A dVerse Board Strikes A Cord!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

So this week the cat wanted to get really dVerse and decided to go visit a place where they surely curse. Also there is a lot of useless crap. But it will make a fun lap. Let's see what these oh so wise people had to say, as the cat looked over their bay.

"I want to eat yogurt and blue m&m's from someone's foot"
I sure hope at least it is cleaned and not fill of soot.
"Lonesome glory"
That sounds like some story.

"Echos in eternity"
Are you sure on your paternity?
"I'm a sleepingwalking brick"
It sure beats being a dick.

"I enjoy hippos"
And now the world knows.
"A goat on a box"
Is it in a time out for chewing your socks?

"im 0k with this."
Some grammar nazi's may hiss.
"You just lost The Game"
Sounds oh so fun but what's with the name?

To that I also give a meow.
"I want $250,000"
I also agree with such hollers.

"Fruit cups don't taste good"
Go all gutter on that I could.
"Television wastes my life away."
Also increases your rumps display.

"I love pizza, nachos and beer."
Yep, your rump will be something to fear.
"I fell and hit my head today"
Clearly it shows with your display.

"pop the pills. pills to pop. pop-a-pop-a-pop."
If it is a blue pill up things could crop.
"Ostriches saved my life"
Wow, you must have been in some dire strife.

"Go ahead and sign up"
Will you put money in my cup?
"Explain why for my two cents."
It was not me, I'd never make car dents.

"It will take a couple days"
To raise my IQ back after reading these displays.
"I'm whispering, can you hear me"
Thankfully computers don't speak at my sea.

And that is all the cat could take as such dumbness I can only hope is fake. Almost makes those search engine nuts that find me seem a bit less scary. Then again maybe not, as there are a whole friggin lot. Oh and these were taken from a random message board pass. It popped up and I could not resist giving it a go with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Damn I just can't win. But what some of them say clearly proves they have no brains at their bin. A rhyme!

  2. Message box geeks
    Come with varied mix
    They serve a purpose
    Giving funny 'curses'
    Not entirely funny
    But some just as balmy
    Can sit the whole day
    To see the word-play


    1. Yerah fun to sit
      And see what others spit
      With a funny curse
      Or something strange and worse

  3. Far beyond in the blue blue yonder
    Minds like to be still and ponder
    Some minds like Cat's just need a spark
    They can jump on the bandwagon with a lark
    They can plummet the depths of imagination
    And can bring back a jewel with bright consternation
    Why wait in line, I thus do opine
    For travelers who when in recline
    Can visit in space with some other race
    Or pop into Ireland for lace
    It's time to come home and no more do roam
    And bid adieu to the gnome in the poem

    1. Hahahha.... Manzi, that is GREAT!!

    2. haha on a trail
      You blaze without fail
      Even giving Ireland a banshee wail
      As you set sail
      I may need bail
      As I have too much in my pail
      To ever recline
      Ever the rhyming feline
      But an actual jewel would be divine
      First of your cheer squad is also in line lol

  4. I must agree that pizza, nachos and beer, will definitely give the rump some fear!!!! Not only for you, but the poor fools around you.

    1. Yeah the poor fools may get hit
      Either but it or something that smells like err umm shit

  5. I am with you!! I.Need.Summer...NOW!!! Hate all this cold weather crap. Need to move futher south, but with family up north it is hard to leave.

    1. Moving south would be grand
      But hard to do when you are stuck in Canada land

    2. If you guys ever find the perfect spot in time
      I'd be there faster than you could rhyme
      But it isn't Flora-ree-da, I know what I say
      Hurricanes,bugs,roaches and snakes are always in the way

    3. Crocodiles too
      Who like to chew on you

    4. I was in Flora-ree-da 2 years ago, it got so cold lots of the fish actually froze and died. My Hubs was trying to fish a fishless water.

