With Missing Comes Some Familiar Hissing!

So dVerse is on the missing attack over at their shack and the cat just had to go back to a typical flow. I mean most of you are still at my zoo, so I really can't miss you. But there are some things that I miss in my wings. I bet you can guess where I am going, more or less.

Damn it, was such a hit,
A drinking game was made after it.
Each 24 hours was a very bad day.
I miss Jack Bauer on display.

Jaffa Kree!
Is surely missed by me.
One more time through the gate,
Should come at any rate.

Germs, milk, ladders, snakes and more,
Surely made him head for his home shore.
For Monk with his OCD,
Was always a delight to see.

Lots of things were at play,
That made this one quite the display.
And what the duck,
I do give a Chuck.

A deaf wolf and a Mountie,
They even boarded the Bounty.
Or some other ship,
The show was such a trip.

I can go all animated too.
Gargoyles weaved in tons of myths to view.
Although those chronicles sucked donkey bum.
Disney must have got into the rum.

The nukes going boom,
Bringing forth doom and gloom,
Puts Jericho on the list,
Of those surely missed.

There is Buffy too,
For those vampires are just eww.
They all need to die,
Taking Mr. Pointy to the eye.

A good X-men or Spiderman show,
As the later ones newest offering eats crow,
Is surely missed a bit.
Marvel animation is in some deep dark pit.

And many more will arise,
But I'm glad many dropped like flies.
After a while,
They just got vile.

It was time to turn the dial,
And give a see you later crocodile.
A cheat rhyme at the end,
Hope it didn't send you around the bend.

I suppose many a show if on longer, probably would not have been stronger. But you never know. So there is my missing show. Now don't cry old one eye for your reality TV can just fry! I guess all shows run out of gas but it won't happen any time soon to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Missed out today at Pat Hatt's bay. Starting work tomorrow so I won't win for a long time to all my sorrow.

    2. Can't say for certain
      What's going to happen


    3. Yeah you both just never know
      You could both be slow
      And Brian could win
      That might be a sin

  2. Love all of these references Pat, especially the Monk and 24 ones. That Monk is an odd fellow with his OCD although I don't think that he's at all yellow. Love these rhymes Pat, great job as usual buddy.

    1. Yeah Monk was odd indeed
      But fun to watch at my feed
      They all just popped in
      As I miss some shows at my bin

  3. Bauer using torture on 24
    Stargate had it all made
    TV heroes come to the fore
    Lots of action all said
    Given a long run they fall flat
    Just never know what to expect


    1. Yeah better to go out on top
      And to have them stop
      Then to drag on forever
      Becoming less and less clever

  4. Do not know
    most of these
    as I gave up
    years ago.

    All I have is Netflix and I tend to stick with just British shows and foreign films. YouTube has some good stuff for free but you have to download it quick before it gets pulled. I also get RTE free and that's our Irish station.

    Your godlike countenance is gracing my page today. Now I'm off to sleep.

    Nitey Nite Cat.

    1. Geez out of the loop
      But yeah my channels also droop
      I just dwl away
      As netflix sucks balls up our way
      And will be over to see
      The other half of the God at your tree

    2. Your half brother should be posting on Friday. He's being played by The Laughing Ferret. The robes on that figure are a real bitch to do. Wish me luck Cat!

    3. Good luck for you
      And a half brother too
      Hmm the cat may not get along
      As he likes to comes on strong

  5. Ha ha..you have managed to write a poem about so many things I don't miss. Top of the list: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. LOL. Have a good Sunday, Pat! And don't let the cat MISS a trick!

    1. hahaha geez no taste
      What a waste haha
      She needs to come back and stab all the vampire crap
      That is the only reason for such a lap

  6. nice...not familiar with all of them but you surely brought back some memories...and i silently added my own hit list as well..smiles...happy sunday pat

    1. Yeah some sure bring back a time
      When tv was sublime
      Now not so much
      Glad on your hitlist I could touch

  7. i feel you man, some of the new shows are just not the same, the end of the game, like Jericho is reproduced on many a show, Last Resort held court this season but after 10 episodes its ending, revolution is a hit, i do enjoy it a bit...we need a good marvel cartoon, any new ones seem written by a maroon

    1. Yeah that is true
      Must suck on view
      And those that don't at all
      Get cancelled at the station hall
      A good marvel cartoon would be grand
      But when it happens it too seems to go to cancelled land

  8. All vampires need to die, now you are talking my language.

    1. Yep, every single one
      Hate those things and their stupid Twlight run

  9. We don't watch many TV shows these days, for all those reasons!

    1. Yeah can be discouraging indeed
      Trying to watch anything new at ones feed

  10. I've only watched a few shows in my lifetime, so not familiar with television. I've watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo two or three times. Yes, I just admitted that.

