Travel Through Time With This Chime!

Would you not like to travel back in time? Forget how it could be a crime or cost a pretty dime. Maybe you could stop the creation of the mime. But then I would lose such a rhyme so that would not be sublime. Anyway, today you can go back for free thanks to little old me.

Today we went to Peru.
Sorry, but it is true.
That alien door,
Here at my shore.

When reading this though,
All will be ready for the Christmas flow.
Black Friday is gone,
One big ass con.

Both Thanksgivings are through,
But so far not one has come due.
Old one eye yaps about a trigger or step or stair.
She simply rambles on at her lair.

I beat Mary at Brian's place,
Making her give me not a warm and fuzzy embrace.
Betsy, had a necklace come due.
Poor Irish Air is too busy cleaning out her loo.

Or was that making the cat a god?
Either way, go to newfie land and kiss a cod.
Halloween hasn't even come.
Christmas seems so far away to give a hum.

But all the fruitcake is being baked,
The leaves are all raked.
Probably even some snow,
Which I hate at my show.

Still now it is all sunny.
Santa hasn't gotten my money.
Waffles is deciding whether or not to get drunk.
Mama Zen is in a getting old funk.

It's an x-men show,
That Adam gives a go.
There are no jingle bells.
Maybe cons in cells.

Things might jangle,
From a certain angle.
See I can't be all Christmas cheery,
Time travel is eerie.

That is what happens when you're a cat.
Who likes to stay far ahead at his mat.
While I'm in the future writing away.
You are in the past reading my display.

Did I confuse?
Maybe abuse?
Oh that is grand,
Always skipping through time at my land.

The cat just had to let you travel back in time. I mean october 3rd was so sublime. Obama and Romney meet for the first time and e-coli is all over the news robbing you of more than a dime. I hope you enjoyed this time travel pass and coming back to this day with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Three days in a row
      You wrapped #1 in a big bow

  2. Time travel is a privilege
    Giving it a thought is no sacrilege
    'Back to the Future' remember?
    Thoughts by the Professor
    May come to be a reality
    Wait and see, wait and see!


    1. Yeah 88 miles per hour
      And time travel has the power
      Back we go
      Although changing things would be scary you know

  3. I'm in
    the present
    reading your

    Even then
    you still
    had some

    For what
    did come
    due at
    my loo
    shall now
    be flung
    unto you.

    Does this mean that in March we'll be reading about Christmas? Can you take me into the future so I can skip Winter all together? Or use your Godlike powers to put me into hibernation until Spring at the very least?

    Been up all night again, so now I'm off the the Land of Nod.

    Nitey Nite Cat!

    1. The cat reserves his god like powers for himself
      Here at his shelf
      He does not like to share
      I know, not fair
      But no christmas ones are all done
      And ready to run
      Getting close to easter now
      As my posts take a bow haha

    2. I won't be going home for Christmas this year. Stuck at my lair. I remember coming back last year and being surprised at how many people were blogging. Heavy blog traffic over Christmas. I may join the crowd this year.

    3. Yeah there was a ton
      That were giving blogging a run
      Way more than I expected
      I guess christmas was neglected
      But as with every other day
      The cat will be around to have his say

  4. I love the idea of time travel and changing things around to say the very least and going back in time before the Black Friday con was around. I loved the bit about Irish Air cleaning out the loo and me debating whether or not to drink too. I guess things haven't changed too much over the years.

    1. Actually it would be months I suppose
      Since I wrote such woes
      But still all the same
      This time travel game

  5. wouldnt mind a trip in the delorean, reruna few moments, ha, i might get a week or two ahead, but that many months might forget what i said, or perhaps it changed and now i am even more deranged...crawling back up the list from below i will return to the top of the bottom of your rhyming show....

    1. Way down today
      With your display
      Hank is tough to beat
      One day you will defeat
      And yeah change one thing
      And all could change for the worse instead of better at your wing

    2. Had rushed in quick
      Lurking did the trick


  6. oh i would love to do some time the past and even more into the future...ha...that would be fun..wouldn't it...we could comment on the poems that are not yet written..ha...

    1. haha yeah that would be grand
      To go to the future land
      Unless it was all messed up
      Then go back in time with a pup

  7. Ha ha Pat....I beat you at Brian's place today
    but recently I haven't been first at your bay.
    I will have to work harder at that, I say.
    Yes, both Thanksgivings are over for now
    just in time for that big snow plow
    And as an aside, between me and though
    I'd give you a warm fuzzy embrance anyhow.
    Have a good day with the cat at your bay.
    Don't demand anything the cat wouldn't obey!

    1. haha yeah Hank has been way ahead
      Of all who come to see what I said
      Yeah I can demand away
      He'll just ignore me like any other day
      So no need to bother with that
      What an egotistical cat

  8. I heard Obama offered Romney a cabinet position

    Secretary of Losing.

    1. LMAO well if he gets rid of his pride
      Maybe that is a place he can hide

  9. Adam's post is funny ~

    I don't even have a post for next week as I take it nice and slow in my writing ~ It keeps changing every day, but its okay as long as friends like you visit and keeps me going ~

    You better change you ending about fall, snow is upon us..he..he...

    1. No snow here thank god,
      I'd rather, almost, kiss a cod
      Mine changes here and there
      But I always have plenty ahead at my lair
      And will always come
      Although technically until Dec 20th or 21st whatever, winter is still offically not here so I can't give it a hum

  10. I am always in the Christmas flow, all year long!

    1. All year around
      My, you must be happy there is no hound

  11. I need more coffee.
    I'm having trouble being in the present at the moment.
    See, I'm not even rhyming! ha.

    1. haha geez confused
      And abused
      The cat likes to do that
      At his mat

  12. Cat, what are you trying to do to me? Mess with my head? LOL!

    1. Yeah the cat likes to mess away
      Each and every day

  13. well if you go to Peru can stopping by here in Chile caT;)

    (PSST here is more beauty than Peru cat!)

    1. I will drop by your bay
      If I should go that way

  14. Black Friday-- one big ass my thoughts exactly...

    1. haha yep in every way
      They try to suck you in with such a display

  15. I can hardly believe how fast time is flying.

    And I'm feeling this line: "Santa hasn't gotten my money." ;)

    1. Yeah it just flies on by
      With the changing of the sky

  16. I wish I could travel through time to a point where I was done my exams. :(

    1. That would be nice to do
      Thankfully I'm over those at my zoo

  17. A rhyming cat is like pure gold
    You can see good things unfold.
    I would time travel far and wide
    If rhyming cat were at my side.
    The trip would be, "Oh so amusing
    Away we go .... it's timely cruising.

    1. Oh yeah it would amuse
      Some people the cat would abuse
      But he would stick around
      To make sure fun was found

  18. I wish my cat was this smart. Maybe she is and she's just making us think she's dim witted. Hmm. All this rhyming is messing with my head at this late hour. I can't compete and bow my head in shame. I must say, I wouldn't mind fast forwarding a bit to a new finished MS. Time travel is an intriguing idea.

    1. Yeah it could help a bit
      But then it could cause much umm shit
      So best not to give it a go
      If you don't want to know
      Or mess things up
      And I'm sure your cat is much smarter than a pup

  19. In the past, present, and future, I cry:
    Oh why must fruitcake never die?!


  20. Peru huh? Did you see a lama? I have a question for Orlin, is he an inside cat? I could see how emptying a litter box for cats would make them think they were gods. :) This was great fun.


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