    5. Wow flora-ree-da sounds bad
      I'll stay at my pad
      Enough friggin fish here
      No empty lakes I ear

  6. Are you sure that was a random scroll?
    I could have written that summer droll.
    I'm so tired of snow and rain
    it's becoming one big pain!
    I can't wait to be back on the beach
    and summer is almost within my reach!
    I'll even bring along some nachos and beer
    I don't care what it does to my fine rear!

    1. Yep as random as can be
      Three months ago at my sea
      I'm still 80 some ahead
      But the snow always causes dread
      Be glad when it is gone
      Don't even have to mow a lawn
      So you enjoy your growing rump
      As you sit on the beach like a lump
      Surrounded by canadians too
      Would just steal food from you

    2. Of course you would go ahead and brag
      While leaving me lying next to some Canadian hag
      who wiped me clean of all the food and wine
      then can't drive and causes a traffic line
      thanks for ruining my summer fun
      now I just to go and run!

    3. Well as you run
      Out under the sun
      Some rays will come near
      And you won't have to worry about a widening rear hahaha

  7. hey i could use 250K if someone wants to throw it my way, i might even eat yogurt off someones toes, if i can hold my nose and earn all that dough, what a dverse show today, we have ice here so nothing really to play in but we got a school delay so...

    1. Yeah I'm with you there
      Not sure on the yogurt off toes affair
      But for that kind of dough
      I may give it a go
      And nice to have a delay
      At least that is one perk of ice at ones bay

  8. It's funny to read what people are searching and posting ~

    And I never sign up unless I check and get more reviews of the product/service ~

    Certainly wouldn't mind the money and summer here at our shores ~

    Happy Tuesday ~

    1. Yeah both would be grand
      If only this pesky snow would leave our land

  9. Message boards can be a dangerous place
    People write crazy stuff when they don't have to show their face

    1. Yeah that is true
      Many an internet tough guy comes due

  10. You didn't see a 'I love winter'?
    Maybe because I don't post on such centers.
    I'm off to have needles stuck in my hands
    won't that be grand?

    1. Yeah you say it all the time
      At your blog it's a crime
      That is surely no fun
      I'll have many stuck in me Thursday under my sun

  11. I love winter too Betsy, where this cat look the messages???LOL

    1. The cat finds them here and there
      Of course you like winter, there is no snow at your lair

  12. Well I'll never eat yogurt and blue mms again.

    1. haha sorry about that
      Was just repeated by the cat

  13. oh dear, if I ate pizza, nachos and beer as much as I would want to, I too fear what my backside would look be, what a terrible sight I do believe!!

    but I do want some blue M&Ms's now


    1. haha yeah all would be the same
      If all ate such a claim

  14. Hey Pat, I have some computer time, figured I'd stop by and check out your rhyme. Always a pleasure, its time I do treasure.


    1. Thanks for the stop on by
      Under my sky
      Glad you like
      My rhyming hike

  15. Well, today was the day I meant to be #1 and I checked early but Hank had already been here. He's fast. I'm trying again later in the week. :)

    My husband likes pizza and beer, but not nachos. I guess that's what saved him from getting to be a fatty. ;) Whew, thank goodness for the oddball out (the nachos).

    1. haha yeah hank is fast
      His lurking is vast
      Who knew it was the nachos as well
      So ignore them and just have pizza and beer at your cell

  16. Pizza, nachos and beer, oh my!

    1. All good for a human girl or guy
      But avoided under my sky

  17. haha...the internet is a funny place..just be careful that you don't get your hands dirty..just saying...smiles...

