You What? Are You In A Rut?

So the cat tried to explain to a dumb human at his lane how blogging works. It resulted in a lot of smirks. For they were such a dunce things got asked more than once. They just could not comprehend and it sent them right around the bend. Or rather a Facebook update, "I think my bum is getting big." Wow, how could I top that. Don't need to go through that again so I'll be a helpful cat.

This is what a I meant.
Hopefully it will make a dent.
You head is pretty thick,
It might take a brick.

But never fear,
Turn your rear.
And then away it will bounce,
You have gained more than an ounce.

Bloggers take pictures for no reason,
Of themselves or the season.
Or of the floor,
It could be dusty at their shore.

They make no money,
Which is rather funny.
Probably do more work than they do at work.
Or blog work at work which is a perk.

That might send you for a spin.
Or lead you to the gin.
You have few brain cells left though.
Might want to suck it back slow.

Opinions on everything abounds.
Pics of cats and hounds.
Learning is never done.
As new things are spun.

Then there are those,
That for God only knows,
Believe their own hype.
Thinking all is right that they type.

Kind of like you,
They have no clue.
But whoopdi friggin doo.
Hop away like a kangaroo.

And if that wasn't enough.
You can comment on the stuff.
That can get rough.
But you can do it in the buff.

So in summation,
I will turn to the easy listening station.
For the final duration,
Of this narration.

Blogging leads to,
Many things that come due.
Like time sucking, random pictures taking, sights you may rather not want to see, learning on a daily basis, the odd troll or whiner taking a stroll, all have some type of quirk, the weirdos surely lurk and of course the need for attention.
Now aren't you glad I gave your growing bum a mention?

Now wasn't that a helpful post? So when the crazies come and visit this host. Maybe they will spread it around and no more dunce humans will be found. Yeah, that is pretty much wishful thinking. To find a dunce just watch their rapid blinking. Another helpful tip has come to pass. I'm just such a helpful little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Beaten in the space of 30 seconds, that hurts I reckon haha

  2. Replies
    1. This is the kind of comment I live for Cat. It validates me as a human being, making me feel like I'm something special.

    2. haha it makes me miss R
      At my bar

    3. Me too. I wonder what happened to him.

    4. Who knows
      If my arm gets good I may have to make up P for fun and see how that goes haha

  3. "They make no money,
    Which is rather funny.
    Probably do more work than they do at work."

    This really made me laugh Pat because to an extent it's true and since you're so into posting daily it's almost definitely true for you, you put so much effort in! Great post man, to me it's kind of hard to explain to people what's so great about blogging until they actually experience it themselves. I guess some people are too dense to change their mind once they have an opinion and some people just prefer different things in general, this post does sum up why I love blogging and probably won't give it up for a long time to be honest with you, excellent job here sir, this is sure to cause a stir haha.

    1. haha yeah that is so true
      I luaghed thinking as it came due
      For more work goes into this than work
      Could not help but make me smirk

  4. ha the side affects of your site, might put a few in fright, esp with resolutions to light-en the load, but lets not go down that road, and some will never understand blog land, and that is ok as i probably would not want to read them today...

    1. Yeah that is true
      Many I would not want to read at my zoo
      So we are better off
      And yeah the resolution crap will make me scoff

  5. What is it to blogging
    A question that is lingering
    You out of your mind?
    Putting out the time
    Writing some odd things
    Hoping others had seen
    They make some comments
    If they spare the time
    Otherwise one remains
    Alone keeping time
    Or is it?
    No, it's not
    One mustn't forget
    One is not alone
    Other bloggers abound
    Keeping the adrenalin
    bouncing making friends
    and making things moving


    1. Yeah many friends come to pass
      Since I first declared my rhyming ass
      Some see it as mundane
      But will always let the rhymes rain

  6. Bloggie land's a revelation
    Reminisce of Carrie Nation
    Tell the truth or some lies
    Order out a bag of fries.
    Read and crunch and laugh out loud
    It's better than a shopping crowd.
    Some are mundane, some have class
    Some are totally a little rhyming ass.

    1. Yeah beats a shopping crowd
      Those are way too loud
      The mundane are meh to me
      But glad my little rhyming ass can cause glee

  7. Always appreciate your perspective Pat. The odd thing about blogging is that the more you invest in it, the more work it becomes. Now, let me go find some unflattering pics to post...

    1. haha yeah the more work does come due
      But it is fun so I let it ensue

  8. My decision to become a blogger has resulted in much happiness
    For it allows me to express my sappiness
    And for all those who laugh as us bloggers
    I'll just ignore and have another goldschl├Ąger

    1. haha don't have to much
      As then you might grow out of touch
      After getting all drunk
      Could get locked in a trunk

  9. we all blog on a log

    in the internet fog

  10. They will never get it, I guess
    It's just above their intellect.
    I always get a weird look, too,
    as they tell me "those people don't even know you!".

    1. haha yeah the weird look sure comes due
      They haven't got a clue
      As more is found here
      Then those that are supposedly near

    2. yep, they talk about the dangers
      of being so close to strangers
      who might really be sick
      and up to some kind of trick.
      But I haven't met any of those...
      they would more likely be on facebook shows.

