The Wonders Are Found All Around!

The cat has searched high and low to bring you the greatest wonders of the world at his show. You have not seen such things before. I bet you will be astonished at your shore. There is a thing here that isn't a wonder to behold. They are all worth more than gold.

First you have this amazing creation,
It must cause all elation.
Water in a bottle.
Doesn't that make your heart beat full throttle?

Wow, paper with numbers and dates.
This had to be created by the Fates.
How can this be done?
Look at how easy those number run.

This is a pride and joy.
It is more than a scratch toy.
Can you believe you can sit on it?
It even causes a Happy Days reference at my pit.

All the way up to twelve.
This wonder they just have to shelve.
I mean it is beyond great.
Humans know when they are late.

A thing that can open and close.
This has to curl your toes.
You can go into a whole other room.
It's more wondrous than a magic mushroom.

Wow, glass that can make light.
This is such a sight.
You can't top that.
I hear it can be screwed into a human or rat.

A round piece of glass.
This tickles my rhyming ass.
It keeps the food off the floor.
Hmm maybe it's not so wondrous at my shore.

It lets you see.
And be a busy bee.
This is just such a marvel to look upon.
It even shines through the dawn.

Now you humans have to be over the moon.
You no longer have to relate to the baboon.
A little round piece of soap,
It's even more amazing on a rope.

And the best of the bunch,
Not because of their crunch.
But because of their use.
They can hold things that come out my caboose.

Now aren't you all wondered out? Come now, don't pout. I know not many of you have such things. They are only shown in wondrous wings. But maybe one day they will come to one and all. You may even get a window in your wall. I am through my wondrous pass. Don't go wondering about my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Not gonna be beat
      At least for one more day at my street

  2. Greatest wonders
    When one ponders
    Were none before
    Now in with awe
    A whole big bunch
    Having a crunch
    Making an impact
    To deftly interact
    Bloggers in place
    In cyberspace
    This is a wonder
    Like no other


    1. True that is a wonder
      With some thoughts to plunder
      As each blogger goes
      Keeping many on their toes

  3. WOW I am a human, hard to impress
    But cat you did it, well I guess
    Of the seven wonders, I am told
    You have ten to be so bold
    I can see the useful merit
    Of the wonders as you share it
    And the pringles can sends forth a beam
    Word is, it's held in high esteem
    The contents fit from your caboose
    Lucky cat you're not a moose.

    1. haha glad I could impress
      Like that I confess
      As the cat used an even ten
      Here at his den
      All those pringles are good for
      As the cans hold crap galore

  4. haha love you include the pringles can
    and as with all, each carries its burden
    as well, all that plastic non biodegradable
    and light so we can work into night
    windows are nice for sure
    for outside it will you lure...

    1. Yeah each has and up and down
      In each and every town
      But sseeing outside is nice
      Until something smashes it leaving you with a hefty price

  5. What a wise cat at your show
    All these wonders I didn't know
    Thanks to you I learned something new
    Clocks, chairs, windows with a view
    Lights, plates, soap, doors, water
    What's that again, a calendar
    Pringles, never heard of it before
    So many neat things at your shore :)

    1. Glad I could teach
      As you think of the beach
      And the cat usses things
      For other uses at his wings

    2. Loved this post, it was fun
      Now back to work, gotta run
      Catch you later and the cat
      Have a wondrous day, Pat :)

    3. Yeah also at work
      As i sit and lurk
      Can be a perk
      And hopefully your day makes you smirk

  6. Ha such a lot of fascinating things today
    love the window so I can see outside my bay
    and what a wondrous invention is the chair
    on which it is easier to sit than air
    and a Pringles can is another matter
    I don't eat them because they make people fatter
    and that clock will soon be an antique
    since digital was invented by some geek!

    1. Yeah true the digital way
      Is where we head each day
      And the pringles can go in the trash
      I just use the can when the litterbox and I have a bash

  7. You say plates are supposed to keep food off of the floor, but tell that to my clumsy wife. It's cool, I love eating my spaghetti with bits of carpet fiber in it.

    1. Adds flavor I suppose
      And maybe some fiber, what else who knows

  8. The plastic water bottle may be a thing of the past! I know Concord, Massachusetts put a ban on them.

    Hahaha.... I just got the chair Duh!! Scracth toy ! Cat ! ... Got it. LOL>

    1. Not a bad thing to do
      I suppose at ones zoo
      And yeah a scratch toy it is
      But we would never admit to such a biz

  9. all of these are swell
    and great inventions as well
    but repurposing the chips can
    is yours to claim in all the land!
    Put it on pinterest you should
    and claim fame in your neighborhood!

    1. haha the pringle guys may get mad
      Just a tad
      As I compare their stuff sorta to poo
      With the use that comes due

    2. have to eat and enjoy the chips first
      then you give the repurposing burst.

    3. haha not done anymore
      Just dumped in the trash at my shore

    4. even the original ones?
      What will you use for scooping poop by the ton?

    5. Yep they are gone too
      No processed crap at my zoo
      I just use the big plastic bins the spinach comes in
      They work good too at my bin

    6. those are 14-cat-worth size. May have to try that myself
      as I usually have one on the frig shelf.
      But don't worry, I'll wait until it's empty
      before I fill it with anything stinky.

