What Do I See As I Scroll With Glee?

So the cat had an idea so bright I had to bring it to light. Or at least it gave me a chance to go all incorporate many more once again at my hall. Should be fun to spin it today. Also this was from a way back display. For remember I am 90 ahead. So some might forget what they said.

Homemade Salsa is on display.
Could cure plenty a hunger at ones bay.
Total Recall 2012 gets its review day.
Just another damn rehash I say.

The Other Blog gets a mention.
I hope the current one isn't in detention.
What Color Is That Bear garners some attention.
I hope it didn't cause any tension.

Pepper can be spicy.
And it isn't very pricey.
X-factor, Support and Attention can be dicey.
The firsts mention is just icy.

The story of a lost/stolen phone and craiglist.
Surely will make one shake their fist.
Follow (y)our leader might bruise your wrist.
Add that to the blame game list.

Video game candy.
Is just dandy.
Breakfast is surely handy,
Unless it tastes rather sandy.

A Many Splendored Thing,
Go ahead and give it a sing.
Let Us Pray,
All have a very nice day.

Oldest Park,
Where the dogs like to bark.
New Marvel Heroes Trailer hits the mark.
Look at those superheroes snark.

Just An Observation of Eastwood.
Older than the dirt in any hood.
Fall is all around.
So says the leaves on the ground.

I Should Have Kissed You.
Keep your slobber for to the cat it's eww.
Autumn chills are coming due.
Hate the snow but that you knew.

Wow you sure had your say.
Gifted Eyeballs on display.
Maybe they are made of clay?

Ad Infinitum is on deck.
Guess one wants a little cheek peck.
Not quite autumn might make some a wreck.
As the heat lingers more than a speck.

Weekend Wisecrack,
Goes on the behind attack.
September Again at our shack.
The heat is now slack.

And so it goes,
That I write whatever shows.
During the day,
Of my blogroll display.

Sadly some I missed though,
As they do not show.
For blogger doesn't seem to like,
And tells them to take a hike.

The cat can do all here at his hall. Stealing titles from all of you err umm I mean borrowing them at my zoo. Bah it is more fun to steal. But I'll never admit that was the real deal. So thanks to you the blogroll rhyme has come to pass from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Once more
      At my shore
      On a roll
      With your 1st stroll

  2. Borrowing titles!
    None there are to trifle
    Makes for good display
    Where all can play
    Though you missed some
    Blogger that adamant?
    Told them take a hike?
    Not one to dislike!
    Stay with us bloggers
    None that'll go bonkers!


    1. Yeah blogger is a pain
      Not showing some on it's list train
      But oh well
      I find them at my cell
      And away they go
      Just not for this show

  3. One,two, three
    Oh, so happily!


  4. To Scooby Doo
    some said
    "Screw You"

    And through
    an Open Door
    an Exit plan
    was made.

    With a little
    Hocus Pocus
    some Lost
    Their Focus.

    A Hen got stabbed
    with a mighty Pen
    then we Turned
    The Dial
    and it
    Smelled Vile.

    A tale of
    Flappy and
    a Table
    to rhyme
    you were able.

    A dVerse
    Dirty Mind
    You Did Find
    that Fun
    Could Be
    Had with
    simple Spam.

    We Traveled
    Through Time
    with Pat and
    Cat to find
    ourselves here
    looking at
    your rear.

    Now there's some titles to spin something too and now it has just come due to you.

    1. haha stealing my old ones I see
      Oh so fun of thee
      And remembering too
      What came due
      Nicely done
      As away you spun

    2. Off topic but how are you feeling these days? Is the fatigue and pain any better?

    3. Arm and neck are still fecked pretty good
      Still have most of the crap under the hood
      But a little better I suppose
      Still a pain in the ass from head to toes

    4. You haven't let it slow you down any Cat. Based on your output no one would know what you're dealing with. I do wish the docs could come up with some way of giving you back everything you've lost.

    5. Yeah I try to stay on top of things
      Even though some days at my wings
      Don't want to at all
      Me too though, as this neck and arm crap drives me up the wall

  5. Hi Gloria, thanks for missing me!
    I wrote a note on yesterday's blog
    addressing part of it to thee!

    1. Pfft don't egg her on
      She is buried in the dirt in the lawn

    2. She is ignoring today
      Guess she's happy you are okay

  6. Wow, 90 posts ahead
    is quite the deed!
    I do a few a week
    in my blog feed!
    It sounds like you were back in September
    rather than miserable cold December
    at least it helps me remember......

    Have a good day
    I'm on my way!

    1. Yeah way back then
      I was writing christmas at my den
      Now almost into easter at my sea
      Sure let's me stay ahead with glee
      And no snow
      Was great at my show

    2. Wow....Easter
      I wish the weather was Easter!

    3. Yeah me too
      No more cold to come due

  7. been caught stealing once
    when i was five...oh my, now i am stealing
    lines from songs, this post could get real long
    fun spin on what we say when we title
    i missed the marvel comics trailer, will
    have to check it before the train derailers-errr
    anyway hope you have a great day tomorrow i will be back to see
    what you say

    1. Always at my shore
      To give an encore
      As whatever I say
      Or put on display
      There you are
      Stealing a comment at my bar
      Even if always beat by Hank
      Who makes you walk the comment plank haha

  8. I'm six posts ahead
    as with 90 you led. ha.
    I've never been that far
    but had some time at my bar
    and edited photos a bunch
    so I took your lead and hunch
    and wrote a few
    but 90 will never come due.
    Was that me making salsa there
    busy in my kitchen lair?

