It's Season Three With Little Old Me!

The cat has said time and time again at his den, that he did not expect this to last and now season one and two are in the past. Season one was a bit behind season two. For season two never missed a day at my zoo. 366 straight, thanks to the leap year fate. So what is to come in season three? Who knows, surely not me.

I can say,
That with each display,
There will be a rhyme,
And I'll draw closer to my 1000th chime.

But other than that,
I'll still be a random cat.
Of course lots of fun
Will surely be spun.

A movie post or ten,
Will grace my den.
A whoopdi friggen doo,
Will surely come to your view.

Of course there will be more than one,
Making fun of all who come here a ton.
dVerse will get a shout too,
Unless Brian burns down his zoo.

Tarsier Man and Drazin will play,
Causing the cat dismay.
An awful mime will probably get a word,
As they are very absurd.

There will surely be a picture show,
As many tend to be at the discretion of my flow.
Nonsense will arise,
Maybe a post or two showing I can be wise.

And hopefully tons of books,
Will come to get looks.
Of course a rant or fifty,
Will come and be nifty.

Then of course Flappy may show.
I hate her you know.
The nuts will come with their chime,
That gives me a search engine rhyme.

So I guess in the end,
It is an easy trend,
To guess what may come,
From my little rhyming bum.

At least for 25% of the year.
The rest may strike fear.
Like a zombie foot post.
All is fair game to this host.

So now on with season three. I don't want to bore thee. Oh and readers beware, nothing is off limits at my lair. Or at least almost nothing I suppose. The cat will not talk about clothes. Then again that may work and give me a smirk. I guess we shall just have to wait and see what comes to pass from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Beaten like by a tank by my main man Hank.

    2. Gosh! a photo finish at 7:00 sharp! Could have been either way Yeamie!


    3. Damn within seconds at my bay
      Hank's streak is still here to stay

  2. "A movie post or ten,
    Will grace my den.
    A whoopdi friggen doo,
    Will surely come to your view."

    This verse filled me up with joy Pat because I love your movie posts and the whoopdi friggen doo ones at that as well. Congratulations on getting into season three at your den and I can't wait to see what you have planned in the future. Some of my favourite posts are when you pick really random, corny and sometimes immature photos and then rhyme about them, never fails to fill me with glee and laughs haha. And not that bad kind of Glee that rips off music, the good kind that I get from your blog haha.

    1. Yeah those random photo ones
      I love to give runs
      And of course movies too
      Along with whoopdi friggin doo
      But pfft to Glee
      On that I agree with thee

  3. Season three
    Would love to see
    Many new stuff
    One never ask
    Come what may
    It is the way
    Pat and the Cat
    Love seeing the spats


    1. More new will fly
      Who knows what one will spy
      But pretty soon a version of each girl and girl
      May just be given a fly

  4. Congrats! That's quite an accomplishment.

  5. Whoo Hoo congrats to you!!!!
    You can post twice a day at your zoo.
    I always enjoy what you have to say.
    Be sure to celebrate this fine day!

    1. haha two a day
      I could do that at my bay
      But I'd sure have to pass some extra gas
      To do an over 700 a year post mass

  6. happy anniversary cat, 3 years at your mat? of starting your third, time flies its absurd....personally i am a fan of your never never land...and tarsier man, your character pieces ---i could like more if you pass some reese's...smiles.

    1. Pat has no reese's to pass
      he only has spinach and bass.

    2. Yeah starting on my third
      Time is quite absurd
      As it sure flies on by
      Still remeber when it was just you, your twin and that silver fox guy

      haha chicken not bass
      But that doesn't rhyme with pass

  7. Now that's a fine agenda
    And Oh-so-many will attenda
    Rhyming sharpens ye olde wits
    So get out the wordsmith mitts
    More books and movies are in store
    And celeb surprises by the score
    If I have wishes from afar
    It's for cat to be a rising star

    1. Yeah it keeps the wits sharp
      So I will keep on the rhyming harp
      And that would surely be nice
      Getting me some golden mice
      Either way plenty will come due
      As I'm done up until May at my zoo

  8. you even have an agenda for the year, god you are organised for a cat! Also like the new banner, I know you had it for a bit yet but I like it..I am slow.

    1. Glad you like
      Even if slow taking the banner hike haha
      And yeah planned for a good long while
      To keep going the rhyming mile

  9. Happy Third Year
    I say with a cheer
    thanks for brightening each day
    with a rant or long wise essay
    and teaching me to rhyme
    as I do the comment chime!

    1. No prob at all
      You caught on fast at my hall
      Fun to see your rhyming retort
      On each post for almost two years now at my court
      Only one to never miss a post(even though you went back and got one you missed haha) since you came
      That too is something of fame

    2. fame...and patience, tolerance, and craziness
      and all that business.

    3. hahaha yeah a ton
      Of sensations come under my sun

  10. As a relatively newer member here at the zoo
    I did enjoy what I saw of season two
    Someday I'll have to catch up on season one
    I have no doubt that it was lots of fun
    I am eagerly looking forward to season three
    I foresee many rhymes to be

    1. Yeah many rhymes will come
      From my little rhyming bum
      Glad you enjoy as well
      The tales in rhymer I tell

  11. I cant wait until season 1 and two are available on Blue Ray. That'll keep the cat busy while continuing the clever rhyming.

    1. That would be grand
      To be all high def across the land

  12. "Enjoy your winter, smash a printer"

    You'll say you just noticed, that those words rhyme. But me'thinks there is some deep seated, dark, mysterious reason, for you wishing people to SMASH their PRINTERS. >,-)

    Come now, what is it???????????????????

