It Is Vital We Find A New Title!

So how was your Christmas day? Of course if you celebrate it at your bay. Otherwise, how was your ordinary day? See, I can cater to all at my bay. But this boxing day needs to go. I mean who wants to get rid of boxes at their show? Not me. I like to jump in the boxes at my sea. So don't throw them away. Cassie and I want to play.

Need to change the name,
Of this boxing game.
Forget the ear eating guys.
They have the brains of flies.

So put on your gloves,
Go eat some doves.
And think up a new name,
One that will bring fame.

For that way,
The boxes will stay,
And I can play,
All through the day.

So what can we call it?
We need a sure fire hit.
So go with Weight Day!
Need to loose a little after Christmas anyway.

Stuck Between Christmas and New Years day.
Too wordy of a display?
No Work Day.
That is great at any bay.

Christmas All Over Again Day.
More presents on display.
That would be grand.
All would shout out across the land.

Wait! Then they'd go broke.
Let's forget that poke.
Plus the family would stick around,
And no silence would be found.

Get Rid Of The Relatives Day!
We get to throw them all in the hay.
Then without any remorse,
Watch as they are drug off by a horse.

Now that is a win.
I'll go with that at my bin.
Get rid of all the humans and their yapping.
My ears hurt from their constant flapping.

Besides they will just think,
They are going to the rink,
Still drunk from the night before,
And they won't know they are being dragged from your shore.

So sound like a plan?
I know you are a fan.
Chase all home,
And leave the boxes to roam.

Now isn't that a better name then the one currently hogging all the fame? You have an excuse to kick the relatives in the caboose, sending them away and leaving you in peace and quiet at your bay. One way to give birth to peace on Earth. Now the boxes will stay for Cass and my ever so entertaining little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I agree with you Pat that Boxing Day might need a name change because to me it's such an utterly pointless name for the day, as no boxing goes on at least at my bay. My Christmas was good, especially when I had my Christmas food, great post buddy.

    1. Yeah pointless as can be
      Just trying to suck money out of thee
      And glad all was grand
      Across your land

  2. Replies
    1. That could apply
      As I got a big hole in mine all year long under my sky

  3. Surprising Day
    Surprised Day
    Big Presents Day
    I'm Lost Day
    Santa's One on You Day
    Expecting Day
    Expecting Good Presents Day
    Oh, What the Heck!
    That's it!
    What the Heck Day!


    1. LOL all of those are good
      But what the heck day takes the trophy in my hood

  4. ha this is the day that retailers wish wasnt, and could lock away from present returnment, what money they made goes up in smoke, so think it might back the fiscal cliff choke...a new name, not the same Chiznizeridoo, its a made up word for a made up holiday, what does it even celebrate? two men in a ring working out their sadomasachist thing

    1. Yeah that ring thing
      I guessed at my wing
      But whoopdi friggin doo
      Nice word from you
      And poor retailers as well
      I so hate to cause them hell haha

  5. I don't get boxing day. Sort of anticlimactic.

    1. That is very true
      But it still is pumped into our view

  6. Americans have never understood the name BOXING Day.
    But I am sure the stores will be very busy today
    Looking for bargains are taking back stuff, I say
    Everyone seems to strive to find a way less to pay!

    1. Yeah that seems to be the case
      All over the place
      The name is still dumb
      But they like the give it a hum

  7. Nap n' Don't Do Crap Day works for me!

    1. haha works for me too
      Of course do that every day at our zoo

  8. I like "Get Rid of Relatives" day. Or "Put Away Christmas Clutter" day. While wearing boxers. ;)

    1. haha boxers with a zebra thong
      Nothing could go wrong

  9. we dont have THIS boxing day, we only are putting orders all :;)))
    yeah boxing sounds me like boxers LOL haha

    1. haha boxers can be fun
      A full moon could be shown to someone

  10. The Boxing
    refers not
    to the sport
    but the giving
    of food to
    the needy
    and poor.

    Placed in a
    box named for
    alms and for
    'twas given
    to those
    in poor houses
    filled with
    food and what
    not to
    care for
    those who
    had naught.

    We don't celebrate it in Ireland we celebrate St. Stephens day. Lá Fhéile Stiofáin it is called. We also call it Lá an Dreoilín-the Day of the Wren. We country kids would go out and kill wrens with rocks and sing a little ditty while we did it.

