And From My Zoo, The HUGE Moron Award Goes To?

So the cat hates that award stuff as those rules just make me want to moon in the buff. Wait! I already do that, as I flop on the mat. Anyway, I really have to give one today and you know they are oh so special at my bay. I am giving it to to MORONS at the Canadian Government. For they surely earned it under their tent. Particularly those in Human Resources and Skill Development too, I would not want to offend the whole friggin crew.

I am a big entity that people can supposedly trust,
So it is common sense security is a must.
That means stuff like enryption for data and such.
 Even if it does cost a little too much.

But instead I am a big entity that is a moron.
Smarter grass blades growing out on the lawn.
I will just pocket the extra cash.
Forgetting about that security trash.

I will store the data of 583,000 Student Loan guys and gals,
On some little drive while I drink with my pals.
I won't even encrypt the thing,
I will just leave it tucked away at my wing.

I won't even put a tracker in it,
Pfft I won't even back up such shit.
I mean it's only a thief's delight,
Once they catch it in their sight.

But no one would steal that.
I mean a ten pound drive is heavier than a door mat.
One would hurt themself lifting the thing,
So it is safe tucked behind the door at my wing.

OOPSY! Is all I can say,
When it goes missing at our bay.
Now 583,000 social security numbers and other info,
Are out there for a thief to use at their show.

Meaning you could be royally screwed.
I'm so sorry, dude.
We will take better care now.
Next time we'll go get a guard cow.

What is that you ask?
No, I would never try and hide it away or cover it with a mask.
Just because we waited two months to tell you all,
That your info was stolen from our hall,

Does not mean we aren't on top of it.
I mean who really gives a shit?
It's only some number that a thief could ruin your life with and such.
That shouldn't bother you too much.

And besides we have directed officials so it won't happen again.
Doesn't that make you all snug at your den?
One of the biggest breaches in history goes down,
And an oopsy is all we can say with a fake frown.

Thankfully Pat was not one of the 583,000 that got stolen, misplaced or whatever. My aren't those idiots clever? Who does that? Saving such data on a moveable drive with no encryption what so ever at their mat? Plug it in and poof, all the data is there. They deserve the moron reward at their lair. A monkey even knows that. But they just tip their hat and give a big oopsy pretty much and that is that. I hope they get their asses sued off at their mat. Then the oopsy will be on those idiots big time. So ends my ranting rhyme. Can you picture smart grass? It would still be eaten by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. This is just amazing
    Putting lots of info
    At risk, for the asking
    Imagine a thief in the know

    Can peddle it for cash
    Bravo your classic sarcasm
    Wonder if they realize
    They won it hands down?


    1. Hmmm they'd prob have blogger block me
      If they realized it at my sea
      So I won't tell
      Unless they do end up causing me hell
      Then they will get their due
      From my zoo

  2. A moron award is rarely given
    To people long gone or still in the liv'n
    You have to do something especially boo
    To get the award for the whole moron crew
    But you'll get yours justifiably soon
    When a glimpse will appear of Pat's round little moon.

    1. Well if his butt does appear
      Could bring the scaries near
      And scare the others away
      So we'll forgo that moron display haha

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    Nice atmosphere guests with you here on the blog. ;]
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    I'm very concerned about this, please. :)

      Whack her/he/it with a hammer

    2. No, she isn't a spammer, per se. She's a Polish photographer. Her English may not be perfect, but her pictures are.

    3. Susan is absolutely right! She produced great pics. More of still life. Beautiful creations. I got to see them when I followed the link given.


    4. But she is posting her link everywhere....and will probably never return again! (Nor has she really read, probably, the sites she posts at) Her interest is only in getting HER site known. To me, that is spam, no matter how beautiful the pictures are.

    5. Ditto..... me to. She was on my blog twice and I followed her to hers but I don't read Polish duh and I couldn't figure out which word said comments.

    6. Agree with Mary at my sea
      A spammer she is at every tree
      May be a good link
      But still saying the same thing at each rink
      Without even reading a post
      Makes her a spammer at each coast
      The same as those "great post" guys
      Who come around like flies

  4. that is crazy when they let identities get stolen, but in the computer age the hackers its emboldened, leaven them holding...nothing but but cheaks they call a brain, around the world i think think many could say the same of their govt.

    1. Yeah it does seem to be true
      They are all idiots at any zoo
      I mean if a hacker really wants too
      They can steal the info from you
      But to just have it there
      With no lock or any kind is dumb at any lair

  5. Yikes, what a nightmare! Always scares me when I hear something like this. Never know what / who will be next.

    1. Yeah could easily happen to use all
      With such idiots running city hall

  6. Just saying: That Patrycja Photography is spamming everywhere with the same post. Feel free to delete this post of mine after you have read it, but I have seen that post at several sites trying to attract followers by using someone else's site!

