Here At My Haunt It Is A dVerse Want!

The cat is out and about looking at all these nuts giving a "huge sale" shout. He found them to be so grand that he wants it all in his land. Some of these things are truly dVerse and might take a ton of dough from your purse.

The cat wants a ton,
I can't possibly give it all a run.
But I will try,
As I let the rhyme fly.

I'll take a trip to some place warm.
A sunny day with no snow storm.
I'll take a trip to outerspace.
There I bet there is no rat race.

I want a plot on the moon.
A piece should be owned by this loon.
I want a winning lottery ticket.
Then I could tell work to stick it.

I want my own yacht.
Pfft that is not a lot.
I want my own country too.
Maybe even a golden loo.

A golden plated phone.
It must have quite the tone.
A car that goes very fast.
A trip to the past.

I want to visit Atlantis soon.
I want to stand off at high noon.
I want an invincibility suit.
That would surely be a hoot.

I want all fleas to die.
I want wings to fly through the sky.
A cat with wings,
Beats rats and other things.

I want my own battleship.
Then I could blow up anyone who gave me lip.
Maybe that would create world peace.
Just give me a golden fleece.

I want a genie too.
Then tons of wants could come due.
I wouldn't have to want at my zoo.
For all my wants would come true.

I need nothing at all.
As we sit here at our hall.
Except maybe no snow.
That I want to go.

There we go with the want flow. Wants can come and go but most are fruitless at any show. For the cat doesn't need much and such. As many do to I suppose except for maybe no woes. But then that is life and it comes with crap and strife. Now my wants have come to pass maybe that jolly fat guy will be nice to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. my two fav would be atlantis, i would love to go for a visit, and to fly would be amazing, to zip through the air to any place you were gazing...the snow though, you can box it up or pack it in a truck and send it my way, would love a little white stuff today.

    1. Okay that I will do
      But put collect to you
      You can pay the shipping fee haha
      And atlantis would be great to see

    2. Me and my twin agree
      The snow, it brings us glee!

    3. Well double the pleasure for me
      As I can send it also to your sea

  2. I go with wanting no snow! So far we have been lucky. We may break a record of the most snowless days in a row. I pray this will happen!! I agree that most wants are fruitless at any show. We have to take what will come and take what will go...and continue to want NO SNOW!

    1. Yep that is about the size of it
      None of that white ummm shit haha
      Haven't had any our way
      So nice at my bay

  3. This whole country (England) grinds to a halt with an inch of the white!

    1. Damn, that is sad
      People around here just drive like mad

  4. The only thing bad about snow
    is the people that don't know
    how to drive in the stuff
    and spin their wheels and such.
    Hope they stay away from me
    Hitting my Jeep would make me angry!
    Then I'd need your battleship
    to send them on a little trip.
    Bang. I go
    with the violence show.
    I blame you
    Yes, I do.

    1. I think you have a secret violent streak
      As you want to send many up the creek
      But yeah I agree
      Idiots come out of ever tree
      When snow is on the found
      They spin their wheels round and round
      And think going faster is what they should do
      They have no friggin clue

    2. Send them up a creek
      in a canoe made of zucchini.
      That should do the trick
      and make them feel sick.

      A secret violent streak it must be!
      The sweetness is just a cover, you see.
      But Shh! Don't tell!
      Or I might just yell!

    3. Blogger spammed you
      Guess it did not like your zucchini canoe
      LOL and damn me to hell?
      With a flibo and strat as you ring such a bell

    4. I wondered where my comment went
      I guess to hell it was sent.

    5. haha see blogger doesn't like you being mean
      I'm only allowed to do that at my scene

  5. I went to the mall last night and it was full of wants -
    things you buy for others, really some of it are useless
    I second the days for less or no snow, so far, so good -

    Keep things simple, how I wish we can ~

    Have a good day Pat ~

    1. Yeah simple is the best
      But to pass such a test
      Can take a while
      As up the bills pile
      Rather have snow than those
      As they cause more woes

  6. I just want financial freedom. No stress over bills and food on the table!

    1. Yeah! That is EXACTLY what I want.
      No more damn bills that taunt.

  7. I would want lots of those
    Couldn't get to be that close
    Would leave the options open
    Hopefully it might just happen
    None of spaceships or battleships
    Just little simple short trips


    1. Yeah the bigger things never ever
      To big of an endeavor
      But the trips and such would be grand
      To search across the land

