It Is True, Says Who?

So it is the most wonderful time of the year at least according to many far and near. But does that really mean all has to be the same at one's scene? Screw the old PC, that will never be done by me. They can stick that in their pipe and blow it. Right up their arse bit by bit. The cat is talking about this and that, that supposedly has to be done at ones mat.

For every holiday,
It is expected at ones bay,
That all has to be done a certain way.
Or so the stick up their bum people say.

Have to use certain wrapping paper.
Pfft, pull a caper.
Using the mooning santa one,
It is very fun.

Have to have certain food.
Pfft not for this rhyming dude.
Instead eat what you eat every day,
At least at my bay.

Oh and have to sing a song,
Any other one is wrong.
Pfft not that they are bad,
Still some are just as rad.

Have to decorate because they did.
If not, nosey neighbor will flip their lid.
Not to mention neighborhood watch,
I'd kick that fuddy duddy in the umm crotch.

Have to have a certain tree.
Like one the mutt uses to lift its leg and pee.
Pfft palm trees work too.
Plus they won't remind you of the snow all around you.

Same for every holiday,
Each year as it comes into play.
Have to, have to.
Says friggin who?

Do what you want,
And then to the crones be sure to taunt.
That makes it so much more fun,
Then the same old crap that is spun.

Strange you may be called,
By those that are appalled.
But strange is grand,
Just look at me in my land.

Now I will go decorate my litterbox,
With some old holy socks.
That would make a great tune,
Hmm may have to be done by this loon.

This isn't to say ones traditions shouldn't be done, as long as all find them fun. But just doing them to follow the mass gives me plenty of gas. Or maybe it just makes me crass and I give off a little bit of sass. Either way I'll worship my singing bass or at least pretend to with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I find it annoying that you have to put your decorations up at a certain time in some neighbourhoods over in America because it's tradition and it would make the rest of the neighbourhood look weird or something. People get way too far into certain traditions then again I'm feeling a little jaded about Christmas this year for a few different reasons so this isn't to me the season haha. Great rhymes man, away to check that interview out now.

    1. Yeah there are a ton
      That people expect one to give a run
      Have to is all they say
      Which kind of ruins the day

  2. i'm not big on trees and decorations but i do like shopping at the malls and buying gifts, wrapping and writing notes. it makes me happy.
    usually in return, most of my gifts are rather crappy but what the heck, i like giving gifts.

    1. Shopping can be a pain
      With all in the same lane
      But yeah gifts are grand
      Giving and recieving in ones land

  3. No presents
    this year
    for me
    and mine
    for the
    cost is
    far too

    But we
    don't mind
    and will
    not whine
    for we
    know what's

    The two things I refuse to give up is the food I love to cook for my family and attending Midnight Mass.

    Passing on traditions can be good thing though Cat. It keeps ones culture intact throughout the generations. Things that enslave you should certainly be done away with. But those things that bring delight and are simple treasures are just fine.

    The front side of Suzie Swagger is now available for your perusal. The fine tradition of boobies will never be done away with at my bay!

    1. Yeah that is true
      The ones you hold dear should come due
      But all the idiots that say have to
      Can pound sand up their gazoo
      Sounds like a fine christmas though
      Not buying into the typical flow

    2. The commercialization of the holiday is ridiculous but as long as people go out in droves and buy, buy, buy it won't end. And the "keeping up with the Jonese's" is pathetic.

      What are you doing this year Cat?

    3. Yeah that is all people do
      Have to have what others have at their zoo
      Pffft to that
      I'm just fine at my mat

      The cat and Pat with Cassie too
      Will be off to that other zoo
      Where we have to deal with 12 cats at play
      Should be a merry week at nanny's bay

    4. The cat has to go to another zoo, poor cat! I hope Pat has tons o' fun!

    5. That cat has fun as well
      Because they are all scared of him and he gets to cause them hell

    6. If he hadn't been snip snipped he'd spray on everything and cause quite a stink.

    7. haha yeah he just might
      A few of the others do once in a while, if though they are snip snip, because they hate him on sight haha

  4. You have a new header a new dose
    With a bang! bang! by the feline
    It sure creates a striking pose
    To herald your great form on-line
    Gifts for Christmas is now easy
    Go to kindle and take a look-see
    Don't think that's where it ends
    20 novels, 50 kid's books still in line!


