A dVerse Help With A Prompt Yelp!

So over at dVerse they prompt here and there. Actually prompts are found every friggin where. The cat just has to chime in and help out each bin. I mean you have to run out sometime. But to do so would be a crime. Let the cat help out with this prompting shout.

It's prompt day,
You are stuck at your bay.
You don't know what to say.
While pull up a tray.

It's as easy as can be,
Go with things that are three.
Head, foot, hand.
How do they work together at your land?

Or what do you say,
When no words are at play?
See, just used your no words funk,
To make a prompt go kerplunk.

Variations of words are fun,
But these have be done.
Time to get to the weird and whacky,
Some might be crude or tacky.

Make your own holiday.
Name your own bay.
What zombie part is on you?
Foot or something more eww.

Things to break and make a wish,
Something better than a dish.
Submarine art.
Things you pull in a cart.

Yeah, all pull one.
Carrying things under their sun.
The opposite of this,
Would be something not to miss.

Swipe a name,
That of fame,
Something like Thumper,
Take out or add a letter getting Humper.

Things that won't staple.
Like an apple and a maple.
Bones you wish you had.
Even if the humorous is rad.

What shouldn't you pet?
That would be the best yet.
I may have to give that a run.
Times to run that are fun.

Is there such a time?
I guess when you see a scary mime.
Things to mime and not say.
Another scary display.

Damn, the cat just let's the ideas roll.
I should charge a toll.
Or at least a fee.
Or maybe just make it cost money.

Those last three are all the same you say? Pffft, no they are each a different way. The cat just screwed with your head. Another prompt that could be said. Screw with a head. Although saying it out of context might bring dread. But only to a so called prim and proper lad or lass. Surely never to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. haha i might need to get you to do a guest prompt because in your mind makes for a rather interesting romp, its all a jump off point anyway, to get the neurons firing at your bay---still got to write it, the muse can be a b if you fight it...

    1. The ideas just fly
      As out comes another cloud in the sky
      Shaping another thought
      Proving the cat is no droning on robot

    2. Oh yeah, being in his mind is an interesting romp.
      Still trying to find the exit door, with a broom and a mop.

    3. LMAO hey no need for a mop or broom
      As dirt would cause my ocd doom
      So it is nice and clean
      Just a bit cluttered at my scene

  2. If words become mime
    And one runs out of time
    Just put on a white face
    And a collar of lace

    One can go on the stage
    Why it's really the rage
    And maybe make some money
    To fill your jar with honey

    Then after a while
    When one sees their own style
    Rhymes come in the millions
    Like the debt, maybe trillions

    1. Damn tillions would even wear out me
      As that would be too many
      My eyes would blur
      I'd lose all my fur
      And as for the mime
      I'd end them and heckle until they gave a chime
      Then the mime wouldn't be one
      Oh so much fun

  3. Ha ha---thanks for the ideas, Pat.
    I haven't yet written for today's chat
    am not as prepared as you and the cat!

    1. Have to prepare
      At least at my lair
      Then when the crap flies away
      Still have something to display

  4. There're times a prompt
    May just get one stumped
    Try as one might to overcome
    Makes one to feel real dumb
    The Cat with lots of ideas
    Which looks to be quite fine
    Most are not really clear
    But worth to bear in mind


    1. The more clear
      The prompt one can hear
      Leaves less room to play
      With the words at ones bay
      So a bit murky
      Can leave one rather perky

  5. How about
    a puddle of
    dread or
    a black hole
    your bed.

    An angel
    dances on
    the head of
    a pin
    and the universe
    stops in its

    A ship
    in a storm
    its crew
    forlorn as
    the reaper
    of death
    dogs their

    Then Atlas
    shrugged and
    the world
    fell down
    to shatter
    like glass
    on your
    rhyming ass.

    I know I wasn't supposed to post today, but I'm trying to win some free figures. I need you to like a Facebook page for me to get this company over 100 likes. HELP ME!!!

    1. The cat's ass
      Can shatter earth's mass?
      Damn I really am good
      Save that I should haha
      And like the black hole one
      That sure could be fun
      And a new post you say
      Actually asking the cat for help at my bay
      Geez that is new
      Will be over for a view

    2. You're farts have been known to melt glaciers Cat. It's not global warming that's melting the polar caps, it's your arse!

      Thank you for your help! Much appreciated.

    3. haha damn I am oh so great
      My arse should be bronzed at my gate
      And no problem at all
      I could easily add 1000 likes to the wall

  6. Oh Pat! Its been a while lol. I should come back soon. Happy 2013. Its only been 2 weeks :)

    1. Yeah you have been away
      Welcome back to blog and play

  7. that's some good stuff, would even work for drawings

    1. Damn I can stretch my skill
      Even further at my hill haha

  8. What to do when the words will not come
    Sometimes you just have to make up some
    But what to do if those you make up do not fit
    I suppose the readers will just play along for your benefit
    But you likely needn't worry, as you have mad skills
    You bring joy to our mornings, and make us forget our ills

    1. If they would fit
      I'll give a oh errr umm spit
      And then work around
      Until something is found
      Glad I can make the ills go away
      Beats pills and their side affect crap on display haha

  9. Words flow like anything under the sun
    you sure can make gold and run
    with rhymes and fun stuff, for all
    is fun and entertaining, who needs a prompt ?

