Bond, Coke Bond And Beyond!

So dVerse wants all to go all marketing in the media at their show. Of course with a movie mention that got the cat's attention. So let's see what the cat can recall for thee. Some blatant advertising can be fun to at least let a rhyme be spun.

Here's 20 million bucks,
To fool the dumb ducks.
Bond now drinks coke,
So all will follow that bloke.

Look! Jack Bauer is captured by the Chinese.
We get to see it on a DVD set tease.
Damn, rescued with a shiny brand new car.
Toyota's ability sure does extend far.

Tweedle dee and tweedle dum,
Act away while chewing some gum.
It's extra minty flavor,
Is sure to beat that life saver.

Time to track down the bad guy.
We will do it on the first try,
With our brand new Windows eight.
Come now, take the bait.

Geico saving you 15% or more,
Wait! State Farm is something of lore.
No! Liberty Mutual takes the cake,
This guy, that guy, their info is fake.

Come to subway,
The Buy More has it on display.
Along with Happy Gilmore.
Come now, feel free to explore.

No time to play?
Let Fed Ex take your cares away.
I mean it worked for Hanks,
Wilson too gives a big thanks.

Sit with Mac and Me.
McDonald's will sure thank thee.
An alien who likes fast food.
That is some great attitude.

I'm not lyin,
As pizza hut is what you are spyin'
Just because my lying is an invention,
Does not mean they don't deserve a mention.

Now just Transform-er away,
With plenty of GM on display.
At least they go boom,
For their blatant advertising doom.

Did you get them all as I went almost full movie at my hall? Could not resist the insurance stuff, as each is better, or so they huff. If anyone real drinks coke or any other crap because of some fake famous chap, that makes the cat sad. You humans are more gullible than a two year old lass or lad. But it must work as they advertise in mass, which is simply ignored by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. nice job incorporating the ads within the poem. It always is something I pay attention to when watching a show, is the internal product placements, nowadays most are done subtly, yet once in a while you get the kind that are just way out of left field, like for example, say if a guy is in a heated battle against aliens and then all of a sudden he just happens to have a coke, holds up clearly to the camera drinks it, says ahh, then goes back to shooting the aliens. That wasn't a great example but sometimes they placements are just so in your face you just have to laugh at them. Great write lots of fun in the truth you've spun

    1. Yeah many a time they are there
      I see them and don't care
      But those ones that are in your face
      Truly are pathetic at a steady pace
      But I guess they get the movie made
      So they can't let the advertising fade

  2. Bond could drink coke
    Not really a joke
    It was fun to the taste
    Even taken in haste
    Toyota and John Bauer
    Made things that blur
    McD,Fed-Ex and all the rest
    They sure tried their best
    We just observe, let them be
    It was their wish to make money!


    1. Yeah that i the way
      Just to watch at ones bay
      Then shrug and walk off
      Letting them scoff
      About all the dough they dropped
      As the screen cropped

  3. Good thing Bond doesn't eat cat food... or I'd feel I need to have some too.

    1. haha well Riggs ate dog treats in good old Lethal Weapon 3
      Gonna try those at your sea?

  4. I know not
    of what
    you speak
    for I am
    too miserly
    and cheap.

    No telly
    I own
    so I can't
    hear them
    cawk as
    crows about
    products that

    Haven't seen an advert in about five years Cat and I don't miss it. But I will spend 20 minutes looking at cat food wondering what my Princess Fang will like best, and this is an animal that licks it's own arse. Jaysus, maybe I should just let feckin Purina tell me what all the cool cats are eating these days. It would be quicker.

    1. I haven't seen one in a while
      For I don't have cable so can't change the dial
      Just get them from online
      And no commercials makes it divine
      Not feb yet
      You lied to this pet haha
      Have to watch what is in the food
      Can be really rude

    2. I missed you so much Cat, I couldn't wait till February to see you (choke, gag, vomit, lie). Things are easing up a tad bit over here so I'll pop in from time to time.

      Have a good Sunday Cat.

