A dVerse Chant Or Maybe Rant!

So dVerse and a rant. Not sure I have done both at the same time at my plant. Of course I probably did as the cat likes to once in a while flip his lid. Now away we go, not picking on anyone particular with my flow. Yeah, there are a few. That deserve a big screw you.

See something of worth,
An idea gives birth.
Wouldn't that be grand,
To show across the land.

But of course comes the rift,
As through the crap you sift.
Ending up with some,
That don't seem to talk out their bum.

Yet then comes the kicker,
The lights begin to flicker.
Putting you through such crap,
You never knew why you begun the lap.

Of course it will get done.
Maybe if you hold up a gun.
Other than that they are slack,
As they cause more flack.

Saying they will do,
Something that is just not true.
Instead like a cow they chew,
Having simply no friggin clue.

Then it comes to pass,
That they are nothing but another ass.
Which further goes to prove,
If you want things to move,

Better off doing them yourself.
Even fixing that shelf.
Only way you know it will get done,
When the cows come under your sun.

Eating their own regurgitation,
And having no acceleration.
Just a simple backwards flow,
Another ass in a row.

A two faced mask,
About any task.
So keep your wits,
For the cows are the pits.

Throw an apple at their head.
Or get all tippy and cause them dread.
For they will lie in the grass,
Proving they are just another lazy ass.

Now wasn't that grand? Those numb nuts the cat can't stand. Say they do it and then they do not. I guess they suffer from brain rot. Or just such human woes. Out their ears each brain cell blows. That would explain the look of a bass as they annoy my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Getting back to a week
      With first at my creek

  2. It takes all kind
    To make this world
    Some are just blind
    But get enthralled

    Few come with humor
    witty and subtle
    Rather of them more
    Ideal ingredients for battle


    1. Yeah few have such acts
      That is sure the facts
      To bad they never learn
      But then I couldn't make them feel the rhyming burn

  3. wish i could say it never comes to pass for my ass but alas, i can over commit a bit at times, which leads to relational crimes so i have to learn to say no to avoid angst at my show

    1. Well at least you try
      And only can't because you to do is too high
      Not like some idiots about
      Who just sit and whine and pout

  4. reminds me of group work in school...trust no one!

    1. Yeah I HATED group work
      Doing it ones self is a much better perk
      Hmmm that may sound bad
      If in the gutter you go a tad

    2. oooh...me, too! Hated it with a passion. Lazy butts got a good grade because the rest pulled his weight. Ugh. I'm still not a team player..I'd rather do it myself..alone. ha.

    3. Yeah me too
      Loner at my zoo
      When it comes to work
      As that is a perk

  5. Your point today is well taken
    They are idiots in the mak'n
    Seems their talk is brittle thunder
    Then I scratch my head and wonder
    What they ever learned in school
    Tiz plain they flunked the golden rule
    People are asking at my door
    Why I always mop the floor
    Cause if you want a sloppy job
    Hire and watch as they rob
    I really was a stupid lass
    Should listen to cat's little rhyming ass

    1. Yeah they probably leeched a way
      To get past each school day
      And yep better to mop yourself
      Or you may find you have a bare shelf
      With the thieves today
      Stealing all from ones bay

  6. You've got that right!
    Makes sense to me!

    1. Glad it does to you
      As many have no damn clue

  7. To piss
    off the Cat
    results in
    a rant.

    On display,
    like a
    goose you
    will lay.

    Neck severed
    from head
    looking very

    For he
    cuts with
    acid tongue.

    And truth
    he does give
    to adage old...

    "The pen is mightier than the sword"

    I tried to sleep but couldn't. I had a terrible nightmare that involved the yowling of a wretched cat and it woke me up screaming.

    1. That it is
      With my rhyming biz
      And a bit severe too
      I like at my zoo haha
      Bah don't blame the cat
      For Fang yowling at your mat

    2. We had a sudden bout of warmth and Fang spent the day outside hunting prey. She's sound asleep and to tired to give me any sass tonight.

    3. Yeah that bout is coming here too
      About time warm came due
      Glad she got out
      Now she and you won't pout

  8. You are right my rhyming friend
    best do things yourself in the end
    For at least they'll be guaranteed to be done
    Which allows you more time to bask under the sun

    1. Or rant away
      At my bay
      Need some time to do that too
      Here at my zoo

  9. If you want something done right... Do it yourself. Most women already know that. LOL.... had to get that one in.

    1. hahaha cats know it too
      Although some women around my zoo
      Don't seem to have a clue
      Dumb as dumb can be as out their brains flew

  10. I've done this too
    and had too much to do,
    but some folks won't take no -
    they won't let you go
    until your no becomes yes
    which increases your stress.

    1. Yeah when really it could be done
      By them a ton
      Instead rather push it on you
      Lock them all up in a zoo

  11. Where from comes this major "dislike" of cows??????


    1. haha those cows are smelly
      An moo as I watch the telly

  12. I have had some 'big talkers' in my life.
    they cause nothing but strife.
    Saying they will do this and that
    and then everything falls flat.
    I have a friend that does that a lot
    and the hard way I've had to be taught
    that they never do what they say.
    It does cause some dismay!
    Now when she talks I think "Yeah, right!"
    and bite my tongue with all my might.
    But I don't fall for it anymore.
    Can you tell I'm a little sore? lol....

    1. haha yeah just a little bit
      As you sure give off it
      Ignore those people at my hood
      Not biting my tongue like maybe i should
      But oh well
      Let them damn me to hell hahaha

    2. well, if they are consistent at their bay,
      they will say they're going to tell you off but won't follow through, so, hey!