    7. Yeah they work well
      Even for the 14 at your cell
      And yeah may as well eat it first
      Only thing the are harder to throw if you need such a burst haha

    8. wow...yeah, that would be like throwing a cement block
      and that would hurt a lot.
      But if that was your intent
      would be worth every cent.
      Too bad they are clear, though
      'cuz you have to look at poo in stow.

    9. hahahaha yeah that is the only downfall
      Although i hide them under the sink at my hall
      So don't have to look
      Until they go again at my nook

  10. I'll never be able to look at a Pringles container the same way ever again. Lol

  11. Very funny, however, I may never be able to eat my favorite potato chip again -- PRINGLES.


    1. haha sorry about that
      But they do make a good waste basket at our mat

  12. I'm glad I already hate Pringles.
    But you make good use of it. I'm almost sold.
    Where does the cat go when he tinkles?
    Never mind, don't want to know. =)


    1. haha they hold our tinkle too
      The cans are good for many things at ones zoo

  13. Wonderful inventions, these all are
    They are used by people near and far
    I for one think that they pale in comparison to the pringle
    tastes so good that it makes me want to sing a jingle
    But I'll refrain, for it would be a pain to your ears
    It would ruin your hearing, for many a year

    1. haha the cat wouldn't want that
      Already know one deaf cat
      They are good
      But just used for waste now in our hood

  14. That chair has become a necessity here!

  15. Talk about noticing the little things in life!!!!!!!!! -giggles-

    1. haha the little things are grand
      Notice all in my land

  16. Funny! I still can't believe cat uses Pringle cans to hold his poo!

  17. I like seeing these objects as described through the cat; makes you really appreciate all the things we have that are supposed to make our lives a bit easier (except for that darn clock; always running behind of time I am).

    Enjoy Monday!


    1. Yeah seeing it through a different set of eyes
      Can make even the mundane seem wise

  18. There are a lot of great inventions out there we'd be lost without now that we have them. :)

    1. Yeah a lot would leave us in the dark
      If only they could get rid of that dog bark haha

  19. I agree with you here Pat with all of these really, it's just amazing the simple and wonderful things like a generic plate that we take for granted in our life. The only thing is that I believe the moment people bottled water and sold it to us at extortionate prices was a sad moment for society.

    1. Yeah that is true
      They suck money easily from you
      With their water crap
      But it is better than drinking contaminated crap in some country and taking the big dirt nap

  20. orlin N yur talkin...nothin better N pringles ...less oh course ya bee talkin trout, ham samichs, pizza piez, sghetti, flounder, meatloaf, sea bass, donuts, cake, pork roast, chops, mackeral, skip jack, herring, snapper, white fish N perch !!

    happee monday

    1. Damn you sure like your food
      Only giving the bird attitude haha

  21. Hi Pat,

    Wow, and I thought I stopped to smell the roses and appreciate the little things ... lol.

    1. LOL the cat takes in all
      And plasters it up on the wall

  22. While all of these are so simple, I can't imaging going a day without any of them. Well, I can pass on the pringles can, but the rest I've grown dependent on.

    1. Imagine having no chair
      That would really be a pain in the feet affair

  23. or water in a can

    I would be a fan

  24. Loved the Happy Days reference. I used to dig it when Mrs. C would tell someone to "sit on it".

    1. Yeah that was such a good show
      With their sit on it flow

  25. I was expecting something grand but you are right, these things are a wonderful creation. We even take them for granted until it is taken away from us or is scarce ~

    Hope you are warm in your bay ~

    1. Yeah when it is taken away
      We realize how much it is used at our bay
      And never fear
      Something grand will be near

  26. I'm still thinking about your last post that mentioned Pringles (the light ones). I think I's scarred for life! lol

    1. hahaha well that is good
      Then no anal leakage will come to your hood

  27. Such simple things that we take as normal, but to you and your cats, well, heaven is more correct.

    1. Yeah the simple can be taken with ease
      Leaving humans scurrying about like fleas

  28. I love that you have listed essential items to our existence, and then... Pringles. Ha.

    1. haha yeah right out of left field
      But they will never yield

  29. Soap on a rope.
    It keeps you clean, and rhymes all of the time~ :D


  30. Pringles fit right in

  31. You have to admit, the flame in the glass trick is pretty cool. :D

  32. I see the pringles can made an appearance again
    am I sensing some sort of trend?
    Would Pat have a deal with the Pringles company,
    because after the last post that would be tomfoolery!

    1. No just a big coicendence today
      As I moved a few around at my bay
      Being 70 posts or so ahead
      Can cause some dread

  33. I think it's great
    You can celebrate
    All that good stuff
    But now it's e-nuff!

    1. What no more
      To come to my shore
      Maybe I'll explore
      The stuff of lore

  34. A round piece of glass
    that tickles your ass?
    That's kinda neat.
    Not used just to eat?

    1. That too
      Works for you
      But that I don't need
      Sand does the deed

  35. Wow! An Ode to Everyday Items! Now, that is very creative and inspiring.

    1. Glad I could inspire
      Didn't even have to use a tire

  36. hahah, every day items are actually more intricate than we think. I know you're poking fun but I feel like I take a lot of this stuff for granted!!! :) Cute- I liked this post.

    1. haha i was poking fun
      Here under my sun
      But by he time I was done
      A new appreciation was spun

  37. I don't see a bed that I can sleep in or a computer I can surf with. :(

    1. They aren't as low err umm grand
      As these in the land

  38. Prigles are probably the single most addictive invention in human history.



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