Can't Think? Don't Hit The Brink!

So you can't think what to write? You are sitting there day and night but it just does not work. I guess the cat can leave you with a smirk. So far I have yet to run out of ideas and such. Sometimes I just have way too much. But I will not brag for some may gag. Anyway, here is a trick or ten at your bay.

Take a look at your feet.
Do they look neat?
There you go.
Describe them at your show.

Watch your pet,
And you can bet.
That they will do something,
That will stir a write at your wing.

If not just cheat.
Don't suffer defeat.
Take a pic and post it up.
Easy as can be for your writing hiccup.

Open a news page.
Find something that sparks rage.
Then that is that.
Channel it at your mat.

Or pick two words,
Could be sung by birds.
Anything from "holy crap" to "giggity bop"
They will surely make your brain hop.

Spurt out some facts,
Of some random acts.
Knowledge is always good.
Although you can't help those that are as dumb as wood.

But there you go.
That whole line could make 50 posts show.
Dumb as a stump.
Dumb hairdo of Trump.

Dump at the Trump was taken.
Even if old one eye was fakin'
It was her goof,
That there was no solid proof.

Could rant about how to get proof.
Or what comes from a leaky roof.
See, pull a rhyme from your ass,
And things will amass.

Already gave myself ten ideas with this post.
Maybe I should take a break to the coast.
What would I need to take?
Another post that could make.

Damn, I'm on a roll.
What you see as you take a stroll.
Complain about the bridge toll.
Yap about a lofty goal.

All and all it isn't so hard.
Just look out at the yard.
An idea will spark,
So your mind will no longer go dark.

Isn't the cat just so helpful today? I guess once in a while I can be at my bay. Yeah, I will never let the Trump thing go, unless actual evidence starts to show. Anyway, there is your lesson for today class. It also allowed for another rambling from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. That's just fantastic
    Getting ideas in many ways
    Get off the butt and seek
    Whatever that sways
    Lots of strategies given
    Some are way out some are ok
    If they work then just flaunt
    One upmanship the way to play!


    1. Yeah just have to look around
      And many ideas are found
      The way out ones can be fun
      And I have to give them a run haha

  2. smiles...very cool....there is inspiration all around us if we look, and sometimes look sideways at it, that is why i dont believe in writers block...its an excuse, when you refuse to write, or dont feel like it.

    1. Yeah can find it all around
      That is why every day a post is found
      Only thing that stops me
      Is being fecked up at my sea
      Writers block
      Is simply a crock

  3. I feel all aglow
    From your post it does show
    Brilliant words you display
    And who could say nay
    Ideas are flashing
    You don't need a bashing
    As you said from your bay
    And your words you don't weigh
    You just let it happen
    Wake up from your napp'n
    Ideas come streaming
    From a cold window beaming.
    But alas I am right
    It just isn't my plight.
    Time is my issue
    I'll reach for a tissue
    As a tear goes ker-plop
    I'll reach for a mop
    And perhaps time
    Will perform like a mime

    1. Pfft to the mime
      They are just a crime haha
      And see lots of ideas flow
      Just from the comment you gave a go
      Cleaning and mimes
      Sure are fun times haha

  4. Lots of ideas here
    write without fear
    don't shed a tear
    no need for beer
    a poem is always near!

    1. Yep always found
      Whether cat or hound
      Even if one sniffs a butt
      Or it is about smut haha

    2. Sometimes smut accomplishes what is necessary. LOL.

    3. haha that is true
      Smut may need to come due

  5. Inspiration can be found in a tree
    Or at the sight of a flower being pollinated by a bee
    It can be found in a stream
    Or after a slumber accompanied by a crazy dream
    All that matters, whatever the source
    Is that we maintain our passion for writing, or course.

    1. That is very true
      The passion must stay in view
      No matter what it is
      All can be adapted to this writing biz

  6. Blogging does offer lessons in patience and creativity. And who knew that feet could very well be involved?

    1. Yeah teaches you something new everyday
      Like zombie feet on display haha

  7. You continue to remain aloof
    although I have provided plenty of proof
    Face it cat, you've been had
    no need to run around all mad
    it's like you have a stick up your butt
    you'd be happier hanging around a mutt
    But you continue to fornicate with the Viking Lady
    and she is nothing but wacky and shady
    So, off you go, run and play in your litter box
    and hope you don't contract kitty pox.