    3. Yeah facebook stalkers abound
      Blogs aren't as easy to be found
      Most put crap on facebook by the ton
      Then they whine about a blogging run haha

  11. Truer words have never been spoken. Now I need to reevaluate why in the hell I spend so much time blogging.

    1. haha a reevaluation will come due
      And then more time will be spent blogging from you

  12. Yeah, you've got to be careful or it will suck all your time away. That's why I shifted from three times a week to one. I try to limit my visiting to then too, or there's no time for writing.

    1. Yeah it is a big time suck
      But with 90 posts ahead I can say what the umm truck

  13. I think I'll just make copies of this and hand them out to the people who just don't get it!

    1. That could work
      Although they might give a "she's really crazy" smirk haha

  14. I am commenting in your blog during my lunch break,
    which I figure is a blogging perk
    of knowing and following you for some time
    thanks for the tips, really everything is a learning game ~

    1. Yeah we all learn as we go along
      Commenting at lunch can do no wrong
      As can replying when work is all done
      That too is quite fun

  15. To blog
    or not
    to blog
    that is
    the question
    said Shakespeare
    when teaching
    a lesson.

    On par with
    him are we
    who toil
    away the
    hours and
    some forget
    to shower.

    Leaving a
    funk to
    grow and
    even a
    zombie toe
    may grow
    while we
    type this
    and that
    and have
    a chat
    with friends
    in comment

    Yeah, non bloggers don't get it. But those people are boring and have no talent.

    PS I'm naked right now.

    1. They are a bore
      At their shore
      And hmm to not showering away
      That has to be done at my bay haha
      But naked is fun too
      Just watch out as someone could hack your webcam and watch you
      If you have one of those
      The cat will just strike a zebra thong pose haha

    2. I keep a piece of opaque tape over the lens of the camera on my laptop. Some companies were caught enabling those things remotely and then the employees would watch the live feeds.

    3. Oh yeah never knew that
      Hmm may have to do that also at my mat
      Not like I care
      But still wouldn't want my bare ass showing up at every internet lair haha

  16. Thanks for clarifying. I was wondering why I was doing this blogger thing. ;)

  17. orlin N cassie...

    bloggin at R momz werk is fun
    that way her never gets her job done
    we tell her itz job sea cure a tee
    sew uz cats can live in de houz; rent free:)

    haza wild whitefish wednesday !

    1. haha that is the best advice
      Plus we get free mice

  18. mmmm! all depends why you have a blog I think in that and sometimes I thonk in not blogger more...
    Dont have problem with post only sometimes is about comments you know anyway I love visit friends lol


    1. Yeah visiting away
      Is fun at each bay
      And posting I stay way ahead
      So I can avoid the behind the 8 ball dread

  19. Blogging is fun
    but it's a chore for some.
    Still, I like it for me.
    But, if stuck in rut
    I can do anything but
    avoid my face when I pee.

    1. That is good
      Avoid you should
      And if you can't have fun
      Then one should find something else under their sun

  20. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing with my life when I think about the time I spend blogging. Reading posts like this, I guess! :)

    1. haha yeah I think about that too
      But the grass is always greener at some other zoo

  21. Commenting in the buff???? I'm too cold at this time of year when commenting in full winter gear. Commenting in the buff is just not happening. ;)

    1. Bah turn up the heat
      And buff can't be beat haha

  22. Bloggers are a special breed
    and blogging takes a lot of time
    especially for those with the creed
    that they want to make it rhyme!

    Blogging can be a highlight of life
    and fill a person's life with joy
    it can also bring one a ton of strife
    if your blog becomes someone's toy.

    Enjoy your night...
    hope all will sleep tight.

    1. That is all true
      Hope no toy comes due
      That would surely suck
      I'd hit the person with a truck haha

  23. Great poem, i always thought it funny people contribute to a site that makes money off them. Reddit makes millions, people scour the net to increase the websites content and they don't make a penny for it. It is the ultimate mousetrap, you dont need a better one.

    1. Yeah it is sad how that is the case
      They sit back and collect tons of dough well we remain in the rat race

  24. I make the Human type
    All sorts of Royal tripe
    She's sometimes prone to gripe
    But she can smoke that in her pipe!

    1. haha not sure she'd appreciate that
      But so liked by the cat

  25. No doubt about it, bloggers are strange folks! They just love to yak & yak.

  26. Oy Cat; I have to say this has been one of the few rhymes that I totally got in one read through! Makes perfect sense to me; and you really captured every nuance.

    Thankee sai.


    1. haha have to try harder I guess
      To leave your mind in a messs

  27. Stuck in a rut like a nail in a butt. See, that's what you get when you start asking me about P.S. and using the word bum in this new psot of yours. I'm completely innocent, just so you know. Please don't talk about work. I'm trying to plan my next holiday.

    1. haha and I see how that goes
      With the plane money goes
      No wonder you are looking at porn
      And honking the ps horn

    2. Hahahaha now don't you go telling people I'm honking that horn or else the missus might find out and make me feel um.. forlorn?

    3. You could just say you are learning a new trick or two
      And only giving it a single view

  28. P.S. (there it is again): What in the world is a psot?

    1. Blame it on the keyboard
      As there was a kink in the cord

  29. Yeah... We're not exactly the most normal of people out there are we?

    1. Not very normal at all
      But we beat those furries you showed off at your hall


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