The Howl Returns Bringing Forth Ear Burns!

The cat was sitting about as with any other day and then came a shrieking shout. I could not stand the thing. I stood like a meerkat once more at my wing. Even Cassie came running to my side. Both of us thought some poor animal was taking a death ride.

Oh holy night,
God, save us from this plight.
My ears are feeling a sting,
And a constant ring.

12 days last 12 minutes too long.
Hiring these people was just wrong.
How can you bring in,
Another crew that brings forth sin.

If Santa Claus is coming to town.
I'm sure he will frown,
Then fly the hell away,
Dropping coal on your head on his way.

That would work for me.
Shutting you up and causing glee.
Scrooge would even throw money at you,
Just to give you some sort of clue.

That you are just that bad.
That squealing would drive anyone mad.
If you could just jingle bells,
From some rubber room cells,

I would be oh so glad.
But if that would make you sad.
Take the O'Christmas Tree,
And smash it over the head of thee.

Save one and all the trouble,
Bury yourself in Christmas rubble.
Mommy might kiss Santa Claus,
But if she heard you she'd surely pause.

And whack you with a broom,
From bringing forth such ear doom.
I will get a pringle can,
Fling it and show you I'm no fan.

Those jingle bells will surely rock.
Your voice gives off a shock.
They will probably even rust,
Before they bust.

I really need those ear plugs,
Or some thick rugs.
I need to hide away,
From such a screeching display.

So that was the cat's night enjoying an ear plight. I can't believe two years in a row I had to listen to such a show. Pat really needs to move us away from here. For those voices strike fear. So glad when it came to pass as they just gave tons of gas to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Two days in a row
      Hank must be flustered with such a show

    2. I'm used to causing fluster - you know that!

    3. haha fluster is fun
      And Hank is late under my sun

  2. Such a grumpy smelly cat
    when Christmas Carolers come to your mat
    You should sit back and enjoy their songs
    maybe even be purring along
    but all you think is about is your Pringle can
    now I'm glad I got my mafia man

    have fun today over at my bay
    I put on quite the display

    1. Pfft to those bellowing turds
      They sounds like dying birds
      So deserve the pringle can full of crap
      For their very bad christmas wrap
      See what I did there
      Now off to your lair

    2. Such a grump at Christmas, it must have been from what you knew was coming due over at my place.

    3. Elsie that was a brilliant bit of writing today.

    4. Thank you, Anne. I greatly appreciate that coming from you because I've seen your work and it rocks! Especially your poetry!

    5. Geez suck up much?
      Makes the cat want to fart and such

    6. A laughing fit
      See so full of umm spit

  3. haha like how you embed the song, and if in bed dont sing long, a cackle, a moan, some ear plugs out on loan (just to jack the OCD) and flee, not flea, no that might be a disaster for thee, hehe look i am speaking olde english, wiat shhh, i think i hear them coming back for another song attack...

    1. Pfft don't wish that upon me
      Then I would have to hunt down thee
      As those people need to fly away
      And go howl at some other bay haha

  4. great use of Christmas songs, I am an awful singer but I just like to blare it out there, wait I just come over and show you!

    1. No thanks
      The cat would rather go rob banks
      Get thrown in jail
      And forget such a wail haha

  5. Sure hope Santa brings you a lifetime supply of earplugs so you get some piece and quiet, or perhaps a case of laryngitis to the offender.

  6. Silent night, snowy night
    spare me from the shoveling plight
    I wish I may I wish I might
    rid my world of the sleety sight!

    1. I'm with you there
      Thankfully not much yet at my lair
      Hopefully it stays bare
      And snow becomes rare

  7. Oh, you're adorable doing that meercat stance
    when my cats do that I stop and take a glance
    because they are so cute
    I think it's such a hoot!
    But sorry for the singing woes
    I know that surely curls your toes!

    1. Yeah so fun to see
      With both doing it at once at my tree
      And such woes hurt the ears and head
      Was glad it was put to bed

  8. Couldn't be any worse than the crappy cover bands they always have playing at the bars around here while Brandon and I are trying to discuss writing... right?

    Oh, and Santa can drop all the coal on me he wants. I'll put it in the grill and make reindeer burgers. Merry Christmas indeed.

    1. haha good idea too
      If coal comes due
      And yeah prob not much worse
      But still makes me curse

  9. Santa is the biggest player of all time

    so many mommies he thinks is fine.

