Gonna Take The Bait And Add These To Your Plate?

So the cat has to do a movie one as that always has to be done under my sun. Can't let that go for a good long while as the cat can rant a mile. Anyway, why not let you know the up and coming near your bay. Unless they get postponed or some crap like that. If they do, don't blame the cat.

Things may get scary,
With a remake of Carrie.
Remake is a scary word,
As 99.99% of them are absurd.

The Last Stand will come,
Showing off Arnold's saggy bum.
Along with a World War Z,
Once more it's the attack of the zombie.

Grown Ups 2,
Just leaves me with an eww.
Rather watch the Smurfs 2,
Then that no longer funny crew.

But there is Scary Movie 5.
That stupid series is still alive.
I wish Jack the Giant Killer,
Would end such crappy filler.

Maybe Oz The Great and Powerful could blow the crap away.
He does have a big face on display.
Then that very crappy Robocop remake,
Might go drown in a lake.

The Lone Ranger,
Will be way more stranger.
Wolverine 2 being a sequel though,
Might make it worth a show.

Of course Superman comes back,
On the ever so boring boyscout attack.
With a Thor 2 as well,
Off to some mythical hell.

Then there is the drunk,
Ironman 3 in some funk.
Speaking of which,
The Hangover 3 is back to flip the switch.

I wonder if they'll carbon copy another one.
The Hobbit 2 will give a run.
Stretching it to three,
So more dough can be raked it at their sea.

Then of course GI Joe 2,
The first simply blew.
So don't hold out hope.
Jack Ryan may make one swing from a rope.

The End of the World will come.
A little late with that hum.
300 the sequel, prequel, whatever thing,
Will surely be worth a ring.

Star Trek 2 will come for each nerd.
Sorry, I meant Trekkies, nerd is absurd.
Red 2 is also coming,
Might be or might not be mind numbing.

Die Hard 5 is ready to go.
Anything beats the 4th show.
Even Marry Poppins porn.
Goes good with pop corn.

Then there is Fast and the Furious 6.
Once more cars can do tricks.
Seven is also all but a guaranteed fate.
And that is the cat's upcoming movie slate.

There you go, now you know many that will show. They all seem to have a number beside them too. Shows the oh so great work of the lazy Hollywood crew. But beats a prequel or some remake hell. Even though a few of those are there and they aren't swell. Of course many more will come to pass but most I saw were even more horrible and worth being ignored by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Ruined Hank's streak
      He may send you up the creek

  2. The main thing that irks me in all of these sequels being announced is the Hobbit one, like you said it's just being stretched out to make more dough. I'm still not bored by Spider-Man but some of these franchises really should be dead by now but they keep them around because of the sheer amount of money they rake in. So many film companies are afraid to make something new like you say, the Scary Movie films especially should end, like you say it'd be good if they were all killed off in the first ten minutes of the film to save all of those a bore. Great post Pat, with yesterdays Muppets 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 announcements you'll have even more ammo for next time haha.

    1. Yeah the sequels just keep coming
      As down the movies are dumbing
      Worse each time
      Most turn out to be such a horrid crime

  3. ha. trek 2 i think will be good as it should, gi bloes will do just that, most sequels are a bunch of shat, hobbit is drug out just to make money, that ploy is not even funny....

    1. Yeah a bunch of strat
      Agreed on by the cat
      That ploy was the worst
      Just to quench their money thirst

  4. Me thinks there is a generational gap
    Or maybe I've taken a real long nap
    Of all the movie names that soar
    I guess I'd find them quite a bore.

    1. I never said they were good
      As all but like three would also bore me in my hood

    2. What a delightfully honest answer
      Came from you my Sir Lancer
      And in spite of our age span
      I'm completely hooked as your rhyme fan.

    3. Yeah but being crap
      Doesn't seem to stop them on tap
      If only people would ignore them all
      especially reality tv at their hall
      And glad your hooked too
      Always fun to see a rhyme reply from you

  5. While this year's movies are sure to appeal
    The memories of last year's movies are all the more real
    Dark Knight and Django were my favorite by far
    And Ted had me laughing from afar
    Here's to hoping 2013 is a great year on the screen
    If it's not, I'll just spend summer playing in the grass that's green

    1. Yeah some will be great
      The first of yours I'd add to my best plate
      The Avengers as well
      Haven't seen Django yet at my cell
      Who knows what will show
      Sure very few will actually glow

    2. Also, I didn't know they were remaking Robocop
      The first will definitely be hard to top
      But then again, some remakes actually exceed
      The originals that they were based on, indeed.

    3. Oh by the look of that
      It will surely fall flat
      He looks like some transformer thing
      I doubt it will make much bling

    4. And one more thing, you were mentioned by one of my readers in a comment on my blog today lol. Seems as if you have fans all over the interwebs!!

