Oh What Fun To Have Dough By The Ton!

So the cat was jumping here and there going about each blog lair. Then all of a sudden one or two did not work. After reading the error message the cat could do nothing but smirk. Error 502 basically is Google giving you a big screw you. For it said refresh in 30 seconds or so. Other than that, what's wrong we don't know. I guess billions can't buy you good help these days. Maybe it's trillions that pays?

Google has set the bar,
For all near and far.
With the Error 502,
Giving all a big screw you.

I can't wait for it to catch on.
Then many things will dawn.
It will be all the craze.
As you humans are all in a haze.

Umm yes sir about your car.
You can't drive it very far.
I can't say what's wrong.
It just won't last too long.

Yeah, your money is all gone.
Sorry, I'm just a pawn.
You will just have to make due.
I can't help you.

That guy shot you in the face?
Wow, that is one awful looking brace.
Sorry, there is nothing we can do.
I mean all he did was shoot you.

Look your house is burning down.
We drove clear across town.
We got to honk our horn.
Sorry, we have to look at our porn.

You've got one long named disease.
It even makes you sneeze.
Just let me pull my hand from your ass.
Wasn't that thrilling lass?

That is a ton of stuff,
Your grocery bill must be rough.
Sorry, I can't ring you through.
I have too many things to do.

Isn't it fun to sue?
I have sued a few.
You were hit by a truck?
Well we will get a mighty fine buck.

And so the craze will be so fun.
Google must be proud of what they spun.
All will bow down to their might,
Except for lawyers, their greed still takes flight.

Last year it was error 503 and now 502 has come due at my sea. Still no idea what happened to the other 501 but Google always keeps things fun. It just proves that the billionaire class have their head up a mass, which would make it hard to pass gas. Unlike my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. An error or a glitch
    No difference to them
    Does it need a switch
    To make it undone
    No, just an irritant
    And an inconvenience
    A few seconds of setback
    And we're then on on track


    1. Yeah gets back to normal soon
      After annoying this loon
      Making me type it all over again
      When at someones den

  2. ha i still get 503, it must be me, though i have had 502, i think it happens when they go to the loo, like the brb, i gotta pee or oh well, from what i have heard their help desk is a joke whose punch line flops on the floor like a fish, which would make a great dish with a little lemon pepper on the grill, what a thrill, but not the errors, they are quite the horrors...

    1. Yeah they are pathetic in every way with their help
      You may as well ask a slug to yelp
      Haven't got 503 in a while
      But with the glitches blogger is still being vile

  3. prepare for rant, screw a rhyme

    I changed one of my computers over to Chrome just see what all the hype was and it wanted me to be logged into my Goggle account every time I was on it. I said, heck no! I'm not having The Man track my every move. I signed out and tried to use IE and it wouldn't work. I tried to use Chrome, it wouldn't work unless I was signed in. I manipulated it so it would work but it wasn't quite the same. Next, I will have to uninstall it and hope for the best. It's a government conspiracy I tell ya!!

    1. hahaha yeah I tried it too
      And got the same as you
      So I made it take a hike
      That it did not like
      Gave me messages by to ton
      But that chrome crap I now never ever run
      Google watches us anyway
      They don't need me to be logged in with my blog display

    2. Interesting....I most always use chrome to browse, but never sign in unless I want to do 'google reader' or my blog.

    3. Google chrome so effed up my blog that I had to switch to IE for blogging now. When I use Google Chrome and go to my blog, I have all these strange adverts on it. They're those "You have 30 seconds to claim your prize" things.

    4. Yeah google chrome has tons of crap with it
      They advertise up the arse for all kinds of stupid shit

  4. I thought we were through with 502
    And all the bunk saying, go screw you
    But it's a raw deal
    Not my trillion steal.
    All we want is peace
    Escape from lend lease
    It's a joke to the core
    Can we take any more
    Our information is saved
    On a street that is paved
    With the trillions that caved
    When a flag had been waved.

    1. Yeah they have us over a barrel indeed
      Watching everything we search and read
      Giving us an error by the ton
      Just to see where we run
      Such a pain in the rump
      As they continue their stalking pump

  5. Frustrating indeed. Now Blogger won't allow me to upload pictures on my blog without using the round about HTLM mode.

    1. Yes the FECKING thing is doing that to me too
      Blogger needs to shove it's errors up its gazoo

    2. never had that happen before. Though my blog feed goes so slow or doesn't work.

    3. Be thankful for that
      As it has been doing it for weeks to the cat

    4. Oddly I can't upload pictures using my AOL browser (i.e. basically), so I just do it on Chrome now, which works fine.

    5. Hmm maybe I will switch and try
      Be nice if it worked again under my sky

  6. I guess we're lucky because Lord Google hasn't thrust any problems upon us... yet. However, they did promise us $200 from AdSense, sorry, I mean ScamSense a few years ago and then took that away from us for no reason whatsoever, so I'm still not a huge fan.

    I used to like Google. They were unique and "for the people" and thought outside the box. Now they're just the same data mining, information stealing corporation that every other Internet giant is, ala Facebook.

