Too Much, Too Little. Go Pop A Skittle!

Too much of this or too little of that,
Could ruin bliss or make you fat.
Pop a pill and all is grand.
Until the bill then things get bland.

Coffee is good until it's not.
Truth for every hood a whole friggin' lot.
Too much sun and you fry.
Too little and you die.

Too much water you croak.
Too little and your throat's so dry you choke.
Too much fat creates a heart attack.
Too little you feed the cat and he ruins your shack.

Too much and too little.
Makes your touch oh so brittle.
Too much sway when you are out.
Your back gives way and you shout.

Too much junk and you fall over.
Too little gunk and your butt won't get sniffed by rover.
Throw to hard and bye bye arm.
Run too fast across the yard, slip and cause harm.

Too many radio waves screw you too.
Too many saves and death increases at your zoo.
Little by little your chances go,
Should too much or too little flow.

Too much school and you miss out.
Too little you're a fool like a singing trout.
Too much gas and you could crash.
Too little and an old bitty will get a bad rash.

Too little money and you get a box.
Might look funny with holes in your socks.
Too much and hmm is there such a thing?
For such a sight it would be to see the dollars ring.

Too much wishing nothing ever gets done.
Spend some time fishing out in the sun.
Too little trouble and things could bore.
But trouble will double if you become a man whore.

Too much would make you sing a jailbird tune.
So let your dong ding and pretend you're a loon.
Too much you get a rubber room.
Don't touch, too hot and you bring doom.

Balance I suppose is key to all.
Even things like tea could kill you at your hall.
I guess so could a paper cut,
Just as much as some great caper at your hut.

Unless of course you go with the dough.
Then that can grow and surely flow.
Otherwise balance must come due.
Even with lust for you don't want to get thrown in a zoo.

Was that a little too much or too much too little? Did I just make your brain more brittle? I do that every day though with the rhymes that flow. So once more you are welcome for that. Don't worry, it won't be done too much by the cat. Just once a day it comes to pass. For I must always be a little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Too little too much
    Was on a slight rush
    Gets a bit crowded
    Up here at the top
    That's what happened
    At the last stop
    But now up here all alone
    Yes Pat, where have they gone!


    1. They are all out and about
      Giving the boxing day sale shout
      As they buy buy buy
      Or maybe they just want to sleep in under their sky
      Either way out of the crop
      You are surely on top

  2. Too little sex you think you will die
    Too much and you get a UTI.

    1. lol I can't stop laughing at this.

    2. Me neither Adam. Brilliant JKIR!

    3. LMAO that was well spun
      Such an infection can't surely be fun

  3. might need to get some gunk cause i dont want rovers nose in my junk, just saying, but i hear what you spraying too much and too little far from the middle or using a bit of discretion when filling our button

    1. That is surely does
      With the too much too little buzz
      Have to play to the middle
      With a hey diddle diddle
      And yeah rover can go away
      And sniff a butt any old day

  4. I don't want a brittle brain
    From that I always do refrain
    The sign of Libra is my moon
    For that alone do people swoon
    We always keep the middle road
    And in our pocket lies a toad
    We all are given second sight
    Don't mess with us, you'll get a fright
    But this in time will come to pass
    And join the ranks of your little rhyming ass

    1. I'm not sure I want that toad
      Might be is squashed mode
      That would not be a sight
      I'd want to come due any night haha
      And I will not mess
      Or at least try by best I do confess

  5. Hmmmmmmm, too much of a good thing will get you in the end, or other parts!

  6. To stay
    in the middle
    is hard
    to do
    for I love
    fat and
    carbs too.

    Fizzy drinks
    I do adore
    drinking one
    makes me
    want more.

    To take
    tea away
    from me
    is an
    affront to
    my nationality.

    In moderation
    I will
    not live
    for without
    fun I'm
    better off

    You know what they say Cat "It's better to burn out than fade away" Take that Benjamin Franklin!

    1. haha yeah for some things I agree
      But stuck only drinking water at my sea
      And that is it
      No fading will come due as I'll just shit
      And with the smell
      All will give a yell

  7. meowloz orlin N cassie N dad...we hope ewe all haza grate week oh end !!

  8. Too much of this
    Too much of that
    Has indeed already
    Made me fat!

    1. Guess it is time to exercise away
      Once that damn fracture has had its say

  9. Too much chocolate has added many an inch
    Too little healthy food has given more to pinch
    Maybe next year I'll eat healthier
    But the odds of that are about the same as me being wealthier

    1. haha well I have to eat healthy as can be
      With the woes at my sea
      So that I got down
      Still broke though across town haha

  10. Everything in moderation
    is the best consideration!

    1. That is surely is
      But sometimes I hate the moderation biz

  11. Too much of anything is not good :) it's all about the balance :)

    1. Yeah one big balancing act
      And that is surely a fact

  12. I can relate to this so much Pat, especially the pill line, those pills are great until you realise how much they're costing, nobody understands that like I do in all honesty. Great post that gives out an equally as great a lesson, the only winner is moderation, too much of anything is never good in my eyes, hence the use of the words "too much."

    1. Yeah too much can suck
      And really leave one going wtf
      Moderation is key
      Although sometimes it escapes me

  13. Yeah. Balance. I'm I little off in that department. I think I'll go pop a skittle. :)

  14. Yep, going to pop a skittle because now my brain really is brittle!

    1. haha sorry about that
      Actually it is rather fun to the cat

  15. I am dreaming of having too much money..he..he...

    And not too much snow, too ~

    Have a good night Pat ~

    1. Yes they are both dreams to be had
      Neither one being bad

  16. There is and never will be too much chocolate, though.
    Oh, somebody help me.

  17. This reminds the Human of a song called Too Much of Nuffing by Bob Dylan. The first two lines are "Too much of nothing/
    Can make a man ill at ease" but she can't a-member the rest!

    1. Well at least she can remember a line or two
      That is impressive for a human to do

  18. Balance definitely is the key!
    Can't argue with that!!

    1. Well you can argue if you like
      But might be a futile hike

  19. as important as I would say balance is, skittles are an exception to moderation, simply put aside from getting full you can never have too many, they're the only snack that doesn't make you sick when you eat the entire collection.

    1. Hmmm may want to put that to the test
      As I'm not sure they are the best

  20. haha...great poem!! new follower here, hi!

  21. I refused to believe that too much internet is bad for me. Keep your lies away from me!

    1. Well when you have a bum arm
      To much internet can cause harm


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