A Day Of Fun Under My Sun!

So the cat is bored today and needs something to do at his bay. I figure I will look to you humans for lots of fun. I mean you have that dumb grin that you always run. Plus you names things oh so grand. I love rat races as they fill up my stomach gland. I know it's not really one of those. I went for the rhyme, so don't curl your toes.

Time for some fun,
To surely be spun.
No sitting around,
Like a butt sniffing hound.

First we'll play some poker.
I'll try not to choke her.
As that damn queen,
Makes such a scene.

Four of a kind,
Beats my behind.
Lost all my dough.
Guess I ate some crow.

Let's bungie jump off a bridge,
Better yet an old ridge.
Bounce back up and whack ones head.
Oops, the guy before me got dead.

Sky diving is grand.
Let's do that over the land.
Wow, I have two parachutes on me.
The guy in front forgot his, oopsy.

Let's play chicken with a train.
Yes, you can be a Great Dane.
Figures you'd want to be a mutt,
Jump! My, you now have a flat butt.

Let's play with a gun.
That has to be fun.
That's right, point it at yourself.
There goes a leg, hello Mr. elf.

Time to jump into a volcano,
To get on some GREAT reality show.
Hmmm not sure they take extra crispy though.
But you never know.

Climb a big mountain too.
But you need to have a clue.
Sadly that isn't you,
For the cold made you snip snip and blue.

Better yet I'll lick my ass,
Chew some fat of that viking lass,
And go take a nap.
At least now mountain climber can't catch the clap.

My, you humans have such fun things to do. I don't know why everyone doesn't want to emulate you. Actually that is a lie in case you are high. On life of course is what I mean. Don't go making a pot head scene. Maybe you could go roll in the grass. After all it is fun for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. dang it hank!
    i thought i had another in the bank

    1. It's getting crowded
      Good for the adrenalin
      Cat's making it heated
      All the more exciting!


    2. haha yeah exciting to watch for me
      Who gets here first at my sea

  2. we def chase the danger in our thrill seeking attempts to quel our pleasure...and seem to get dumber, especially after a good bit of rum...errr...but fear not we are just as stupid sober, how close can we tempt death, better brush your teeth to smell fresh for the coroner...

    1. LOL never thought of the teeth brushing one
      But yeah that could be done
      And a sober stupid too
      The cat agrees with you

    2. brush teeth for the coroner...haha
      that's like taking the clean underwear advise to a whole new level. lol....

    3. haha yeah but doesn't bad breath come anyway when your dead?
      So clean teeth still wouldn't stop the spread

  3. Lots of things to do
    Just by looking around
    Exciting ones none so blue
    Somewhat lots to be found
    Some may count as danger
    Lots non life threatening
    It's a fair type of measure
    Humans are wise in choosing


    1. Yeah many are wise
      Some are just worse than flies
      Needing to go to the extreme
      But to each their own dream

  4. It's for the Guinnes Book of Records, you say
    Don't let anything stand in your way
    Only you can take the blame
    Trade with the devil, take the fame
    Humans do look especially silly
    As they compete in a sport willy nilly
    After all is said and done
    With competitors fleeing on the run
    You get an award, big deal
    Can you trade all that fun for a meal?
    Now you realize you're broke
    It's a heck of a joke
    The award now is pawn
    Your claque left the lawn
    But you had your fun
    It was an excellent run
    And there's a big rumor
    Your name now is Dummer

    1. haha stretch there at the end
      Changing the name at my bend
      I just did that a while ago
      With a post for the a to z show
      Stalking me now?
      As you know my future meow haha
      Yeah awards are kind of lame
      As people think they get fame
      But are still broke
      But can up some lucky bloke

    2. No for sure I wasn't peep'n
      Or in shame, I'd be a weep'n
      Maybe it's just I do opine
      Great minds run alike in rhyme.
      Ha ha ha ha

      You are like a worker bee
      To have a stash from A to Z
      Sporadic my work, not on cue
      There are days I do a few
      It helps because the weather's cold
      Inside my cave the posts unfold
      Come April I can hardly wait
      To see that same post from your gate. :)

    3. That works for me
      As great minds collaborate with glee
      And yeah I do one a day
      At least each weekday at my bay
      Sometimes five
      If bored at my work hive
      It adds up too
      And the name one is P for the a to z zoo

    4. WOW, you are good Manzi. I'm starting to look forward to seeing what you'll write when I come over to see the Cat.

    5. haha a fan you have now
      But it's just Irish Air any how hahahaha

  5. Lick you r ass and chew some Viking lass? this is filth.

  6. Glad to see you cats and Pat have some down time, but please stay away from playing with guns! Sheesh.... us humans need cute furry friends around!

    1. Yeah the cat will just play
      With a paintball gun at his bay

  7. Forgot to mention--Pat--love your blog sprucing up. Really appealing. Nice job!

    1. Glad you like too
      The new spruce up at my zoo

  8. Not too much 'fun' that attracts me here;
    but 'Four of a Kind' at least doesn't inspire fear!
    Jumping into a volcano - oh dear, oh dear
    and bungie jumping would make me shed many a tear!