    1. See doesn't it feel nice?
      Now you can take a day off and the blog won't pay the price
      Always having one to go
      Nice to be 90 ahead though
      Then if crap comes due
      You still have plenty to go through
      And it could have been you
      Think it was, but been a long while since that came due

  9. 90 ahead? Wow! I don't know how you do it!

  10. I haven't seen the new total recall since I wasn't sold

    I also never seen the one of old.

    1. The old one was grand
      The new one sucked across the land

  11. 90 ahead...my goodness, mine are right at the moment. It's all my head can cope with...lol
    You have such a clever little rhyming ass (for a cat)
    How about that. I even managed to get in a rhyme
    but had to wait til the very last line. ;)

    1. Not a crime
      Beats a mime
      And yeah oh so fun
      To be so far ahead under my sun

  12. WOW, 90 ahead, I feel behind...but not my own!

    1. haha well not feeling you own is fine
      But it still has to be licked as you are a feline

  13. blog titles that's a great idea, for some reason i loved the eastwood line

    1. Yeah the titles just came
      As I went and stole others fame

  14. I'm lost but then I've just got up
    not deliberately acting like a pup!

    1. At least you don't sniff a butt
      That is a good thing at your hut

  15. The cat may be bright today
    but that's because he was kind this display

    I really am extraordinarily gifted
    and now my spirits have been lifted

    Don't you diss that Eastwood fellow
    he's been around so long even his bones are yellow

    I plan on seeing the Recall movie
    I think it will be pretty groovy!

    1. The old one is great
      New one has Farrell so it will suck at any rate
      Hate that guy
      With a passion under my sky
      And Al made fun of Eastwood first
      Leading to this burst

    2. I will go bust Al's balls
      the next time I make a call

      How can you hate Will
      he is just fits the bill

      when you want to laugh and joke
      he always makes me spit out my Coke!

    3. Not Will
      Colin Farrell makes me ill
      Will is okay most of the time
      Except for some of his stupid things he gives a chime

  16. Excellent idea for a post. You are so creative!

    1. Creative I can be
      At least once and a while at my sea

  17. sniffin buttz
    iz what uz cats due
    heerez a grate week end
    frum uz two ewe


    1. Yeah some we sniff
      But not like dogs who always need a whiff

  18. I have many saved posts. The problem is, I rarely go back and use them. I guess I'll save them for the days I'll need them. Way to go.

    1. I just set them up to go
      And then they will always show

  19. Older than the dirt in any hood. Great line.

  20. I think a kid made gifted eyeballs out of clay at my bay the other day!

  21. You've 90 unposted but done?
    Can I borrow - er steal? You're right; that's more fun.

    PS This was another great run.

    1. haha yeah all done
      Ready to run by the ton
      Steal is more fun
      To be spun

  22. The cat is well ahead while the others may sleep on in their bed. Great rhymes buddy even though it took me ages to get the gist. I'm a reversed Angry, I've been up for too long.

    1. haha one up too long
      One needing coffee quite strong

  23. *Looks for the mistletoe so cat can kiss me* :)

    1. Some germs you will get too
      For the cat licks things that are quite eww

  24. Have no idea how you have extra posts. I don't have time to do one! That's no fun! Ok, my rhyming skills are a little off. Don't scoff.

    1. A little off is okay
      As you have to find time to do a post at your bay

  25. Your posts are like a diary of that day..ha..ha....

    90 post ahead...geez Pat, I don't even have one for tomorrow ~

    Weather has been good so far, no snow in sight ~

    1. Yeah much the same here
      Except cold I fear
      And have to get on that
      At least 50 done at your mat

  26. Total Recall,
    Total Rehash.
    So very sorry
    We gave 'em our cash.

    1. Yep about the size of it
      As it was complete errr umm spit

  27. I barely recognized any of these names....

    That's not something to be proud of. ._.

  28. A rehash at the mall I'd sooner recall
    for when they touch another classic
    someone's bound to take the fall.

    1. But they will
      And make all feel ill
      As they try to rake in the dough
      To get a golden toe

    2. Here's some more bad news: CLICK

      I mean COME ON!

    3. That info is FAKE
      So no need to stay awake

    4. Zzzzzzzzzzz Oh good it was all just a bad dream.

  29. hah, the blogroll rhyme, will soon become a rage that all will find, from the essayist to the rapper from the mime to the yapper, but none as fun as when the cat stamps the rhyming flow with the rhythm of the rhyme time show. Fun write. stealing is fun…hmmm…reminds me of the other day, where my niece lost her little winter's hat that has ears on it, so we looked and looked, only to find Chloe had snagged it and there we found it along with rubberbands and other missing things, all together in her nook.

    1. hahaha hording away
      For some rainy day
      Quite the way to be
      Plus they were free


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