A dVerse New Year Is Kicked Into Gear!

So the happy new year cries will come and go. At least by tomorrow they won't be found high and low. How many times can you say it before all you want to do is spit? Probably won't even be able to do that as you will lose any saliva in your mouth after saying it 1000 times at your mat. What a way to kick in the new year. No saliva and my little rhyming rear. A HUGE pfffft to those dumb resolutions too. You can take those and shove them up your gazoo. No magic is found by pretending to wait for this oh so special day at your mound. If you want to do it, do it. Don't wait for new years to hit. But that was last years flow, now on with the dVerse show.

The new year has rung,
The same old song has been sung.
Acting all proud,
Cheering in a crowd.

Pretending for a day,
That things change at your bay,
Then back to the norm,
As you are true to form.

Instead of that,
Listen to the cat,
Shove the day,
It's just like any other at your bay.

You want to promote change,
Do something strange.
That is the way to be.
Like jumping naked in the sea.

Hypothermia might set in,
That will sure change things at your bin.
A good polar bear dip,
Would be quite the trip.

Get on the people of Walmart site.
Leave all with a fright.
If your belly fat can smirk,
That is just a perk.

Dig a moat around your house.
It will surely keep away a mouse.
Then you can pretend you have a castle.
I bet salesmen won't hassle.

Get yourself a friend,
One who will be there until the end.
Just don't let a pin drop,
Or your new friend may pop.

Grab a rat burger and chow down.
Go to town with a Pokemon champion crown.
Let your fly hang low.
Make a collage out of each leftover Christmas bow.

Then slap it up for all to see.
Of course make it creepy.
Halloween and Christmas in one.
That just has to be done.

The cat has many more,
But he doesn't want to keep you all day at his shore.
After all you have a resolution to get to.
Until tomorrow when you claim it wasn't true.

But still happy new year to all,
May it be better at your hall.
Or at least the same,
I won't tell about your blow up dame.

There we go the first of the new year, written back in October by my little rhyming rear. Damn, I am good. Talking about the new year two months in advance at my hood. I was also a bit crass which is always enjoyed by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Awesome post Pat, it sums up exactly how I feel about people who make resolutions, generally they hold onto them for a few days and then just throw them away. Changing has got to be something done for the long term, not for the first month of a new year if even. I find it funny this was written in October as well yet still sums up exactly how you feel about the whole thing already, it'll be interesting to see if you manage to make your 365 days of posts again.

    When I arrived at your bay before having my say no comments were posted. Will I capitalise on a likely to be hungover Hank and reach 2013's first number one... Only pressing the publish button will tell.

    1. Yes! First at your bay is a victory today.

    2. Congrats!
      Was held back
      By some slack!


    3. Yeah resolutions suck
      Should bury them in the muck
      And first of the year
      Hank wasn't lurking very well I fear

    4. To beat you to the bay was something which made my day Hank :P

    5. haha that is grand
      All trying to be first in my land

  2. Yes the new year has rung
    New songs to be sung
    Before resolutions are hung
    For another year!

    1. They will be hung soon
      As they are kept about once in a blue moon

    2. Nice to be exact
      And that's a fact

  3. haha....i brought my guitar today to sing you a new song...smiles
    happy new year pat and i dont mind jumping naked in the sea at all....just saying..smiles

    1. haha depends on how cold it is
      For me to do the jumping in naked biz

  4. Yes, it's true to form
    We have for the New Year
    It's for all to conform
    Some things may be queer
    But some things may be good
    Resolutions there'll be
    Perhaps on different modes
    With a whole lot to see
    2013 will be a good year
    With friends we hold dear
    Host of them in blogosphere
    Fun throughout the year


    1. Yeah sure fun will be had
      At the blogosphere pad
      As all around many peer
      At my little rhyming rear

  5. a collage of christmas bows set on to shows, that might be the way to go, my fly will stay up as i dont want to corrupt, but if it takes strange to get change i am game...happy new year cat, today is a day and that is that...

    1. Strange works for me too
      As that we are at our zoo
      And today is surely that day
      So happy new year to your bay

  6. Hello! Pat Hatt, Orlin, and Miss Priss the cat...
    My family like to go ice-fishing at our "bay" that is how we shake thing up on New Year "Day!"

