New, New, New Things Coming Due!

The cat and Pat came to terms for one day, as Pat always tries to put his ugly mug on display. So instead we decided to build a brand and came up with the below at my land.

Now just look at that.
What a great cat.
And it still shows off Pat,
At least enough at our mat.

So now when you see this cat with each flag you know another children's book is in the bag. And now for the BEST book yet! That is a safe bet. Every single person who has given it a run, loved it a ton. Just look at the reviews on Amazon for it. This book will surely be a hit.

(Which you can download on your computer too! Also please leave a review!)
Now doesn't that look great?
You will forever recall this date,
When this book came out of the gate,
For greatness is Zagonk's fate.

The cat will not rest,
Until it has passed the test,
And 10,000 at least are sold.
100,000 would be more bold.

So click away,
For one great rhyming and art display.
And spread it around too,
If it can be done by you.

For if I get to the 10,000 goal,
All here today that gave it a stroll,
Will be stars in an upcoming book.
Now go and spread it around at your nook.

Zagonk takes on the Frost Giant,
Who remains defiant.
Can he break through?
Read to find out at your zoo.

On this date,
Is the premiere video of Pat Hatt's jingle.
Listen now, as it makes your ears tingle.

Now was that not grand?
My, a ton is happening in my land.
Spread that around too!
Play it until all turn blue.

For 10,000 is the goal,
Then many of you can take a kiddie stroll,
And be in your own book,
Starring with, maybe even, the likes of Tarsier Man at my nook.

So go go go,
10,000 will come all aglow.
Of course the cat thanks you for your time,
Unless you are a mime.

And did you see in the video as well,
Plenty of more is to come that are swell.
Some was future art.
That I'm hoarding at my cart.

Oh and even using crummy Facebook too!
Go LIKE and view.
Yes, that means you.
Tweet away also at your zoo.

So did you forget already?
I will remind you steady.
10,000 has to come to pass,
For that is the goal of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Way almost a whole week
      Being first at my creek

  2. The Honk of Zagonk
    What a lovely song
    The way things are going
    10,000 is nothing
    Congrats to you Pat
    Beats everything flat!


    1. I hope you are right
      That 10,000 is no plight
      For away I will plug
      Until that number graces my rug

  3. Cat you're a marketing pro,
    you'll help Pat's sales grow.
    The Honk of Zagonk will hit 10,000 in no time,
    hope your owner gives you more'n a dime!

    1. The owner sure will
      After he pays a mighty big bill
      Let's hope it works out
      Then I'll get a big juicy trout

  4. haha, i like you jingle and cool cat logo as well where you hang your shingle and good stuff on the book, got a peak at tash's nook, left you a rhyme their too, congrats congrats congrats to you

    1. Saw the rhyme
      You gave a chime
      Over at tashtoo's place
      And yeah a new embrace
      As we shout out far and wide
      Trying to turn the tide

  5. fourth fourth
    up two slots in my self worth

    1. haha getting there
      One day soon you may beat Hank to my lair

  6. You are so very talented. LOVED that jingle. It kinda reminds me of Josie and the Pussycats. You are probably too young to remember that old cartoon.

    1. Yeah I know that show
      Watched it a long while back and it does have the same sort of flow

  7. Gone all western cowboy, eh?
    well that will just made my day.
    We'll have to call you Tex
    as your shooting skills you flex.
    And I see that saloon story has come due
    can't wait to see what bloggers think of you
    after that one.
    Better load your gun.

    1. haha not sure on the tex though
      But yeah went all cowboy at my show
      As it fit the cat
      And even got in Pat
      And the saloon one is being done
      Ever soooo slow under my sun
      hahaha bah some will like
      Others may try to take a hike

  8. Your drive is amazing
    Your talent is blazing
    The Honk of Zagonk will succeed
    Beyond your wildest dreams.
    That vid is a toe-tapper
    and an attention grabber
    Like all little curtain-grabbers.

    1. Yeah let's hope so
      That it will be all aglow
      And get to my goal
      As the video helps it take a stroll

  9. So you have a hit jingle, a kickass new logo, AND an awesome new book? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit jealous. Lots of great stuff here, and I'll pass the book along to my cousin... she has a kid who'd just love this kind of story, and she's just gotten him a Kindle for his b-day.

    1. Jealous of a cat
      How about that? haha
      Thanks for the pass along
      That is never wrong

  10. I Can never get enough of Pat Hatt and Cat :D
    always something new at your place and lots of fun.. Jingle is awesome Pat.

    1. Thanks for the listen to the jingle at my sea
      And yeah I try to keep things new for all to come and see me

  11. so you are a cowboy now dear???haha
    so nice!!
    I love cowboy stories, may I be on the saloon ?? haha!

    1. haha you never know
      Who could show
      And yeah all cowboy for the cat
      But before that one have to sell 10000 of this one at my mat

  12. This one was my favorite so far! I even like the jingle and won't complain and whine to much if it gets stuck in my head today. That's how much I loved this book. See, even Elsie can be nice every once in awhile, cat. Maybe you can learn a thing or two?

    Congratulations, Pat - this is your best so far!

