
Some idiot type of tag.
Trying to suck people in,
To some pyramid scheme or something at their bin.

Still a moron is a moron I suppose,
Which ever way the wind blows.
So grab a good strong water hose,
And blow away such annoying crows.

The cat just had to give it a go after seeing such a show. Maybe they will wrap all in a big bow and sing some Christmas type flow. In their swanky new cell or nice warm spot in Hell. But if they trespass at my sea they will get a pringle can to the face and knee. Then I will pass some gas and scare them away with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Beat Mary by an inch
      Must have been a sinch

    2. Just happened to pass by
      Spied No.#1 still vacant!
      Already 7.35am! but why?
      Got it purely by accident


    3. Just in time too
      I guess Serendipity worked for you

  2. This really made me laugh Cat, love how you tried to say maybe they were looking for rubbers, or jobbers but never coppers because that would be ironic. I never knew that there was a Canadian version of Craig's List although I'm not surprised because we have our own version of Craig's List over here oddly called Gumtree. I can't believe how dumb these would be robbers could be, surely when the crime is committed the Canadian mounted police will turn to their advertisement with certain glee. Great post today even if it is a little late at your bay.

    1. Yeah have to be a bunch of nuts
      That sniffed more than butts
      Blogger didn't want to post on time today
      But oh well, it still went up without much delay

  3. No one ever said you had to be bright
    to put on a caper then run in fright
    when the cops show up to cuff your ass
    they only smile and give lots of sass
    for the camera crew
    cause their fame is due
    They hear the theme song
    and think nothing can go wrong
    Bad boys, bad boys they hum
    but they are really dumb
    cause the cops take them off to jail
    and then they cry and wail

    1. That they do
      For they have no clue
      Of what can come due
      If they drop the soap on cue
      For their so called fame
      They are in a whole new ball game

  4. A crime
    wits a
    failure from
    the start.

    So off they
    go with
    a folderoll
    and a fiddle-dee-dee
    on their criming

    A halt
    will screech
    when found
    they are
    out and
    in the
    they'll go.

    You know what they say Cat, stupid is as stupid does.

    1. That is very true
      Stupid describes such a crew
      And down will come the hammer
      As they now reside in the slammer

    2. About the time you think "this is as ignorant as the population can get and not become extinct" you read something like this. Whatever happened to natural selection and why isn't it weeding these people out of the gene pool?

    3. Because all they do is cluster
      And then try to pass the muster
      By popping out more of the same
      And it just spins around the way they came

    4. They do tend to cluster and then breed. They should be snip snipped like the Cat.

    5. That they should
      Would stop spreading their brains of wood

  5. People must be desperate in these economic times
    to advertise for robbers to commit some crimes
    I hope their adverts go unheeded
    as no more crime is needed;
    and I would have been first
    except iPad had a slow burst
    which is pretty rare
    but I'm second, it's fair.

    1. Yeah oh so close
      Hank snuck in like a mouse
      And beat you there
      Sounds like these nuts aren't aware
      And will just get caught
      In jail they'll rot

  6. Wow, those are either some pretty dumb criminals or a bunch of idiots who are going to feel pretty dumb if the police show up to investigate. :)

    1. haha either way
      Won't make for a nice day
      They'll regret the crap they said as joke or not
      If in jail they have to rot

  7. It's the darnest thing
    Ad for a crook or conman
    Anyone can have a fling
    No skills requirement
    Needn't have to think!
    Easiest for that reason!


    1. Yeah that is true
      No thinking needs to come due
      Just go try and get a free ride
      And in jail ones time they'll bide

  8. geez lousie this party has dropped me below twenty,
    i might just quit and get out of this racket
    as i seem little better than a sprocket
    to some machine long forgot, of take up crooking
    now that the website is cooking, i bet the cops
    have a field day with that, knowing where the burglars are at
    not to bright when they slink into the night to rob and pillage the village announcing it in net fillage

    1. Yeah sure they will be caught with ease
      If they try and do what they please
      Captured like fleas
      Swept away in a breeze
      And my you are really really slow
      I guess today you were just off at my show

  9. "criminals are dumber than a holy sock pair". That made me laugh. You're always so creative!

    1. haha I try at my sea
      To let out the creativity

  10. Just think of the lame-O's who actually answered the ad thinkin' they were gonna be the next Bonnie and Clyde.

    1. haha yeah that is even more sad
      By more than a tad

    2. Being the next bonnie and clyde would be bad

      your car value goes down to sad.

      being holy and all

      quite the ball

    3. Yep away they go
      And quite the boom show

  11. While we may have opposable thumbs
    some humans are just plain numb.
    They scoff and deride
    animals who poop outside.
    They're as dumb as donkeys
    or coat-wearing monkeys.

    1. haha that they are
      Near and far
      Must have had one too many trips
      To the bars where they sucked one too many a disease infested lips

  12. LOL
    In England we always called an eraser a rubber... I wonder if they still do now though, knowing what those over the pond call them 'things'...
    This is a bit like the 24 year old girl somewhere in the US, robbed a bank sometime last week or so and posted it on Youtube....fame at last... and..her very own cell. LOL

    1. haha that would be strange to here
      But fun to my little rhyming rear
      And yeah I saw that too
      What an idiot she was with no clue

  13. Criminals are just so dumb! I bet Schultz could pass gas and blow them all to Timbuktu!

    1. Well Timbuktu might not thank you
      But I would be glad for it to come due

  14. We are discussing it here so it got our attention, therefore it worked.

  15. I stopped watching the Batman movies when Danny Devito was penguin, or was it when Swarzenegger was Ice Man. Either one, the Bat never made sense to me.

    1. The Arnold one was the worst ever
      That movie was no way what so ever clever

  16. orlin N cassie...may bee they iz tryin ta bee poe lite by sayin robbers stead oh cat burglars !!!


    1. Well the cat is where it is at
      Burglars are always in need of a cat

  17. *sigh* Seems like if it can be done, some stupid person is inevitably going to do it on the internet. :P

    1. haha that is about the size of it
      Many just prove their brain cells have taken a hit

  18. Oh my.
    So dumb under our sky.
    Or maybe it was a trick
    to get robbers to click
    and say they wanted in the pack
    then they could be set up behind their backs
    and arrested red handed doing the deed.
    all because they took the feed. haha.

    1. haha that could be the case
      Making them join such a race
      And then send them up the creek
      To those who want to seek

  19. What kind of robbers did they want I wonder? Maybe dumb ones & it was the police who wanted them.

  20. this is classic. Very fun read. Have you ever seen those videos about the world's stupidest criminals. They crack me up I still remember this one guy that bought some beer, showed his ID, even smiled at the camera than after he paid for it, he asked for all the money and whipped out his gun. Yet, the funniest part of it all is he left his license right there on the table.

    Oh, yeah just remembered this other dumb guy. At a bank. This guy is robbing a bank and he sees a pretty girl and goes over to her, mid-robbery mind you, as the teller's getting the money, whips off his mask, says some stuff, of course the video made up their own lines, as the tape didn't have audio, so he pulls out a pen, and writes his name and phone number on it and gives it to the girl, puts the mask back on, waves the obviously plastic gun around and grabs the money and leaves. Dumb criminals are the best.

    1. hahaha those two take the cake
      Wonder if their brain cells are even awake?
      But either way
      Make for quite the fun display

  21. I can't believe that thieves can be that stupid. And yet, it would be interesting to see if they succeed. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. That is would indeed
      But I was not going to answer such a feed

  22. :) Big smiles for this one Pat!

    1. Glad I could get a smile
      As they go for a mile


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