25% Extra Under My Tent!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

So the cat has to make up for that extra 25% that gets lost along the way and he will do a little extra today at his bay. You know you should too. So then when the next leap year comes due, you simply have to do 25% the whole day. So you have 75% of it to do nothing at your bay. Might get boring I suppose. You could always work on your superhero pose?

What to do with 25%?
I guess I can vent.
How are you today?
Fine...now go away.

50km/h is all you can go,
Now it's 75km/h at my show.
I know I may suffer RCMP wrath,
But I like my math.

Work a full day,
And make 25% more at your work bay.
Not sure they would agree.
But if not I'll send them a flea.

Go for a walk,
But don't talk.
Just go 25 more steps than before.
Don't run in your door.

It can be a perk,
But for some things it would not work.
Such as the above,
The door would not feel any love.

For opening it 25% more,
Would knock it to the floor.
Those poor hinges would cry,
You just made your door die.

But some air conditioning came due,
Although now everyone can see you.
Maybe even 25% more.
Hmm what sights could be in store.

Or say today you buy a car,
And you want to be on par.
They give you 25% of another one.
I guess parts do go for a ton.

And since you took those extra steps today,
You can eat 25% more at your bay.
Meaning your grocery bill will be more,
The next time you hit the grocery store.

This 25% thing can backfire,
It could make things dire.
But if you want to be a 25% crier,
You have to dive into such a deep fryer.

Now was that not fun? Think of what could be done, if you were to get 25% more at your shore. Think of what you might not want to be done too. Some things could make you blue but others may not. Damn, you must be now suffering from brain rot. So 25% more rat burger and bass to all of you from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. #1 I feel so special I almost wet myself, wait! I better check just in case.

    1. Well bless my soul
      Look who's on a roll
      Did you stay up all night
      To win the fight?

    2. Hahahahaha.... You are so good Manzi. I think he has been trying to win.
      We need to get one of the ladies up there first!!!

    3. haha all fighting over first
      Fun to see who gets the burst

    4. Terry, You already did show the guys. I think I'll stay with the pom poms. Get one of the young gals. They run faster. ha ha

    5. haha but pom poms still have to be shakin about
      And you have to cheer, jump and shout

  2. I guess on my job I could apply the same 25%. But I doubt my boss would be too content! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yeah might not like that
      Kicking you out of your work mat

  3. there are certainly things i dont want 25% more of, but then again most americans call that super size, like fries and our waist size and our waste sighs...but some things belies those things i'd like to super size...

    1. Yeah there is some
      That won't increase the size of your bum
      But sadly most take more
      And waste away each day at their shore

  4. This boggles the 25% mind
    That I still have yet to find (Ha)
    If you took the percentage in sleep
    Would the peepers soon get x-tra peep
    If you took the percentage in wine
    Would that put you back x-tra in time
    If you pedaled the full Tour de France
    And show the 25% finger to Lance
    It could be a big win
    For cat's #1 bin
    Like a fin without sin
    Could you bark like the rinny tin tin?

    1. The cat can chirp and meow
      No barking or mooing like a cow
      Leave that to bow wow
      Be fun to give the finger 25% some how
      Good luck with the rest of the mind
      The cat sleeps enough with his rhyming behind

  5. Just another 25% more
    That's all to go for
    The results can be great
    Returns more than proportionate
    Good principle to follow
    It'll make one glow!


    1. Yeah 25% more
      Can sure add to the shore
      Bringing on much
      You may not get without the 25% touch

  6. Replies
    1. 25% less money too
      You will have at your zoo haha

  7. I'd like 25% more time in a day!!
    25% more friends along the way
    25% more kindness in the world
    25% more happiness revealed
    25% more poems to be written
    25% more time to be sittin'!

    1. Sounds good to me
      Altough sittin is a pian to me
      Would like to like down
      Still can't do that in my town

  8. Today is a day I wish I had 25% more time. It is run, run, run for me.

  9. I need 25% more time to this week. Huge due date today that I thought I had a couple of days to do. I forgot Feb was a short month (slaps head).

    1. Yep, only 28 days
      Can screw us up in so many ways

  10. I wish my paycheck was bigger. What's 25% of 0?

    I once had a coworker who out of nowhere said, "I wish my penis was 25% bigger." We just all looked at each other in horror. That awkward moment when you know your coworker is undersized. Also, he's Asian. We just pretended he didn't say it.

    1. LOL that is as random as can be
      Was he drunk at your work sea?

    2. Good point
      But wouldn't it still be a man even if faking it at their joint?

    3. That's still up for debate around here!

    4. I will just nod and agree
      After all I'm snip snip at my sea

  11. I think I'd rather have 50% more
    if it was something worth waiting for.
    But if it was something bad
    it can stay 100% away from my pad.

    1. happy needle day
      at your bay
      hope you don't twitch
      or have an itch!