    1. Yeah can't have dirty hands
      As I visit many internet lands haha

  18. I gave up pizza, nachos, and beer long ago, and my rear still continues to widen.

    1. Hmm maybe it does not matter
      As we age we just get fatter haha

  19. orlin N cassie; az long az everee one iz askin for sum cash, we will take $ 423,075,167,099,375,987 and 55 cents in change...hay haza terrific toadfish twoozday :)

    1. Geez you don't want much at your sea
      Of course it might be fun to eat money

  20. Delete, delete, delete,
    Before you take a seat,
    Eat, eat, eat,
    Keep it healthy,
    Not some treat.

    Thanks for another fun rhyme:)

    1. Yeah healthy is more grand
      At least in my land
      Glad it was fun
      Once more under my sun

  21. Humans have words to speak,
    Songs - to sing,
    Food - to eat,
    Beverage - to drink.
    But it's more interesting
    to know what they think
    about these things,
    world - soooo dVerse,
    and the answer to
    every and each question -
    has 1 000 000 versions...

    1. That is true
      Even for the ones who have no clue
      Just watched their confused view
      As they give a whoopdi friggin doo

  22. My rump is already something to fear and not because of any beer...lol

    1. LOL blame it on the beer
      Then all can become clear

  23. What strange messages you do find!
    Obviously, not produced by a brilliant mind.

    1. That much is true
      Produced by those with more than one loose screw

  24. I love this Pat, some of these statements are strange but when it comes to your rhyming I guess nothing is out of your range. It might have struck in me a cord but when reading this I certainly wasn't bored.

    1. Try to never bore
      At my shore
      As yeah they are strange
      But the rhyming doesn't change

  25. Ha ha....I will put money in the cup
    only if it is on the up and up
    but I doubt it will make anyone rich
    but it might make someone twitch!
    I love pizza and nachos but can't stand beer
    a goat on a box is definitely something to fear.
    Yes, television definitely wastes a person's life
    but not as much as life filled with undue strife!

    1. Yeah strife is bad
      More that a tad
      No fun is had
      Beer is blah too at my pad
      Not sure it i on the up and up though
      Be nice though if the money did flow

  26. Very fun, Pat! I'm still laughing over: "Television wastes my life away."
    Also increases your rumps display.

    1. haha glad it was fun
      What I go for under my sun

  27. Hi, I really enjoy your work so creative and amusing all wrapped up in one for some hilarious fun.

    1. Glad you enjoy the rhyme
      As I strive for fun each time

  28. The internet has much to offer..I will never look the same way at yogurt and blue M&M's ;)

    1. haha yeah tons to find
      Sorry for sharing and scarring your mind haha

  29. You and your internet fun :) Lol to the growing rump of one who watches too much tv - we can't let that be without a mention. You and your rhyming interventions. (Sorry, but I suck at rhyming my comments. I tried, though!)

    1. Yeah need to give that a mention
      As it will sure garner some attention haha

  30. Pizza, nachos and beer will make my rump fat? Say it ain't so! You do find some strange stuff out there!

    1. I guess it is so
      At least according to the internet show
      Lots to find
      That can rot the mind

  31. We just want to say, there are a lot of interesting characters here that we are waiting to see who they are. Not much to do with today's post, but . . .

    1. haha yeah there is a ton
      Never fear they will all be given a run

    2. Just so long as they don't stampede!

    3. Let's hope not
      Then I'll make them rot

  32. Instead of meowing a curse
    Someday I'll look up dVerse
    And then I'll really be a whiz
    'Cause finally I'll know what it is.

  33. "I'm a sleepingwalking brick"
    It sure beats being a dick.


    rat-at-tat-tat, is it a bird? is it a plane?

    its a ryhming cat!!!


    heres mud in your eye . . . thats not mud, BUD! :D

    1. LOL nope not mud
      But it still makes quite the thud

  34. lol, some of these are classic. The pills and the ostrich, those were just too funny. Imagine an ostrich saving someone's life, dire strife is right, I guess you'd have to be buried alive, and the ostrich pokes his head in the dirt and gets the shit scared out of him seeing some person down there lol Fun go today for sure, needed some laughs as the days begin to blur:)

    1. haha that would prob be the only way
      Still could happen one day
      An yeah fun is surely had
      Here at my pad

  35. hahah, I wish most dumbness that I saw was fake! The cat held his own :)

    1. Yeah there is much that isn't fake
      Many must have gotten whacked with a rake


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