I Am Here With My Rear!

So dVerse wants us to go all first person today. I suppose the cat could do that at his bay. I mean I can do it any other day. Of course not if Drazin comes with his third person display. That would just ruin everything here at my wing. Not that the godly mook does not do that steady. Okay, the cat is now ready.

I had strayed too far from familiar sights.
Her aroma had enticed me from the lights.
It sung like a mist clouding my view.
I had few senses that still had a clue.

I was ablaze as if crumbling into the sun.
My sweat relinquishing, hydration undone.
My body tingled saturated in simplicity.
My higher functions unrecognized duplicity.

I can still recall the night's bitter cold.
My hand's numbness growing as she took hold.
I had a compulsion I could not control.
I felt the chilling breeze try to freeze my stroll.

I knew nature was fast forwarding to spring.
I could feel the sinking earth beneath me sting.
My shoes became withered which each weighted step.
I could not find any prints as she continued to prep.

I felt a mist dribble down my cheek.
My body was collapsing to a state of weak.
I found shriveled skin upon my brow.
My sight clouded as if stuck behind a snow plough.

I grew stale on my previous blazing learning.
My insides were flipping burgers and churning.
I became anxious for those familiar sights.
I yearned for the tone I envisioned past nights.

I found thoughts ravaging through my mind.
My deepest regret was the family I would leave behind.
I sought some reversal to this distinct form.
My combined life's wishes only seeking the norm.

I blamed the most inanimate objects I could muster.
My inside murmur repeating, I was the one to trust her.
I had dreamed of my final sight with increasing age.
My wildest dreams not coming up with such rage.

I felt the piercing sting of her tune to my ear.
My brain once again telling me I had nothing to fear.
I found all I wanted was for it to be through.
My leg lifted, dangling upon the edge believing it to be true.

I froze inside to match my outer being.
I hoped my clouded sight was distorting what I was seeing.
My disgust would have been apparent had it been allowed.
I was slapped with her white hair as she smiled quite proud.

I remember those glowing eyes staring down at me.
I felt them sting my soul for what seemed like an eternity.
My body then sunk beneath a crashing tide.
I can honestly say my only regret was taking that ride.

There was my tale that I gave a wail. It is what popped in my head, so it is what I said. Now I must go roll in the grass pass some smelly gas, pick on that Cass lass and as always, shake my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. It's always a good day when your rhyming rear decides to appear! Despite this being weird and fantastical I can actually see a rare sight of darkness in here, it's good to know that the cat can do dark as well as he can do light and breezy. Great rhymes buddy, it also seems that if I've read and typed quick enough I could be first, days off work are no longer the worst.

    1. Beat poor old Hank
      Once more at my tank
      And yeah a bit dark today
      As I can go either way
      Here at my bay
      Just to create a different display

  2. My hand on
    his pulse
    it started
    to slow
    so leaning
    in close
    I took
    his control.

    A song
    I then
    put into
    his ear
    a song
    in order
    to calm
    all of his

    His youth
    it did
    drain and
    wither away
    for each
    moment he
    aged a day.

    Till finally
    a husk
    below me
    he lay his
    soul to
    sustain me
    for only
    one day.

    Then dancing
    and whirling
    I sped
    seeking new
    to pay
    the price
    for one more

    Being a soul sucker really wears a woman out Cat. I start each day with glorious bright hair and taut skin then as midnight approaches, I'm a crone once again. In the old days I could just bathe in the blood of a virgin, but now a days, you just can't find one.

    1. See I knew you could relate to this one
      With your soul sucking fun
      Such a pile of bodies you had to amass
      Draining even the fat off their ass haha

    2. I did enjoy this style from you, very different writers voice going on here. Liked the ambiance you created here. Such texture, such feeling, such richness of visuals (can you hear the sound of me kissing your ass Cat).

