Some Candy That Isn't Dandy!

Don't you love lazy ass humans at your sea? The following expression is hated by me. Those that think they are the cat's meow. I'm sure there are many around you know that take such a bow. It is truly sad when a cat knows how to bury their crap while you humans leave things out like a sap.

It's the lazy human day.
Come and join the fray.
Wait! That would take work.
Which is not a perk.

I guess you can't join.
It would be like a kick to the groin.
Being snip snip,
That isn't just a bad trip.

A garbage can is handy.
That is all fine and dandy.
The wrapper of your candy,
Must be too sandy.

For oh no.
It must have a radioactive glow.
After you shove it in your gut,
Adding weight to your already oversized butt,

You can't touch it once more.
You are just a candy whore.
That is a whole other story though.
So we won't go there at my show.

Instead we are back,
On the lazy ass attack.
Yes, you are a yapper.
Look at that oh so heavy wrapper.

Maybe you went blind.
Wouldn't surprise my behind.
Or have no mind,
That is still being too kind.

Yes, flick your hair,
You scary old mare.
Lick your fingers too,
Which is just so eww.

Prepare for your big adventure.
Re-positioning your chair is a mighty hard venture.
And what makes it worse,
As you hold onto your overgrown suitcase of a purse,

Now the garbage can,
Of which you clearly aren't a fan.
Is right in your face.
Brains you do not embrace.

Off you trot,
Thinking your are hot.
Leaving your wrapper there,
Still playing with your granny hair.

Left your paper cup too.
But that is such an important hairdo.
Yeah, you wiggle your fat ass.
I hope that candy gives you gas.

The cat just had to have fun with the lazy humans under his sun. The trash is two feet away. But they still let it stay, too busy worrying about their appearance and such. Which all of any beauty store still wouldn't help much. But the cat doesn't judge if you give the garbage a nudge. If not you are a lazy old coot and I still hope the candy makes you toot. My that was some fun sass that came from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. What is it, us humans
    Cat you're dead right!
    The garbage can waiting
    For a chore that light
    Someone to act as such
    But refusal at your peril
    Would have guessed as much
    A can landing on the nostrils?


    1. haha maybe the stink
      Will make them blink
      Open their mind
      And not be a lazy behind

  2. The biggest slobs I have found
    Are children weighing by the pound
    The school is just two blocks away
    I'd rather be out making hay
    Than have those little thoughtless issues
    Dropping cans,wrappers and their tissues
    On my front lawn, what do they think
    They are driving me onward to the brink.

    1. Yeah they are worst of all
      Leaving everything at any hall
      Just tossing it aside
      Not even trying to hide

  3. ha - the cat's much smarter in that respect than many humans are..on some sunday mornings our public places look like a trash can itself..ugh..makes my blood boil...honestly...

    1. Yeah that is just dumb
      Humans should stop being su lazy and get off their bum

  4. it sounds like you need better friends

  5. repositioning the chair becoming quite the, hope to that i am never indentured, we are a nasty lot, always soiling out own plot with trash, and expanding our ass with candy and such, as we want what we want and will not stop or think until we get such....

    1. Yeah an shift the blame
      Should the such came
      All a nasty lot
      And shifting the chair made her all hot
      And bothered that is
      With her lazy arse biz

  6. What I hate most is when there is a trash can in a park, and some idiot has thrown his trash right NEXT to that trash can purposely! I guess this would not be lazy,but just plain MEAN and NASTY.

    1. Yeah that is so pathetic too
      They belong in a zoo
      Idiots seem to abound
      Where ever trash is found

  7. Can people be a little more considerate and neat ~

    This is just lazy and nasty Pat ~

    Wishing you Happy Saturday ~

    1. Yeah it would be nice if they were
      But them maybe their eyes would blur haha

  8. I have always found a great deal of craziness
    In many people's blatant laziness
    But there are also many people that do not shirk
    a good ole' fashioned hard day's work

    1. That is true
      Many do work their butt's off at their zoo
      Able to use the trash
      Not causing any clash

  9. humans are so wasteful it's iconic

    even at Earth Day there's much trash it's ironic

    1. Yep one big wasteful bunch
      Really out to lunch

  10. Laziness and disrespect can turn the most beautiful person ugly in a snap.

    1. Words that are oh so true
      A bumper sticker saying that should come due

    2. There's a money maker for you to do!
      Start your online bumper sticker store!
      I know it wouldn't be hard for you
      To stock it full of sass galore!

    3. What? You didn't like my idea?
      I thought it would make a million or three. ha.

    4. That is true
      Could be an idea for my zoo
      Prob something that lets you do it as well
      A million or three would be swell

  11. human lazy day??? I have any day like this cat, here at my yard all the days are similar haha especially in summer but like Grace said some people is more considerate than other!!

    1. Yeah some people are way better than most
      Should throw the rest in some oceans coast haha

  12. The cats don't mind as long as you leave the tuna can behind - that's what my cats say over here at my bay.

    1. haha that works well
      For getting left overs for cats is swell

  13. Did she have a diet coke with that candy?
    Oh that would just be dandy. ha.

    1. haha nope not that I saw one bit
      But then she could have easily blocked it haha

  14. Girls like that can really annoy me Pat, that candy doesn't truly sound dandy though, is this a trick of some kind bro?

  15. Hey cat, I never have a lazy day! You want to do some of my work?

    1. Pfft to that
      Pat does enough work at our mat
      And the cat is lazy all the time
      Just does up a little rhyme

  16. Yes I agree, those lazy ass humans are as crap as their crap at times! Must admit at where I live in CA is one of the cleanest places I've seen! Those hippies gotta be good for something LOL

    1. haha that clean you say
      Maybe I should move to your bay
      Would be nice for my ocd
      To look around and clean is all I see

  17. Fine! I'll pick up the wrapper next time, geez, no need to pick on my beautiful new hair do, cat. Man, you're evil! LOL

    1. haha so it was you
      Damn what did you fall in the trump loo? hahaha

  18. Lazy Human Day...
    ha ha.. I was waiting for someone to start observing a day like this :P

    1. haha seems it be harder to have non lazy human day
      As many already use such a day at their bay

  19. Hahaha, was at a store the other day and the garbage can was closed, and apparently some people or one person, who really knows, left their burger king wrappers and cups on top of the can, when all they had to do was open it up, so what did those to come after do, yep, a paper bag on the ground beside the can, a bottle, and an old wet newspaper, which I didn't check it out, but I saw something in the headline about Christmas, which means it was at least a few weeks old, probably just sitting in their car for weeks. Yep, some humans are lazy indeed, great rhyming "tribute" at your see, accurate as one can be.

    1. Yeah just takes one
      To start the lazy fun
      Then it is just left there
      Oh so lazy at each lair
      Can't take the two seconds to lift the lid
      Deserve to be whacked by a squid haha


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