Stretching My Skill For An A To Z Thrill!

Before I get on with today's post, it occured to me some did not know Tarsier Man at my coast. So here is a visual on display for the post of yesterday. Oh and he has a theme song too HERE in case you wish to hear, a cheat rhyme, oh dear.

So in a little over two months away many from blogland will go the a to z way. Not my ABC's of rhyme time, although I am sure that will get a chime. It is where you post almost every day, heck I do that anyway. But for some it could be rough. What is the point of this huff? While the cat saw a video contest there and decided once more to go all theme at my lair. I even got to play Scrabble as I blare. So stop and stare.

Now was that not grand?
Damn, the cat is good in his land.
Even promoting away,
For the A to Z bay.

The only hard thing for the cat,
Get your mind out of the gutter at your mat,
Is deciding what word to use,
When I rhyme and abuse.

Did I mention I was already done?
Damn, fun to brag away under my sun.
Yes, I know what you are thinking too,
There is no O in Xanadu.

I don't get movies wrong,
But for this little song,
It was done,
Because under my sun,

The cat doesn't care,
As the other U was eaten at our lair.
Or maybe just misplaced somewhere,
So don't let that ruffle your hair.

Now I am done,
With my bragging fun.
Play it once more,
It deserves an encore.

After all that strange guy at the end,
Has a nice message to send.
At least he is not a mime,
That would truly be a crime.

So are you going to go all A to Z at your sea? Or is it too much work for thee? Plus for some it is hard to buzz around like a bee. Oh and it may constrict the ideas of thee. But save those for May at your sea. Which are the posts now coming to pass from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Back to first
      After two days of missing your first burst

  2. Right every wrong
    Do it with a song
    The Cat makes it easy
    When playing A to Zee

    Every day having a post
    That's being the ideal host
    But it plays on the nerves
    Having to scramble for 'Firsts'


    1. Your nerves must be shot
      As you are first a whole lot
      Glad the cat can be ideal
      Each day with a rhyming spiel

  3. ha fun video at your show, i am sure tina appreciates the plug & virtual hug, as she is all over the A-Z bug...enjoy it & all your april, even more than flying cat pixels

    1. Flying cat pixels are fun though
      And always welcome at my show
      And as I go a to z
      I will still work in the dVerse sea

  4. My Beautiful friend Manzi ( Wanna Buy A Duck ) does the A-Z but as for me.... probably not!!

    I will be sure to stop by your blog and read your posts though. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

    1. haha it isn't that hard to do
      But does suck time away from you
      That is why I get it all done
      2 months ahead of time under my sun
      Will be all random by me
      But that is the way of my sea

  5. awesome video..
    played it around 2 times... :)

    1. Played it twice
      How nice
      I'll send some mice
      You can slice and dice

  6. I've seen some pretty good hams
    Who dance and sing when in jams
    Awww come on with the joke
    Let's go for broke
    Give a dear friend a toast
    And each day try a new post.
    If cat can do it every day
    And even when there is no pay
    We'll give it a try
    Or up the chimney let's fly

    1. Yeah you humans have to keep up
      And not fall behind like a pup
      Going all a to z
      Which is easy for me
      Pick a word and poof done
      As I give a usual daily rhyming run

  7. nice video.
    a to z would be a challenge though now that i'm caring for a sick person :)

    1. Maybe one day
      You will get to go the a to z way

  8. Cute video!!! Oh and I liked the catchy tune from Tarsier Man especially when he's gonna "spank your brother".

    1. haha he will spank away
      As long as he is given his pay

  9. "Gracious me oh my" but I'm slow!!!
    But thankfully, this video got me to go,
    To view it, and to find out that lo,
    You write books! How cool! Even tho I am slow.


    1. haha a little slow is fine
      Can be hard to keep up with the feline
      But you rhymed away
      That make up for any slow at my bay haha

  10. I did it last year and it was fun
    so I'll probably give it a run!
    Loved the cute is that?
    Very well done at your mat!

    1. Yeah gives one ideas easy I suppose
      So may as well strike a to z blows
      Glad it as grand
      As it took more than 15 minutes to do like the usual post at my land haha

    2. I'm sure it took a while to do
      especially using your left arm, too!
      And to get your singing voice real high like that
      you must have pulled the zebra thong tight at your mat.

    3. I think my comment went to spam land!
      Try and retrieve it, if you can!

    4. Spam land once more
      Blogger has a hate on for you at my shore haha

      Yep all left arm
      To ring this alarm
      LMAO that zebra thong comes in handy
      Allows me to sing like umm Mandy

    5. haha...Mandy?
      or maybe Sandy?
      all of those names are dandy!