    1. Pfft not solid proof
      One big goof
      I'll chew the fat
      And not let go of that
      For viing fornication is fun
      And surely must be done

  8. my dog does nothing but sleep and eat though.

    1. Well as long as when you dog decides to eat
      It isn't poo he uses for a treat

  9. There is a blogger on my sidebar
    that at least 3 times a month by far
    Starts a post with, "I don't really have anything to say"
    and I think, "then don't bother at your bay"
    That title doesn't make me want to visit
    as you me a fit.
    There are worse things than not posting
    and one is asking us to read the bore you're hosting.
    hahahaha. Next time I'll send them to your sea
    to get some inspiration from thee!

    1. Pfft that would just bore
      As the mundane shows at ones shore
      If you can't think of anything other than that
      Would be ignored by the cat
      I'll pelt them with a pringle can
      Then they will have something to rant about but may not be a fan

    2. Yep,..if that is the first line
      I don't even take the time.
      But it does crack me up
      if you have nothing, then just shut up!

    3. LMAO that last line is divine
      Should be a motto or made into a sign

    4. Feel free to use
      I won't sue.

    5. haha wouldn't get anything anyway
      From our bay haha

    6. well that is so true
      that would turn me blue.

      I was thinking of that fountain of youth.
      you need to find it, and quick, too!
      Just to dip your bad arm in
      and bring it out like a brand new limb!

    7. haha actually turning blue at your zoo
      That would be funny to come due
      That would be nice to be had as well
      As the arm does still cause much hell

    8. Maybe you could donate it to science
      in exchange for a bionic arm appliance!
      Like the Six Million Dollar Man,
      might be fun across your land!
      Doing things nobody can do
      and be pain free again, too!
      Maybe go on a money making tour
      and write a book the money to lure.
      Just remember who your favorite editor is
      and don't forget her in the money biz.

    9. haha that would be grand
      As long a water it could withstand
      Wouldn't want it to rust
      And sharing would sure be a must

  10. Excellent ideas. Yea, since I write about stupid, wacky crap I certainly don't have to look very far for material.

    1. No, there will always be much of the crap
      For always some crazy gal or chap

  11. orlin N casie...

    if yur dad haza writerz block
    him shuld take a slite wee brake
    N we hope hiz eye dea frum de yard
    wuz knot a burd for de love oh cod's sake

    hay, haza grate week oh end anda FABulous flouder fryday

    1. No break at my sea
      At least until May for me
      As posts will get done
      Even if my arm is as good as if it was shot by a gun

  12. I usually don't have trouble thinking of what to write, but that might be because I'm only posting every 3rd day. :P

    1. Yeah every third day
      Does make it easier at one bay

  13. Thanks for sharing the tips of your incredible inspiration!

    1. Incredible you say
      haha I think crazy would work better for my bay

  14. It's always great to hear about what to do when inspiration is lacking from the great Cat himself. Great post buddy, I'm going to try some of these tricks next time I get writers block for sure.

    1. Now you can go on the writing attack
      Thanks to the rhyme at my shack

  15. Pat, in response to your comment at my bay, I TRULY believe that every poem someone writes is about the poet! (whether they deny it or not) So....ha...each poem you write here is about you. LOL.

    1. hahaha I will have to try hard
      To make a real fake one at my yard

  16. When asked how I come up with what to write
    I look at them and say, "I wing it, I must allow."
    But, they insist, "That so? That can't be right!"
    Then, I admit, "How do you know I'm not winging it now?"

    1. haha a conurum to be had
      Bet that makes you glad

  17. Feet! Yes, there's my next riveting post in the making . . .

    1. haha glad I could help out
      Now I expect a feet post

  18. When the Human's imagination
    Came up completely bare
    She found her inspiration
    In writing about Donald Trump's hair.

    HA ha ha

    1. LOL and many a thing can come due
      Making fun of his well hairdo

  19. Hey this is exactly what I needed! I had a terrible time this week coming up with something to write about. Now I know to check here when I stuck!

    1. Well there you go
      The cat has such a helpful show

  20. Lots of excellent ideas for writing/creative prompts here today, many I've tried at my bay but the feet, nope that one I have not tread, for what would come I can only dread, as I'm forever tainted by those of that zombie guy. Again, lots of really excellent prompts here spun with fun as is the norm, for the cat's always in his rhyming form. Thanks

    1. Yeah just had fun
      And spit out whatever popped in under my sun
      Forever tainted by the feet
      haha love it over the zombie treat


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