    1. LOL that is so sad
      You watched that at your pad
      But I suppose it makes for a good post
      Over where you host

  11. Replies
    1. I watch way too many at my sea
      But not really lately

  12. Yeah, it's sad when a show you love goes the way of the world.

  13. I love the old funny and family oriented sitcoms and detective shows but I don't mind the new ones if they have an original plot ~

    Also, some these new shows and movies are just re-runs and sequels from the originals ~

    Happy Sunday ~

    1. Yeah the older ones were great
      And such as the fate
      All we get now is same old crap
      Remade by some lazy arse chap

  14. I miss Battlestar Galactica. That show was cool!

    1. Yeah that one was grand
      Although it drug a bit but still liked in my land

  15. I really hated that spiderman cartoon where it somewhat continues the excellent early 90's one where spiderman goes in space and in some alternate world and changes too.

    1. hahaha yeah that was pretty bad
      Not at all rad
      It ended like crap too
      Making it even worse to view

  16. Some shows I miss for what they could have been
    Dieing early would have been far less a sin
    But to close them with such sap
    made my memory a load of crap

    1. Yeah that is true
      Better to never know than to give brain rot to you

  17. I used to watch a ton of TV
    until I started blogging!
    Now now so much
    but I don't think I'm missing much.
    ooh...a cheat rhyme at the end!
    like you, it's such a sin.

    1. haha a little bit of a sin
      Here at my bin
      As with your mistake
      Before a delete you can make
      And yeah I watch less now too
      Because I've watched most that was good and what is new is mostly crap to view

  18. The 'Monk' reference made me chuckle. What a great show.

    1. Yeah that show was grand
      Surely missed in my land

  19. Don't think I ever heard of Monk, now I'll have to go and have a 'thunk'....haha

    1. haha never heard of Monk you say?
      Geez don't know what you are missing at your bay

  20. brlliant!...and you miss these shows??...buffy was kind f a guilt pleasure for me...but dont tell anyone...it'll shatter my 'edgy' image lol...always a pleasure to read your rhymes pat (and cat)

    1. Yeah it was a guilty pleasure of mine
      Until season 6 went down the boring line
      Glad it was grand
      Here at my land

  21. Replies
    1. Yeah a movie was to come due
      But they scrapped it because it cost too much at Fox's zoo

  22. TV was better when I was growing up...now there's just a lot of mediocre stuff on there...way too much reality tv. I guess it's cheap to produce and people love to watch the drama going on in others' lives. Did catch some shows in your poem that I've watched...way to go, Pat...it's always fun over here.

    1. Glad it was fun
      And yeah too much crap is spun
      That reality tv
      Can suck it and pound sand up it's um tree

  23. Uh oh! We're lost! We don't watch much TV. But we do know a Miss Hiss.

  24. My world is sour
    Without Jack Bauer :-(

  25. haha- well at least you made it into a drinking game! Used to always watch Buffy, haha.

    1. Thankfully my drinking days are done
      But it was fun
      And yeah watched it all the way through
      Just like you

  26. definitely the missing collective here, lots to dwell upon for sure, some I never got into, which I've mentioned before, and yet still, after recommendation, I still haven't found the flare to examine such televised flair. And yeah, reality shows bite bad, I think that will be true for all time, yet, I can now puke as I can say, with all the miserable taste on Hollywood's tv plate, I do think they'll be the day, one there is 9 reality shows to every 1 regular show, and that will be one sad, sad, disturbingly sad day, missing all the way. Fun piece

    1. Yeah that is true
      And some should be watched by you
      But that reality tv
      Will never go away at any sea
      If it gets odds like that
      The tv will be thrown out by Pat and the cat

  27. Enjoyable requiem for some memorable shows. Netflix and news watcher now.

    1. Netflix sucks up here
      And the news is all the same to me I fear

  28. :) definitely miss Adrian
    He was my favorite OCDian..
    and now I am care of Netflix
    watching reruns or old flicks..

    1. Lucky you
      Netflix sucks up here with not much in cue


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