    1. haha yeah me too
      Not doing that at my zoo
      Unless paid a ton
      Then may be tempted to give it a run

  9. My Dad did a bungee jump off of a bridge once...and once was enough!

    1. haha brave indeed
      Never even attempted that at my feed

  10. Even though I live in Las Vegas I don't play the poker so no four of a kinds for me. I'll keep my dough. ;)

    1. haha but you could win a ton
      With a poker run
      Also lose a ton
      Which is no fun

  11. Dear Cat!
    I'd recommend
    to stop
    to eat
    some crow
    or we'll be sink in
    what left over,
    and please don't jump into volcano,
    at least, apply skin cream 'Aveeno'.
    Yea, the boredom could be challenge,
    when you're not playing any cello,
    when you forget to fetch the lunch...

    1. The crow is great
      So that would be a fine fate
      And yeah boredom can be tricky
      I hope the Aveeno won't leave me feeling sticky

  12. With my fear of heights, no skydiving for me
    I barely can climb into a tree
    Perhaps someday soon it can be overcome
    and I can sit in the top of a tree basking under the sun

    1. A tree is fine
      For the feline
      But skydiving no way
      On the ground as where I'd rather stay

  13. I woudln't think sky diving is grand

    I'm be afraid my head would go straight into the sand

    1. Yeah that would be a rational fear
      Hopefully all below would steer clear

  14. I'm too scared to sky dive but indoor sky diving is a blast!!

    1. Yeah that is grand
      Won`t or shouldn`t kill one if they crash into the land haha

  15. Great !!!
    I would love to try skydiving stuff...but I'm damn sure I will not be successful in that !! :(

    1. Yeah not many would be
      So you are not alone there at your sea

  16. This is why I don't try sky diving; I'd be the one that forgot my parachute, that would really be a hoot


    1. hahaha until you hit the ground
      Then it wouldn't be a hooting sound

  17. So, Pat, would you go sky diving and jump
    or would the guy behind you have to push your rump?

    1. Once I was up I'd say what the hell
      Guys touching my rump isn't swell haha

  18. I love the diversity of this Pat, from playing poker to jumping off a bridge. I think it's fair to say that your blog is a place of diversity anyway considering the DVerse and all that, great work as usual on the rhymes Pat, I don't know how you do it.

    1. I just rhyme away
      Whatever pops in each day
      And yeah much to get a thrill
      But most could kill

  19. ha - no bungee jumping for me - sometimes it's frightening how we seek our borders and always new thrills.. is it because life has become so safe and calculable in a way..?

    1. hmmm could be I suppose
      Then we just have to do something that curls our toes

  20. Yeah, well jumping out of a plane is still on my bucket list. So you can just keep licking your bottom while I go have fun!

    1. Well when you are a puddle on the road
      I'll laugh along with the croaking toad haha

  21. A favorite of mine is your blog. 
    Sure does help me get out of my fog. 
    Woke up this morning anticipating your rhyme.
    It makes me smile and feel so fine. 

    Enjoy your Saturday, Pat!


    1. Waking up and thinking of the cat
      Nothing wrong with that
      Glad you enjoy the rhyme
      Hope your weekend is a good time

  22. Speaking of Poker!! Texas Holdem is one of the Hubs favorite past times. In fact, he is off to play in a tournament today.

    1. I hope he wins a big stack of cash
      If only Pat had the dough to lose he'd make a tournament dash haha

  23. Bungee jumping is definitely out. There are too many murder mysteries that involve a bungee death.

    1. Hmm never knew that
      A bungee conspiracy to squash people flat

  24. I would rather sit and sleep...he..he...none of those stuff for me ~

    Yikes the winter here has been harsh with lots of car collision ~

    How I wish for winter to end sooner ~ Happy Saturday ~

    1. Yeah sounds like a plan
      Of this winter I'm surely not a fan

  25. happy weekend to you... i want to see the sun -(
    lovely greets
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  26. No rhymes in this girl today. But I will tell you what this silly human is going to do for fun. I'm going to cook. And then I'm going to eat loads and loads of it. Then I'm going to sit on my arse for the rest of the night. Exciting right?

    1. Uggg cooking is no fun
      All that cleaning that ha to be done
      Pffft to that
      I cook up enough food for the week at my mat
      Then I can sit on my arse and not cook
      So nice to do at my nook

  27. Bungee jumping was something I wanted to do when I was younger, I'm not so interested anymore. ;)

    I've done some pretty fun things but I missed out on that one. :)

    1. Yeah that one I will stay missed out on
      Don't want to crash head first into a lawn

  28. Thanks Pat you have done it again,
    you and your cat have a song stuck in my head!
    "I played Chicken with a train played chicken with a train.."
    Why do you do these things to my brain?

    Isnt there another vehicle you could have used for the post?
    How bout you suggest us humans play chicken with a boat?
    Instead this song will play over and over again
    and I will think of you as it haunts me in bed.

    1. hahahaha oh that is so much fun
      To make a song be spun
      Even when I'm not trying too
      I hope you were able to get some sleep at your zoo

  29. Sky diving is on the list, yes. But I don't know if I'll ever have the courage to do it. Same goes to bungee jumping.

    1. haha good luck
      I hope you don't get crushed and turn to muck

  30. Alas, I'm too late
    To make Caturday great
    But here's some cheer for your soul
    Root for the Niners in Sunday's Super Bowl ;-)

  31. haha, yeah the adventure seekers and extreme sport enthusiasts do seem to have a death wish. I see people do stuff like this and other things and wonder why. Fun read. Thanks

    1. Yeah me too
      Some need to be locked in a crazy bin zoo


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