A Whole Crew Go After The Nut With No Clue!

It seems plenty of you humans are upset. I hear he recently blew up a jet. But then he needed that gas to help a little old lady who was out of it and stuck at an impasse. I guess we shall see what becomes of this nut who always bothers me.

Tarsier Man was on patrol.
But a kid interrupted his stroll.
He thought an autograph was wanted,
Instead, the kid just taunted.

"You've got big ears,
You sniff rears.
Those eyes,
Are as beady as a flies."

The kid laughed and ran away.
This left Tarsier Man in disarray.
Then he turned to find,
A whole herd of human kind.

They were coming with weapons galore,
Shouting they'd send him back to that jungle shore,
In many more pieces than when he came.
Tarsier Man found he had lost his fame.

He tried to sing his tune.
But they hit him in the head with a spoon.
He took off as they grew closer to him,
Finding that things were getting grim.

Tarsier Man could not understand.
He had saved many across the land.
Plus all always liked his tune.
Now they treated him like a trash stealing raccoon.

They chased him through the night,
Until finally he took flight.
His ears expanded once more,
And through the air he surely did soar.

They flapped like Dumbo,
Those things turned rather jumbo.
Now he had his popping eyes,
His theme song cries,

He stretching ears,
And they now had flapping gears.
This would be so cool,
If all weren't trying to kill him with a garden tool.

That is when he saw the news,
It seems he was set up for stopping the blues.
A concert had been stopped,
And the blues had been dropped.

It wasn't allowed any more,
And they all blamed him for no blues encore.
He had been set up.
It had to be the owner of that pup.

He had hated Tarsier Man,
And was not a fan.
But that is when he saw a clue,
As he flew over the set of Whoopdi Friggin Doo.

The Mailman had everyone at gun point.
He was going postal on the joint.
How did he get out of jail?
Tarsier Man figured it had to be bail.

He swooped down through the window,
Shouting to all below,
His dumb little tune,
Some women started to swoon.

The Mailman laughed with glee,
Not noticing Robbie Raisin was letting the world see,
As he went on the typical bad guy rant,
Revealing all at the Whoopdi Friggin Doo plant.

Tarsier Man popped one eye,
And away it did fly.
It went right in the gun barrel hole,
And plugged up The Mailman's goal.

He then made his Dumbo ears go,
And they continued to grow.
They gave The Mailman a hand,
Meaning he was clapped with jumbo ears, live, in front of the land.

The cops came in and took him away.
He once more swore revenge one day.
Then Robbie Raisin addressed all,
As Tarsier Man flew away sounding his theme song call.

He was a hero once more,
Never again would people show him the door.
And now he can fly,
Through the night sounding his battle cry.

Damn, the cat was hoping he would get strung up. Or at least relieved on by a butt sniffing pup. Now he can flap some big ears and fly along with popping each eye. Next he'll gain super speed through passing gas. That can already be done by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. haha. Love the Tarsier Man and his antics. What a trip for the guy, going from getting spooned to being the hero of the tune. Glad to see he'll be free to "save" the day some more. Always fun when Tarsier man comes to play, even if he creates more problems then solutions at times, he's fun, and cute and well deserving of the rhyme

    1. Yeah the stupid ape
      Without a cape
      Is back on the superhero attack
      And wow first at my shack

  2. Quality work Pat...what I could grasp anyway!

    1. Yeah Tarsier man is out to lunch
      So he can confuse a whole bunch

  3. I've got a thought that isn't lame
    We should all start a huge campaign
    Who is the biggest super hero
    And doesn't have to play like Nero
    Everyone knows it's Tarsier Man
    The best eye-popper in the land
    He should get the recognition
    And be our next big politician

    1. Sorry Pat, I'm just putting words together. I don't really understand what this is all about. Manzanita

    2. haha yeah Tarsier Man has been here a while
      With his eye popping style
      Shows up every now and then
      With a story at my den
      He is also under the who's who uo top
      And to in such a campaign would sure make his eyes plop

  4. Tarsier man
    who saves
    the day
    is loved
    by all at
    your bay.

    The postal
    man got
    what he
    deserved as
    he is
    quite a perv.

    Hey Cat, I won't be back until sometime in February. Real life getting in the way of my time to play. Hope your arm is feeling better. Catch you later.

    1. That he can be
      Very pervy
      And hope all is going okay
      At your bay
      Real life can be a pain
      That is known at my lane

    2. I forgot to tell you that I like your new banner. Very nice.

    3. Thanks, think it is my favorite too
      That I have used so far at my zoo

  5. Quite a tale (tail) today, Pat!
    (Tall though it is) that's that.

  6. haha the mailman going postal....smiles...and an eye ball in his gun barrel...this was a rip and a trip man....tarsier man rocks, much more than a fox in sox...would love a tarsier man comic book, perhaps you can work on that at your nook...

    1. Yeah he sure has the antics at play
      That make for a fun day
      And hmmmm to that
      It could already be being done at my mat

  7. This is sound advice for anyone who's ever held up at gunpoint. I might have to keep a spoon on hand with me so I can fling eyeballs if things start getting crazy.

    1. haha well that will scare them away
      All you have to seem like is the crazier one and you will win at your bay

  8. Tarsier Man been through many things
    No fun when one ended up being punished
    The Mailman rightly got what's coming
    About time he got the right end of justice


    1. Yeah he got his due
      On the set of whoopdi friggin doo
      Works for me
      As Tarsier Man made him flee

  9. But! But! But! We have a very nice Mail Gal. Or Mail Person, or however the "Must Not Offend Anyone Police" rule it today.

    She is so nice, I don't want to clap for your "Postal" Mail Man. -pout-

    Am I allowed to leave such a comment here????????????

    Will you still love me?

