Year Of The Excuse Has Bad Mojo Juice!

The cat was thinking the other day. Yeah, I do that occasionally at my bay. That all of those umm crazy people out there who think 13 is bad luck at their lair, must really be in a bind. They could be wishing the Mayan thing really did blow away their behind. For now they are stuck in a year where 13 is always near.

What will I do?
What can I say?
It can't be true.
Who can I pay?

My foot aches,
The TV broke,
There are earthquakes,
I'm going to choke.

Where can I go?
Where will I hide?
I will spend dough,
To get to the other side.

My car rusted,
The roof leaks,
The microwave busted,
Oil poisoned the creeks.

Why little old me?
Why has this come?
Watch out for that tree.
I think I need some rum.

My fingers itch.
American Idol is through.
My neighbors a witch.
The dog ate my shoe.

Who can stop this?
Who can bring peace?
Something is amiss,
I'm wearing tye dye fleece.

The light bulb blew,
My shirt caught fire.
I felt an achoo,
I got pricked on a briar.

How will I last?
How will I live?
Get over fast,
There's nothing I won't give.

Hide in my house,
Hide in my room.
Look there's a mouse.
That surely spells doom.

I guess there is a perk to believing such things that would make most smirk. At least you can blame every woe from tye dye shirt to stubbing your toe, on the year. Although that would get to be quite the mundane cheer. Hopefully none are this absurd and just flip the thirteen the bird. For too soon another year will pass and all will be older, including my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I'm going the way
    here at my display
    I'll think 13 is lucky
    and think things will be ducky
    all will fine and grand
    over here at my land
    I will win the lotto
    life is grand will be my motto
    I say let's party hard
    this year at my yard!

    1. haha well winning the lotto at your sea
      Would sure alow for such a party
      Just share with the cat
      And he'll send plent of pringle cans to your mat haha

    2. Look at you
      sending your poo
      even when I'm nice
      you'd still send some lice
      I won't share with the cat
      unless I shove him in vat!

    3. Well a nice cozy vat
      Would be nice at my mat
      All warm and fuzzy too
      How nice of you

  2. A lot of questions
    Being asked around
    Specter of 13 the reason
    All too profound
    Gets on the nerves
    Makes one off tangent
    Pulling in the reserves
    To boost the confidence
    Looking very intelligent
    Hoping it's not being silly
    Appearing smart and patient
    14 will come in a jiffy!


    1. Yeah 14 will come fast
      13 will never last
      So sad how people fall for such things
      Believing such numbers cause woes in their wings

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  4. Thank goodness I don't believe in bad luck, or the fact that I had a cold New Years wouldn't be a good sign. Lol

    1. haha the cold new years was here too
      But that always comes due

  5. So much fuss over a number
    surely must make life a bummer
    for those who are dumber,
    but they'll forget by summer.

    Have a good time
    as you continue to rhyme!

    1. Yeah but many find give the number a blame
      For all the crap they can claim
      So sad but true
      The number is scary for them to view

  6. haha, the apocalypse did not happen so we need another side show act to keep us busy, so thirteen it is to jack up our lives and biz, the grass is still green, just got to get to the other side you know, smiling as i tip my cap to your show...

    1. haha yeah another way
      To bring doom and gloom to ones bay
      But pfft is all I say
      As you tip your cap to me on display

  7. ironically friday the 13th is often my lucky day

    or at least I can say

    1. So all year you'll have good luck
      That surely would not suck

  8. Your tale is sooooo true
    When it's out in the blue.
    But if you agree with the crew
    Just keep snooz'n and have another brew.

    1. Yeah all need something to blame
      So 13 they will claim
      As they snooze away
      At each bay

  9. I am not afraid of 2013. I have learned that stuff clusters--good and bad. If I have an especially lousy week, I believe in going to play the lottery or something as I should be due.

    At least that is what I believe to remain sane.

    1. Not a bad way to be
      After all my crap I should surely win the lottery
      I will have to give gambling a try
      And hope your philosophy is right under my sky

  10. your neighbor's a witch, too?


  11. 2013 is gonna be a dandy, one way or the other!

  12. Sometimes if you believe certain things they really do come true. The mind is a very powerful tool, which is why I try to stay positive. It's much easier than being negative.

    1. Yeah the mind is powerful indeed
      Also try an remain positive at my feed

  13. That's a lot of bad luck Cat, I don't believe in luck really in all honesty but when bad thing after bad thing happens that's not really beyond your control then you have to know that something is up, great rhymes.

    1. Yeah the luck thing is a bunch of bunk
      That people use when in a funk

  14. Fun post.
    Do you rhyme every time?
    Rick - your latest follower.

  15. leeve it ta de dawg ta mess up a good pair oh shooz !!

    1. Yeah those mutts
      Have to chew thing and sniff butts

  16. Some people always blame the external
    and not just sometimes but eternal
    To me, 13 is merely a number
    I'm tired now so I'll partake in a slumber

    1. That it is to me too
      Hope a good nap came due

    2. The nap was quite nice
      Although I woke up cold as ice

    3. Yeah the heat can cost a ton
      And winter's cold is no fun

  17. Bah! 13 is the luckiest number on the planet!

    1. haha not sure on that
      But its not scary at my mat

  18. Blow my behind?
    Why, that's quite a reach.
    My front, if you don't mind.
    And blow?
    A figure of speech.

    1. haha yeah a figure of speech
      Unless you want to teach
      Your pal the dog
      Sure he'd be a blowing hog haha

  19. Don't limit your perspective-
    13 - female ascended masters number,
    assisting you in staying positive.

    1. Hope for the assist
      So 13 doesn't leave one pissed

  20. Hi! Miss Priss, Pat Hatt, and Orlin the Cat...
    Oh! yes, I'm "superstitious..."Therefore, I throw Salt over my shoulder if I set my table with "13 dishes..." Ha!ha!

    If you want to see what [12 Things]I believe you should never do just follow this "link:" actress Penelope cruz kiss superstition good-bye

    Even though I know that you believe being "superstitious..." "STINK!"...LOL

    deedee :)

    1. Yes it surely does stink
      Bringing one to the brink
      When really it hould not
      Affect many a whole lot

  21. Real life is going to be keeping me busy for the next couple of days. I should be back commenting by Sunday.

    Nitey Nite Cat.

    1. Hopefully not to much strife comes due
      And really early to bed were you

  22. Hey 13 is good luck for me! That's cause I'm left-handed, so I do everything backwards. :o) I hope 13 is good luck for you and the cat too!

    1. Never knew that about 13 and the lefty
      Could use some good luck at my sea

  23. The number thirteen is no big deal
    To this Black Cat who keeps it real.

    1. You and 13 go hand and hand
      So I'm sure for you it is grand

  24. Yeah... I'm hoping that the 13 superstition doesn't affect me. ._.

    1. If you sense an affect
      Just pull out the neglect

  25. haha, well I'm glad you're so secure in your convictions!! I never believe the end of the world crap, but if you catch me in the right mood... I'll fall for the 13 thing.

    1. haha well the 13 thing
      Is better than the end of the world crap at your wing

  26. Ach, I never believed 13 to be unlucky. We're stuck with it a whole year so maybe a positive outlook needs to be in place for a long long time.


    1. Yeah they they will
      Or for a whole year they will be ill


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