A dVerse Bark In The Dark!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

I peered into the dark,
For something left its mark.
Pat was asleep,
But this could not keep.

I dashed to the bed,
Smacking him in the head.
I clawed at the sheet,
Going under for heat.

It was for heat,
I was not beat.
Don't even think that,
I just wanted to protect Pat.

So there we were,
I with my fur,
And Pat groaning at me,
He was a tad grumpy.

But I went down deeper,
For this thing sounded like a keeper.
It wailed and it popped.
I bet it even hopped.

Maybe that evil Nugget had found me.
But he already has cats by the plenty.
It could be a thief,
Ready to cause me grief.

They would steal my food.
That would just be rude.
Maybe Santa is late,
Or very early at any rate.

Drazin could be here,
But him you would hear before he got near.
It had to be a ghost,
From some far off coast.

That is when Pat heard it too.
I swear the thing could moo.
He looked over for Cassie,
Spotting the sleeping lassie.

How could this be?
Why would she not flee?
Then it came once more,
A popping at our shore.

Or it was a spurt.
I put Pat on high alert.
I told him to get a bat.
It could be a big rat.

But he just got up and walked away,
Leaving me alone at our bay.
What if it got him first?
That's when I heard a familiar burst.

He yelled my name.
I was not to blame.
I just chewed the tp,
And some funny looking handle at our sea.

Come to think of it,
It did turn a bit.
I then did a flip,
As my head felt a drip.

Sadly it seems the scary beast,
Was because I tried to have a handle feast.
I turned the shower on just enough,
To make it sound like someone was going to get rough.

Note to self,
Chew the corner of a shelf.
Leave those handles be,
No matter how juicy.

Now wasn't that dVerse? That monster made me curse. I mean shower handle. Next time Pat should light a candle. Some scary thing could lurk. I did leave him with a smirk. Something new I can do at our grass. I can turn the shower on with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. No competition today
      The closest was 38 minutes away

  2. Pat needs protection?
    It's his own traction
    Pat can look after himself
    No reason to act like an elf
    There's no competition
    If others aren't threatened
    Life has lots of chinks
    To anticipate and to think
    Protection has its own strength
    To ponder on any events!


    1. Yeah a little ponder
      We can beat back that beyonder
      And all will surely be fine
      As most things can be blamed on the feline

  3. haha so the cat attacked the shower handle
    that rascal, that is pretty funny if so
    as i bet that led to a surprise at your show

    1. Yeah he was a little wet
      And his tail puffed up like a racoons when we met

  4. Replies
    1. The cat doeasn't have fleas
      He'll send them to your knees haha

  5. Well that was sure a rude awakening. I used to have cats and never had one pull on my shower handle.... Hmmmmmmm

    1. Yeah he likes to chew on it
      So I guess he turned it a bit

  6. Pat groaning, you with your fur, going down deeper, wailing and popping????? My, my, my the pussy is a perv. No wonder you needed a cold shower.

    1. LOL just add some butter
      And you'll be right at home in the gutter

  7. There was a young pussy named Orlin
    Who should stick to his knitting and purl'n
    Don't turn the handle
    Or light a bright candle
    He's up to the tricks of ole Merlin

    1. well the candle won't be done
      But plenty of other fun
      As he can turn that shower on
      Maybe water the lawn
      Open the front door
      And into the fridge he can explore

  8. Goodness, this was so funny ~
    That curious and funny cat ~
    Hope you had it fixed soon ~

    Happy Tuesday ~

    1. Yeah i now close the door
      So he can no longer go in and explore

  9. Ha, I didn't know cats chewed up what they shouldn't. Dogs sure do. One of my dogs wrecked my not inexpensive iPod headphones the other day. Sigh.

    1. Oh they have done that too
      Cassie loves to grab wires and chew
      Orlin on te other hand
      Thinks it is grand
      To chew on wood
      I guess he is misunderstood

  10. LOL, now you'll have to remember to shut the bathroom door every time you go out. :) I saw a video of a horse the other day unlocking doors, thank goodness your Orlin hasn't figured that one out (yet). ;)

    1. Yeah i have to pull it shut
      Swear he's as bad as a mutt
      Although you can't work tke lock
      If it isn't latched he can open the front door, and has, and go for a walk

  11. How could you be so mean to Pat?
    He of the many hats
    Lucky he doesn't kick you out
    Probably just because he doesn't want you to pout
    Your behavior best improve
    Or you might find yourself without a zoo

    1. I would have long ago
      But he does feed us at our show
      So the cat will let it go
      But give him a scratch to remember it though

  12. A very enterprising cat!!!

    Noticed... "He looked over for Cassie,
    Spotting the sleeping lassie." If this be so, how come you said it was just you and the cat, around your habitat? In reply to some posted question of mine...


    1. I guess I should have put cats in my reply
      As two reside under my sky

    2. maybe those 'zzzzz' means she is asleep
      and didn't read your profile thing.
      hahaha. sorry, auntie
      just teasing..don't get cranky. lol....