    1. Yeah giving that a go
      To see if more sales come at my show
      Oh if I can get some dough
      That is for certain you know
      For 50 kids books will come due
      And 20 novels as well at my zoo

  5. Replies
    1. haha scrooge indeed
      At your feed

    2. You already opened one of your presents Francis and you enjoyed it too. so stop it.

    3. So he is a faker
      A Scrooge but a taker

    4. He feckin' hates Christmas. Gripes his way through it every year.

    5. haha I'll make sure to rant on at my sea
      To cause him little glee

  6. I'm not in the spirit this year. I'm Scrooge. Lol

    1. haha I'm just in the middle I suppose
      Don't have scrooge type woes

  7. I don't worry about what others think or do
    It's what I want from the holiday that rings true
    I try to stay away from a lot of the commotion
    shopping center parking lots are vaster than the ocean
    I try to find the true spirit
    but in stores I don't get near it!

    1. Yeah that is all I do
      What I want at my zoo
      Those stupid shopping woes
      Just curl my toes
      Get it done nice and early
      While all others are running around squirrely

  8. I'm probably the only person in my town who has not yet bought a Christmas tree. OH THE HORROR!!!!! However, I beat everyone to the punch by getting out my Christmas cards the day after Thanksgiving. Got a leg up on that one.

    1. Now they will all remember you
      First at their zoo
      And oh no
      A tree not all aglow
      Oh the shame
      They may curse your name haha

  9. i think there is value in tradition as long as its not rationed for traditions sake alone, you know, do what you want at your show and dont oppress my best cause my holiday is blest, i brushed my teeth with crest, i like the lights, all colored and bright but if you dont that is alright...smiles.

    1. haha yeah that is the way to be
      Do what you want at your sea
      Forget the rest
      Even when they are a pest

  10. I just read your interview Pat - very well done! Now you are more famous than ever...where's my autograph so I can sell it on ebay??? ha ha ha!!

    PC?? I hate PC!! America has gone overboard in the PC department and has ruined the whole point of Christmas - God, family, love. It's not about money, toys, commercialism! Ugh...wait, what was the point of this post? =)

    1. Yeah fun it was to do
      Over at the other zoo
      Getting the books around
      So they can be found
      Is surely the goal
      So I can get out of this work hole haha

      Yeah PC is crap
      You got the jest of the post on tap

    2. You need to get rich and famous so you can travel year round doing nothing but book tours!!

    3. Oh that would be grand
      Not sure the cats would like it though as I travelled the land

  11. You sound like me
    at your sea.
    When people say you must
    I usually say, "No, cuz..
    I'd rather do it this way
    or at another time at my bay!"
    Traditions are great
    if they are ones yourself did make
    and they mean something to you
    and the rest of your crew.
    A whole week at Nanny's?
    Fun posts will come from your fanny!

    1. Yeah those that mean something
      At your wing
      Are worth doing
      The rest leave me booing
      Take it and shove em I say
      To those who try to push stuff on me at my bay
      Oh it should be an interesting time
      And then come back and another week and a half off to rhyme hahaha

    2. You have too much vacation that is for sure
      Why can't I get any here at my shore!?

    3. haha pfft never too much
      Maybe you need to apply for some and such

    4. is that done
      when you're the mom?
      maybe I'll cash in all that's due
      and take a cruise!