    Even if I do????



    1. Free speech is always allowed at my sea
      So go ahead and not agree
      But then the mailman is just mad
      Because Tarsier Man stepped on the toe of the lad

  10. Hahaha... what a fun rhyme. I just found your blog at Mail 4 Rosey..

    1. Thanks for stopping by
      As I let the rhymes fly

  11. LOL at the mailman rhyme. Someone very near and dear to me is a mailman and says they're always viewed in a negative light now (i.e., 'going postal'). Hahaha. Forwarding this to that person in a link 'cuz that makes me laugh twice. :)

    1. haha that going postal phrase
      Sure gets them a hateful gaze
      Should be fun
      To see what the person thinks under your sun

    2. We just heard a postal rant on the talk radio coming home earlier tonight and I told him about this (he said, 'even the bloggers do it.') lol

  12. I can't believe of that kid having the cheek to mock Tarsier man for his appearances haha, that nut does have no clue and would deserve everything they do!

    1. haha Tarsier man can handle it
      At least the kid did not spit

  13. That made me laugh. You are really good at making this fun.

  14. Tarsiers are among my favorite creatures
    For they live in trees and survive by being reachers
    I didn't know that a hreo was named after this furry feller
    This intrigues me more than anything since Old Yeller

    1. Yeah tarsiers are grand
      With their bug eyes surveying the land
      Wait until you see
      What is coming for Tarsier Man from me

  15. knot ta worree tarsier man; at one time Godzilla getted bad press frum peepulz two....tho we dont think godzilla can sing ???? hay, haza awesum Thursday !

    1. haha godzilla can sing?
      Wow, I hope he doesn't make his arms fling

  16. Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't!

    1. Yeah I am surely a nut
      More than once at my hut

  17. You do have a way with words. I know my kids would be giggling!

    Tis nice to meet you.

    My friend Rosey at Mail4Rosey was talking about you and I just had to come see.

    Very nice little spot you have here.

    1. Thanks for coming by
      And visiting this rhyming guy
      Errr umm cat
      Glad you like my mat

  18. Replies
    1. haha they can be scary indeed
      Especially with their going postal need

  19. How quick those are to turn their backs on Tarsier Man. Poor fella! Glad he's back in everyone's good graces :)

    1. Yeah Tarsier Man kind of deserves it though
      As he isn't your typical hero haha

  20. Tarsier Man becomes our hero
    never to told he's a zero
    Using his eyeball
    he saved them all
    from certain doom
    making sure the gun didn't boom

    1. Those eyes
      Fly around like flies
      The cat will eat them as a treat
      That will make him suffer defeat

    2. The cat just wishes he could have such a snack
      but Tarsier would only prevent his attack
      He'd swat away the wretched cat with ease
      or toy with the cat and do as he pleases
      The cat will never see the day he will defeat Tarsier Man
      That'd be like winning against me over at my land

    3. Pfft winning against you
      Is not hard to do
      So I can beat Tarsier Man with ease
      I'll just send out the killer fleas
      But then have to keep him intact
      For he may join the kiddie book act

  21. Replies
    1. Love the bug eyed creep
      With the stare so deep haha

  22. Hadn't heard much from Trasier Man lately. Good to see him back in fine form.

    1. Yeah he is back
      On the attack
      More will come
      Maybe a book or ten from my little rhyming bum

  23. hehe..cool on the dumbo ears...wanna take a little flight now...smiles

    1. Yeah now he is an eye popping dumbo
      Those ears are rather jumbo

  24. Tarsier Man, loved your plan, instead of Rambo, you went for Dumbo! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha yeah didn't go all Rambo at my sea
      Of course that would be fun too for this monkey

  25. I've never seen Dumbo

    but most disney films though

    1. Have to add it to your list too
      Not a bad one to give a view

  26. Wow..he hasn't been around in a while!
    I thought maybe he sailed the Nile
    or kicked the bucket
    or got buried in Nantucket.

    1. LOL not quite yet
      Just being used elsewhere by this pet
      Something that an certain editor may see
      As another book, or umm five, gets added to my tree

    2. You're going to make me edit a whole book on him?
      Oh, now that would just be a sin.
      Better stock up on Advil now
      or I may just have a cow.

    3. haha well by the time I am done
      There will be five ready to go under my sun
      All containing him and his adventures
      May need plenty of Advil for such ventures

    4. Taylor's been playing with penny stocks
      I'll tell him to buy lots and lots.

    5. hahaha maybe he'll hit it large
      As the advil you charge

  27. Blowing up jets does make me pretty upset, lol.

  28. Tarsier man with Dumbo ears, well that is quite a picture ~

    At least he is the hero when you need your mail ~

    Have a good night Pat ~ Stay warm ~

    1. Yeah nice and cold
      Dumbo ears is pure gold
      Should be fun to see them on display
      One day at my bay

  29. All I can think when I read your stuff, which is so brillant, is do you talk in rhyme through the day to stay in character as you are writing?? I can't get the image of Dumbo ears out of my mind....

    again, very nicely done!


    1. Brillant is always grand to hear
      Making the ego rise of my little rhyming rear
      Nope, just talk normal through they day
      And always rhyme when logging into my bay

  30. Whoo! Tarsier man to the rescue! We love you!

    1. Giving the bug eyed creep some love
      Hmph the cat has to go eat a dove

  31. Seriously !!!
    How can anyone just rhyme all the time.Great talent you have and large number of fans too !!!
    Salute :D

    1. Yeah rhyme every day
      Here at my bay
      Takes nothing for me
      As many come to see

  32. Love this- you do realize how well you bring the topic of bullying into the rhyming realm- right?

    1. Yeah I've been told that a time or two
      Never realized it until recently though at my zoo


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