Merry Christmas From Me, Pat And Cassie!

Did the jolly fat guy find you? He sure found our crew. Now he just won't go away. He even wanted us to board his sleigh. I guess reindeer are too high maintenance for him. He really needs to give that beard a trim.

Cassie posed in her usual way,
All prim and proper with her display.
The cat does not do prim and proper though.
Miss Priss can have that at our show.

It seems Santa liked our elf ways last year.
And began sucking up to my rhyming rear.
He even put me on the nice list.
You know that would make many shake their fist.

See, I told you so.
He even drew me in his book at his show.
That is some desperation indeed.
My services were in need.

But I was not going with any fat jolly old man.
It seems not even a mutt is a fan.
So I broke out the laser eyes.
Now he looks like charcoal as he takes to the skies.

That was my Christmas night.
The cat made Santa take flight.
Hope yours was grand,
And all is merry across your land.

Oh, right.
This is a dVerse night.
I better make things diverse.
I wouldn't want Mr. Linky to curse.

That diverse enough for you?
The zebra thong is on display once more at our zoo.
It was a gift after all,
Last year at our hall.


And that is all for today. Last year I expected few at my bay and many came. Should be interesting to see if this years Globland Christmas is tame. Now I need to go eat things that give me gas. So off I go with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. I posted it early as I was up
      Screwing over the set time cup
      So there you go
      1st at my show

  2. Cassie is
    pretty says
    Fang the kitty.

    And laser
    eyes at
    Santa's show
    gives Fang
    a nice
    warm glow.

    The zebra thong
    she says is
    wrong and
    hid behind
    her paws.

    "Make it go away!"
    she seemed
    to say
    as she
    ran away
    and hid.

    "He's flipped his lid"
    she began
    to shout
    from behind
    the couch
    where she
    crouched with

    Happy Christmas Pat and Cat. Hope your day is perfect in every way!

    1. haha can't say I blame her
      Sure ruffled the cat's fur
      It can neigh too
      With a voicebox that came due
      The cat chewed off its hair
      Hope a grand day is had at your lair

    2. We're having a quiet day here at the homestead. The Hubby isn't well enough to make the two and a half hour trip to his parents.

      A lot of us did show up to wish you Merry Christmas Cat. Even with your fleas and your gas and your poo, we came. We must all be nuts :)

    3. Yeah just a quiet day here
      At nannies with my little rhyming rear
      And told you many come
      I guess all need to give the christmas hum

  3. Hi! Orlin, Pat and Cassie Cat?...

    I can see that you once again, had fun at your zoo
    ...As you gathered and show Christmas gifts in your post... some from the past and some brand new too!
    [As Orlin, tell us he what he plan to do to Jolly Saint Nick too!]

    I'm going to pretend that I'm Santa, to an[d] as I bid you adieu,...AND...As I make that long journey into the night all I can say is Merry Christmas! to all and to all a good-night!

    deedee :)

    1. Yeah some from the past
      I added to the cast
      But whoopdi friggin doo haha
      A merry christmas to you

  4. This post is wonderful although once again I have been thwarted! Have a Merry Christmas Pat, Cassie and Cat!

    1. Yeah a little late
      Actually early to my gate
      But post went up early as I was awake
      Merry Christmas to all at your lake

  5. Merry Christmas to you - Pat, Cassie and Cat!
    The Jolly Guy did find us:) a little past midnight..
    (he had to wait for the little ones to finally fall asleep
    as they were camping in front of the fireplace hoping for a peep
    Of Santa as he came down the chimney place
    and grant them their wishes and bring a smile to their face(s))

    1. Glad he was found
      As the little ones try to catch him at your stomping ground
      Wishes coming due
      Is always great, so true

  6. Cassie is beautiful. Of course Pat is always a handsome lad.

    1. Cassie thinks so
      As she has such class you know
      As for Pat
      Don't know about that

  7. Cassie coming in for a look see
    Pat and the Cat are always there
    Having fun with grand Santa jolly
    Happy holidays and Christmas cheer


    1. Yeah Cassie hides away
      Until she wants to come into display
      Christmas cheer is all around
      As much is found

  8. Replies
    1. Same to you
      Today you can be out of the dirt too! haha

  9. um the zebra thong, err..wrong! haha, glad the cat could help santa off the mat, that is where its at and def helps to fill the stocking with lots of stuff that is rocking....merry christmas to each of you i will leave so i can go play...

    1. Yep so wrong
      But had to ring the dVerse gong
      And yeah that it does
      Giving the cat more just because
      And playing sounds like a plan
      Of that I am a fan

  10. haha..i need to get such a zebra thong...smiles...merry christmas to you pat...a joy having you around..smiles

    1. Glad it is a joy
      As I try and annoy
      And good luck with that
      Getting a Zebra thong at your mat

  11. Ha....loved that the cat made Santa take flight
    I think I would too if I saw a cat in the night!

    Merry Christmas to you, Pat!
    (And to the Cat!)