    We also add a little "spice" and have fun on the "ice"...Now, I ask you, isn't that different and nice?

    Oops! I have one more thing that I know that you are going to "hate" and I know that I maybe a little "late," but I must "say" here's wishing you a...Happy New Year today!

    [Note:Here wishing both Orlin and Miss Priss the same even though I know both cats wouldn't want to be wished a Happy New Year by neither woman or man... Instead, they probably would prefer being left alone to knock over pringle cans...lol]

    deedee :-/

    1. Fun can be had one the ice
      But the cats would rather eat mice
      And yeah as for the pringle cans coming due
      The cats would knock them down and fill them with vile things for all to view haha

  7. We wish you all the best for 2013 Pat. Happy New Year from all of us at Brian's Home!

    1. Thanks for the wish
      Hopefully all our bowls are filled with fish

  8. It's okay to be strange,
    transporant, out of range.

    Resolution is gone,
    use more time just for fun.

    Get relaxed and create
    Happy You Year day!

    1. Yeah strange is grand
      Oh so fun to be so at my land

  9. My resolution is to never make resolutions

    contradiction aside, I've done my part.

  10. I make new year's resolutions all the time,
    all throughout the year. I think making a clean
    slate is good but no jumping naked to the sea,
    its so cold at this time of year ~

    Happy New Year ~

    1. A little cold won't hurt a bit
      And making them all the time is a hit
      Not waiting for one magic day
      Happy new year to you and all at your bay

  11. Yes, you were kind of cynical
    with the heart of an icicle.
    I hear the average resolution lasts four days!
    That is very pathetic given all the rage!
    But I have made a few
    and will try to make them stick like glue,
    just to prove you wrong,
    you and your zebra thong.

    1. Cynical is fine
      For this feline
      For it is true
      Not many are kept at any zoo
      But I've been proven wrong before
      But the zebra thong could scare them away galore

  12. I haven't said Happy New Year to anyone yet
    but I've typed it a hundred times, I bet! ha.
    At least no spitting comes due
    just maybe a carpal tunnel or two.

    1. hahaha never said it outloud at my sea
      Just like thee
      Prob will hurt my arm
      So just with the left so I do no harm

    2. I hate to comment again.
      Making you type more seems a sin!
      So don't reply if you don't care to
      I'll understand why you act like a scarecrow.

      And here all this time I was imagining it was your left arm
      that was feeling so much harm!
      Aren't you left handed, too?
      Or did I already ask that of you?

    3. haha I can still reply away
      As always at my bay
      No prob with that so far
      Just can't write nothing new at my bar
      And nope has always been the right
      Causing me this plight
      And right handed I have always been as well
      Although now I can do things with both thanks to this hell haha

  13. Resolutions should
    be silly
    willy, nilly
    loads of fun.

    And so
    find here
    some that
    will bring
    fun under
    your sun.

    Hire two private investigators. Get them to follow each other.

    Put vanilla pudding in a Mayo jar and eat it in public.

    Run into a store, ask what year it is and when they answer yell "It worked!" Then run out cheering.

    Get a degree in Philosophy and then ask people WHY would you like fries with that?

    Buy a parrot and teach it to say "Help, I've been turned into a parrot"

    Get into a crowded elevator and say "I bet you're all wondering why I gathered you here today"

    Wear a t-shirt that says LIFE then stand on a street corner and hand out lemons.

    Now those are some lofty goals for 2013. I wish you success in achieving them Cat. I know I will.

    1. hahaha awesome ideas from you
      I like the year one and may make it come due
      The private investigators would be fun
      But that would sure cost a ton

  14. I resolve...

    ...to make no resolutions.

  15. Well at least you won't have to hear it for 364 more days
    By the you will have had plenty of sun rays
    In the meantime, you have ahead of you spring and summer
    And that, my friend, is no bummer

    1. haha that is true
      Can't wait for spring and summer at my zoo
      No more cold and snow
      That is surely welcome at my show

  16. All the rage here today was a 5K run on the beach followed by a dolphin dip into the freezing cold ocean. NO THANK YOU!!!! I'll cleanse my body with a Debosa to start the new year.