    3. haha made you gag
      Hope the vomit went into a rag
      Glad things are easing up too
      Always fun to have you spew haha

  5. For most advertising I won't vote
    It makes me run to my remote
    Why tell me more than I want to hear
    You'll have me crying in my beer
    I don't care about your nasal drip
    I'd rather practice an aerial flip
    Your anal tissue is hot with pain
    Go for a walk in the cooling rain
    Your husband can't perform any more
    Not my problem..... Here's the door
    You like to talk about a catheter tube
    Watch my dust you country rube
    You say your pimples are oozing pus
    Oh god you're disgusting all of us
    Bodily functions are your bailiwick?
    I'd like to whack you with a stick
    Yuck, brushing your teeth in a looking glass
    I'd rather be watching cat's little rhyming ass

    1. Wow I think
      Commercials sure bring you to the brink
      As the puss oozes away
      One must look away
      And that little blue pill
      Could give some a thrill
      Then again they aren't done
      They have to give the fine print run
      Could cause a rash
      Could make you eat trash
      Could drive you insane
      Watch it while driving in that third lane
      Don't take with this or that
      Could go all zombie at your mat
      Avoid food for three hours before
      Or you could end up at death's door
      And in rare cases we will say
      See you later, enjoy the view as you ashes get spread in the bay

    2. That was an excellent rhyme, Manzanita. You're giving the Cat a run for his money!

    3. A cheer squad are you
      Now at my zoo

    4. Loved this thread!
      Very well said,
      Don't watch TV
      Prefer a DVD
      or a walk by the lake
      For goodness sake

    5. Yeah prefer the dvd too
      Here at my zoo

  6. Good spin on adveritisng, the cat's sure good at socialising. He brings the people and the crowd, we love your poems and sing 'em out loud. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. The cat can do all
      Here at his hall
      With his rhyming flow
      He can even put on an ad show

  7. Very Well Done!! I usually tape the shows I watch so I can flip through those comercials as fast as I can.

    Hahahaha.... I see Manzi is giving you a run for your money with the rhymes.

    1. haha yeah she brought a ton
      With her rhyming fun
      And I skip them too
      But getting my shows with none there to view

  8. I guess Fedex doesn't just work for Hanks Wilson, it allows Hank to be here super fast as well haha. Great rhymes Cat, always love reading your blog on a day off, gives me a good laugh.

    1. Yeah Hank still wins with his burst
      Making it to a lurking first

  9. Love, love, love this. You ARE the master of rhymne.

    1. A master I can be
      Or at least fake it at my sea

  10. Do you know that they don't make things to last for a long time now? Like you have to buy a new software or equipment every few years, so they will have more money. Some ads are misleading, so I don't believe it until I see it for myself ~

    Have a good Sunday Pat ~

    1. Yeah I knew that
      They make it so things break at your mat
      When really they don't have to
      But just want to suck money from you

  11. I don't think I'd be spying for pizza hut

    there's better pizza for the gut

  12. There sure are ads everywhere these days! Maybe I can get a tail flag ad!

    1. Well they may pay you to advertise
      As your tail swats the flies

  13. ha did you just sit and watch and snatch them as they ran across the screen screaming look at me look at me i have what you want, product placed perfectly to get your attention, really nice take cat

    1. haha I remember quite a few
      That I have given a view
      Ran with what popped in
      To my bin

  14. Whew, insurance claims (ha, pun intended) drive me crazy. We switched last year after a long haul w/one co. and it was not fun finding someone else. The cheap fees are just that, cheap. They cover next to NOTHING, lol.

    1. Yeah they make you jump through hoops
      And then throw you for loops
      With each claim
      They really are anything but tame

  15. Commercials can be annoying for sure
    They are the television equivalent of a brochure
    Every once in a while though, one strikes me as funny
    Makes me laugh and makes my disposition sunny
    Usually though, I DVR so that I can simply fast-forward
    this way, I can move closer to the show toward.

    1. Yeah sometimes there is one
      That can be fun
      Although I never watch them at all
      These days at my hall

  16. ha..isn't it interesting how many "ads" you have during a normal nod to cast away..a fantastic movie

    1. Yeah it can be ad free
      But they are not as plenty are there to see

  17. Thanks for stopping by. It's too funny when I read your post I think I'm gonna start rhyming for pity sakes & you surely don't want that. LOL Have a great day & yes I got them all I'm afraid. I need to get a life. LOL

    1. haha bah at least a ton you know
      There at your show
      And rhyme away
      That is fine at my bay

  18. What a job you did my friend
    on how "commercials" and movies blend
    I find those ads quite frustrating
    and upon further investigatin'
    IMHO it's not so swell,
    it sends the movie straight to h*ll!

