The Goon Squad Clackity Clack Over A Sack!

Another News Flash For Pat Is Interviewed HERE At Another Dash!

The cat was out and about, hating this cold and trying not to pout. Actually I suppose as long as you cover up your toes, it isn't so bad. Plus we got plenty of heat at our crap hole of a pad. Anyway, once more I saw those two idiots on display. Gung and Ho were walking to and fro with a big red sack. Beware, their rhymes really rather lack.

"Gung, how does it all fit? He must be strong to lift it."

"We are rhyming once more. Ho, that cat must be around us once more."

"I don't think it counts if you rhyme the same word. Maybe he gets help from Big Bird?"

Those two idiots just tugged at this red sack and it sure caused them flack. They kept going down the road each holding it trying to break Santa's code. Then the two loons starting picking up everything in sight and chucking it in, obviously the bag was not light.

"Gung, are you really going to do that? You should know that yellow snow was from the cat."

"Don't be so silly, Ho. It was simply from a banana that didn't grow."

"Let's try this rock too. Now this will sure prove how it is true."

"Ho, that is a great idea my friend. Santa's tricks will come to an end."

The pair dumped out the crap they threw into it, leaving a big pile of well shit. I think I even saw a rusty bike. At least they were getting exercise from their hike. The pair then widened the bag as far as they could and proved they were crazier than Little Red Riding Hood.

"I know we have it. We just need to give it a good hit."

"Let's go, Ho. Give it one more tug and watch your toe."

"Gung, we could get rich. We could steal umm borrow all kinds and sell them once we figure out this glitch."

"Santa will never be able to fool the world again and it is all thanks to these two men."

"Because Gung is hung and Ho has the flow."

A look of disgust came across their face, as out came some dude from the rat race. The work day was through and he was ready to go home, catching them in his view. He shouted rather rude things at them and even spit some flem.

"Ho, I think it is time to go."

"Gung, our Santa bell has officially sung."

They left the bag covering half a car and I swear they must have hit some bar. The pair actually thought they could shrink a car into a bag. They finally gave up and waved the white flag. Not before they smashed the guy's window though and I watched as he drove after Gung and Ho. Maybe Gung was squashed like dung and Ho was crushed and eaten by a crow? I know I will once more see their mass for I am not that lucky of a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Fantastic interview. Had no idea that you're so popular and so prolific.

    1. Not sure on popularity or prolific at my sea
      But it will be taken by me

  2. i actually feel a little bad for gung and ho
    seemed a little despondent the way they left you show
    i hope they get something good this holiday
    and whassup with the big bird quip
    growing up he was the ship
    i mean...yeah, so yeah, see i just rhymed yeah with yeah and like yeah..hehe

    1. A bit of a cheat
      With your rhyme greet
      But oh well
      And yeah he was swell
      Was not me
      It was Gung and Ho with glee

  3. Went over to look at the interview. Nice publicity for you and the cat
    No rhymes doe me seems my rhymes have all gone splat.

    1. Splat they go
      Geez off at your show
      And thanks for the look
      At the other nook

  4. Excellent interview!!! I'm still amazed how much you can accomplish in a day!!! Oh and I think I know some of Gung and Ho's sidekicks here in North Cackalacky.

    1. hahaha you prob do
      As these two have no clue
      And there are plenty of those everywhere
      Thanks for the look at the other lair

  5. I hope they were both squashed. Lol

  6. congratulations! that's pretty cool. Also i am glad they got squashed - damn stealing thingy majicks!

    1. Yeah those thieves deserve it
      But I'm sure I'll hear more of their um shit haha

  7. Another great interview, Pat!

    It figures Gung would want to eat yellow snow. The cat probably left it there on purpose! Don't they know Santa will always be the victor? Duh!!

    Merry Christmas!!

    1. Yeah Santa will always win
      Eating yellow snow is a sin
      But they don't know
      Such is the fate of Gung and Ho

  8. another interview
    where you give a mew?
    How famous you are
    by far!

    1. A famous cat
      Here at my mat
      And a bit for Pat
      But mostly the cat

    2. yeah, cat...but we know who makes your mouth move.
      Sorry to interrupt your groove.
      You might have to give Pat more credit
      if your ego will let it.

    3. Never going to happen
      For the cat likes his rappin
      And will not give in
      Pat will never win

  9. "Because Gung is hung and Ho has the flow."

