What's In A Name? Could It Bring Fame?

So a while back over at Brian's shack the cat saw Turdbusters on a pic he used. Oh how that could be abused. But the cat won't go there. In any case that company has never been seen or heard of at my place. But with a name like that, they must surely get remembered when the plumbing gets backed up at your mat. Let's see what the cat can do with naming things at his zoo.

Call Home Annihilation today.
We'll sell your home right away.
It will be like it's not even there.
While you search for a new lair.

Give Blazing Potatoes a call.
We'll drive you right up the wall.
For as you chew,
I bet a pepper thought will come due.

It's time you called up Stretchy Clotheslines.
Whether man, woman, kid or felines.
No longer will grass stains be hard,
For your whole shirt will be green as it stretches down to the yard.

Tramping Stamps is in full swing.
We'll shine up your bling.
Maybe even a hump,
If you check out our tattooed rump.

Coming To is here to serve you.
We know you have no clue.
So put those zombie days behind you.
All it takes is a kick from our kangaroo.

Globland is here to serve,
Warning we might throw you for a swerve.
Making some banned for no reason,
Or some word verification treason.

Quacking Crackers is your food of choice.
Just chow down and rejoice.
Now you to can waddle like a duck,
As your thighs grow wide as a truck.

Rockhangers will be right to you.
Hanging rocks all over your zoo.
You will take them to heart,
When you're surrounded by stone aged art.

Trouble in Paradise,
Will rid you of lice.
Even some mice,
Buy both packages and get a free pizza slice.

Dragon Discounts will fly your way,
Burn down all others on display.
Making you a sweet deal.
It's so sweet it's unreal.

Remember for each one,
If you give them a run.
Some conditions may apply,
They could suck you dry.

Maybe poke you in the eye,
Fail every single try,
Hammer your poor thumb.
Or sadly, they just won't come.

Doesn't each name just burst with such fame? I bet one could make a ton just by giving them a run. Just kick back a royalty to the cat and maybe a bit to Pat. I suppose I could just be full of gas which is usually the case with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I beat Hank!!

    Little Doggy Doo
    will clean
    up your poo
    so you don't
    have to.

    Give Creepy Crawly
    to Cousin Molly
    and cure her
    of what ails

    Dance Divine
    will give
    your floor
    a shine
    with glitter
    but not
    the glare.

    Shifty Shaft
    goes up your
    .... wait a minute, that's too filthy even for me.

    I'm off to take a bath now Cat as I'm feeling dirty.

    1. Geez got all nasty indeed
      Today at my feed
      Must have been the delight
      Of being first under my spotlight
      But oh so fun
      The rhyme you spun
      Poor Hank
      Once more walking the plank

    2. Where is Hank? I worry when a regular isn't in, I hope he's okay.

      I had fun with it and that last one just came to me like magic!

      Hey, I may have a way to write you into this short story I'm doing. You and the god The Ferret are half brothers so you're the Little Monsters Uncle Orlin. And the Little Monsters may go to you for help behind their fathers back when it comes time to bring Suzie back to kill the first zombie ever created. It all depends on my being able to paint up your Pirate Cat friend within the next week and a half. Right now I'm struggling with The Ferrets figure. It's as hard to do as yours was. Wish me luck!

    3. Hank is prob off galovating around
      I'm sure soon he will be found
      Sounds like fun
      The cat is game for all under your sun
      Hopefully you can get it done
      Good luck giving the pirate cat a run

    4. I'm doing her Pirate Coat in purple and purple is another tricky colour to use. I'm hoping to give her a flying monkey for a companion too (instead of a parrot because she'd just eat it).

    5. Geez going all out
      Could give her a trout
      Will be fun to see
      When she is done by thee

  2. haha fun stuff, people use some names that are buff, to get attention & get elders to spend their pension...the trick indeed is to plant a seed in the memories so when in need you call indeed.....woot

    1. Yep that is the trick
      They think they are slick
      And it works too
      For the names they bring due

  3. I don't think I've ever had any Quacking Crackers. I must add them to my Santa list!

    1. Hopefully santa listens to you
      And such crackers come due

  4. I'm sure glad I don't have any need for Trouble in Paradise. Can't even imagine what might be in that stuff.

    1. Who knows what that could be
      Could really make one flee

  5. I definitely know a few candidates for the "Coming To" services. Hahaha. Awesome rhymes. :)

    1. Yeah aren't there some
      That could give that a good hum

  6. Damn weird, I had to look up tramp stamp!

    1. haha that is funny
      But fyi it's not worth the money

    2. I didn't have to look it up

      I've seen it too much, yup

    3. Yeah me too
      Plenty around here to view

    4. Thank God my daughter doesn't want one. Jesus, I'd shoot myself.

    5. haha just in the foot, right?
      The cat could help shot you on sight

  7. Replies
    1. That is two
      Damn, I should copyright that at my zoo

  8. Love these various names Pat but the Rocky variant is probably my favourite, this is such a great idea, I guess some success really is all behind the name. I guess the idea for my new film Crocodopalous isn't going to be a smashing success then haha.

    1. The name is a huge part
      It putting money in your cart
      And hmmm you never know
      That name could bring them into the show

  9. orlin N cassie....just wanted ta say haza grate week oh end...we hazta type quik lee coz mom sneeks inta blogger at werk N de bozz bee rite down de hall hizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......go golfin all redddy..who cares if itz winter...... peace out N rock on.... !!!

    1. Pffft waaay to cold for that
      But we will try to enjoy things at our mat
      And yeah I sneak on at work too
      It is such fun to do

  10. Dragon Discounts coming my way just might end up burning my bay!

  11. I loved all the names. My favourite was Home Annihilation. It sounds like a job for The Terminator! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Back from the future to terrorize
      They fall from the skies

  12. What's in a name?
    Why that could bring fame.
    If you're name is Bill Gates or Trump.
    But, if you're called Peter or Dick
    now that could be sick.
    And make you a bit of a grump.

    1. That is true
      But then a Trump in view
      Can get some flack
      As one goes on the rump attack
      Plus his fancy doo
      That prob is not true

  13. I got an awkward feeling reading these rhymes.

  14. I think you've missed your call Pat!

  15. It's kind of a pity
    I got named Spitty.

  16. I suppose right now
    you are at the party having a cow.
    Conversations about boring things
    and gorging on chicken wings.
    haha...well now, maybe you would do both of those!
    But if you dance, don't step on any toes! :)

    1. Yeah you were right
      Was there most of the night
      Ate my chicken and that was all
      Glad to be back at my hall

    2. There's no place like home. Let me click the heels of my ruby slippers for you. ha. And chicken is safe, at any rate. :)

    3. Well would rather be out of this place
      But back here is better than some space

  17. Have you been watching "Home Shopping" networks again?

    1. Nope not lately at my sea
      Only when we visit nanny

  18. You are one funny bunny.
    Some of your phrases leave me
    Howling or braying at the Moon
    I need that on Dec 7

    1. haha glad I could help out
      With my funny bunny shout

  19. I know someone who needs a Turdbuster. Badly.
    Is it true... are you a bunny these days?

    1. Nope no rabbit here
      But they taste good I hear
      And yeah I know someone too
      If I see one I'll send them to you

    2. Just put them in a boat, tell them to go snif sniff and follow the whiff.

    3. Then up shit creek they are
      And away from your bar

  20. Trouble in Paradise
    makes me roll my eyes
    but what a surprise
    to claim a pizza slice!
    Faulty rhyme,
    but no crime!

    1. Bah only a little bit of a crime
      But beats being a mime
      And yeah an eye roll is had
      Just a tad


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