    Good take Pat!

    P.S. Know how much that you like rhyme
    check mine out if you have time!

    1. Yeah it does send it down
      To such a town
      At least most anyway
      As they try to advertise away
      And sure will come
      With my little rhyming bum

  19. Ha, I think I caught all the references in there. I really dislike commercials. Thanks goodness for my DVR.

    1. Yeah I hate them too
      Which is why I never give them a view

  20. I'm not too influenced by ads, but I have to say I do enjoy waching the ads during the Super Bowl :)

    I love your creativity in writing about them though :)


    1. Yeah those are usually the only ones
      That are worth ad runs

  21. I use to brag of being commercial-free,
    but your poem has brought be to my knees,
    to repent my blindness to sub-liminal stuff
    it in the movies!
    Shit how righteous purity is tough!

    1. Yeah never truly ad free
      As there are always many
      Here or there
      At your lair

  22. Once in a while there is a really funny commercial on tv
    but most of them are just too cheesy.
    It used to be the big chill
    during the super bowl thrill
    but those are just so dumb now
    they will make you have a cow.
    Where has all the creativity gone?
    Now they just sing a dumb song.

    1. Yeah they used to be good
      Now many are as dull as wood
      Just there to make all stare
      And hope they become aware
      Although sometime the song can be fun
      Depending on how it is spun

    2. Very true that sometimes a good one comes along
      and it's usually because of the song.
      So next month when it comes around
      you can dance in your socks all over town!
      Or at least just in your apartment
      as the cats watch in silence.

    3. Prob break my leg as I did that haha
      But I don't watch it anyway at my mat
      So I'll be safe there
      The cats will still stare

    4. yeah, they will stare..,.
      just like mind do when I pull out my wooden spoon mic with flare.

    5. haha you have far more eyes
      As they twirl around like flies

  23. Ah Pat/ cat you sleep? because sometimes I feel your brain works ALL the time never stop!;)

    1. Don't sleep much at my sea
      Have to keep on writing and be a busy bee

  24. WILSON!!! I loved him just as much as Hanks. As for your reminder about him - thanks! :)

    1. Yeah Wilson was grand
      As Hank's lived off the land

  25. On our wondrous BBC
    the channels are, they say, ad-free,
    but listen carefully and forsooth,
    you'll find that this is not the truth,
    for several times in every hour
    they use their massive media power
    to tell us of forthcoming shows -
    those aren't adverts I suppose.

    1. Well that isn't so bad
      At least you could see some new shows at your pad
      Beats the same old food or car crap
      That over here takes a lap

  26. Ha, you have told it like it is, Pat!
    Once again, kudos for you & Cat!

  27. Aha Pat in the Hatt,

    Very good and in your land,
    Me thinks you know where you stand.

    I once went for a Happy Meal
    What's the deal
    I didn't feel happy from such a meal
    What shall I do
    Can I sue?

    And with's over to you...

    1. Well unless you found a rat head
      Or thumb to cause you dread
      Not much you can do
      But get rid of it out the old gazoo haha

  28. It is really disgusting how pervasive product placement is. And you probably aren't even aware of all of it.

    1. Yeah some you will never see
      As it will even get by me

  29. Lots to pick from with this one Pat.

    Resisting the insurance pitch is effortless for most of us. Now pizza and desserts are a different story.

    1. Yeah one can avoid that good
      The rest can be tough for some in their hood

  30. lol, I totally like to imagine that I'm Sofia Vergara when I drink Diet Pepsi :) haha. And I love your rhyming take on the Insurance Industry- as that is my industry! :) haha- yes, we all huff that we are better than the next.

    1. haha huffing away
      That you're the best insurance bay
      But the same can be said for most anything
      Saying they are the best at their wing

  31. The only time I enjoy advertising is during the Super Bowl. Any other time it's fast forward through the TIVO. However, product placement in my favorite shows are popping up more and more I noticed, which is as equally annoying as the commercials I just skipped.

    1. Yeah that is why it is showing up more and more
      Because they want to catch all the skippers at their shore

  32. i actually knew some movies, that rarely happens, excuse me while I go on a shopping trip!


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