    1. haha called a polar bear dip here
      And yeah too cold for my rear
      I'll just burn off the germs
      They can shrivel up like worms

  17. Too true about resolutions. Though I'll admit I am making a list of things to do in 2013. :P

    1. Well a list of things to do
      Is different then changing things because of a magic day at ones zoo

  18. I can't believe you're so far ahead on your posts. I'm not big on resolutions, but I do make goals and continue to achieve them.

    I hope 2013 is great for you, and your rhyming too.

    1. Yeah I hope it is great
      That would be a new trait
      And have to be far ahead
      As the arm causes dread
      Hope all is grand
      For the new year in your land

  19. My resolutions, all in a row,
    where they go to hide, I hope I never know.

    Happy New Year Pat--
    and regards to the rhyming cat.

    1. Hide they will
      At least when found they can thrill

  20. Of course, of course, bragging at your bay, what else can I expect from you, will nothing new ever come due?

    Happy New Year, Pat, Miss Priss and even you dear cat!

    1. Yeah have to brag
      Can't let such a thing sag
      And happy new year to you
      The cat can be nice at his zoo

  21. Rat burger...no! Jumping in the sea..yes! Happy new year :)

  22. anyway happy New year to you! and I know all is the same, but is nice have some hope:)x

    1. yeah hope is grand
      Hoping like hell this crap goes away at my land

  23. Oh, my gosh. The Walmart site. Really. I've never seen anyone like that in a Walmart, but I guess I've just been luck.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Yeah the would be great luck
      As many would say what the feck haha

  24. Well I'm already about halfway there for digging a moat around my house! lol

    And yeah, I agree, it's just another day. Why wait for this one day to make a change?

    Happy new year!

    1. LOL yeah the moat would work well
      After your shitty hell
      Waiting for a magic day
      Is stupid at any bay

  25. Holy Crimoli
    You do all this in rhyme?
    Holy Guacamole!
    Like all of the time?

    I can't sustain it.
    Glad to meet you.


    1. haha well it was close
      Almost sustained it so I'll send a mouse

  26. nice resolution spin, I agree, if you're gonna do it, do it. That's the only way to be, lots of fun illustrations, don't you dare sign me up for the polar bear dip though, I've known some crazies to take part in that show, going for a swim in the cold waters by the banks of ice and snow, I can't imagine doing it myself, as i actually tried ice fishing once and it was cold as cold can be, left the lake and went back to the cabin where it was plenty warm for me, and the other came back freezing hours later with 2 fish to make up for all the chills their bones took in.

    Fun kick off to the new year. Happy happy, joy joy and all the rest of that this time of year

    1. Yeah for two whole fish
      Certaintly not something I wish
      Be as cold as cold can be
      So no fihing or jumping into the sea

  27. Shove the day,
    It's just like any other at your bay...
    hehe So damn true :P

    1. haha yeah so damn true
      Can't forget the damn to come due

  28. Did you say... a ratburger? Well, if 2013 ends up being just like 2012, only worse, we may have to start appreciating ratburgers a bit more.

    Okay... here it is one more time... without spit: Merry New Year! Oh wait... that's Trading Places.

    1. haha great movie indeed
      Watched many a time at my feed
      And yeah if 2013 sucks like the last
      I'll eat rat burgers rather fast

  29. Happy new years to you too! though I'll have to pass on the rat burgers. :P

    1. haha the rat burgers are great
      But more for the cat if you hate

  30. Cynical, cynical -- and fun as always!

  31. You want to promote change,
    Do something strange.
    That is the way to be.
    Like jumping naked in the sea.

    In my hometown of Dover, England
    It is traditional to go for a swim
    in the channel on 26 December . . .

    But like cats - I prefer the warm snug of the fireside

    for the best Pat and happy New Year!

    1. haha yeah prefer that too
      No jumping in the sea at my zoo

  32. I have to visit u more often / buried in my own poetic coffin / u r a funny man / ur words I'll never ban / poet cat...have no fears / for the new year i wish u cheers!

    1. hope the cheers come
      And sending you some
      Thanks for coming around
      Always fun when a comment is found

  33. Happy new year, dear Pat
    to you and the cat;
    may it be good for you too,
    and the rhyming you do.
    Gotten used to your style,
    you sure make me smile--
    so best wishes I send,
    will see you again, my friend!

    1. Thanks for the wishes
      I'll send along soe fishes
      Always grand
      To see you leave a rhyme in my land


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