Set The Sails With The Details!

So dVerse is going all details today over at their bay. They want us to look around and gawk at the ground. But then Brian had to go and mention that 3D crap. Someone needs to take that and shove it up their gap. We won't go there today at my lair. Hmm or maybe we will. Sorry, if I make you feel ill.

Looking all around
I find much on the ground.
As away the humans walk,
So the cat will give a gawk.

Blue shoes made of stuff,
That one has to fluff.
Boots that are ugly as can be,
But then who is asking me?

Oh look a coffee cup,
With the rim rolled up.
I guess they did not win,
That is truly a sin.

A lotto ticket passes,
Played by the masses.
Such litter bugs,
Them and the lottery thugs.

The air up there,
Is rather rare.
It contains a crane,
Yeah, I just went down a movie lane.

But that guy with the hammer,
Sure doesn't have a stammer.
The height at which he works,
Would not give me smirks.

Some market today,
As it is ever other non week day.
Come in and find much,
Like food and such.

Smoke hangs about,
As the but butts out.
Flicked across the sidewalk,
As two loons continue to talk.

A hair fixer and a nail chewer,
Went into a brewer.
One had a yellow shirt,
The other quite the flirt.

Just look at that pink purse,
She even likes to curse.
Guess they are working off those buns,
Or their smokers cough runs.

Oh look at this,
Something you shouldn't miss.
It's an old paper with news,
The black creates blues.

Hmm that is a good line,
Must be remembered by the feline.
As with all the surrounds us,
22 steps from home to the bus.
Was that not fun? No glasses even needed to be spun. Although pfft to such crap. 3D is just another money trap. Oh looky at the pretty thing off the screen. Whoopdi Friggin Doo it's a dancing jelly bean. Such stupid things that come to pass that will never get money to see 3D garbage out of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Damn, I thought I'd be one under your sun!

    1. Almost an hour away
      From the first display

    2. But at least I was here
      to show I'm always near

    3. Yes that is true
      Your one eye sure comes due

  2. It drives me crazy
    to see some lazy
    that when they smoke
    it's such a joke
    they just toss it out
    I just want to shout
    even I didn't so such a thing
    I would never let my butts fling
    they would land in a tray
    and there they would stay

    1. Yeah many just flick
      Thinking they are slick
      As the cough with glee
      And pop another in for all to see

    2. I used to light up a fag
      and then choke and gag
      but it's been eight years
      since one has even come near

    3. That is good
      Fag free in your hood
      Not more lung rot
      Has to make you hot to trot

  3. ha. A hair fixer and a nail chewer,
    Went into a brewer...sounds like the begining of a joke, err...where is that punch line? come on feline, and 3D movies are a waste and now The hobbit gives a taste of what is next 4 not 24 frames per second, makes shin sheen plastic i reckon, so whats the point, if it looks unreal....keep gawking or you might miss the banana peel....

    1. Wouldn't want to slip
      So have to gawk with my trip
      And yeah 3D can die
      Sorry no punchline came from my sky
      Had to go to bed
      So just went with what popped in my head

  4. This post really made me laugh Pat, the lottery louts are thugs and that's not what the game should be about! It's amazing the things that you notice and can draw inspiration from just in a street, the way the world ticks is absolutely fascinating to me in general.

    1. Yeah just look around
      And much can be found
      A bunch of little things add up
      That one can add to their gawking cup

  5. think i need to get such a cursing, pink purse...ha..happy sunday pat

  6. I like watching them during Tuesdays as the ticket prices are really cheap, special rate.

    I haven't counted yet the steps from the house to the office, it will take me forever..he..he....

    Happy Sunday Pat ~

    1. haha well you can count the km's there
      To your office lair
      And still pfft to 3D
      I'll watch it just 2D at my sea

  7. I spy
    a dandelion
    or a leaf
    from a tree
    or just
    a broken
    branch where
    anothers feet
    they did

    Nothing ugly
    nothing mean
    will I see
    for here
    men don't
    pass with
    nasty, horrid

    I do take three to four walks a day and always head for the woods and my eyes are usually searching the ground. With this strange warm weather there are dandelions and violets in bloom here. In December, I'll take it with a smile.

    1. Nice at your zoo
      Here the cold is all that is due
      With nothing around
      But trash on the ground
      At least there is no snow yet
      But that will come I bet

  8. I do not want to look around
    especially not at the freakin ground
    'cause all I see is >> SNOW <<
    And as you (the cat) well know
    we both so hate that SNOW.
    P.S. And the dog shows his disgust of it too
    by writing it in yellow when he goes to the loo :)

    1. Yeah snow sucks big time
      It is just a crime
      But you can keep it over there
      Lol the dogs hate for it I share

  9. Happy Sunday Pat! Once again another great piece of work. Your creativity with your rhymes is amazing!

  10. I think I need a shoe to lay on!

  11. "
    Some market today,
    As it is ever other non week day.
    Come in and find much,
    Like food and such.

    What fun this market must be
    I am familiar with food, but what is 'such'?
    I will search each seller with glee
    I may want to buy it, or maybe just touch!
    Or maybe purchase it to hang on my tree!

    1. They have much there
      Some I am aware
      Like crafts and games
      And thing by other names

  12. Replies
    1. Yeah huge hunk of crap
      That needs to take a dirt nap

  13. Smart cat, noticing the debris we humans leave behind at the drop of a hat. Poignant piece, mate, so good it is that your poem I won't even rate! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. So good you say
      Did it up in five minutes at my bay
      Damn the cat is great
      Ego starts to inflate

  14. What do I see right now
    as I gawk outside at the ground?
    I see grass and leaves
    and some scattered bird seed.
    Broken branches from the wind
    and a cat hiding under a limb.
    Wind making pine bows sway
    and a gloomy sky of grey.
    Christmas lights reflecting on the window pane.
    Steam from my coffee cup to ease my brain.

    1. Not a bad poem, I must say!
      Maybe I'll join dVerse some day.
      haha...Nah, you guys are too professional for me
      I'll just stick to my amateur-ity. lol....

    2. haha there you go
      Got the flow
      Could do the dVerse show
      With ease don't you know
      Except for the cheat rhyme at the end of the second one
      That might lose you points under their sun haha

  15. Quite the collection of details you detail here. :o)

  16. We wonder if litter bugs taste good or are fun to bat around?

    1. Might be fun to bat around
      All over the ground

  17. nice one. Love the observations. You know, you got me thinking now, I wonder how many cities Tim Horton's is in, I typically win a few donuts and coffees throughout the game but nothing more. A coworker won a BMX bike a few years back and another won a tent. It's a great line in here, even better, as I suspect many don't know, which makes me feel special as one of those in the know lol Fun piece

    1. Yeah few know
      That lines true flow
      Good catch by you
      And free coffee or donut is all I've ever seen come due


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