  8. Oh, I think having a genie would be purrfect!

    1. Yeah, as long as it was nice
      If not it could get eaten by mice

  9. I just want enough to let me write
    to not make this battle such a fight
    to have a roof and food and home
    and know I never have to roam
    Is that really so much to ask
    Why does it have to be suck a task
    perhaps it's all because of fleas
    on that wish I shout agreed
    but now I'm busy as I share and honk
    for the dragon we call Zagonk
    10,000 copies it will be
    and for a minute...we'll think we're free :)

    1. Let's hope that comes due
      For me and for you
      And then we can sit all day
      And write at our bay
      Such a way to be
      And 10000 is the goal at my sea
      Will not stop
      Until I've sold such a crop

  10. orlin N cassie ...we hopes yur dad wins de lott tree two....oh N watch out coz we think heez gettin reddy ta fly N him doez KNOT reeely wanna due that coz oh de hole ...burd...issue.....trooly......

    1. I would share too
      If winning the lottery came due
      And yeah he better not be a burd
      That would be absurd

  11. I'll buy you your own country..
    if you promise to get rid of
    every bug that bites and stings
    and every flea that might visit me!
    And, you can take that to the bank..
    as long as it's called....Monopoly
    Uh huh he he

    1. haha how rude
      Fake money for the dude
      But at least I could burn it
      And keep warm with a fire lit

  12. I just
    want to
    go home
    where my
    feet used
    to roam.

    Cross fields
    down lanes
    whose names
    like glass
    etched in
    my brain.

    To sing
    the olde
    songs and
    to feel
    I belong.

    Where my
    voice will
    cause no
    stir for
    they understand
    the words
    as they trip
    my tongue.

    A place
    where none
    remark when
    my temper
    it flares
    for in
    common we

    I've grown tired of having to repeat myself because they can't decipher my accent. I've grown tired of them not understanding my culture. I've grown tired of being singular. I've grown tired of being alone and I want to go home.

    1. Hopefully you can soon
      And see a bright Irish afternoon
      Going on your way
      Where all understand what you say
      And how you act
      But the cat will never be nice that is a fact

    2. I want that for you too, my dear friend!! xoxoxo

      (that is called love and friendship, cat!)

    3. Pfft fake arse one eye
      You lie

    4. I don't expect you to Cat. I'll never understand you Loonies.

    5. I like being a loon
      Rhyming away to my own tune

    6. When I hear you guys speak I don't hear a heavy accent. It's very subtle. I know there are regional differences in dialect and I haven't heard them all. You're not half bad Cat. Now go piss up a rope

    7. haha using my saying I see
      Well you can pound sand with glee haha
      Yeah differences here and there a bit
      Some sound like a real hillbilly twit
      But many are similar in tone
      As they give the odd groan

  13. I want Schultz to stop eating his poop!

    1. Good luck there
      He loves his poop eating affair

  14. ha can shuffle all the snow to me...and an invincibility suit would be really cool...

    1. You can have it too
      Getting rid of it a ton today at my zoo
      And yeah that would be grand
      Nothing could hurt you across the land

  15. i want a job that pays me a heap!
    and then i want a genie and a plot on the moon. doesn't make sense, does it ?
    hahaha. it shouldn't.

    1. Nah, just get the genie first
      And then all will be right with your burst

  16. This is almost as bad as my daughter's christmas list!

    1. Almost you say?
      Damn, that must be one scary display

  17. a golden loo??
    I dont like fleas too!

    1. Gloria is rhyming
      in her chiming!

    2. Yeah it will be worth a ton
      I could sell it when I'm done haha

      One a roll
      I guess she doesn't want to take a dirt stroll

    3. ppfffttttt!
      was really easy
      I dont work a ton
      when I done:)

    4. That's no fun
      Enjoy the dirt and no sun hahaha

  18. You are doing so well Pay! I'm so proud of you! Also Miss Ruby is so proud to be a part of drawing for you. Thank you for that too. Sorry I can't come over so much anymore. I can only come when it's a good or at least decent eye day.

    1. Come when you can to my sea
      Always nice to see thee
      And yeah hopefully it keeps up
      And can't wait until Ruby's book is added to my cup

  19. oooh atlantis... maybe the cat has a little space left in the suitcase!
    great poem, pat - and after this, i am sure the jolly fat guy will be nice to your little rhyming ass (cracked me up good!).