    The wren, the wren, the King of All Birds,
    On Saint Stephen's Day he was caught in the furze.
    Although he is small his family is great.
    Come out, good lady, and give us a treat!

    Now people shop-pathetic.

    1. haha yeah pathetic they are
      Never knew about what is done at your Irish bar
      Not sure the wrens would be happy
      But liked the little rapp-y

  11. orlin N cassie...R mom said her coulda used get rid oh relatives day yesterday...


    1. haha that is a good plan
      The cat was happy as away they ran

  12. I am here, not shopping like my daughter in the mall ~

    Yes, boxing day is all in the craze, maybe I will get into it during the weekend ~

    Hope you are enjoying the downtime ~

    1. Yeah all the craze
      As one goes through the nut maze
      Enjoying the down time indeed
      The arm is too at my feed

  13. My Christmas was great
    Oh how much I ate
    I certainly put on some pounds
    But I loved hearing the holiday sounds

    Hope you had a great Christmas my friend.

    1. Yeah same here
      Plenty of cheer
      And no pound or two though
      Although I could use them at my show

  14. I wouldn't go out on the 26th
    any more than I would eat sticks.
    Just like I don't go out on the 24th
    the crazies are the only ones coming forth
    on those days.
    I stay at my bay
    and relax in my home
    with no where to roam.

    1. Yeah same for me
      At the other sea
      Just sitting about
      With no nuts giving a shout
      Plus can't buy a thing anyway
      So pfft to boxing day

  15. No matter the name, the concept is the same.
    We show and share our love, that's enough.

    1. That is true
      Even though boxing day is to take money from you

  16. All better names than Boxing Day . . . particularly the last!

    1. Haha last may take a while
      But would surely turn the boxing day dial

  17. Hi! Orlin, Pat Hatt, and Cassie the "prissy" cat...

    I would like to say...Hip-Hi--Hooray! to Boxing Day!...However, after reading this survey today...

    I would really like to stay away, but I want to go and buy more "gifts" and save more money by being "thrift..." lol
    deedee :)

    1. Be nice to have money to spend
      But that isn't the case around my bend
      So here I will sit
      Ignoring the boxing day err umm shit haha

  18. [Note: I'm out Of rhyming mode...Even though the previous article implied that Canadians would not turn out in records numbers to find bargains...This article states other-wise...
    Business+Canadians=Robust ]

    1. Yeah articles are all how one perceives things to be
      So they can flip flop with ease at ones sea

  19. I played mostly Halo 4 all day

    and some family time in the day.

    1. I have that too
      And will soon be giving it a go at my zoo

  20. I vote for Get Rid of the Relatives Day!

    1. Yeah that will be grand
      Chase them from the land

  21. How is my friend Pat and the cat? I have to agree about boxing day, just makes me think of the fighters in the ring beating the crap out of each other - oh brother! On the other hand, my kitties call Christmas boxing day, the boxes are their favorite presents forever! :)

    1. Yeah the boxes are grand
      For cats across the land
      And all is okay here
      At least for the cat with the rhyming rear

  22. I think boxes might eat me
    I won't let them defeat me!
    Begone, Boxes, I say,
    And don't come another day!

    1. haha need to get over that
      As boxes should be explored by every cat

  23. I need to loser weight after this Holiday Season now- officially in that mode! :) And I agree "No Work Day" is always great.

    1. Yeah that is always great
      No work at any rate
      And bah to a few pounds
      Always happens when xmas makes the rounds

  24. This is fun. Boxing day is an odd titled one. The stores celebrate it hear in the states, well at least in Buffalo, as Stores have Boxing Day Sales all the time, hoping the borders will be crossed to give their registers a chime. The whole idea of the cats in boxes is key to me here. Every cat I've ever had, loved/s jumping into the box, small or large, not a prob, they'll stay a minute or an hour and more, it's right up their alley at their shore. So packing them to go away, what an anti-feline tradition this day is then, don't see the deboning day, getting rid of all the bones, no, the dogs will moan and groan. Every country, every place, has their holidays no one either cares about or is only into because it's another day from work or school, heck, I forget half the ones we have here, until that day the title does appear.

    Fun chime, glad you gave the title thing a rhyme

    1. Yeah gave it a go
      As it was fun to let flow
      And they just want our dough
      So they suck it out with some so called holiday flow
      I forget about many too
      Until they come due


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