I Suppose In A Way It's A dVerse Display!

So let's confuse a bit or at least cause a mind fit. For the cat is going to let the voices in his head have a chat while I go chase down a juicy rat. They can be rather dVerse and one may even be a bit perverse. But that is just the way it goes when each voice shows.

Watch out I bite.
Worse than an itchy mite.
I'm the biting knight.
So stay away from my work site.

You let loose a byte?
Scare some it just might.
Although I doubt it even at night.
Unless they catch your scary self in sight.

Stop that, you!
I'll turn you blue.
It will come due.
I'll beat you too.

So you're talking to the letter U?
Is that how the wind blew?
The things some people do.
I bet you can't even count past two.

Your life is at stake.
Your back I will break.
I will make you die.
And you'll never know why.

You want to fry me a steak,
And fix my car brake?
Sorry, I don't like tye dye.
What is it with you and letters like Y?

I thought you knew,
That this crap was through?
But if your mind is in lieu,
I'll beat sense in you with my shoe.

I'm getting something new?
A baseball I already threw.
And I don't need a new loo.
But I will never shoo.

One day the stars will align,
And I will make you whine.
Crushing you like a flea
And sending you out to sea.

Now with math and a line?
Don't get cheap on the wine.
Or that could make me flee.
Yes, I know I'm a sight to see.

You better pray,
For I'm going to slay,
You like a little pea.
If you don't let me be.

Yeah I know mice are prey.
You're boarding Santa's sleigh?
Actually I do have to pee,
So away I buzz like a bee.

The cat is now back to go on the rhyming attack. What is this? Looks like the voices are in bliss. Having such fun back and forth at my sea. Damn, they really broke the dam and were something to see. Hey! I'm doing it too. Maybe that little bit of hay was what made it come due. A drink I really need or maybe some bread I should knead? Oh cat food has a good buy. I guess I'll have to go shopping and say goodbye. Did you see what came to pass? If not, feel free to curse my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. First once again
      Beating Brian again at my den

  2. the biting knight....you sound so heroic as you rid the world of every rodent...you dont like tye dye? hard on your eye? i had a few, and do appreciate a loo...smiles.

    1. haha that would be a good book
      Quite the biting hook
      Another superhero at my sea
      Beats Tarsier Man who is ever so creepy

  3. When the stars align,
    it will be just fine,
    certainly is a sign
    to find a place to dine
    with a little wine
    and make it home before nine!
    Happy Tuesday, Pat!

    1. Get there
      And become aware
      All before it gets dark
      Just listen for a dog bark haha

  4. Replies
    1. One voice seems to be
      The other is taking it easy

  5. The voices in your head are much more sane than mine.

    1. haha these two at least
      I don't want to be too much of a vile furry beast

  6. Voices in the head
    When even in bed?
    I'll give you some tonic
    With a boom that is sonic
    It will mellow the fellow
    And turn him to jello
    For the rest of the day
    Without pay

    1. Damn that works for me
      Getting some sleep at my sea
      And ridding the voice talk
      Making them take a walk

  7. I'm afraid to be blue

    the blue man group might come due.

  8. So when you speak out loud Orlin answers you in a cloud?
    He probably thinks you're nuts
    as you play a game and talk to the screen.

    Didn't rhyme, I know.
    Need more coffee to give that a go.

    1. Geez coffee withdraw today
      Can't have that at your bay
      And talking to the screen is grand
      Plus Orlin is nuts too in our land

    2. All the more reason to pity poor Cass
      as the two of you sit around and spew that sass.

    3. haha she just runs away
      Or sits and has her say

  9. Listening to the voices in your head and acting on them is sometimes not a good thing to do but this time it pays off and that is true. It's interesting what goes on inside the cat although it all disappears when it sees a rat.

    1. Yeah the rat becomes the focus of all
      As the cat chows down at his hall

  10. orlin N cassie...frank lee we canna commint bout countin past two coz math wuz R werst subjict in skewl ...but we did get A's in lunch brake...and spellin !!!

    1. haha lunch break is sure a win
      Not sure those english teaching humans would appreciate the spelling at your bin haha

  11. smiles...see..you're having fun with your words..but don't fix your car break with a steak...ha

    1. hahaha that was good
      The brake will avoid the stake at my hood

  12. Those voices in your head are sure crazy, dude!

  13. Fang applauds
    your just
    for mice
    must die
    and so
    should tye-dye
    To eat
    a steak
    now that
    would be
    grand but
    serve it
    rare or
    Fang's claws
    she will

    The world
    is her loo
    and her
    poo will
    come due
    for all
    to see
    at their
    fine sea.

    It's sunny right now and Fang is out and about on her wanderings. I hope she leaves some poo in my neighbors yard because I hate my neighbor.

    1. haha that would be fun
      To go out under the sun
      And watch as the neighbor stepped in poo
      Knowing from where it came due

  14. Please don't beat me with a shoe
    nor force feed me Elmer's white glue
    I am hear to read, you see
    at the rhyming cats main feed
    and winter, yes it must go now
    I am sick of ice and plows
    but tell me cat, if you don't mind
    how many dragons were they to find
    I am back and catching up
    computer issues and plain bad luck
    But I am here and set to share
    any interest in reading over radio air? ;)

    1. Yeah winter is a pain
      Be glad when spring has sprung at our lane
      But until then I'll hermit away
      Except for going to the fun work bay
      Nah not much interest in doing a thing
      Tired pretty much at my wing

  15. Those voiced in your head you hear?
    Are they muddles or are they clear?
    If they're the latter, one could ascertain
    They you very well might be going insane
    But I doubt insanity is the reason for the voices
    For they provide so many wonderful writing choices

    1. Yeah insanity in such a way
      Does not cause me dismay
      Yet it is fun to be a little crazy too
      As much writing can come due

  16. The ying and yang of fun
    seem to have had a run
    here at your bay
    they have had their say
    while the cat was eating his feast
    although he's a vile beast
    it's seen he's needed to keep the order
    otherwise chaos runs across your borders!

    1. See the cat is grand
      Here in his land
      He keeps the strange voices away
      At least most of the time at his bay
      With a hare or hair
      That think they are so rare

  17. Voices in the head
    Can be quite a dread
    It gets one in motion
    But in all directions
    It says 'Go bite a rat'
    It can tell you that
    Tells other stories too
    Makes one go cuckoo!


    1. haha yeah way out there
      If one has a rat affair
      Must avoid the rubber room
      As that could really cause doom

  18. One day the stars will align,
    And I will make you whine.
    Crushing you like a flea
    And sending you out to sea. :) you are just so good :)

  19. Voices in your head aren't bad
    Why? Because they make us glad.
    Your poetry is simply loads of fun
    I laugh and laugh and come undone!

    1. haha that is the goal
      For a luagh or two to take a stroll

  20. Arise Sir Bite-alot of Catalot! :D

    Lord lion of the ryhmed line . . .

    King of the jungle!

  21. I don't know about you, but the voices in my head scare me a little!

    1. Yeah mine scare me too
      Especially when things they make me do

  22. But I like cheap wine! I've never had voices in my head but if I did, I would hope they would just recite inspirational quotes to me!

  23. Damn, lots of rhyming. Almost too much - almost. This does have a catchy tune to it, though.

    1. Never too much at my sea
      As the rhyming is set free

  24. nice Pat. Love the homonym show here. Quite the d'verse flow.

    1. Like the flow
      With my little switcheroo on the go

  25. that's an impressive array
    of homonyms up there
    gives me (one small) a ray
    of hope. they're
    all fun reads, yes! hurray!


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