    1. I'm sure I could make some room for you
      Might be cramped though, sad but true
      And haha let's hope so
      He wouldn't want to smell my little rhyming ass give a blow

  20. No one, I mean no one writes better rhyme than you, Pat. We all should study your masterful work and talent.

    1. I think the ego just increased at my bay
      Thanks for the great comment display

  21. Replies
    1. Glad you like
      As I took a dVerse wanting hike

  22. Sorry I haven't visited here in a while. Glad I did today. I think the cat's a little wild with his wants. All I want now is your book. I'm off to Amazon. Good luck, may you achieve 200,000 sales or more.

    1. A little wild is always fun
      As the cat likes to be so under is sun
      And thanks for the buy too
      I also really hope 200,000 sales or more come due

  23. Such a fun read! I want all that, but especially the plot on the moon!

    1. Yeah the plot on the moon would be grand
      Not sure though if one could use the land

  24. I'll get your book -- by the end of the week when my tour is over and I'm sitting down.

    1. Sure you are going through many motions too
      As much with books has to come due

  25. Think I already have your book. But if I don't am getting it.

  26. oh this made me smile and smile :)i want some plot on the moon too for Christmas. lovely~

    1. haha it does cost a ton though
      And glad your smile to grow

  27. light and funny i ponder over country owners and golden loos,
    made my smile...

    1. haha yeah ponder away
      For I can make no sense at my bay
      But the golden loo
      Is an inside joke at my zoo

  28. I want my Migraines to go away
    so I can run and play
    I want to be able to go to work
    so I can be pissed off at some jerk
    I want to write a novel that will sell millions
    so my bank account will hold money more than a zillion!!

    1. That would be nice indeed
      The pain gone from everyones feed
      Pfft to the work
      But a zillion would be a perk
      Although you would have to share
      With the cat at his lair

  29. WANT

    The want is good
    if want is food.
    And better, want,
    if restaurant!

    1. Depends on the resturant though
      Some I would not go in high or low

  30. Want, want ,want
    -- that is exhausting.
    your damn poems
    sound like my kids haunting.

    1. haha you can never get away from the kids
      And their wanting blinking eye lids

  31. Great rhymes Pat, I do love the idea of moving away from the rat race of life although I'm not sure if space is a good idea, I may die out there and the same applies for Atlantis except I'll drown! Great rhymes today even if I am 74th at your bay! Also hope that the snow clears up soon although considering where you live I wouldn't be sure if it will...

    1. The rat race being gone
      Is all I want at my lawn
      And yeah you are really really low today
      As many came to my bay

  32. Wants may come and wants may go...
    I like that you did not want snow!
    Although a bit on Christmas night
    would surely be a pretty sight!
    And I'm sure if you behave and give no lip
    then Santa will find you on his trip! :-)

    Always enjoy reading a bit of the rhyme, my friend. It gets to be like an addiction!!

    1. Yeah it is fine for one night
      So santa can take flight
      And give me a bit of stuff
      But being nice is tough

  33. Your poems always puts a smile on my face, you are truly talented when it comes to rhyme. I am not worthy

    1. Bah worthy to show
      With a comment all aglow
      That is all one is in need
      Thanks to the visit at my feed

  34. I like the new banner

    zagonk will pander

    1. Let's hope so
      As more find my children's book show

  35. A lot of fun...I think a trip to the moon would do me fine, in fact it would be quite sublime! Ha!

    1. Yeah that would be grand
      I see you enjoyed rhyming in my land

  36. desire dragon... that's what I call it... and it drags us around this way and that till we forget what is important... and then... remember:-)

    1. Yeah that is a good term
      As it makes one squirm
      Then they finally find
      What they need and stop the want grind

  37. Pat are you going to take the cat to sit on Santa's lap? I think you should with a list like that! :) Love the new images!

    1. He'd prob scratch santa into a million pieces with ease
      Or at least give him fleas haha

  38. invincibility suit for sure! Enjoyed your flow, send peace and love ~ Rose

    1. Yep that would be great
      Hope peace and love is also your fate

  39. You are quite funny, Pat. Thanks for reading and commenting on my piece today.


    1. Always try to pull out the fun
      As another rhyme is spun

  40. Nice bit of fun, as your rhyming shifts gears and pulls back the foreskin of convention. I like th battleship stanza, reminding me of the imagined laser cannon I want to put on the hood of my car to zap the punks who kick up my road rage!