    5. Hmmm I will have to see
      Who would mention me
      But it rises the ego of the cat
      And even Pat

  6. I dont like sequels Pat, and when come the 2,the 3 and the 4 part is scared!
    Only want to see The Hobbit and the kids saw it, but now they dont invite me to the cinema:(

    1. Yeah most tend to suck
      Not worth a buck
      haha too old to be seen with you
      Could follow them a time or two

  7. I'm a Wizard of Oz fanatic so I must see Oz, the Great and Powerful.

    1. Let's hope it is good
      Who knows if it will be at any hood

  8. Lots of good movies of late
    Abraham Lincoln is top rate

    Les Miserables is worth the price
    plus the singing is very nice.

    Argo was my favorite latest flick
    among all the movies I had to pick

    Parental Guidance was kind of fun
    kept me smiling until it was done

    Silver Linings Playbook was for the birds
    despite the tons and tons of awards

    Skyfall was exciting all the way through
    you can't beat James Bond & his merry crew.

    Today I think I will go see Zero Dark Thirty
    won't see Django, too violent for this birdie!

    I could never sit for three hours for The Hobbit
    can't stand those below earth creatures that mob it!

    1. Yeah the hobbit is long
      And much out there isn't so strong
      Not sure les miserables is my cup of tea
      But the rest I will probably see

    2. Yes, there are a lot of good ones right now
      I did see Zero Dark Thirty which was quite WOW
      but I have decided some things I don't want to know
      and I covered my eyes at a few things they did show!

    3. Will add it to my list
      But won't cover eyes with hand or fist haha

  9. I thought the original Scary Movie was a decent but cheesy spoof on scream/horror genres. But it never need a sequel, and never ever needed all those spin-offs either.

    1. Yeah the first was okay for what it was
      The rest should have died just because

  10. Sequels can be fun
    For one is already familiar
    What to expect like re-runs
    Knowing the characters
    Some are motivated
    to see the new hero
    For instance Johnny Depp
    As the new Tonto
    It's going to be
    Fun and games
    Enjoy it, silly!
    The best you can.


    1. Yeah in that way
      They can be a fun display
      But they tend to suck
      As they push their luck
      Just trying to cash in
      To fill their money bin

  11. i dont like scary movies, cause i scaaaaaaaaaarrrrryyyyy

  12. Too many bad sequeals for us! Hey, I wonder if Dr. Oz is related to the Wizard?

    1. Hmm you never know
      He could make one magically grow

  13. LOL, you and my husband would get along so well!

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog (a bench with a view) and leaving a comment :)

    love your rhyming and I didn't realize so many movies might be having sequels; some of them should be enough is enough; how many Fast and Furious ones do we really need?

    enjoy the day!


    1. Glad you like the rhyme
      As I do it all the time
      And yeah they are on 6 of that
      With 7 a sure thing at a nearby movie mat

  15. Very entertaining! I love the way you rhyme even in your comments. Thank you for visiting my blog :)

    1. Yep rhyme a way
      Each and every day
      Thanks for the view
      At my zoo

    2. Thank you for following my blog. Oh my goodness, you have 2115 followers. Count me in, and make it 2116. Did I just rhyme or was it alliteration? Your rhyming is contagious :)

    3. haha yeah it seems to be
      As many rhyme with glee
      Just like you
      And thanks for the follow at my zoo

  16. I am so over the sequels and prequels! They are NEVER as good as the first and always leave me feeling irritated for watching them. I couldn't agree more with you calling those Hollywood workers lazy.

    However, I am looking forward to OZ. I just hope I don't leave disappointed.

    1. Yeah that is all they are
      Lazy near and far
      There is a little hope for Oz though
      Although doubt still does flow

  17. Ah Pat,

    Thanks for your drive-by visit to my site,
    My oh my, what a delight.

    I've heard they are having a sequel to "Groundhog Day".

    With respect,


    Ah Pat,

    Thanks for your drive-by visit to my site,
    My oh my, what a delight.

    I've heard they are having a sequel to "Groundhog Day".

    With respect,


    1. I read they were thinking of that at one point
      But that would just get my nose out of joint
      I see what you did there too
      Great comment indeed from you

    2. And great comments to my comment that discussed the nose out of joint idea of a remake of "Groundhog Day"

      Hey Susan, where are we? :)

    3. Both lost in rhyme land
      Isn't it grand?

  18. orlin N cassie... we iz waitin ta see de mew godzilla thats due out like 80 baziilion days frum now ore when ever him gets bak from monster island.... N we hope its de original godzilla knot de godzilla wanna be that wuz in new york....

    rock on... !!

    1. That one could be good
      If they avoid the NY hood
      But who really knows
      Godzilla sure beats killer crows haha

  19. -chuckle- This is quite the blog, you have here. Never seen anything like it, and that's a compliment. There aren't many unique things in this world. Or unique blogs, on the Net.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment.