    This made me laugh out loud. That would make a great tagline for these two if they ever became a rap supergroup. You bring the rhymes, I'll bring the bitches!

    1. haha yeah they sure have the line
      Sounds good to the feline
      The rhymes will come
      The rest is your job plus some rum

  10. HA! We remember that Frank Zappa said don't eat the yellow snow! Well, Dad remembers that!

    1. Prob best he does
      Wouldn't want to forget such a buzz

  11. yellow snow may cause a blue christmas

  12. A big red sack?
    Are you on the level?
    Why do Gung and Ho have it?
    And not the Devil?

    1. I suppose they stole
      The thing on a stroll
      Or ripped off a flag pole
      But they'll get coal

  13. Schultz will eat Gung and Ho if they show up at my door with their big red sack!

    1. That sounds like a plan
      One of which I'm a fan

  14. The magic
    of Santa's
    that code
    can't be

    Not by
    none not
    by all
    nor by Ho
    nor by Gung.

    So Whoopdi Friggin Do
    what will they do?

    These two lose in a bar, now that's a rhyme I'd like to see flow at your show.

    Well done on the interview Cat.

    1. Maybe they will go to a bar
      That surely wouldn't be on par
      We shall see
      What next they do when they swing from the crazy tree
      But with a whoopdi friggin doo
      Another interview will surely be in view

    2. I just had to use whoopdi friggin doo. Been trying to fit it into a rhyme since last week. This one seemed to allow for it.

      I hope these interviews are helping you sale some books. If you could get into Amazons top 100, that would be a real bonus.

    3. haha working in my phrase
      Is fun in many a ways
      And pfft that would be nice
      I could sell a big slice
      But sadly highest I got was 40,000 and some
      But I will still give off my hum

  15. Interviewed again? That does not surprise me my friend! Love these rhymes Pat, cheerier than the other day with a bit of Christmas joy to lead the way!

    1. A bit of joy
      Let's me not be coy
      As another interview at my sea
      Is fun for little old me

  16. Zany and jazzy, your rhyme is well snazzy. I shall return many a time, to read more of your beautiful rhyme! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Glad it is fun
      And one will always be spun
      Here under my sun
      For I will never shun

  17. Hey, Little Red Riding Hood isn't crazy. The crazy one is the person who didn't give her a real name. I mean seriously, what were they thinking???? :D

    1. haha I suppose that is true
      A name should have came due

  18. so i'm friends with someone really famous huh. good interview Pat :)
    online marketing is indeed a major help.

    1. Yeah it helps a ton
      And famous hahaha not yet can I say that under my sun

  19. Saw your interesting name at Brian's poetry site, now that I've followed you home it all falls into place! And let me say, you are creating a delightful space for young minds!

    Wishing YOU
    an Aloha-filled week, from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

    1. Geez jealous am I
      I wish I had sun in my sky
      Instead of cold and rain/snow
      Glad you like my show

  20. Gung and Ho put on quite the show.
    I'm glad from me, they're far away
    Getting smashed at a bar
    Perhaps they'll stay.

    Great interview too.
    Now to 10K and beyond for you!


    1. Let's hope they will
      Stay away from making anyone ill
      At that bar
      Would be almost as good as getting hit with a car
      And let's hope so
      As 10K would be great at my show

  21. I just read the interview, good one Pat and hope
    the publicity will do your books more cash and cheer.

    Fun adventure, hopefully they will not crack Santa's red
    sack code...we can't have all those gifts missing Pat ~

    Have a good night Pat ~

    1. haha those two
      Will never have a clue
      As off they will go
      Both are rather slow
      And thanks for the read
      Hopefully more will be sold at my feed


    The Broficiall Box of Wine music video is UP!

    check it out on my blog:

  23. The interview was well done and should bring you some good advertising. You've got a lot going on.


  24. All these about really Christmasy, hey you have the spirit haha!x

    1. I sure have some sort of spirit
      Although many may fear it haha

  25. What a sad end of Ho & Gung. They should have stayed away from all that dung.

    1. Yeah that they should
      But they have brains of wood

  26. Gung and ho do get themselves in trouble though. The simple ones always make us laugh, to think they tried to shrink a car into their bag.

    1. haha well it was worth a shot
      At least to that lot


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