    1. haha oh that sounds like a plan
      One of which I'm a fan
      Blast the punks away
      With a laser on display

  41. Wow... sounds like an average day with my three boys always wanting! I love your rhymes. They are so fun!

    1. Must be fun will all the wanting
      As around you it is always haunting

  42. A winning lottery ticket ... can tell work where to stick it should go down in history, (and somehow now I want to add) "Humptey dumptey.

    1. That is should
      Hmm well humptey dumptey crack so he should have been made of wood

  43. I sure would love a little snow,
    But after Christmas it can go!
    I have been told I laugh like a loon,
    But have yet to make it to the moon!

    1. Maybe one day you will
      That would be a thrill
      And you can keep the snow
      Don't want much of any at my show

  44. Oh, what fun. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss' rhymes. :-)

    1. That's what I go for
      All the time at my shore


  45. good luck with the book bro
    and with the lotto too
    i shall head to amazon and by one each
    for my niece Prew and for my nephew Hue

    all the best buddy! ;D

    1. Thanks a ton
      For the amazon run
      And the lotto would be grand
      I'd share across blogland

  46. I want my fuud
    Surely that's not rude?
    And perhaps a toy
    Would bring me joy
    Just a bit of string
    That I can fling
    Yep, that's all
    No trips to the mall!

    1. That is fine
      For any feline
      And surely divine
      That there is no mall line

  47. Jesus Christ Cat, your blog has grown. Took me a while to get down here just to tell you goodnight.

    Nitey Nite Cat.

    1. Not bad for one days work
      Rhyming is such a perk

  48. This has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but where do you find illustrators for your books? The art is really good!

    1. Just got lucky around the net
      And some great ones joined this pet

  49. Congrads on your new book; some time to write I guess it you have me doing rhyme, you get to took some time... but here I am, dang an damn! Cheers, Pat!

    1. haha rhyme away
      Here at my bay
      It took about a day to write
      The illustrations though took a while to reach such a height

  50. "I want my own battleship.
    Then I could blow up anyone who gave me lip."

    Nice. I hope that works out for you. ;)

  51. yeah, the things we want are often overblown. I can remember all those things I needed so, the PS3 and the WII, the Karaoke machine, things that are fun at first but then we stop playing with them after a while, like the light pen thing that shoot a red dot on the wall or a squeezy ball to reduce stress, oh, that little zen garden things too, all so many things we find as cool, then we see them on and on and need them so at our pond, only to want the other when it comes due.

    Yep, but tis the nature of the beast, want, want, want lol

    1. Exactly what it is
      A beastly biz
      And no matter what it seems
      Wants factor into dreams

  52. Cool! A dragon book! Nice one, Pat...and I've forgotten what I was going to say by the time I got all the way down your style :)

    1. haha yeah it did take a while
      To go the comment mile
      As many came
      Hopefully the dragon book will bring fame

  53. Another masterpiece od rhyming ingenuity Pat. Great fun.

    1. A masterpiece of fun
      Sounds good under my sun

  54. Quite a list, Pat! I'm thinking maybe you've heard the saying, "You can want in one hand and... well, um, do something else in the other hand, and see which one fills up first"?
    But then, big wishes make whales of little fishes. (I just made that up) I think

    1. That was good
      Coin the phrase you should
      And yeah heard that saying too
      Once or twice at my zoo

  55. And there's me stuck at the cat sat on the mat for a rat

    1. haha at least when you're stuck
      You didn't say umm err truck

  56. Wow that's quite a list. I have one of the things you want and would give it if I could. No snow here.

    1. That I would surely take
      Even bake you a cake

  57. I am with you on the fleas
    or on eradication, if you please.
    I loved your rhymes, your tight-knit verse
    and thanks for sharing with dVerse.

    1. I share away
      Each and every Tuesday
      And as for the fleas
      Send them away with a breeze

  58. I like your poem - it does amuse
    It's true we don't need more
    Our pocket books suffer such abuse
    And trying to downsize later
    such a bore!

    1. Yeah that s true
      As later when one is through
      Away we try to make it go
      As we have run out of dough

  59. When the wind blows
    It stings my nose
    And frosts my toes
    Right through my clothes.
    Everyone knows
    It's worse when those
    Whose cheeks are froze
    Cry when it snows.

    1. Wow quite the display
      You gave at my bay
      And yeah the snow should go away
      For it nice not make for a very nice day

  60. really cute pat, some very "shared" wants there i would think ;-)

  61. Wonder what that feels like... to tell work to stick it.


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