    1. Yeah i try and be unique
      Here at my creek
      Being the norm is just strange
      Thanks for the compliment at my range

  20. I figured I'd check out your blog before replying to the comment you left on mine. (Thanks so much for dropping by.) Wow! What a unique concept you have going here! Fun stuff. Count me in as your newest groupie.

    1. A new groupie at my sea
      That sure works for me haha
      And yeah try to remain unique here
      With my little rhyming rear

  21. Ha, this is awesome! Hollywood is getting lazy for sure. Seriously they should have left Die Hard alone at two, some might say one. Why mess up a good thing. 

    And Carrie, did they not make a remake on the lifetime network that was awful? Well, if they do, Sissy should play Carrie's mother then some might consider seeing it despite the un-necessary remake. 

    Love your blog:-))

    1. Yeah Die Hard 4 was a huge piece of trash
      Left me with a bad rash
      Should have left it alone
      That Carrie thing is down to the bone
      Remade 50 times
      Such crimes

  22. Numb bum is a curse,
    which some of these will make worse
    and attack my purse?

    1. Oh when your ass goes to sleep
      It will sure tingle deep haha

  23. That was awesome! Had me giggling.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting, glad you liked my picks. :)

    1. Yeah quite the array
      Over at your bay
      Glad it was fun
      Under my sun

  24. I am not a nerd! I love Star Trek and I am not embarrassed to say so (she says under the guise of a fake name)

    1. hahaha hiding under a fake name
      So your nerdness doesn't gain fame

  25. I loooove this. First time here and enjoyed it.

    1. Glad you could enjoy my sea
      Even if it was a lie from thee haha

  26. Not my first time here. I guess I lied and didn't mean it.

  27. You are too funny, love your blog! So glad you stopped by mine so I could find you. Following you now, will definitely be back to visit!

    Happy Wednesday.

    Ashton Belle from:

    1. Glad you like
      As I take the rhyming hike
      And top on by
      Any time under my sky

  28. I just watched The Hobbit and I really enjoyed it ~ Don't mind the sequels,including Superman ~ But the others like Arnold's movies, please, he is too old to play the action hero anymore ~

    Have a good evening Pat ~

    1. I'll watch it one day
      Here at my bay
      And yeah Arnold is quit old
      Plus it pretty much sucked I'm told

  29. Here I am...quite a bit late
    but still arrived, at any rate.
    Wow, Mary there really knows her movies
    I just think that's groovy!
    She could give Dez's blog a run for it's money
    as she tells which are dark and which are sunny!

    1. Yeah she sure seems to be on the ball
      You are way down at my hall
      Oh well though
      Still always show
      Even if late
      Is your fate

  30. Replies
    1. Good to not be your fate
      As many you would hate

  31. I don't care for any of these
    Well, Mary Poppins porn, maybe
    How she uses that umbrella, I'd like to see.

    Now that was truly gross of me.
    So kindly do ignore
    What I just wrote at your shore.


    1. hahaha hmmm can't ignore that
      To fun for the cat
      I wonder how that would go
      A spoon full of sugar down below? hahaha

  32. Ew ew ew Between the sagging butt and MP porn, I'm going to have quite the nightmares tonight.

    1. Haha at least you may get a thrill
      As the MP Porn makes you feel ill

  33. nice run through the sequel and remake fun. Many will be dumb, I'm sure too, but some, ah, kind of looking forward to. I don't like horror, but liked the original Carrie, and Hit Girl did a great job in the US remake of Let the right one in, so that could be swell, and I have to admit, I think Johnny Depp's one of the best actors out there, so interested to see how he plays Kimo sabe. The Schwarzenneger one looks dumb and over done as does the new Stallone same old same old one. Scary Movies should've stopped at 2, although the saw joke in three or four was fun, this one's got Charlie Sheen, wonder if they'll do some winning. On and on, yep, wonder how Thor will do in the Robocop remake, actually not sure if he got the part but I had heard he was in line for it a while back, but the original was just so so, and now it's like WHY, and then those zombies in WWZ are too fast and free, scaling the sides of walls with ease, give me the ones in warm bodies, at least that one might have a laugh or two mixed in between the brains and groans. As usual, the cat nails the movie shout, nothing to pout about here, unless of course you are a part of many of these remake touts.

    1. Yeah the zombies will be dumb
      But I may give it a hum
      The robocop can burn
      No Thor in that one for this remake turn
      The action guys are just too old
      Although the expendables is fun fold
      And Depp is good
      But always the same pretty much in his hood

  34. I'm only interested in Iron Man 3.

    1. Ironman 2 blew ass
      So hopefully the 3rd will have more class

  35. Don't prefer sequels..
    The first main part is always exciting..
    but when sequels come it is not always much exciting than the main first movie :)

    1. Yeah sequels do tend to suck
      But some are good with a little luck


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