A Strange Pass Is Here As I Use Leer!

 Have to wait and see who this could be!

So for those that do not know the cat just went all Pokemon in the title today at my show. Leer is used to lower defense and all at that games hall. But sadly the cat doesn't even have to use that on some as they are just a tad umm dumb.

My password was cracked.
My computer was attacked.
Shouted some random nut,
As Pat strolled the Bestbuy hut.

What did you use,
To let your computer get such a bruise?
And then in came,
Something oh so lame.

Was used by me.
Such a dumb ass,
The employee walked away shaking her head at the lass.

Now that was kind of rude,
As they aren't supposed to give attitude.
But really, password 123?
She really fell out of the dumb tree.

Why not use the best around.
These may not be able to be cracked by a hound.
That password deserves jello.

drossap is great.
Dyslexic foes will be elate.
Did you catch that one?
Don't worry if you are lost a ton.

Is the best you can do?
(insert name)
Wow, you must really want fame.

Put in the name of nanny.
Better off with the size of your fanny.
Use the name of a pet.
Pffft that is surely a safe bet.

Use the word toe.
I bet that will never be guessed at your show.
Oh and write it down too.
That much is true.

Then you can help out all,
Who see it at your hall.
Your favorite food.
Why not how many times you stood in the nude?

I could go on all day,
Like the woman at the Bestbuy bay.
Except she thought she was bright.
I enjoyed watching the cat fight.

Err umm human fight.
But then you women do bite.
And pull some hair.
So I suppose the assessment is kinda fair.

And now that is that. Use a password that makes no sense what so ever at your mat. Not password123 that is just asking to be hacked by a hillbilly. Maybe she will read me and get the hint this time? Or she will probably go with something oh so sublime. Password124 will come to pass. Some people can't even be helped by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Yeah, password 123
    Hacking it is easy
    But a foolproof one
    Difficult to unspun
    Fooled everybody
    But unfortunately
    Fooled without exception
    Had to change all the time
    What's the solution, heck!
    Got it! Hang it around the neck!


    1. Yeah a foolproof one is grand
      If there is such a thing in the land
      And haha get a nice collar as well
      And maybe a fancy bell

  2. oh man...hacked sucks and happens way too much, passwords def have to be safe, its funny, once, i guessed a managers password which they thought was absurd, but it was the teach them a lesson, when i was there for inspection hope this is past and not now with your rhyming ass

    1. uh oh....you did not read!
      The cat was not hacked at his feed.
      (shaking head at twin)

    2. haha guessing a managers password must have been fun
      To teach them a lesson under their sun
      And as said by your twin
      Never happened at my bin

  3. I have a funny password I hope no one will ever figure out. If they do I'm screwed, 'cause it's my password for every damn thang.

    1. haha hmm that isn't good
      But at least you can remember how to get into everything at your hood

  4. Or she could use a password generator, they are pretty random hard to remember tho, so she might have to get it as a tattoo on her wrist or so.

    1. Could get a watch as well
      And cover the tattoo so no one could tell

  5. Passwords are a pain in the butt
    One has to remember not to get in a rut
    Hacking by wackos who don't have a life
    Can bring to the others, moments of strife
    If I had my druthers, I'd make everyone square
    So people don't have to go tearing their hair
    I'd make hackers take pause at the gates of the pearly
    And there let their victims give them a swirly

    1. LOL so they have toilets at the pearly gates?
      I was hoping once there to avoid such traits
      But I guess we always have to go
      And with you, let the victims put on a swirly show

  6. I hate remembering passwords, I've been hacked the odd time with passwords I thought were good!

    1. Yeah sometimes it does not matter one bit
      If the right person hacks it

  7. I write my passwords in a slip of paper
    Because I can't remember all these passwords
    One of each system in office and another at
    home and all the other accounts ~ I am
    trying to be creative with them, but after
    a while it bugs me, so I keep a paper of all
    my passwords in my drawer ~

    Happy day to you ~

    1. Well as long as there is no fire
      Or a new thief hire
      You should be swell
      Otherwise could cause hell

  8. I have had my email hacked and also.... at one point someone hacked into my blog. I had a heck of a time getting my blog straightened around. I changed the password to something so long that if they figure it out they are really good and I have no idea what I will use the next time.