    6. Haha except Candy sounds like a stripper
      Not sure I'm that chipper

  11. No A-Z here. I might get caught using a cheat sheet and be found-out that I am just a simpleton.

    1. haha but it is fun to cheat
      So that shouldn't stop any a to z beat

  12. I have seen several posts about the challenge from A to Z
    I must admit, I am not familiar with thee
    I have only been blogging seriously for under a year
    So hopefully I'll learn more about this in the future near

    1. Yeah it goe on once a year
      Many see it as something to fear
      Just a post everyday at your bay
      For the month of april on display
      A topic with a
      Through to something on z for the final day

  13. Scrabble is pretty fun until you get a Q

    then you're screwed

  14. I saw from a previous post that Tarsier Man has quite the following. :) And he has his own theme song...sending the cheer ("Everyone give a cheer,"). LOL!

    1. haha yeah many seem to like the bug eyed nut
      Who comes and goes at my hut
      He'll like the cheer
      And Tarsier man books grow near

  15. I usually don't A to Z, but I read them lots and is okay with me!

    1. Rhyming at my sea
      And I'm sure with all the blogs looked at by thee
      You do see a ton of a to z
      Swinging from every blog tree

  16. Thanks for the visual on Tarsier Man! My current "addiction" is Word Tornado over on Facebook, so I did enjoy the cat playing Scrabble; very clever in its words and message. I am doing A-Z this year; did it last year for the first time, what a wild ride it was. I'm going to be smarter this year; get my posts done early and ready to go rather than try to keep ahead by one or two days. It should be fun!


    1. Yeah can be a bit tough if you don't do them in advance
      But the cat does so around he can prance
      Makes it way easier on you
      So you can jump around each blog zoo

  17. Awesome promotion for us, thanks! Love your rhymes. If only I'd met you when my kids had to memorize poetry to recite...searching for funny, rhyming poems took a lot of time.

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

    1. Glad I could help
      With my a to z yelp
      And yeah plenty of stuff to find around here
      As I rhyme off my little rhyming rear

  18. Great rhyming as usual Pat although it does make me sad because I don't think I'll be able to take part in the challenge this April. I don't know why but I've never heard the Tarsier song before and if I have I can't understand how I'd forget it it's amazing! "Even if you spank your brother with the okay of your mother," haha!

    1. haha probably just forgot I think
      Or could have been before you came to my rink
      Geez not taking part
      Could use F for fart haha

  19. yur videe oh iz rockin guys...though ya noe, we did see a burd at de bar...hay; heer bee Godzilla's song...N sure may bee him doez knot sing... a LOT.....tho could bee him hada sore throat that day...

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end...peace out N rock on, long live whitefish !!

    1. The theme song is scary
      When he is about one should be weary
      Glad you like
      Those burds can take a hike

  20. Cool video. Maybe you'll win the contest for the best A-Z video!

  21. That's an awesome video. Dang, you are done, plus you posted a video, and it's STILL JANUARY!? I will probably do it this year, though I'm tempted to offer you or the cat money to do it for me.


    1. hahaha the cat comes cheap
      But can't say he will go too deep
      All done and out of the way though
      Is nice to have done at ones show
      Now on to May
      With posting at my bay

  22. I wondered what this was last year, but was way too new at blogging to give it a go.

    I am a sucker from Scrabble, so you win the award for the best video I've seen today :)

    1. Yippee
      Works for me
      I'll take the award
      And add it to my hoard haha
      Is fun to do
      Plus could meet many that are new

  23. Aha Pat Hatt,

    Did you know and here is a quote from the dude who started that amazing alphabet challenge, for he considers me to be the, "official anti A to Z Challenge spokesman". You have no idea how honoured I am by that.

    Ironically, my good-natured, mostly satirical alternative postings to it have brought further publicity to it. Yes, even me, a very unknown blogger and from the rubbish I write, totally understandable.

    You poetic slant
    Ends my rant.


    1. LOL that would be a fun honor to have too
      Wear it with pride at your zoo
      Sure more fun anti postings will come
      That will be enjoyed by my little rhyming bum

  24. Man, you've got posts all the way up to May? That's awesome. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I'm going to be posting about during the A-Z Challenge.

    1. haha yeah all the way to May
      Make life easier at my bay
      Just pic what comes to mind
      Works for my little rhyming behind

  25. I didn't know you were such a star;
    That's the best A-Z video by far.
    Dunno if I'll play this year...
    I may not have the time, I fear.
    But last year, I had so much fun,
    I just might give it another run.

    1. Yeah time can be a factor
      The cat is a great scrabble actor
      Maybe it will be top
      Of the a to z video crop

  26. I haven't done the A to Z challenge yet, but I might this year.

  27. Pat Hatt, you are one crazy man. Super.

  28. Blog from A to Z?
    What, you kiddin' me?
    I don't THINK so, my friend
    My wits would be at their end!
    But I will like to see
    What rhymes you pen for me!

    1. Bah you post everyday anyway
      So could do an a to z display

  29. ha this is really funny!
    and the music is something....special:)

    1. Glad you liked it
      As it was fun to do at my pit


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