    1. haha yes I hate those
      So need to use that close
      That cause so much strife
      All should end thier mechanical strife

  13. Happy 2nd blog birthday

    have a icecream sundae

  14. Congrats on your achievements in two short years!! May the next season be a great one with lots of rhyme as you have the time!


    1. I'm sure it would be grand
      As time is a plenty in my land

  15. Cool cats wear cool clothes (I see the affirmation in your banner). :) Happy Seasoniversary!

    1. Yeah that is surely true
      May have to spin a clothes one to view

  16. Three years? Well Happy Cativersary to you, you evil, wretched, thing!! ha ha ha

    I admit, I'm glad I finally dragged myself over here from Anne's blog. It was well worth the visit despite being tormented by you day in and day out!

    1. Glad you came too
      As old one eye dawned at my zoo
      And has sense forever stuck
      And will forever with any luck

  17. Three years of daily posts? I'm exhausted just thinking about it. And all the books you've done, too.

    1,000 post goal. I'm impressed.

    1. Yeah it is a lot of work
      But I do it with a smirk
      And will reach 1000 by next December or so
      Here at my show

  18. Congratulations on getting to season 3! That's a lot of rhyming! Looking forward to more entertaining posts!

    1. Hopefully will make it to season ten
      Here at my den

  19. conga ratz two ewe Pat N cats
    onlee 269 posts ta go
    keep up de grate werk
    write mor bookz
    let de rhyme time werds all wayz flo !!

    1. Yeah getting there
      Until 1000 show at our lair
      And books will show
      At least for a while at my show

  20. It would be fine to rhyme if I had the time the minutes flow fast but you're a blast hope year four is not a bore for your poems and verse are never terse never go from bad to worse.

    1. Will stay on track
      So they won't lack
      As I go on the rhyme attack
      Here at my shack

  21. Hooray for us, we got season tickets!

    1. And it sure isn't treason
      That you're here all season

  22. Happy congrats to Pat and his cat,
    A talented feline, 'tis true.
    He rhymes, and he teaches,
    And gives laugh-out-loud speeches.
    As no other cat can do.

    1. That they can't do
      For an original kitty am I at my zoo
      And will forever play
      Rhyming about each day

  23. Congrats on season 3, many more to come in this sitcom!

  24. Congrats to another year of blogging, Pat!!! It's been a while since I stopped by, so excuse me for being a little late...but I'm real impressed by your new header. Very nice!! Flappy?? Now that's a name that I haven't heard in a long, long time! MeeeOOwwww-Oui-Oui hahaha

    1. About time
      You dropped a Blabber chime
      Glad you like too
      And poor Glory Dear missed you
      hahaha forgot about you going all french
      With the Flappy wench

    2. haha pfft-ing away
      So fun at my bay

  25. Congrats on your 3 years! I'm a little late to the party, but am happy to have found you this year :) Can't wait to see what new shows play out here!

    1. Glad you enjoy the rhyme
      And more will surely be given a chime
      As season three flows
      And the cat strikes a pose

  26. Congratulations on three years of rhyme
    That was quite an investment of precious time
    Your movie posts are some of your best
    and you can't go wrong with a book fest
    If you noticed I have started rhyming more too
    but I will never be able to compete with your zoo!
    I have some suggestions for topics to choose.
    I'd like more to see more posts on dogs (!)
    perhaps more birds, and turtles, and hogs.
    TV commercials are always quite fun
    and working out--reducing abdomen & bun.
    Overused words could make a post or three
    or things people try to get for free.
    Late night television and those who view
    unusual foods would be fun to rhyme too.
    Hope you have another successful year..
    keep on as you have, and there's nothing to fear!

    1. Damn that was large
      You sure filled up the comment bin at my barge
      And gave me a weeks worth of topic too
      At least at my zoo
      I'll be sure and factor those in
      As I just saved them to the ever growing list at my bin
      Although it could be May
      Before they grace my bay
      For I am that far ahead
      But never fear, I will get all of what you said
      And give it a go
      With some fun rhyming flow
      But a dog you say
      Hmmm that may cause the cat dismay haha

    2. Ha ha! I didn't figure you would favor doing a poem on dogs, as the cat wouldn't much appreciate that. LOL.

    3. hahaha but one will be done
      But in a way the cat can shun

  27. 1000 Chimes is a lot of chiming rhyming. I just started hanging out here so I can't wait to see all the new things to come.

  28. Congrats Pat on season 3 ~ May you continue to rhyme
    anything under the sun ~ Cheers and have a good night ~

    1. That I will
      All the way to season four at my hill

  29. Maybe for season three you can upgrade from a lair to a den! But, concats! That's a lot of dedication, hard work and rhymes, and an accomplishment to be proud of.

    1. haha well I switch between lair and den
      And maybe sea if it rhymes at my pen

  30. Congrats on not missing a day. Quite the feat. i always wanted to do that, but never have been able to yet. Three years, yeah, that is quite the accomplishment, and I've been on board for a long time now, and to look back to the early days to the 40 or so followers you had and compare it with the forty billion you have now, it is a monumentally accomplishment and one truly worth the praise. Glad to hear the Tarsier man and Drazin will stay and play, causing havok and dismay, even if that whoopdi doo dude has to rhyme a few, it's worth it through and through. Congrats pat and of course, where would you be if not for the cat :)

    1. Yeah all thanks to te cat
      For each rhyme by Pat
      You've been here longer than most
      Way before forty billion joined my coast haha

  31. Happy Anniversary in your season three,
    but be careful with all these degree
    maybe you dont notice when you be
    crazy in your land and maybe you miss
    other land:)

    1. haha I'm as crazy as can be
      So will shout all with glee
      From zombie feet
      To a zebra that can't be beat


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