    1. I had $10 in scam sense and they screwed me
      So it is not just thee
      Yeah now they are just a bunch of money grubbing whores
      Pretty much closing their doors

    2. I got $70 and haven't been screwed yet. But when it comes time to pay up, they'll take it, I bet. I did get a warning though so they are already in the process of slow jacking me with no lube!

    3. They will feck you over a ton
      I don't you will get any from them as around they will run

  7. There's always a glitch. Thanks for helping me out the last time. I hope this won't last long.

    1. Yeah hopefully it will go away
      And allow things to correctly display

  8. Error 502 definitely is a huge source of disdain from me, I absolutely hate it haha. Great post Pat, you'd think with all this money things like error 502 wouldn't be in existence but I guess those bugs persist.

    1. Yeah they just ignore the bugs
      As they money grab like thugs

  9. haha..i'd just say...refresh in 30 seconds or so...and everything will be fine again...smiles

    1. That is most often what I find as well.

    2. haha yeah it works after a second try or so
      But it's just stupid that the idiots say i don't know

    3. So true.....
      I think it is a plot!!

  10. Gah! Google!!! *shakes fist in air*

    Yes, Internet errors are the worst. Remember when everyone was saying 404 to mean something wasn't connecting?

    Yeah, me either. But we should've! :D

    1. haha don't remeber or want to remember that
      Connecting was a pain to Pat

  11. Error 666
    is also up to tricks.

    the darned old devil
    our blogs does dishevel.

    nothing we can do
    google rules me and you.

    best take the cat for a walk.
    come back in and don a frock.


    1. Cat would bite me
      And run off with glee
      So I will just swear
      And sit here and blare

  12. Google and lawyers are the worst of the lot
    They think they're God's gift
    But we all know they're not.


    1. Yeah that is very true
      Both are out to screw you

  13. I hate error 502! I don't like that I can't post pics, too. Blogger is making me blue! Boo hoo!

    1. Yeah same here
      Makes me a swearing little rhyming rear

  14. orlin N cassie...we used ta get error messages like that at another site we wuz... on but we iz knot EVEN goin down that trail....

    snake impresshun: hizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. haha a hizzing they should get indeed
      Maybe a scratch to make them bleed

  15. G is for
    and government
    too. A
    State run
    internet will
    surely screw

    The one vulnerability that the partnership between Google and the US government have created for themselves is the increased likelihood of a succsessful attack by internet terrorists. Putting it all in one place may help them control us, monitor us and make them money, but the security risk to them is huge. But on the other hand, they can shut us all down quite easily.

    That just happened in Syria. The government took out the net in one second. Nothing got in and nothing got out. Went completely dark over the whole country.

    1. Yeah I read about that over there
      So pathetic how much power they have at each lair
      It be interesting if they did get attacked in a way
      But then we'd pay the price for such a display
      So screw that too
      Damned either way at our zoo

    2. The number of attacks made on the Pentagon and on Google per minute by the Chinese alone is staggering. Don't know the exact number but it's over 1,000. A lot of the viruses that come out are the government trying to stop the attacks by using the virus as a method of back tracking and infiltration.

      I don't want the cyber terrorists to win because I need my effin internet!

    3. Yeah that is true
      Especilly the chinese being all internet controlling at ones zoo
      Of course the numbers could be embelished too
      Just to justify the crap they do

  16. I use chrome and have no trouble so far ~

    IE is so slow, I can't stand it ~

    Either way, we bloggers have to bear with the
    glitches now and then ~

    1. Yeah glitches sure come and go
      At each and every blog show

  17. All the browsers are a muck!
    Making us all say WTF?
    I don't use Chrome and I don't I.E
    Firefox works the best for me.

    But one thing sucks a royal ass!
    No matter which one I choose I can't preview the posts from my nasty ass!
    I don't know how my posts look until I hit publish!
    And by that time they look like rubbish!

    1. Damn that sucks a ton
      Not able to see before they run
      Blogger gives us all a glitch
      I guess they just like to see us bitch

  18. Google gives me creeps too..
    sometimes :P but that doesn't stop me... rather any of us :D

    1. Yeah that is true
      Doesn't stop any from our zoo

  19. Oh, you listed them all from the mechanic
    to the ob-gyn appointment.
    Haven't had any problems with Google Chrome.
    Maybe they like the way I roam.
    Once in a while a 502
    but not too many at my zoo.
    Not like a year ago
    when every mouse click gave us woes.

    1. Yeah it is better than a year ago
      When it was really stratty on the go
      If only the pics would work
      Blogger wouldn't be such a jerk

  20. It would be fun to have a ton!
    It just might only happen at night,
    during our dreams, so it seems.

    Dear Lord! You have rubbed off on us! Hee, hee.

    1. haha rubbing off is fun
      True to the dough part at night only being spun

  21. I hate errors like that. So annoying. ><

  22. The Human just spent like 10 minutes trying to make rhymes with Google (frugal? bugle? noodle kugel?) Finally I told her to let go of the mouse and move on. Sigh.

    1. LMAO well as she tried to rhyme google
      You gave her an oogle
      At least you can remain frugal
      Unlike dear old google


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