    1. I saw that same message yesterday
      Thanks for the heads up at my bay
      I'll let it stay
      Never know who will need to read the display

    2. You are kinder than I am. I know she had no interest at all in my site.

    3. Yeah load of crap
      One big clicking trap

  7. Oh politicians, what morons they be
    Exposing everyone's information for basically free
    A smart politician...does such a thing exist?
    If I listed the smart ones, that would be one empty list

    1. Sadly that is true
      At least you'd save paper at your zoo haha

  8. You have to love government (US or Canada). I usually have plenty of material to nominate myself for a moron award.

    1. haha yeah they are crap
      And I could do that too on tap

  9. Oh well, what a nightmare; glad you weren't one that was affected by this!


    1. Yeah thankfully I was not
      That would have ticked me of a whole lot

  10. orlin N cassie; all BS burd jokes aside two day; glad ta heer yur dad's purrson nelz be safe; that same $hit goes on heer two....and knot wantin ta sounds para NOID... but tell yur dad ta chek inta "equifax" sum time if him gets a chance....we doez knot werk there; just high lee recommend it at R bay !!! they will monitor yur SSN 24/7/365 N let ya noe if sum $hit goez down

    hay, hope evereee one haza grate week oh end

    1. Thanks for the advice
      Will check that out after eating some mice
      May be good to get at our sea
      So the human can continue to feed me

  11. Why so surprised there, honey?
    Few governments bulge with integrity.
    They mostly run on money!

    1. Not surprise at all
      As they are not on the ball

  12. I think all governments are morons!

    I like your new banner!

    1. Yeah seems to be the consensus at my sea
      Glad you like the new banner done by me

  13. I'm surprised more of us aren't hacked
    and our identity attacked.
    But when the government is slack
    and looses the whole shack
    that is just crazy
    and they look even more hazy.

    So a new banner has come due.
    I swear your nose is a potato, too.
    I know how much you love those
    from your head down to your toes!
    and this time Cassie has center stage!
    It's sure to be all the rage!

    1. Yeah that is true
      It would be easy for them to do
      But most hackers go for the big guys to test their skills
      We don't give them thrills

      haha yeah the nose is big
      But the cats I dig
      I could have put the zebra thong one there
      But that would scare
      So instead potato nose and a weird tan
      With a far like gas that makes me a fan haha

    2. haha...didn't notice the gas
      but your right arm looks rather lax.
      So maybe it really is a lot like you!
      And a sunburn is better than being blue!
      Silver Fox should like that Zorro costume
      that Orlin is using while pointing to the moon.
      And here I thought the moon was made of cheese
      and I see it's made of mouse, if you please.

    3. haha yeah mouese is what came out
      No bush with a crack to make one shout
      Actually Cassie pointing to the moon
      Orlin is the super loon haha

    4. Oh, I thought that yellow bra was on Cassie there
      Shhh...don't tell Orlin ...don't you dare! hahaha.

    5. hahaha that is his armor and such
      Plus you know it has to be the right colors as cassie doesn't look like orlin much

  14. Thank goodness I wasn't one of them either. Crazy stupidity! Funny to make fun of, though. Lol

    1. Oh yeah fun to make fun of them at my sea
      And thankfully they never got me

  15. Morons in Canada?
    That cannot be true.
    So you have enough?
    We won't sent congressmen to you.

    1. Yeah no need for more
      We have a ton at our shore

  16. Government... Anywhere... Sux... Because they have a God-Complex...

    Governments think they can do all, take care of all, lead all, make all secure, etc.


    1. That sums it up well
      They think the are all swell
      With egos so big
      They could snap anything like a twig

  17. Although your government seems ridiculously inept I guess that as a general rule all of ours are. Like you say here though man there really is some serious flaws in your Canadian government which needs fixed. I have a feeling that the cat and Pat don't trust any politicians though and in all honesty I can't blame you guys!

    1. Nope not a one
      Is trusted under our sun
      All a load of crap
      That they flap

  18. Sigh. Sometimes it's hard--or impossible--not to want to knock government people as a whole over the head.

    1. haha that is surely true
      And kick them in the gazoo

  19. Such deserving recipients of the award, lol. Have a great weekend Pat!

  20. Unfreaking beliveable! The stupidity of our governments never cease to amaze me. Glad you weren't affected, but it still irks me that many people will probably be sorting that shit out for years when the hackers obtain that information!

    1. Yeah they are going to have to watch every move they make
      Thanks to their so called little oopsy mistake

  21. Greetings Pat Hatt,
    I knows where it's at,
    My human Gary is Canadian eh,
    And he surely relates to what you say,
    When I'm elected British Paw Minister,
    Things in Canada will become less sinister....

    1. I hope that is a promise you keep
      Through out the idiot human heap
      And make the land grand
      Bury the morons in litter box sand haha

  22. Can we directly blame Harper for this? Anything that makes Harper look bad is good in my eyes.

    1. I agree with you
      Then maybe someone will slap his smug face too

  23. No rhyme today...but when my Human went to grad school, she took out a loan and the freaking UNIVERSITY published thousands of student names, addresses, SS#'s, loan balances, etc. on their freaking WEBSITE. They said, "Oops! But we don't think anyone's data was compromised, blah blah blah"... Right.

    1. Yeah that is all they seem to say
      Is oops at their bay
      It is rather sad how incompetent they are
      No matter where one resides near and far

  24. See, and everyone praises the digital age like its an improvement. I work in social services, and half the time I can't even access the eligibility info I need to process a case. But there are ways and ways around that if you're not trying to do things legally.

    Course, you could always hope someone wipes out the bill while the're in there :)


    1. Yeah that would be nice
      Having the bill whipped out so I could buy more mice
      And yeah always ways around things
      If one leans toward the more shady wings


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