    1. Santa will get his due
      With a pringle can full of something eww

  10. It's the
    12 Days of Christmas
    that really
    gets to me,
    the five golden rings
    makes me
    want to flee.

    The Hubby
    is a grouch
    when the season
    comes about
    whinging and moaning
    and fairly
    groaning at
    the music that
    comes due
    every single

    I like The Little Drummer Boy and we do a cover version of that every year. And I like the Christmas Cannon-great composition. Bad singers stink any time of year though.

    1. I'll bet you guys can rock out to some Little Drummer Boy! Now that's something I'd like to hear.

    2. One eye sucking up once more
      With her having one eye you'd surely have to do an encore haha
      And yeah those damn rings
      Cause ear stings
      Want to bash people upside the head
      That song causes such dread

    3. We do a jazz version of the song-very classy.

      Christmas music in general drives The Hubby bonkers. When it plays at the grocers, he bitches his way down the aisles.

    4. hahaha I'm not that bad
      Just bad singers and some songs I find not rad

  11. Dear cat
    you don't like Christmas songs??
    maybe the next year
    they sing others songs:)
    And you belive in Santa
    or you forget when you was
    a little boy
    and you was amazed with these
    Christmas toy???
    for you with love, xxx

    1. The cat doesn't like anything but his own reflection in the mirror, Gloria and even that scares him most of the time!

    2. Pfft the cat does not scare
      At all at my lair
      Except of your one eye
      When I see a pic at your sty

      And many christmas songs are fine by me
      Just not when sung by the stinky
      They need to go away
      And of course a toy is fine for the cat at his bay

  12. With 5 sisters I rarely have a silent night!

  13. Silent night,holy night!
    The songs are just right
    Jingle Bells and the like
    Can't be any other take
    Ear plugs are unnecessary
    Just hear them out, be happy
    To be with the Christmas cheer
    Only just for once in a year


    1. Only once a year
      Is worth a cheer
      To have to ear
      Them come near

  14. I'll ask Santa to send you a lifetime supply of earplugs! LOL!

  15. That's the first time I seen the Rhyme Time video. Very cool. I like cats but wifey is allergic to their dander. Maybe if I buy a couple and shave them she won't have any reactions.

    1. First time you say?
      Been there a long time at my bay
      Too bad about the dander though
      Maybe a bald one would work at your show

  16. This is brilliant and definitely adds a completely different take to carol singing in my opinion haha. Great post Pat, love your rhymes as a sign of the festive times.

    1. Yeah stuck many in
      As I heard them at my bin
      Not something I wish a repeat
      As those voices were not a treat

  17. hehe...i think i might sing you a christmas carol..smiles

    1. Well you can sing
      So that wouldn't bother me at my wing

  18. Do they make ear muffs for cats? That would be a great investment. Lol

    1. I suppose that could work too
      To get the off key voice from my view

  19. Hey, I like the Christmas carols, old and new,
    they make me happy remembering the good old times ~

    We are expecting snow tomorrow...yikes ~

    Have a good night Pat ~

    1. I don't mind them when not sung by nuts
      That sounds like dying mutts haha
      And snow ewwww
      Keep that at your zoo

  20. Just learned from Betsy that you are a fellow Canadian...
    Nice to meet you, eh???

    Linda :o)

    ps...I am not a rhymer!!

    1. haha no one has to rhyme
      It is not a crime
      And yep Canadian too
      But hate eh at my zoo haha

    2. I will never say eh, again...ok
      Oh...what the hay...
      It is another day!!

      Linda :o)

    3. haha hay works better for me
      And causes more glee

  21. Hi! Pat in the Hatt...
    I'm so sorry "cat," but I have not been here at your "mat..." for a "while" even though I like your rhyming "style!"

    Therefore, I'm out Of the "loop" and have to try to jump through "hoops" in order to find out why:
    "The Howl Returns Bringing Forth Ear Burns!"
    deedee :D

    1. Don't fall when jumping through the hoop
      Best to avoid doing it on a stoop haha

  22. what! Santa doesn't judge! And I hope he wouldnt' drop coal on anyone's head- in my line of business that's called a lawsuit :)

    1. Well lots of money
      Would make me all sunny
      So let him drop
      Then I'll sue non stop


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