    2. But then you'd have to wait two years
      For 50% more cheers
      When you could build on the 25%
      And get to 200% before a year is up at your vent

      Yep will get stabbed in 45 minutes or so
      Sure I'll twitch away at my show

    3. happy twitching
      don't do any bitching

    4. I made a few noises and such
      But didn't bitch too much

    5. Ah, you survived!
      I'm glad you're alive. :)

    6. Yep poked all to hell
      Up and down the back at my cell

    7. well, I hope it makes you feel better
      and not like a holey sweater.

    8. haha a little bit I suppose
      Still plenty of woes

  12. Hi Pat!
    I think I'd like 25% more deep sleep!
    And then I'd head out the door
    for 25% more
    walking to a musical score
    on dancing feet!
    25% plus time in a cozy nook
    rereading a favorite book!
    25% extra time to cook
    so my hubby would
    major health bennies reap!

    Have a good one!

    1. That all sounds grand
      Especially the sleep in ones land
      Dancing to a musical score
      Don't trip in that snow at your shore

  13. No fair! With your mention of Leap Year, you made me run to my computer calendar! Nahhhh... Not this year. He means, make up for Leap Year, when it rolls around.

    TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much work that, CAT!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. haha making you do work
      That is a perk
      The cats enjoys that
      Going all 25% leap year at his mat

  14. I always feel bad for those born on the 29th of the second month of the year.

    More birthdays lost than someone drunk with beer.

    1. Yeah that would suck
      Have to make up for it by buying them a great big truck

  15. I would like 25% more of a tax refund so I could do 25% more renovations on my master bath.

    1. That sounds like a great plan
      Although you'll proabably get 25% less from the greedy IRS man

  16. Yay, cats and writing! I love this blog already :-)

    1. Thanks for the love
      The cat will send you a dove

  17. good reminder this is not a leap year, I better get my butt in gear, on ways to consider that 25 percent, sadly it might all go to rent?


    1. Yeah that is where most of mine goes
      As out the rent money flows

  18. I will eat 25% more for 25 days and see what plays!

    1. Well exercise too
      And all will be fine for you

  19. Well, I'm still really grumpy from yesterday and I had to hold off on doing a ranting post about it so I wish I had 25% more of my damn income. I wish I didn't pay so much in taxes. Stupid IRS. You know there's a post coming....

    1. Oh a pissed off rant
      Love those at my plant
      Should be fun to see
      What comes from little old one eyed thee

    2. I went a different direction but it'll show up soon enough LOL

    3. What no grumpy rant?
      Hmph the cat was looking forward to that at your plant

  20. This is confusing Pat because now I'm adding a bunch of 25% to everything that I do in my general life and you know what? It really makes a big difference when you think about it. Saying that there's some things in life if you added 25% to like work it'd be better though if it was added to the price of stuff that wouldn't be so good. Great rhymes as usual Pat.

    1. Yeah it can make a difference here and there
      Some times good, some times bad at ones lair

  21. It's all about balance. Take 25% more, you will surely pay back that 25% somewhere else down the line.

  22. I think I only use 25% of my brain
    Perhaps this is why I'm such a pain :)
    Oh well, 25% of better then zero
    But 25% won't make me a hero

    1. Yeah beats none at all
      Who knows, maybe they'll still hang your picture on the hero wall

  23. I like putting in 25% or more, if its worth the effort and I will get more than 25% back.

    But what you say is true, go on a diet today, and you tend to eat more the next day, so its like a yo-yo of things ~

    Keep warm Pat ~ Slush and more slush here ~

    1. Yep a back and forth indeed
      At each feed
      And yeah tons of that crap coming our way
      Tomorrow won't be a nice day

  24. ya know...i'd love to have 25% more belgium chocolate..ha...smiles

    1. haha that might make you fat
      May want to rethink that

  25. 25% more...oh, the possibilities are positively phenomenal!

  26. I'd like 25% more time to pause....just because.

  27. orlin N cassie

    if thiz iz a math test, pleez eggs cuse uz frum postin two day coz next ta histree, geo grafee N scienze, math bee R werst subject....

    like if we had 25 % perch verzuz 87 % flounder will we take 54 % mackeral ta balance out 61% ham samiches....

    yea...we noe....

    WHOA !!!

    1. Agree on all but the ham
      Rather lick toe jam
      But yeah 35 of this and 45 of that
      Gets you 100 of something at your mat

  28. Rat burger? LOL The cat needs a new diet plan...no more rats.

    1. The cat is stuck it seems
      Maybe when it's warm he'll go fishing in streams

  29. 25%?
    Now that'd be a trick.
    But, I never get a raise.
    And that makes me sick.

    1. That would be bad
      Sick at your pad
      But an extra raise
      Could get the mrs to gaze LOL

  30. the cat send you a dove?lol

    Hope you feel well:))

  31. I went for alcohol and to an all-you-can-eat meat buffet.

    Felt good.

  32. How are you today?
    Fine...now go away...

    ha ha that's the response I want to give sometimes :P

    1. haha yeah me too
      As many can annoy at my zoo


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