    5. There you go
      A break from your show
      Sure they will be fine
      Or at least tow the line

  12. I enjoyed your interview Pat! Hey, I decorated my litter box this morning!

    1. haha see the cat isn't the only one
      And thanks for giving the interview a run

  13. LOL.... Being one who hates being a sheep...I love this.
    Asked Chloe what she wants for Christmas dinner this year, she wants fried chicken...haha. We'll have all the mash, veggies and stuffing but, I did laugh at the fried chicken.
    I'm off to read your interview now about that...such a clever cat! ;)

    1. haha fried chicken works just fine for me
      I'll take that with glee
      Thanks for checking the interview out
      As plenty is going on as I go out and about

  14. Just posted your children's books page on my Facebook, have a LOT of kids in my family :)

  15. If it weren't for the kids I would be skipping least the gift giving part of it. But that would only destroy their imagination and their beliefs in Santa. But it could also teach them a lesson, like what Christmas is really all about. But it's too much fun to watch them Christmas morning opening all their gifts and dreams coming true!

    1. Yeah you can't take away their fun
      As there isn't many years for it to be done
      Before the belief falls by the wayside
      Then you can tell christmas to take a long ride

  16. A poem for the non-conformist...I love it!

    1. Yeah going out of my way
      To not conform every at my bay

  17. Schultz decorated his crate and the walls around it with mud. Does that count? I'll hop over and check out your interview.

    1. Yeah that could count
      At least to some amount

  18. I love Christmas but not the commercial thing this year still I dont make anything!
    i dont shppping; i dont garnish steel; only just baking:))

    1. Just bake away
      I'm sure it's quite the display at your bay

  19. Christmas is the one holiday I look forward to most. Love the decorating and food...not so much the shopping though. We've cut back on this. And for me the spiritual meaning is important however you look at it...the idea of light in times of darkness. This resonates with Solstice, Hannukah and Kwanza, too. So, Merry Christmas, Pat and Cat! :0)

    1. Yeah the true meaning is there
      If one stops to stare
      And forget all the shopping stuff
      That can get kind of rough

  20. I have got to find some of that mooning Santa wrapping paper!

  21. orlin....serval buddy.... !!!!! way kewl...n cassie...yur own book... !!!!!! way kewl N dad pat....glad ya got that manee story ideaz; we haz hurd oh lots oh writers gettin de ole block....make sure ya rites em down sum wear on sum thing sew ya all ways haz em N dont forget bout one....

    1. Yeah we will keep them in our head
      And down just in case of dread
      For there are plenty more
      That will come ashore

  22. Nothing says Christmas than a decorated litter box. And I'm sure my neighbors can spare a few dozen outdoor lights to help you out, Cat. :D

  23. I like all the Christmas decorations that people put up, but it's true, the expectation of certain decorations can be annoying.

    1. Yep, the expectation is what is the pain
      That you have to copy all along the lane

  24. We luffs Christmas fun
    But as to how things are done
    We has our own style
    And it makes us smile!
    Decorate my litterbox?
    I'll do it with my handsome 'tocks!

    1. That is grand
      To o in your land
      And yeah do it your way
      With your christmas display

  25. my mom is one of those wrapping paper goobers

    a certain one for each loser

    1. Well at least she has her thing
      As she wraps away at her wing

  26. Just don't pee on the lights when they are lit!

  27. haha:

    They say in life the only certainty,
    Is death and that taxes will always be,
    However I think something no one admits or opposes,
    Is that it's forever crucial to 'keep up with the Joneses'.

    1. That was a great rhyme
      Oh so sublime
      And oh so true
      Many want to keep up at their zoo

  28. So... I haven't been back to your blog in a while, and that dragon at the top of the page kinda looks like Spyro... a little...

    1. In a way I suppose
      Same type of dragon clothes

  29. yeah traditions, got to love them lol Some are fine, some sublime, some are dumb, some should disappear along with the snow. Traditions are somewhat like OCD for a culture. Fun post.

    1. Yeah that they are
      Some should go near and far
      Others are fine
      As long as one thinks they are divine

  30. 'There is nothing that will hone your skills more than to just write...' Oh so true. I loved the interview, Pat.

    My cats, Mongo & Pebbles, decorate their insanely big litterbox on a daily basis. No x-mas motif though.

    1. haha yeah I think my two can relate
      To the litterbox state
      And glad you liked it too
      Damn this morning much was read by you

    2. I read a lot
      when I have got
      a few days off.
      Yes, four's enough.

    3. I do no matter what
      For I can get away with doing it at my work hut


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