    1. Wow they really ha it out for you
      Yeah mine make no sense at my zoo
      But still even the best can be cracked
      If the right dirty hacker attacked

  9. i have a few skype accounts because i forget my passwords.
    cant take the same risks with my atm cards though....so they're all not that complicated though not as simple as 123 :p

    1. Yeah that is true
      Money needs to be able to be gotten by you
      Don't want to forget that one
      Under your sun

  10. It's best if it's not a real word
    just a pattern that looks absurd.
    And throwing in a capital letter
    is even better!

    1. Yep all of mine look absurd
      A few stupid things I sin up for are the same word
      But nothing important is the same
      Thankfully my mind can remember each password game
      Can even remember my 15 digit bank card number and such
      When I want to sign in online as a bank machine is out of touch haha

    2. I know my bank card from memory, too!
      Oh, it's so creepy to be like you! ha.

    3. hahaha yeah a bit creepy I suppose
      But there are far worse lows

  11. I've never been hacked, but as a former IT guy, half of the battle is just not being stupid. So many people simply get hacked just by going to phony websites disguised as something like Facebook and entering in their password. It doesn't matter if your password is something like X1h54h1A?#, if you hand it over to the hacker directly, it's not very safe, is it? :P

    Also, every time I walk into Best Buy and some kid tries to "help" me, I instantly think of this:

    1. Yeah so many fall for that link crap
      Like fake paypal, twitter, etc emails or spam taking a lap
      Clicking away
      And putting their password on display
      Even the best ever
      Can't help you if you're not clever
      LOL at the video
      First time I seen that at my show

  12. That cat's too clever to be hacked. Skills and experience it never lacked! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  13. Darn hackers! Lol

    I have too many passwords to remember them all. It's sad, I know.

    1. I have a ton as well
      But I can remember them all at my cell haha

  14. The trouble with those really GOOD passwords, is .... Ya' can't remember them.

    Write 'em down, sure!

    Then remember where you wrote 'em down!


    1. haha all one big turn around
      Write down where you wrote them down so they can be found

  15. Oh those darn hackers, i could just imagine them sitting around waiting for the slackers.
    I have passwords written on pieces of paper all over, so that I can remember them and then I forget where I hid the freaking pieces of paper, it's ridiculous. At one point had a notebook reserved just for passwords. Guess what? Yup, misplaced the notebook. Now I have one password for all, and I'm not sure that's a good idea.


    1. Yeah prob not the best idea to use
      As one could get it and abuse
      But as long as it is good
      And you don't click strange links in your hood
      Sound be fine though
      Maybe you should superglue the notebook somewhere at your show haha

  16. My coworker told me his dad used a password like Ihavethreedogsallgrey. He doesn't even have any dogs.

    1. haha well no one will guess that
      Until it gets around and extends further than your work mat

  17. After being hacked several times on FB and getting totally frustrated with it; I typed out this really long complicated password that I had to write down to remember with letters and symbols, none that made sense. So far so good, not been hacked :)

    However, on my work computer I do use a series of things that could be easily hacked but then I'm never on FB when I'm at work......


    1. Yeah best to have a long arse one
      Then the hacker will move on to an easier run
      No lurking when at work?
      Geez that isn't a perk haha

  18. Those hackers surely are was past due for a visit from Karma!

    1. That they are
      Need some karma to spin back around to their bar

  19. Fiddle Dee Dee
    Fiddle Dee Do
    for hackers
    payback is
    past due.

    To get
    their numbers
    now that
    would be grand
    and write them
    in loos all
    across the land.

    On Craig's List
    sweet would be
    revenge for
    a good time
    call "Paul"
    he likes it
    in both ends.