    3. Damn, sucking up to me
      That causes me glee
      And yeah a different voice for today
      I have to stretch my skills and rhyming display
      Need a challenge once in a while
      But still will come in rhyming style

  3. my insides were flipping burgers, ha for descriptions like that you get a rah rah..and that is what you get for following a dame, wake up some where in a life of shame. yes you might want to hold off on the ride, making you all numb inside

    1. Yeah avoid such a fate
      And a miserable date
      Where thoe burgers start flipping
      And away your body starts chipping

  4. oh my oh my...slapped with her white hair....let me throw you a life belt and try to get you on the shore again...smiles

    1. Hopefully it is caught before I sink
      And she brings me to the brink

  5. I enjoyed the first person narrative Pat,
    this was quite different from your fun display
    I can hear the murmurs and stinging in my head ~
    regret always comes due hindsight

    Have a good Sunday ~

    1. Yeah switching it up is fun
      Many a time under my sun
      Just to stretch my skill
      And yeah hindsight can bring regret and make one feel ill

  6. When the beast inside
    Booms out like the tide
    It's good to think of family pride
    Before that final desperate ride

    1. Yeah that it is
      With such a biz
      Then with one whiff
      May not go off the cliff

  7. really nice! and...romantic. ha!
    have a nice day!

  8. I hope the cat isn't mad about that!

    1. Nope the cat is fine
      I gave him some catnip on which to dine

  9. The 1st person style is quite different I see

    we'll probably be seeing more from thee

  10. I agree with Adam - I like the first person style. It's definitely effective for this piece.

    1. Effective was my goal
      Thanks for taking a stroll

  11. A few senses that still had a clue
    inside flipping burgers
    what is a cat to do but
    wish spring to come flying in with a zing
    and get rid of winter like a bad splinter
    Stuck right in your hide
    (insert, little rhyming ass)
    that's what you get for taking that ride.

    OMGoodness... this will be all from me
    now I am dizzy, back to housework for me. :)

    1. haha wow you spun right around
      With plenty of rhyme to be found
      Must have got a bloody hell
      Have fun cleaning, it can be swell

  12. I enjoyed your narrative a lot
    due to its complex and fanciful plot!
    Enjoy your Sunday, Pat.

    1. Glad it was enjoyed at my sea
      As I tried something different at my tree

  13. It was good
    you should
    keep it up

  14. The cat does first person rather well
    With images and adventures so swell.


    1. Glad it was grand
      As I went to first person land

  15. The woman you speak of sounds like quite a tease
    I wonder what she has done to get you on your knees
    It seems as though you were quite the easy victim for her game
    Pretty clearly it seems you have only yourself to blame

    Regret you speak of seems like the obvious answer
    But maybe you should be so quick to falter
    Maybe there was a reason you were such an easy prey
    Maybe there was something you were to learn this day.

    1. Lots of maybes I suppose
      Either way curled my toes
      And things one can always learn
      Even if it leaves you with heart burn

  16. Cat's passing some dark gas here. I think some laughing gas is due for cheer!

    1. That comes most every day
      So I'm sure it will return come tomorrows display

  17. Sometimes romance is a nasty beast
    Sometimes it's a fabulous feast
    Sometimes we're glad when it's ceased
    Sometimes we learn lessons, at least!

    1. All is true
      That was stated by you
      And whatever comes due
      One surely learns a thing or two

  18. Cool rhyme and watch out for that white hair...ouch!

  19. Are you sure it's you here?
    I mean that one non-rhyming line in the opening caused me some fear.
    Maybe an impostor wrote this
    but then I recognized your typical hiss.

    1. very very late I am
      this day was crazy busy at my land
      but better late than never
      as I do the comment endeavor.

    2. A busy day you say
      I guess that way
      I can let you off at my bay
      As everything did rhyme on display
      Everything = wing
      That is a rhyming ring
      Not quite great flow
      But oh well still rhymes on the go

  20. Hey Cat, I'm actually going to bed before the sun comes up. I think those Mayans might be right and the end is nigh.

    Nitey Nite Cat.

    1. That's not a bad time too
      The end must be coming due

  21. what is this on the d'verse beat, a rhyming first person treat to ignite reader bliss. Fun stroll you set for us, quite the imagery displayed with some killer descriptions and images said. Great job, Drazin in first person, now wouldn't that be something.

    1. Yeah all the way around
      The 1st person can be found
      But never from that Drazin nut
      He'd prob rather sniff a butt

  22. ...quite surprising... i usually read you in a playful, humorous tone but this one i think is more serious and sincere to read... ..liked every bit of your imagery... seriously impressed...


    1. Glad I could impress
      As I strayed from my playfulness
      For serious I can do
      I just choose not to

  23. Well - I have to admit it took me a while to work out what was happening, but I enjoyed the ride right to the end.

    1. My goal was to make one think
      But not bring them to the brink

  24. See, I don't date. I read lots of dating adventures that don't make me want to put myself out there.



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