The Flip Flop Doesn't Stop!

It seems the cat has been afflicted by a germ that he must have got from playing with that worm. I ate the poor thing too. At least some good fiber came due. Anyway, things seems to be going all flip flop at my bay. I feel it coming back. I guess I'll have to work through it at my shack.

Typical to the things you saw,
Was the first reaction on tap.
Pat hates when I chew his toe raw.
War should never again take a lap.

Pal are you reading that rat?
Tar can cause you to murmur.
Rum rum is sure tit for tat.
Tat tells a story firmer.

Remrif sounds like a musical rift.
Tfir makes me think of trees
Seert sets their eyes adrift.
Trif da sports a cool breeze.

Ezeerb makes you know I'm a cheat?
Taehc makes no sense to me.
Em is sort for a name beat.
Taeb a weird dance at ones sea?

Aes sounds like I sorta swore.
Erows is where you sit for a flick.
Kcilf is such a bore.
Erob is such a dick.

Kcid isn't such a bad lad.
Dal can make you smart.
Trams sounds rather bad.
Dab in crowds when you must fart.

Traf is some sort of turtle.
Elt rut is one you want to avoid.
Diova can make one fertile.
Elitref is a side affect making you paranoid.

Diona rap is something to cheer.
Ree hc made a lot of loot.
Tool is another that shifts into gear.
Reag is culture that eats tree root.

Toor the great outdoors today!
Yadot may even appear.
Raeppa might be on display.
Yalp sid also likes to peer.

Reep what you sow almost works.
Skrow is a video game destination.
Noit an it sed explains all the perks.
Skrep is what you get from my word castration.

Noit art sac on the lists.
Stsil may make you ill.
Lli makes you raise your fists.
Sts if you want a big bill.

Llib stands for what is wrong.
Gnorw is a very foreign deer.
Reed sings his hero song.
Gnos just cured my little rhyming rear.

I think I'm all flip flopped out after this little shout. Thankfully no more forwards and back. That's enough to give one a heart attack. Or at least a good eye roll as they come for a stroll. So now you know eating worms causes more than gas thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. hehe...that made me think back to when my daughters spoke with backward words...much fun...think i need to revive this... yppah yadrutas..smiles

    1. Happy Saturday too
      So fun to do
      As forwards and back
      I go on the attack

  2. Drut is some sort of truffle.
    It makes you wanna jump and do the shuffle.

    Do you know what I mean?

    1. Yeah I catch your drift
      The llems came rather swift

    2. Hahaha yeah and there's one more story coming up. It's a trilogy like Indy's. (No, there's no part 4.)

    3. Well you could do part four on that
      For that too was shit to the cat

  3. Eating worms make one roll off
    words not inclined to be understood
    Something just not to be shoved off
    Funny sounding but still accepted to boot


    1. Yeah funny sounding they can be
      Might make one seem silly
      Or a tad profound
      Depedning on they can make them sound

  4. back words like new messages, then hit anagrams, and you cut out the spammer scans, like wtf he talking bout? pig latin, we used it, give a fit but most these days wont confuse it....

    1. Yeah many will catch on
      To this little word con
      Anagrams you say
      That would be an interesting display

  5. Yep, ya gotta watch out for those worms!

  6. Eating worms
    would give me squirms!
    Spare me from such germs
    as well as foreign terms
    that send me off the berms.

    1. Actually prob more germs in normal food
      That are oh so rude
      Than there would be in worms
      But still would not eat them on many terms

  7. The song didn't cure me as my eyes just crossed
    backwards and forward..he..he...Fun phrases here Pat ~

    Have a good weekend ~

    1. A cure you may never see
      If your eyes go all crazy haha

  8. I wonder if worms are a good source of fiber

    I guess the results can be find with the help of the cyber

    1. Yeah you never know
      They say worms are healthy if lost in the woods show

  9. There's a shop in London called Fortnum & Mason where they sell barbecued fried worms at high prices. I take it that wasn't an inspiration for you? I enjoyed this. Very clever.

    1. haha that I never knew
      But sounds oh so tasty at my zoo
      haha than again maybe not
      Glad you liked my clever plot

  10. What the heck?? New words... :)

    hope the worms go away, not fun to have those.


    1. haha they were tasty to the cat
      He ate a fw at his mat

  11. Get well soon cat, to be sick soon is no fun, drat. Be careful now and you'll some day learn, not to eat the tasty worm. Love this post buddy.

    1. The cat is fine
      This was just a post for the feline
      To act like a fool
      But still be cool

  12. I used to have pet worms when I was about three.
    Yes, a zoo was wanted even way back then by me!

    1. Damn you've had all
      You still need a Kangaroo at your hall

    2. My parents wouldn't let me have pets.
      I'm making up for lost time, I bet.

    3. Or given the post
      by you, the host.
      I should say step,
      I guess.

    4. haha surely making up a ton
      As you give the pets a run
      But they runs up each step too
      There at your zoo
      Or maybe ooz could work
      If I too want to go with today's perk

    5. Sometimes things do ooze at the zoo.

    6. haha not a sight I wish to see
      Would stir up my ocd

  13. Whoa. You have totally messed with my head, dude!

  14. Replies
    1. haha crazy it was
      Going backwards just because

  15. very cool. I have to admit it took me a couple stanzas to figure out the method to the madness here, but once I did the end flip never flopped the next line through. Very, very cool

    1. Yeah just fun to do
      And glad you caught on at my zoo
      As I flipped and I flopped
      And some got cropped

  16. Oh no, poor Pat, I hate know you've got the stihs. I hope you feel better soon!!! Quit eating worms!

    1. haha geez no one said that
      It was a while ago for Pat
      And Cassie cat
      As well as the rhyming cat at our mat

  17. Hidey Ho Cat, it's too late for me to rhyme at my mat. Been in the kitchen all day having fun baking and making messes. Now I'm off to hang out with The Spawn.

    1. A mess on display
      Pfft I say
      Need to clean
      So my ocd is fine at my scene


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