    1. Wow really nice today
      Here at my bay
      The cat will have to bite his tongue
      See, not all the time do the insults need to be flung
      I agree with thee
      Surely is the best at my sea
      Now need to reach the goal
      Or more may never take a stroll

  13. I love the cat that is Pat with the hat!

    1. Glad you like
      The new brand I have given a hike

  14. This post took forever to load Pat ~

    Congrats for another book and rhyming fun including the jingle ~ Nice artwork too in your display mat ~ Hope you get tons of cash and terrific reviews ~

    Have a good day Pat...mercifully no snow today ~

    1. Yeah there was a lot there
      So it prob took a while at my lair
      Hopefully the dough will flow
      Allowing for more at my show

  15. I love the first photo a lot Pat, it's so cute and really helps bring in the children's theme. I'm overjoyed to hear that your books continue to be do well in reviews, and that the Cat and Pat are getting paid all their dues.

    1. Pfft the reviews are grand
      But sadly no dues in our land haha

  16. The Honk of Gazonk sounds hilarious, and it reminds me a little of Dragon Tales! Best of luck with it! I'm sure your books are doing great with your rhyming skillz~ <3

    1. Yeah the rhymes are on fire
      As the honk reaches higher

  17. Congratulations on yet another book at your shore! It looks great. I heard your jingle on the radio show. Cute video to go along with it! Who did your Honk of Gazonk illustrations? They look good!

    1. Yeah it was fun to get the video up
      And it even showed a pup
      Had them done by a guy I met online
      Who helped out the feline

  18. Woohoo! I'm honored to have previewed and reviewed this one. It's FABULOUS!! Go Pat, go!


    1. Hopefully I can go
      And bring many to my rhyming flow

  19. Where in the world do you come up with such great stuff??!! Either you know a lot of talented people, or is it that you are just brilliant? Both?

    1. haha I'll say both or at least yes to the later one
      You know the cat likes to stroke his ego a ton

  20. this iz one sooooooper kewl grafficz orlin !!! rock on !!!

  21. You rock! This will be one heck of a success! Congrats!

  22. Woohoo! congrats on another release.

  23. Wow, I LOVE those pictures. I don't even care what the book is about. The pictures sold me. :D

    1. Yeah the pics amaze
      As one goes through the rhyming maze

  24. My ears are still tingling! Good luck with your book Pat!

    1. Hopefully it's a good tingle
      And yeah, lets hope many mingle

  25. Too tired for cleverness in rhyming today
    but congratulations on more books from your bay.
    Good luck with the new book, Pat!

    1. Tired out are you?
      Bed time at your zoo
      And yeah let's hope luck comes my way
      For once at my bay haha

  26. You sells some books?
    By hook or by crook?
    Hmm, I'll come take a look ;-)

  27. Sorry I'm late Cat. It's 70 degrees and sunny here so after I went to the grocers, I went into the yard and put down seeds for a 6th garden. Now I'm a hurting unit.

    The cat at the top of the page is really cute and you could use him more often than when you release a kiddie book-I like him. And love the new jingle too. This was a great book Cat, truly the best yet. This and Boo should be read-if they don't make it to a mass market then it's a crime.

    I liked it on Facebook too.

    1. Geez lucky you
      Not that warm at my zoo
      Maybe it will come our way
      And give us a nice day
      Another garden too?
      Damn I'm running out of poo haha
      I have an idea on what I can do with him
      Just came to me on a whim
      May be fun
      To give a run
      Yeah if only I could get them in mass
      And thanks for the like at the facebook of Zagonk's honking ass haha

  28. That jingle sure gave me a tingle
    from my head down to my toes.
    And also the quivers
    and maybe some shivers...
    Congratulations on your endeavors
    Dontcha know?

    1. You're shaking all about
      Maybe the hookie pookie is what it's all about? haha

  29. We didn't know you wrote books too! That's great, we'll have to check it out!

  30. How many books have you published by this point? o_o

    1. 12 at this point
      With 6 or so more on the go at my joint

  31. This was awesome Dude. I'll support you :)


  32. Congrats on the book and the theme. Nice video with all the toons but I'm still partial to the original cat capering tune, yet the first is more preferable for the marketing, unless of course you really like cats on the attack.

    All the books are great, and happy for you, it's quite a feat for one or two, but after a bunch it's quite the feat, knocking out books like they were fleas…and still able to run the blog daily, that's a task it's own, don't know how you find the time, but glad you do.

    1. haha yeah this one is for marketing purposes at my sea
      I still like the first the best by me
      And they just keep on coming out
      As I give a shout
      Having no life helps as well
      Here at my cell haha

  33. Very Cool. My daughter loves your Cassie and the Wild Cat. The kids are getting iPad Minis for Xmas so I may have to load a few books for them. ;)

    Congratulations on your latest release.

    1. And a sequel to that one is coming due
      So she will have Cassie and The Wild Cat two!

    2. She has already made me promise we would get it. So you have one sold when the book is released. :D

    3. haha well it is about 75% done
      So Jan or Feb it will be given a run

  34. Wow... I love the pictures... good luck with the 10,000 books by hook or by crook, I'm sure you'll do it ;)

  35. how exciting!!! I love the illustrations- especially the first one :)

  36. Loved the book, Pat.
    But I guess you already knew that. ;)

    1. Yeah glad is was loved too
      As many more will come due
      One may even have you
      Or some version of grumpy goo


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