    It would be nice if a group of tech people could put together a sting operation and hack the hackers. Then set up a website where all of their personal information would be on display. Might shut some of them down.

    1. That is a good idea you should ignite
      Although might cause a plight
      As it could create a hacker war
      Or bring hackers to your door
      Finally back around too
      Are you?

    2. I plan on posting tomorrow. As long as there are no disasters between now and then, I'll autopost at my usual time. Fingers and toes crossed!

    3. You can even cross your toes?
      That must be quite the pose
      And will be around
      As a new post graces your ground

  20. I have a ton of passwords
    and so far I still remember
    I heard somewhere that the
    most common password was "Password."
    Now, isn't that clever?

    1. Yeah heard that too
      Just like this idiot that came due
      But at least she added 123
      That is more clever than many
      Not so much under the light

  21. haha...tell me your password and i tell you who you are... i once talked to one of our IT guys and he said you wouldn't believe now many people actually use 123 as their password...and he was shaking like under a mean disease..ha...smiles

    1. hahaha yeah it is pretty sad
      That they have to do that at their pad
      At least use 321
      Then only dyslexic hackers will have fun

  22. I use the same password for everything
    Not the wisest thing to do, I'm probably a ding-a-ling
    I need to switch them up more
    But my memory is just so doggone poor!

    1. Yeah not the wisest task
      But just don't get into the flask
      And let loose what it is
      Then you should be fine with the one password biz

  23. I have such complicated passwords I can never remember them. I think I have to reset my passwords at least once a week on the sites I visit that use them.

    1. haha well making new ones all the time
      Is also a safe way to be as it keeps ahead of the hackers with a new chime

  24. meowloz orlin N cassie...

    R food service purrson said if her hada nickle for everee pass werd her haz, her wood be richer than buffet N gates combined !!

    now therez a bunch oh cat food ;)

    1. Damn that would be a ton
      Might get a little too fat under your sun

  25. I have so many passwords it drives me crazy, and changing them around is annoying too. I've finally decided to write them down so I don't forget them because resetting them when I forgot was even more annoying. ;)

    1. haha well as long as they are good ones and no one finds the list
      It works and is less annoying so you won't shake your fist

  26. I also have a list of passwords. Written them down and praying that the list doesn't go up in flames!

    1. haha rather have it burn
      Then someone steal it an never return

  27. hahah, very fun. Guess I have to change my password now :) How's Password 321, or is that countdown to easy for some. This is hilarious though, remember a guy at work had his phone message system hacked, he used his first name. One of the other guys in the dept did it and left all these stupid message greeting and it was a riot, as he'd get in and swear and complain how he just changed it and didn't know what was going on. It guy looked both stunned and amazed.

    1. hahaha some people just ask for it I suppose
      Can be fun to cause practical woes
      And yeah 321
      Prob is best not to be done

  28. Obviously hacking isn't very nice but some people are so dumb in the choosing of their password that they might well deserve it, especially those stupid business's who have their password set as simply "guest," haha. I loved the Pokemon reference used to tie in to the start of the post Pat, leer is a move that I wouldn't use often because it just takes too long to lower the defence to make a considerable difference if memory serves me correctly.

    1. Yeah I ignored leer too
      Got rid of it with something new
      And some people just as for it
      But still it is as annoying as shit

  29. Ah yes, password this and password that. Take your number of followers divide by two, change it everyday, cause your followers grew. Or so said my friend Scooby Doo!

    1. Well I suppose
      That would sure keep you on your toes

  30. We was all a-flitter cuz someone hacked our Twitter
    And then a sadder tale--
    They went on to hack my mail!

    They sent crazy porno to my Buds--
    Who shoulda watched and downed some suds!
    Instead they tattle-tailed
    So all the fun was soon curtailed.

    1. Sounds like they really had it in for you
      I guess some spit should come do
      Maybe they'll slip
      And throw out a hip

  31. Password generators are the sex,
    just make sure if you mess up,
    you know someone who can do the fix.


    1. haha that was a tad bad on the rhyme
      But still a fun time


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