    3. haha yeah it is kinda all over the place
      With two in the header above my place

  13. where did you get the idea that Nugget was evil?
    I think you have him confused with a weasel.
    Nugget loves the cats here
    plays hide and seek without fear
    and tag, too,
    running laps around the cat crew!

    funny story about the sound in the night
    giving everyone a fright
    they say curiosity killed the cat
    and I really do believe that.

    1. Nugget is evil in the book
      Capturing grape face at his nook haha
      Yeah he can now turn on the shower
      What next? In the litterbox grow a flower?
      But satisfaction brought it back
      After its curious attack

    2. yeah, I remember the book
      as evil nugget took a look
      flowers in the litter
      would surely wither!
      You'd think after his bath
      he'd do the math.

    3. Maybe he really liked the bath and wanted more
      So decided to explore
      But with the pressure that come out
      He'd surely pout

  14. Well, when a monster is lurking ya just gotta attack!

    1. Or run away
      And let the human take care of that at our bay

  15. Different sounds
    could be found
    if we're listening around.

    Take your time to hear ALL -
    Cat is right, Pat - playing fool.

    Specially in dark
    Cat - the best guard,
    and...he'll attack.

    1. The cat is always right
      Humans only think a right plight
      And Pat is pretty bad
      I just like to tear up our pad

  16. Santa is never late

    he just never shows up

    1. Well I guess that explains it
      Santa needs a good hit

  17. what an inquisitive cat to explore that place, I'm sure he was hoping to leave without a trace, but alas that was not to be done and then you were able to share his exploits with us, what fun!


    1. Oh nothing is off limits to him
      Until he learns it is grim
      Like locking himself in the fridge
      Never again has he crossed that bridge haha

  18. Even I have to admit, that is pretty funny! I was trying to figure out what had him so freaked out that he would try to burrow under the covers with you like that. He really was a scaredy cat!

    1. haha and his tail puffs up the size of a racoons too
      He is a big pansy at our zoo

    2. Great, now you made me feel sorry for the poor little bugger. I'm sure it will be the last time!

    3. haha first and last time
      Soon he'll insult you and all will be sublime

  19. I have to admit that coming across that dog through the dark fog would be terrifying for anyone, especially a cat at that.

    1. There was no dog
      Looks like someone is in the fog

  20. haha...that sounds pretty funny..oh my...see me smile...
    ...and don't wash that hands too often...ya know...ha...smiles

    1. haha yeah you are a germy one
      The cat sees you he will run

  21. orlin N cassie...ya noe, havin a cow in de houz is knot all ways a bad thing, special lee if itz name be steak N friez ore burgerz N suds

    1. haha but offing it would not be fun
      I'll send it to your sun

  22. Might have been more fun if it had been a ghost. lol

  23. Those shower handles can be pretty scary!

  24. It's really funny when someone else's pet makes them get up after they are already snug in bed. However, I am not so amused when it's mine.

    1. Yeah all fun and games
      Until your own inflames haha

  25. These are really funny! I like your rhymes very much.

  26. Haha...was funny! Curiosity would ...


  27. I'd have been freaking out. You know -
    With visions of the scene from Psycho
    But when the cat is making the shower leaky
    Well, that's even a bit more freaky.


    1. haha he learns a new skill
      Each day at my hill
      Which is kind of scary
      Be human if he wasn't so hairy

  28. You know...
    A dog would keep that cat in line...
    Just saying...

    1. Depends I say
      As he doesn't take any crap from the dog at another bay

  29. Ha ha..funny...and a good note to self...
    Chew the corner of a shelf.
    Leave those handles be,
    No matter how juicy.

    1. Yeah avoid those things
      For water surely springs

  30. Hi, I found this rather amusing..thanks for the smile..

  31. From outside came a bark,
    so I went to see
    Two eyes in the dark
    from a dog left out to pee.

    1. ahh but did he pee
      They can be tricky

    2. Oh, but he did pee.
      I'm no stoop.
      Plus, I also did see
      a frozen pile of poop.

    3. Well that is a plus
      No muss no fuss
      And he didn't think it a treat
      A frozen poopsickle to eat

  32. I am truly a very good Boy
    And I never do anything bad
    I bring my Human nothin' but joy
    And if you believe that, it's sad!

    1. haha never going to believe that
      No one here is a gullible cat

  33. Note to self,
    Chew the corner of a shelf.
    Leave those handles be,
    No matter how juicy.

    These are words to live by,
    if you
    handle chew, you might die
    and make mummycat
    cry spilt milk silk:
    says I!

    1. Well dair is scary to the cat
      So I wouldn't want any of that

  34. lol. Nicely done. Those night noises can get the mind working overtime. Creatively spun rhyming fun.

    1. Yeah you just never know
      Could be an alien from a ufo

  35. That saxophone guy, how exactly does he swallow? Or does food get stuck in that little bend?

    1. Shove it down the big hole
      The down his throat it takes a stroll

  36. 'Note to self' reminds me of a few things I need to chew on...

  37. dripping sounds are so evil, my house mate leaves the shower on sometimes for just a slightly dripping noise...arrghhh


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