    1. haha bah a cat isn't to scary
      Just makes things a bit hairy

  12. Merry Christmas from all of us at Brian's Home!

  13. The cats are adorable Pat ~ That zebra thong gave me the laughs~

    Hope you are enjoying your Christmas...ha..we finally have snow in our backyard ~

    1. Have a bit of snow here
      But not too much to fear
      And haha the thong is grand
      Or rather scary across the land


  14. Yikes! check out those under-stripes!

    we have matching taste in knickers to make 'em laugh
    only my pair our longer in the neck like the Giraffe! :D

    great pics too pat. . .
    proper good fun
    all the best


    1. Yeah fun is surely had
      Here at my pad
      Those knickers sure come in handy
      The zebra wants err umm candy

  15. Merry Christmas C,P & O
    as you're there at Nanny's show.
    From the crew in Ohio land
    which is lovely and grand!
    ~Betsy, the 5 men, Nugget, Mr & Mrs Bird, Marmalade, Tiger, Whiskers, Socks, Oreo, Domino, Charcoal, Grey, Velvet, Samantha, Smoke, Cinder, Shadow and Jack!

    1. I forgot about Mr. & Mrs. Bird
      Glad they too spread the word
      As Orlin and Cassie sit
      The first one with some hiss and spit
      At Rusty, Dusty, Romeo, Scrapper, Molly, Seymour, Winkie, Nemo, Gracie, Blue, Edgar and Boo
      Even that weenie dog, Charlie, too haha

    2. Poor Charlie must feel like Nugget...surrounded by cats! And you know, when Orlin and Cassie visit, you guys are tied for the crown! ha.

    3. haha well when Orlin's auntie comes with her two
      That makes 16 and we beat you
      But shhh you can keep the crown
      And your crazy cat lady figure to show all over town

    4. haha...oh, I forgot about those two.
      Now that really is a cat zoo!
      fun for all, that is for sure
      I bet Charlie wishes there was a cure.

    5. haha that he does
      Surrounded by cats on a cat nip buzz
      But then he gets to chase a few
      Until Orlin chews his tail when it comes into view

  16. Merry Xmas to you, Pat
    And to the zebra and the cat.


    1. The zebra likes that too
      As does the rest of the crew
      Merry xmas as well
      To all at your cell

  17. Merry Christmas to you Pat and the cats...and the zebras at your zoo too :)

    1. haha the zebras hide away
      But same to your bay

    2. zebraS? I hope there's only one! hahaha
      Or you could join the circus. Wouldn't that be fun! haha.

    3. At least I could charge a fee
      That would bring me glee

  18. Merry Christmas I say to all at your bay :)

    Hehehe, thought I try a little rhyme for your present.


  19. Merry Christmas to you and your family! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  20. Last! Hope you're having a great time even if you're not celebrating. (tell me you've changed your mind.)

    P.S. The Old Guy's walking home. I still have his pimped up ride parked in front of my house, remember?

    1. Yeah had a grand day
      Here at our bay
      Hope you did too
      And good, he could stand to lose a pound or two

    2. Had dinner at my Mom's place. Nothing original but certainly special in its own way. Very relaxed and all. No crazy stuff this time.

    3. Yeah same here
      Just nice and relaxed for my rhyming rear

  21. OMG that zebra thong,
    that thing is just sooo wrong!!
    But I'll admit your little gaff
    surely made me grunt and laugh!
    Happy holidays to you, dear Pat
    and your lovely kitty cats!

    1. haha yeah a laugh comes due
      Even though it is wrong to view
      Merry Christmas to you as well
      And all where you dwell

  22. What a great line break in your intro: "I guess reindeer are too high"

    And the zebra is priceless.

    1. haha great catch from you
      As that was subtley thrown in on cue
      An the zebra is fun
      To give a run

  23. Well crafted Christmas theme in the Rhyme Time style. Brought back the zebra for an encore, and some very creative superimposing/drawing the images in on the sled and on Santa's book. Very fun post. Hope you all had a great Christmas. The snow is coming, more of it anyhow, so if Santa didn't get out of town by now, he better by tomorrow otherwise he may need a shoveling out. lol

    1. Santa getting stuck
      Might make him go what the truck
      As he needs a snow plow
      Or a good strong cow

  24. PS -- you've read about toxoplasmosis and cat lovers, no? I don't think they know how to treat it yet, though. There are worse infections, though, of course.

    1. Yeah about 1/3 or the world has it in them I suppose
      Be funny if that is what caused my woes haha


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