Don't Sniff Glue. Obvious, But True!

Don't you just love the cat's great title today? I mean it is just so well thought out at my bay. I can't imagine a better title that could come due. I am just so great at my zoo. The title king I should be called at my wing. Let's see what else I can make. Titles I can sure bake.

Snow is coming!
It is winter so that should be what you're humming.
Coffee is good.
That can't be misunderstood.

Teeth must be brushed.
Thinking that up must have left your brain crushed.
Kids cost money.
Just gets some bees and feed them honey.

Dogs need walks.
That was amazing, must be the air holes in your socks.
Gas is high.
Such an old cry.

Drugs are bad.
How many have you had?
Guns can kill.
Better go and do up my will.

Junk food adds weight.
Even if you eat it off a plate?
Cat's rule.
We knew that, fool.

Sell your home.
Then where would you roam?
Two for one.
That could lead to lots of fun.

People need to shower.
I know you humans have the power.
Flowers grow in the ground.
My, you are very profound.

Trash goes to the dump.
Does your head have a lump?
A chair is where you sit.
Even when you need to shit?

The light turns off and on.
Wow, I bet you are a blast when mowing the lawn.
A phone makes calls.
They'll be whispering that one in the halls.

The cat is through.
Lost a brain cell or two.
I am done.
That was fun.

Did you like the drone? Even talked about the phone. Pffft what a silly sap. The cat likes to flap. A title should be more. Then the same old same old encore. So it will confuse the dumb human masses. Maybe they will get off their asses and learn a thing or two. I know that is wishingful thinking at my zoo. I pass gas. I am crass. I like sass. I will not become a droning little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Lost a brain cell or two
    Won't make one that cuckoo
    Titles - get them straight!
    And also not to tempt fate
    They give a rhythmic glow
    With a kind of nice flow
    Better to just tow the line
    And things's be just fine


    1. Yeah ignore the titles each time
      As the are a crime
      Then the brain cells will stay
      And not drown in the bay

  2. I am now dumber for having read this. My brain cells have taken a plunge at your bay. If my brains cells are to fall, I'd rather it be on my own accord. I mean seriously, I can't even come up with a rhyme as is the norm in your comments. What have you done to me cat?

    1. hahaha can't even rhyme
      That is sure a crime
      The cat enjoyed the brain flack
      Sorry for the brain cell attack

  3. Title is awesome indeed.. yeah u can say yourself The Title King :D

    it's very cold here too... I'm in my bed.. whole time :P

    1. Yeah stay inside
      Avoid the cold ride
      The titles I can make plain
      Letting the iq points drop like rain

  4. i agree...the title is often what will hook others to what your pen cooks, boring title may mean boring book, but then again you can crook the rook with a title, when the reading is little intriguing, but no need to worry, or feed the sorry, your at least as interesting as riding a lorry...snicker....nah the cat is where its at and you better step back when he comes to bat...

    1. haha riding a lorry
      Could bring glory
      At least to one or two
      As they ride away on cue
      Could whack one with a bat
      That would make things interesting at my mat

  5. Catchy titles can make or break a work. On a related note, it used to be that sniffing markers was a no-no, but now with the non-toxic scented markers they make, little ones from East to West are huffing lemon and strawberry coloring tools.

    1. Yeah can sure make or break
      Drowning one in a lake
      Never knew that
      As each huff away at their non toxic coloring mat

  6. It's okay to smell some glue

    they don't make the good glue anymore just the child-proof stuff that comes due.

    1. Child proof glue
      haha what next will come due

  7. did you really just waste two minutes of my time
    with that very silly rhyme? ....ducks...

    1. haha throwing pringle cans of stuff at you
      Is not needed as you already have plenty at your zoo

    2. thank you for not saying "don't sniff Raid"
      because similar mistakes have been made.
      Although a numb nose could cause more woes
      than a numb tongue, as far as that goes.

    3. haha well a numb nose at least wouldn't make you drool
      Either being numb is not cool

  8. Replies
    1. Got an oh dear
      So fun to my little rhyming rear

  9. when R mom wuz a kid
    her eated playdough
    but if we gnaw on de Christmas tree
    her tellz uz...noe...


    hay, hope everee one haza grate wek oh end !!

    1. Playdough does not taste swell
      It would really cause the stomach hell

  10. Coffee is good, cats rule...that's all you need to know!

  11. I lost a few brain cells after that one!

  12. These will be my deep thoughts of the day!

  13. The cat is a better poet than I am. Mind you, a hamburger is a better poet than I am.

    1. haha make it a rat burger and all is grand
      Could chow down and rhyme in my land

  14. I think its fun thinking of titles
    that may or may not be related to the post
    at all ~ But I think you are having a lot
    of fun, so why not just rhyme the away ~

    1. Yeah was a lot of fun
      Here under my sun
      Just to play with the title display
      Here at my bay

  15. There are way too many who point out the obvious over and over again but I guess if they didn't then it wouldn't be obvious really. Great post Pat, did you know gas prices are high? I've also heard it's important to take dogs for walks although whether or not the same applies to cats like Orlin remains to be seen.

    1. Orlin must run around
      But does not need to walk like a hound haha
      And as for the gas
      He can pass that from his ass

  16. I agree with Grace...that it is fun to think of titles. Your titles always hook me, draw me in to read the best. And ha ha, I think I have lost a brain cell or two too!!

    1. Get you on the hook
      So there is a look
      And bah one or two is fine
      Just don't become crazy like the feline

  17. "Drugs are bad.
    How many have you had?"

    I can't tell you that, I'm still on the lam ha ha ha!

    Oh and cats don't rule, don't get so full of yourself, feline!

  18. I myself has not hadded no drugs at all, but the Human growed up in the '60s so she's taking the 5th.

    1. If cat nip don't count
      The cat hasn't had any amount

  19. I am selling my home and have no idea where I'll roam.

    A park bench?

  20. I don't even have a home to sell. And if I can't sniff glue, is eating it a better alternative?

    1. I suppose if you are hungry enough
      Although it might go down rough

  21. I always wanted to go to one of those places where they do the selling but the seller does everything super fast, always thought that was both pretty cool and annoying at the same time lol the drone was fun, always a blast when mowing the lawn lol fun piece.

    1. Glad it was fun
      Although were you referencing the other one haha


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