Ambidexterity I Can Claim. That Just Adds To My Fame.

So with Pat and the whole arm thing at our wing. We learned to use a different hand or paw for when I had to dig in the litter box sand. Was a pain in the rump to do. But away we went at our zoo. As of now we can go back and forth with ease. It comes in handy when scratching fleas. Sure it will go away if we go back to our natural state. But as of now we have ambidexterity, so don't hate.

The computer mouse can flip flop.
Can even swab a mop.
Something like swab the deck I suppose.
Which the clean floor shows.

Typing with one hand either way,
Is a slow and endless display.
But it got done,
As we typed a ton.

The joystick was tough,
No, no gutter things like in the buff.
The video game that was,
Wouldn't want to start a gutter buzz.

Pringle cans were dandy,
Two hands can come in handy.
Can shovel in food with both hands too.
Makes it faster to get through.

Although indigestion is a bitch.
But I can handle that glitch.
Just pass some gas,
Can also use the other hand to wipe our ass.

Hmm too much info there?
Pfft never bother with that at our lair.
Can even throw with the other hand,
Still a bit girlie though and rather bland.

Will have to work on that,
Try having four paws like the cat.
Can write with the other too,
That was the toughest to do.

But then again,
Here at our den.
You can't read Pat's writing from either one.
Yeah, it is that bad by a ton.

Only thing worse is his drawing,
Or maybe my toe gnawing.
I'm an equal opportunist there too.
I'll bite all the toes in my view.

The TV remote was easy.
So was using that hand when he got sneezy.
The hammer swinging was an interesting event.
But it got done and the nail never even got bent.

Guess that just shows,
That when the strat flows,
You can either swim up river,
Get drunk and screw your liver,

Or simply adapt a bit.
To still get out your rhyming fit.
Or whatever else that comes due,
Just have to get creative at your zoo.

And also have someone around who has a clue, sadly in that department you mostly have to rely on you. But if you want something done right, you know how that goes day or night. Be glad when the crap has come to pass. Sorry for the image of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Ambidexterity is fine
    With 4 paws at its disposal
    No match for the human kind
    Can wipe,swipe and shovel
    All at the same time
    The Cat is in reality supreme
    In relaxation or in a huddle
    With remote watching the screen
    Light movement is no puzzle
    Like having all its 4 hands
    As often rightly revealed
    The Cat is one of a kind
    Ambidexterity is no big deal


    1. Yeah cats and dogs are grand
      They can shift easy across the land
      One of a kind
      With my little rhyming behind

  2. Replies
    1. 3rd in actuality
      If you count Hank as two in reality

  3. this a bronze medal...for the ham fisted.

    1. A bronze medal could come due
      Depends on the cost that would ensue haha

  4. Two hands
    are better
    than one
    and one
    makes two
    here at your

    With both
    hands you
    can play
    with your
    rhyming ass
    on display
    while we
    look on
    in dismay.

    Been up all nite Cat, so I got here early, or late depending on your point of view. Either way I'm here to say

    Nitey Nite Cat.

    1. Very late or early
      Hope you don't get squirrely
      And yeah two are so much better to use
      Hate only having one to abuse

  5. Dogs are ambidextrous too
    all feet do what they need to do
    run and jump and snatch and scratch
    but for me they still aren't a match
    as I can kennel them with a latch!
    Have a PEACEFUL day at your place!
    Today I'm at dVerse with my smiling dog face,
    so don't let your cats give chase.

    1. Yeah that they can do
      But still over powering can be done by you
      Shoving them in a cage
      Sure they don't find all the rage
      Have fun at dVerse
      Can't write or play so it doesn't make me curse

  6., its not impossible, to use both hands on the double, i tore the tendons in my wrist in HS and had to learn to write and draw, to get my butt out of those halls, exams & art i had both, amazing what you can do at the end of your rope...

    1. Yeah takes some work
      And is surely not a perk
      But it has to be done
      If I want to have any rhyming fun
      And when at the end of your rope
      Does amaze to bring a little hope

  7. My dominant hand is my left
    As far as ability with my right hand, I am bereft
    Maybe someday I'll learn to us either/or
    But until then, I shall write with me left hand some more

    1. Lucky you
      At least you can use your main one at your zoo
      That is a perk
      But still at least I can still write a bit and smirk

  8. I would absolutely love to be ambidextrous in all honesty Pat, the benefits you listed are great but there are even more and that's something which attracts no hate. Good post as usual my man, nice job dude.

    1. Yeah much can come due
      By using each hand at your zoo

  9. so you are ambidextrous , omy so you can work more, make more things, pet your cats at the same time, hahaha! xo

    1. haha that I can do
      Once my right arm is as good as new

  10. Ambidextrous?
    A good thing to be.
    But, when feeling "self-lecherous"
    My left hand....
    gives me "strange," you see.

    1. haha well I suppose
      We wouldn't want to cause the left such woes

  11. I wish I am but my left is sadly weaker ~

    And biting all the toes will not make it stronger ~

    Enjoyed the visit Pat ~ Happy Saturday ~

    1. Well you never know
      Pray you never have to switch at your show

  12. Hopefully your rest will help
    and you won't have to give any more yelp
    Then you can be right handed again
    and wear a smile above your chin!

    1. haha not likely I suppose
      Still have the woes
      But who knows
      Hopefully the use of the right grows

  13. somedays i wish i had 10 hands and two brains..ha...smiles

    1. haha two brains would be fun
      But one you might shun

  14. Four paws beats two hands,
    But those thumbs take the cake.

    1. Yeah those thumbs come in handy
      They are just dandy

  15. I write with my right

    and throw with my left

    such a plight

    not a mistep

    1. Such a way to be
      A little weird but great to see

  16. oh I'm terrible going lefty. I can use the remote though, yeah that one's not to hard, I can even drink a glass of water that way too. The girly throwing is certainly there with the left and many of the others I've tried too, but they are hard to to do. The continuous typing with the left alone would probably not be as hard as I think it would be, as I do go rather fast, but that's with both hands, probably tosses the mind a game or two, temporarily making you forget what to do, but it does seem very difficult as im trying it now, taking so much time it's frustrating and crossing over to the right side just feels wrong, like I'm committing some type of keyboard crime. lol

    1. LOL yeah it is sure a pain
      To jump over to the right lane
      Oh well though
      At least I can still let loose my flow


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