    3. hahaha that is true
      Nice catch by you

    4. you like the way I think?
      our brains must be in sync! haha.

    5. haha that may be a bit of a scare
      At least to you at your lair

    6. Yes, maybe a bit
      but I've been getting used to it.

    7. haha after this long
      Should be used to my old song

    8. used to it?
      hell, I'm singing it!

    9. lol even dancing with a spoon
      Like a loon? hahaha

    10. yeah, but only when alone
      so others don't groan.

    11. haha technically the cats are there
      So never alone at your lair

  13. If you want something done
    it isn't always fun
    when you are always the one
    who makes things smoothly run

    Otherwise it will crash and burn
    if left to others for them to turn
    yet they will never learn
    and it's trust they don't earn

    1. Yeah it can suck
      Don't even make an extra buck
      But at least it is done
      Less of a worry under your sun
      And trust they will never get from me
      No matter how much the plea

    2. But now you've done their work
      I hope they look like jerks
      and at least you get some credit
      when the boss sat down and read it
      and then you'll get a big fat raise
      along with flowers and a raise
      yeah right what am I thinking
      I'll lay off this beer I'm drinking!

      ha ha ha!!

    3. LOL yeah you must be drunk
      As that would never happen at my bunk
      But working on other aspects now
      That may turn a profit some how

  14. Yep, best to just roll up your sleeves and git 'er dun yourself.

    1. That is the best way
      Ignoring the lazy mooks at ones bay

  15. I've met that person a time or two... ;)

  16. I would like to do it myself, I just can't get those cans open!

    1. That is a tough task
      But we have them trained so don't have to ask

  17. I think that's why I enjoy working alone at home; don't have to worry about someone not pulling their weight.


    1. Yeah such a nice perk
      Wish home is where i could work

  18. ha...A two faced mask indeed...we can't do everything ourselves...a good recipe i heard is that you sell your ideas as if it were the other person's ideas so their motivation is bigger to push them..ha

    1. hmmmm that may work well
      But for some it could still be a tough sell

  19. meowloz orlin N cassie...

    did sum one men shun bass....

    LUNCH BRAKE !!!!

    1. haha enjoy your lunch
      Spit it out if the bass goes crunch

  20. I'm feeling a little under the weather cat so for that reason I guess I'm a little confused at what's annoying you. Is it just people who don't do their job right or people who are rude and overbearing? I love the rhymes even though I'm too dim to connect the lines.

    1. Ewww to the germs at you sea
      And just lazy arses who say they will do something and don't is the rant from me

    2. Makes sense man. That angers me too.

    3. Yep a bunch of nuts
      Who sit on their wide lazy butts

  21. Sounds like someone pooped in your litter box today ;) Sadly, there will always be those lazy folks who will continue to sit back and let the rest of us pick up the slack.

    1. Well there was some extra there
      This morning at our lair haha

  22. The only way things get done, is if you just do it yourself!

    1. Yep that is true
      The rest can go eat poo haha

  23. when an idea gives birth does it need a doctor?

    do they eventually end up with adopters?

    1. Doubtful I will say
      They just like to sit on their rump at their bay

  24. Whoops! Hope it's not me that's stirred up the fleas
    and got the fur in a bunch
    I'm now blushing red and hiding in bed
    after reading this well fisted punch!
    To do and to do really adds up and there's no rhyme or reason to me..
    It's all about numbers and whose up on first that dictates priority
    So back to the chore list, the do then do more list
    to see if there's something I missed
    You rhyme well in rage, glad you got it uncaged
    If there's one look you do well it's "pissed"!

    1. haha pissed i can do
      Here at my zoo
      But nothing to do with you
      Or anyone at my zoo
      Just another place
      That annoys at a steady pace

  25. Lazy people irritate me to no end. Better off just doing it yourself. At least you know it'll get done right.

    1. That is true
      And if it is wrong no one to blame but you

  26. I always do the job if I want it to be done the right way :)

  27. Hi there Pat Hatt, dead good read that. I love the way that your rant rhymes. I see you keep abreast the times. Phew, and the cat sat on the mat.

    Mine’s HERE

    1. I rant away
      Each and every day
      Thanks for stopping by
      Will come over and spy

  28. Sounds like a number of people we know. Or sifting through crap - maybe our mail!

    1. haha the mail can have a ton
      But tearing it up is fun

  29. sifting thru crap
    could be a mouse trap,
    a poopy loop or a cool cat rap?

    the cud i would chew
    green not blue
    but i wont put my finger
    in a Bulls number two!

  30. Ha interestig...

  31. "Throw an apple at their head.
    Or get all tippy and cause them dread.
    For they will lie in the grass,
    Proving they are just another lazy ass."

    hahah- that is sooooo on point. I love it.

    1. hahaha and as they eat some grass chow
      They've prove they are nothing but a cow

  32. Pat, you got it right..
    have to do things by your own might
    waiting for others just doesn't work
    they might not do it at all or worse, make it worse..

    1. Yeah that is also true
      Could make it worse for you
      So may as well do
      It all yourself at your zoo

  33. fun rant with your rhyming chant. cool images/thoughts tossed out into the pool, lots of promises, enough to make one drool, and in the end, yeah, it often is better doing it ones self, even, as you say, in the case of making a shelf.

    1. Yeah way better to do
      That way at least hopefully you get the correct view


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