    Happy Tuesday ~

    1. Yeah that is true
      No prompt meeds to come due
      As I entertain away
      With much on display

  10. Nice of you and cat to play head cheerleader for us. Motivator... Motivator...

    1. Glad we could help motivate
      Now the posts will flow even more at your gate

  11. Sounds like a big deal with lots of prompt and circumstances!

    1. But a prompt here and there
      Isn't the big of an affair

  12. Prompts can be fun or a pain. Depends upon where I'm at mentally at the time. What shouldn't you pet? I can think of a lot of things. Once might be the professional basketball player at a game last night who freaked out. I guess it's against the rules because the player had the fan kicked out.

    1. Wow must be quite the loon
      Then again fans can be crazier than a bugs bunny cartoon

  13. Never pet a Honey Badger
    It will bite off your tadger.

    1. Thanks for the info
      I will stay away from them at my show

  14. orlin N cassie

    if ewe bee quite de pro
    ewe can make yur own dough
    50's N 100's
    outta de printer they flow


    1. That would be nice
      Then I could buy lots of fluffly mice

  15. Yeah! No words, just sounds around I hear:
    the shower, the bird, the AC here...
    and the sound of wings
    of my muse brings
    the clues
    what to write...

    1. Sounds can be a muse
      And even amuse
      But could confuse
      Even though they infuse

  16. some neat ideas...submarine art would def. be cool and i wouldn't pet anything that looks remotely like a spider...ah

    1. haha yeah have to watch what you pet
      Many a thing could make you fret

  17. Those were a lot of prompt, cat. You should definitely charge a fee!

    1. That would be grand
      To make some dough in my land

  18. How I hate writer's block,
    Though not as much as septic shock;
    Today I had it too
    But I just took my words and threw
    Until I grew a veritable word stew.

    1. That I never have at my sea
      I just rhyme with glee
      But yeah such acts can be a pain
      But no pain no gain

  19. I've stapled the core
    of an apple and more
    but a dragon prompt I love best
    tell me dear cat, as I visit your mat
    are the numbers passing your test?
    Send me a message, give me a call
    for it's a new year, you see
    Let's talk some sharing, maybe some caring
    and maybe poor Honk will fly free...

    1. Stapling an apple is a skill
      That sure can be a thrill
      But yeah nothing much new
      Still same old strat at my zoo
      So flying free
      Isn't going to happen any time soon by Zagonk or me

  20. Yes, you can charge a toll ;) Fun ! I had this the other day and then thoughts started whispering in my ear. :)

  21. Well you do need some bling,
    how about making the cat sing!

    1. If it would work
      I'd have him bring forth such a perk

  22. Wvwry time I visit I'm so glad I did Pat, you bring a smile!

    1. Glad I can bring a smile
      As I go the rhyming mile

  23. when i don't know what to say, i look for news stories

    1. That works too
      Much to rant about with that crap that comes due

  24. I wish I could make my own holiday

    so now christmas is everyday.

    1. That would get old fast though
      As it would no longer be a wonderous show

  25. No ideas to tap, just take a nap.

    1. That works too
      Then at least one won't be tired at their zoo


  26. Dawn of the dead,
    just before bed and
    A silent mime comes
    to make me laugh
    with the slickest rhyme!

    1. A mime may not be grand
      Could give you nightmares in your land haha

  27. flying ideas can be dangerous if the windows are closed. lol nice fun on the prompt run. Yes they are found all around but none as cool as the ones you come up with, most are like this book of prompts I saw at B & N. Literally, one of the prompts said, Write about your hair, four words in black, surrounded by a whole page of blank air. Nope, was not prompted to buy that book, won't be occupying space in my nook. The cat being 90 or is it 68 days ahead of time, has more prompts than most combined, and then he goes one more, doing it with rhyme at his door. Fun. Fun.

    1. Yeah that is one to pass
      Sounds pathetic in mass
      And obvious too
      Know all of it without a view

  28. The Human's old as dirt
    And this makes her head hurt,
    So we'll just cruise on by
    And decline to ask Why?!

    1. Well roll the window down
      As you cruise across town

  29. There's a reason why I don't use prompts on my blog. I generally don't have trouble thinking of things to say and if I used a prompt, I'd probably distort it horribly.

    1. Yeah not hard to think of anything
      Here at my wing
      Just adds another post
      To do for this host

  30. Great rhymes and musings as always Pat. I've been so busy over the last two days I've basically got a double dose of your rhymes today which believe me is earning no complaints from me, great stuff.

  31. Well I guess you stomped
    all over the prompt.

  32. This was fun. Thanks for the escape, it lightened my day.

    1. Nice to light a day
      Makes things brighter at ones bay


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